Trying to be a Good Samaritan

June 14, 2015:

Magdalena attempts to help a pair of obviously battered heroes but one does not trust easily.

Staten Island


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Fade In…

While Joshua holds Lynwen in his arms, he uses every ounce of his energy to produce an electrical field beneath them. It is just strong enough to propel them silently over the dark, choppy waves that separate Staten Island from the mainland. When they near the far shore where the ferry lands during the day, he slows gradually and lands on the in a secluded spot near some shops that are beginning to close now that the last ferry of the day has docked. "I'm fine, love," he answers. "We are on the island. I'll hire a taxi to take us home. Then we shall rest."

Shivering Lynwen leans against him the night is dark and except for the street lights and the stars above them. They smell of rotten flesh and blood. When they near a light it can be seen she is still in his arms. Her head rests on his shoulder. She is shivering and her teeth chatter. Both of them are dressed in Jeans and T-shirt. A rune on her forehead glows and she is wearing her heavy gold Jewelry, in the artificial light her pallor is almost waxy looking. «I can try and walk.» She says between chattering teeth. «You may not have much energy left, and it is not fair for you.» She is speaking in that ancient dialect of Welsh.

"Good evening. Been out for a swim?" The Magdalena slips out of the shadows, one hand undoing her cloak while another holds the Spear of Destiny; the ancient weapon pulsing with raw divine power. "Here. Wrap her in this" She offers the cloak over while studying the pair of them. Though it is more than just a casual look. The Hand of God is staring into their heart of hearts to determine exactly what kind of people they truly are.

«"I'll set you down,"» Joshua answers in the same tongue. «"Lean on me, and we'll walk together."» He lowers Lynwen so that she can stand, and then he slips one arm around her waist, urging her to rest against him. Slowly, he leads her along the cluster of shops near the dock, toward a paved area where taxis wait in hopes of finding someone who needs their service. Joshua stops when the stranger emerges from the shadows, and he peers at her warily. At the same time, he moves subtly to place himself between the ashen blonde and the stranger. "We have not," he answers in English. His accent is clearly one from the island that is far to the east of them. He eyes the strange spear and then the heavy cloak. "I … think not," he declines with a shake of his head. "Strangers often conceal treachery with kindness. Good evening." tightening his arm around Lynwen's waist, he starts to move past the stranger, heading toward the area where the taxis await.'

The poor man is supporting almost all of her weight. As they move past the stranger, says to Joshua in Welsh«Sunstone stop please, I know her, I met her once.» Her teeth continue to chatter. She looks over her shoulder at Magdalena. Lynwen goes from speaking Welsh to English to answer the question. "No, swim, rough night for a walk on beach." She tells the woman in a soft voice between her chattering teeth. "Just cold to" she pauses as she searches for the right word. "my bones." Her words are carefully chosen and her words heavily accented. "How are you, Magdalena?" She closes her eyes and rests for a moment.

"I am better than you it seems, Lynwen" Magdalena replies before moving to put her cloak around the shivering woman regardless of Joshua's wishes. The spear sheathed on her back for the moment; and there are plenty of other medieval style weapons strapped all over her. "Is this your 'teacher'" she asks the blonde as she makes sure that she is covered, rubbing the dry cloak against her wet clothes. "He does not know much about getting wet at night, does he?" she adds with a faint smile before looking over at him. "Strangers often show kindness with kindness too" she points out. "Where your faith lies usually points to what you think of another person. Thankfully you seem to be more wary than disrespectful so I shall forgive your insults." Her voice flat and unemotional. "Would either of you care to tell me what happened?"

Joshua stops and nods when Lynwen speaks to him. He continues to support Lynwen while Magdalena approaches with the cloak. "I am her teacher," he answers. "As for what I know of water or night, one should reach conclusions hastily. I am careful with my trust, especially where her well-being is concerned," he cautions with a nod to Lynwen. "As for what happened, that, too, is a subject which requires trust."

«Sorry my love, I cannot walk another step, just need to rest. She is kind, I have practiced my English with her in the past.» She says in Welsh to Joshua. Her eyes open, and she switches to English. "Not, wet, blood, no yes there was water and sweat. I am dirty" Lynwen protests her in a weak voice. "Just hot and tired." She sags against Joshua as her legs give out and she continues to shiver. "He is teacher, lover and best friend." She is answering truthfully. They would appear to be about the same age. "John?" She says the name. She leans into the cloak as she continues to shiver. "Thank you.". She closes her eyes. "Sunstone, this is Magdalena, Magdalena this is Joshua."

"A teacher /and/ lover?" Magdalena frowns at that but shall leave the morality lecture for later…but it /will/ happen. "We need to get her somewhere warm. Somewhere with a proper fire." She looks over her shoulder at the neighbourhood. "And I know the exact place." The Latina lifts Lynwen up into her arms. "It is my turn to carry her" she explains to Joshua. "You are almost as weak as she. Whose blood is it?" she asks Lynwen. "I want you to tell me the story. All of it." As much to keep her awake than any nosey interest. Then she is striding down the street towards the steeple of an old church.

Joshua draws a deep breath when Magdalena questions Lynwen's choice of words. When the stranger abruptly decides to take possession of Lynwen, he summons his fading energy. With a sweeping gesture, he raises a wall of blue-white electrical energy to bar the way. "No!" he objects. "She might trust you, but I do not." His hand now glows with blue-white energy. "Lay her down and leave us. Now."

Lynwen opens her eyes, her voice is weak «Sunstone, please, trust me and trust her, you flew across the water with me, please my dear mate, please my friend, we need the help. We both need to rest even if it is for an hour. You do not have the energy, I cannot bear if you found yourself hurt, Take my hand.» She treats to him. She then says to Magdalena. "He is worried, night has been rough." She says quietly. "Please be pay chant with him." She says in English that seems to be getting worse. "Dark ness walked tonight."

"Darkness walks every night" Magdalena whispers to Lynwen, "And it wins when it makes people frightened of accepting help." The glowing energy doesn't seem to bother her much. "You would hurt the one you love merely to prove you love her?" she asks of Joshua. "That seems a dark way to show your care for her. You are weak and tired and it seems you have done much for her already tonight. But you can barely walk and if left in your care then neither of you will be of much use to the other for long. I am a descendent of Christ Himself and if you cannot trust me then I fear you cannot trust anyone. Is your pride such that you cannot bear another to take your burden once in a while?"

Joshua focuses on Lynwen while she speaks, his eyes not leaving hers. Slowly, he nods. "For your sake," he answers. He steps forward. His hand reaches for hers. The wall of blue-white force fades slowly. Then his eyes shift to the stranger. "And for now only," he adds in a tone of warning. "I would not have harmed her," he continues with a glance to Lynwen again. "I cannot say the same for you if she had not vouched for you. As for your claims, I doubt them, and I will be watching. If I must lose my life to protect her, I will."

"Dee mons, book and Constantine, Thank you , just need rest little while." Takes work but she gets it out. Her eyes are closed and she rests her head, Magdalena's shoulder. Her hand weekly squeezes Joshua's. "Sunstone can explain." She says gently. She mutters something under her breath in a strange tongue.

Magdalena is more interested in getting Lynwen into the warmth than dealing with a jealous and possessive boyfriend whose manhood is dependent on how much he takes charge. So she just smiles sweetly and in warm understanding…not mocking at all. She walks quickly towards the church, guiding them towards the quarters of the resident priest. "She has a fever. Can you tell me what happened? It will help. Demons? /That/ I would be very interested in hearing about."

Joshua follows Magdalena into the church without further comments until the woman worries over Lynwen's condition. "As Lynwen said, we encountered darkness, and she does not mean the natural absence of light that time brings," he elaborates. "I am not sure how I would explain all of it, or whether it is prudent," he answers, still cautious. "I suspect that rest will bring clearer thought to both of us on such matters. I will say this much. The world has no end of oddities." When they approach the priest's quarters, he adds, "I will remain with Lynwen."

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