They Came In Like a Wrecking Crew

June 28, 2015:

The Wrecking Crew tries an armored car heist- Carol Danvers, Johnny Storm, The Flash, Hawkeye II and Caitlin Fairchild show up and give them what for.

New York

A large turnout in New York, on a busy side street.


NPCs: The Wrecking Crew


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Fade In…

It is a day like almost any other, a muggy and ferociously hot early summer day in the Bronx. There is a hint of a breeze, but only a hint, just teasing at easing the oppressive heat and humidity that has settled over New York City. It is the kind of heat that saps the energy and shortens tempers. Perhaps that is how the trouble started? Who knows? What is obvious now is that there is trouble. The heavy armored car has been disabled, the street shattered and a building collapsed to hem it in and prevent any attempt at escape. Two muscle-bulging figures are pounding on the truck, working on ripping open its reinforced steel shell, while two more are currently engaged throwing various objects at police officers and their cars.

It's a mess, and the Wrecking Crew is trying to make off with a big load of cold, hard cash. Won't anyone stop them?!

One car goes up in a high, arcing lob- attempted murder with malfeasance aforethought? Or just the Wrecking Crew doing as they do? Cops scatter and run, but one lantern-jawed fellow trips and falls before he can escape the splash zone. He turns and screams, throwing a hand over his eyes before the car crushes him.

Except it doesn't. He looks up… and up… and Caitlin is standing there over him, the car suspended on her hands, arms extended over her head. "Start running, pal!" she tells the cop, winking at him. "This probably isn't a safe place for you to hang out.

She takes a running start, still holding that car up, and then jumps upwards. Like a volleyball player, she tosses it into the air and serves up a mighty spike, fairly firing the car back at the Wrecking Crew.

She lands with a heavy *thump* on the ground, wearing a t-shirt and comfortable jeans, and smacks one fist into the other with a meaty noise and a big, sparkling grin. "Okay, boys! Who wants to try and punch in for round one?" she asks, looking like she's spoiling for a proper old-school beatdown.


Barry Allen lays upon his friends couch, his by proxy and napkin-written rental agreement, and wonders how his life got turned upside down so badly. Sure, he had trials in Central City, but his life was absolutely split into pieces since he moved to New York. First he was arrested for murder, embarrassed in the media, and now he has found out that the girl who stuck by him through all of it was a SHIELD spy, presumably to gain intel on the hero who tends to stay out of the public circles to this point.

So sue im if he is having some ice cream.

His cell begins to ring and he looks at it with a sigh. It'd be so nice to sit and lay, wallowing in ice cream and self pity. But Caitlin (not this Caitlin in this here scene is on the phone and when she sounds as worried as she does, and uses the types of words she does, he knows he'd better get to work.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, balmy, pleasant and calm, and Johnny Storm is enjoying a stroll through the Bronx, on his way to deliver … well, we'll get to that later. He turns the corner and there is … noise. Loud enough to overwhelm the sound on his earbuds. Punching car sorts of sounds. Aww, dammit.

"FLAME ON!" he yells, as the earbuds in their tinny little voices sing around his neck, "Here's to you, Human Torch, you're so f'king lame!"

Right now? He would so be singing along with that. His civilian clothes — nineteen bucks at the Thrift Store and they looked better on him than they did on Grampa — they're ashes now. He floats up above it all and spots the armored car guards, unconscious. Hokay. Gonna have to be some kind of super-fast to get to them and get 'em to safety. Maybe, we can distract the HEELLLLOOOO, Nurse!!

"Wow, you're tall," he says to the girl who throws cars. "Wait. What was I doing just now?"

Some members of the League go on secret missions. Other ones take on giant terrorist attacks. Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, gets the street-level fire alarms. And the mid-level alarms. Basically, if there's a thing happening that doesn't quite call for Superman or Wonder Woman, Kate gets the call. Which is why she's the one on scene at this particular mess, perched on a fire escape in a nearby alley where she can freely take potshots at the Wrecking Crew.

"Jerks," she mutters as cars get thrown, setting a foam arrow to the string and aiming it at the truck where two of them are pounding on the metal. Fast-hardening riot foam doesn't exactly stand up to Super-strength, but it's one more thing for them to punch through on their way to the inside of the truck, which should hopefully slow them down.

GAME: Johnny Storm has set the pose order to Caromits, Caits, Flashything, Hotguy, Hawkeye

Caitlin's return volley sends that car arcing up and then smashing down into the bulging red and white clad Piledriver. He staggers only a step or two, and the car ends up as little more than scrap and ruin. "Round one? Alright. I got this!" he shouts, the blonde man charging at the civilian-attired strongwoman, fists swinging. Apparently, he hasn't a gentlemanly bone in that body of his. How rude!

Wrecker, in green, and Piledriver are working on the truck with crowbar and chain mace. The hardening foam of Hawkeye II's shot does slow them down /just/ as it looks like they were about to penetrate the back of the truck. As predicted, their strength makes short work of the foam, but it did slow them down; they aren't already inside, though they clearly intend to be very shortly.

Originally trapped inside, the guards of the truck - except the poor bastard stuck in the back - are now trying to get out of the truck. The damage done, however, has wrenched the metal frame, and they can't get the doors open. They're all trapped. Thankfully, the Wrecking Crew seems to have little interest in the cab of the truck. Maybe they should have? Damn guards, radioing for help!

Carol Danvers, aka. Captain Marvel, doesn't have the in of a Justice League dispatch service to spot trouble. What she does have is a habit of flying high, and paying attention to what she sees around her. When she spots a wrecked building and cars being tossed around, the golden glow of her fast-flying form inverts and dives to investigate. As such, she decides to land right in front of the hard-charging golden-clad silvery-armored Bulldozer as he is bearing down on the only police cruiser that is not already a wrecked mess on the road.

Carol takes the slamming hit of Bulldozer's charge, and the car doesn't. That's the good part. The bad is that the red, blue and gold-clad heroine gets thrown backwards quite a bit, bouncing up over the car - mostly, though she does take off the light bar on the roof - and then skidding to a halt before she can climb back to her feet. "OK. You hit a bit harder than that 'Hammerhead' goon."

Caitlin looks over, then up at the source of the commentary. "…Nope! I have that weird condition where I'm short, but it's backwards," she explains, looking at the Human Torch. "I… uh… Oh!" she looks excited at the sight of a Wrecking Crew fighter charging at her. She's all set for a fight, then she sees Captain Marvel cruising in. Again.

"Ohmygodit'sCaptainMarvel!" she squeals, looking in awe at the blonde warrior smashing to the pavement not far. Which is a bit of bad timing, because then Piledriver catches her on the jaw and sends her staggering sideways. "Oooooowww," Caitlin winces, putting her dukes up. Piledriver rushes her again and she lashes out with a snapping kick at his knee, which could probably snap a metal bar in half, and then swings her fists in a couple of brutal crosses. All efficiency, no show, just laying the beatdown on Piledriver.

"Quit layin' around," the Flash says, arms folded as he gives Carol a wink. But before a response comes he's off with a whoosh, looking to get into the battle. The faster he moves, the slower everything becomes. His blue eyes dart around, but the immediate danger comes right in front of him. BULLDOZER. Well, that's a friendly name.

The Flash grits his teeth as he reaches back and zooms through a super powered punch, loud enough to send shockwaves out into the intersection as his red covered fist attempts to make connection with Bulldozer's jaw!

Johnny laughs at "short but backwards" and at the sight of Captain Marvel flying under someone else's power, he decides he needs to get his head back in the game. Where? Oh, right. Those guys.

"HEY! Homewrecker and Tee-Ball! What for you are trying to open that box? Does it belong to you? No it does not, it says right there on the side, ELITE ARMORED TRANSPORT, and neither of you are even a little bit elite!"

Of course while he floats there, being a distracting fiery jerk, he's also doing that thing where he focuses ALL his heat at them. So, the pleasant 100+ weather is, for them, a pleasant 450+ breeze full of hot air.

And not just because Johnny's talking.

"Hey, could we not roast the nice security officers in the cab?" Kate calls from her sheltered spot on the fire escape, going through her quiver for something a little more useful than foam and landing on a putty arrow. Maybe the arrival of the Flash reminded her of one way to get around super-things: if they can't start moving, then they're a lot harder to stop.

Aiming at the pair on the truck, she fires a pair of putty arrows between them, throwing some goop and much into the works.

Well, now it's a full-on fight to be sure. Flash rushes - because that's what speedsters do! - and zooms in to punch Bulldozer on the jaw. Which just looks painful, given he's aiming an unarmored hand at Bulldozer's very armored jaw. How much of that force can be blunted by the Speed Force, who can say? It is a good bit of kinetic energy unleashed, and Bulldozer definitely staggers back, shaking his head with surprise at a blow with force he would only expect from Asgardians or the like. But even an Asgardian can't one-punch Bulldozer on that armored jaw of his. There is the benefit that he's distracted, neither following up on the police cruiser /or/ Captain Marvel. These are good things. He turns to face the Flash, sharing off as if he can get the speedster to take him on like any other high-strength hero.

The towering redhead gets hammered, and Piledriver is in no way gentleman enough to consider easing up on Caitlin. But he's also not a skilled combatant; he's a reckless bruiser with enough power that he has never had to learn how to fight smart or efficient. Confronted with a smart, efficient fighter with strength at least equal to his own, it's not going well. In short order his nose is bloodied and an eye blackened as he starts warning off blows with shoulder or arm, aiming what swings he can at her midsection as he fights to make an opening and hope to lay her out - vain as that hope may be.

The Human Torch's smack talk is enough to draw the attention of Wrecker and Thunderball, and they start advancing on him. The blistering heat he's putting off isn't nearly as brutal on them as it would be on normal humans, but they aren't immune, and they are visibly perspiring and panting as it beats down upon them. Thunderball doesn't take that lying down, however. The putty arrows do indeed hit, and they are gooped well. But that heat hardens the putty, which makes it brittle. Brittle enough that Thunderball is able to yank and twist, getting his arm free and then hurling his wrecking ball mace arcing towards Torch. Wrecker takes a bit longer fighting his way free, but that crawbar does good against hardened putty just like armored steel.

Captain Marvel shakes it off, and spots the fights ongoing. Not wanting to help Wrecker get free, instead of punching him she lifts her sparkling fists and unleashes a blast of photonic energy to hit his unputtied head, hammering repeatedly. Even if she can't knock him out - she has no idea - maybe this will direct him towards her instead of Torch if he gets free.

Caitlin's fighting style is just… it's just /brutal/. It's efficient and there's no showmanship about it. She clenches up her abdominals, the impact of bony fist on bulletproof skin splitting the seams of her shirt. Instead of stepping back to get out of his way, Caitlin keeps hands up to guard her face- someone taught the girl how to box- and crowds into him, taking those heavy, drifting blows to her ribs and stomach and waiting for Piledriver to make a mistake.

And when he launches one looping haymaker, Caitlin ducks, jabs once to set her distance, and then whips her fist at the side of his jaw with enough force to break reinforce concrete. She doesn't just stop with one, either, snapping a kick at the joint of his knee, again, and then grabbing his bullish neck for leverage so she can hammer her knees into his stomach, chest, and face, her entire body contracting kickboxer-style with each blow she delivers.

The Flash twists as his hand bounces off Bulldozer's dome. He winces and takes a second to hold his hand in between his legs. Now is the time that he expects Captain Marvel to come whooshing in and tag team chromedome right in the kisser. But as the blonde ditches and goes to fight Wrecker instead, the Flash knows he's on his own. "Well, so much for teamwork," he mutters.

Still shaking his hand he backs up a few steps, "Alright tough guy. You and me. Come at me bro."

The Scarlet Speedster raises his fingers and motions them towards himself, but it's another ruse. Instead, he zips around from behind and pushes the back of Bulldozers foot, trying to take it out from under him as he zips through

"Hey, do I tell you how to arch? No? Then you shouldn't be telling me how to be hot," Johnny retorts to Kate. Because he totally remembered to keep the heat contained to the area around the two bad guys. He was going to work on that right now, in fact. (He didn't. But he does now, and there's a sudden condensation as he pulls the temperature around the cab down to below the dew point. He might not be able to freeze things like Ice Nerd, but he can herd the therms as well as any Maxwell's Demon and OH SHIT.

"WOAH!" the Torch says, as he does a fast tumble through the air to avoid that bad song cue coming right at him.

"ALLEZ CUISINE!" he yells, and turns the heat up on, pulling more heat from the area into the sphere around the two Crew, as well as increasing his own fire-shell, becoming painfully bright to look directly at; anything that actually touches the shell will experience the eight thousand degree temperatures that protect him from bullets, and hopefully, wrecking balls.

"OK, that's enough, you guys need to stop now. You can handle 500 degrees? Let's take it up to 8. Hundred."

"Telling people what to do's sort of my specialty," Kate calls back to Johnny, searching the scene for someone who might need help. Seeing the Flash take on Bulldozer, she loads up another putty arrow for the bruiser to keep him nice and slow for the speedster. Distraction and hampering is pretty much her speciality when it comes to these things.

Caitlin's much more professional brutality and swiftly assured fighting skills pretty thoroughly overtake Piledriver. He's not unconscious - not yet - but he's growing weaker and far less enthused with this fight with every blow. He keeps trying, and it's not as if his blows aren't powerful and impressive. But they are increasingly poorly aimed, and growing weaker as well. Poor guy just bit off more than he could chew. How sad for him.

The flash's expected assistance from Captain Marvel is instead directed at keeping the Human Torch from being double-teamed by Wrecker /and/ Thunderball. The Scarlet Speedster's efforts on his own are definitely fast enough that he needn't really worry about Bulldozer landing a blow on him, unless he makes some catastrophic error. Tripping Bulldozer isn't easy, but with Flash avoiding hitting him on the armor, he's able to juke him around a bit, keeping him off-balance which prevents Bulldozer attacking anyone else, either. It's a good plan. Aided by Hawkeye II's putty arrow, Bulldozer is stuck in place, struggling against the putty, as he gets shoved around this way and that. How humiliating!

The three guards trapped inside the truck grow weaker and stop struggling as the heat from the Human Torch is sapping their entirely human forms of strength and soon of life itself. Thankfully, that ends, and they just slump inside, panting and weak. They want nothing but to get out of this, somehow. Anyhow at all would be nice. Thunderball takes another swing at Torch as the heat is cranked up, rightly assuming he can't take this for too long. The first blow misses, the second manages to hit the brightly-flaring Torch. The wrecking ball sizzles, but doesn't evaporate like bullets might; some measure of Asgardian resistance is at play, there. The blow to Torch is minimal, but enough that an unanchored flier might need to readjust, at least. Wrecker manages to shatter his way free, but is dazzled and dazed from Captain Marvel's blasts to his head, and the heat is sapping him of his will to fight. Still, he stumbles towards her, figuring that might get him out of that heat. That would be good, right?

Captain Marvel keeps up raining blasts on Wrecker's head, and then streaks in to start hammering on his ribs and head with her sparkling fists. She takes a strike to the ribs from that damned crowbar, but she's not going down.

Caitlin and Piledriver start wrasslin'. Grappling in a standing position, and she is not about to give an inch to the member of the Wrecking Crew. She throws a few more knees, then stops, grinning at him.

"Hey! I just realized who you are!"

A shadow falls on Wrecker, Caitlin falling from a good thirty feet up with a fierce, ebullient grin on her heart-shaped face. And the thug flailing weakly in her grip.

"PILEDRIVER!" she crows. And in midair, she swings, flips, and /snaps/ Piledriver towards Wrecker like a missile, and then for good measure, lands on top of Piledriver with a Citizen's Elbow. She can't fly, but holy crap that girl's got an arm on her.

"Did you seriously just tell her not to tell you how to be hot?" she asks Flash. "Because this is definitely not the time for pickup lines, sparklerbutt."

The Flash becomes visible enough to give Hawkeye a salute. That's the second time the Mistress of Projectile Missiles has given him an assist. "Ma'am," he says before speeding away towards the truck, trying to assist those who are trapped, and leaving Bulldozer to struggle against his bonds.

Johnny is, of course, unable to reply to that message, as he is moving through the air halfway wrapped around a wrecking ball. This is not a pleasant sensation — there may be a cracked rib or two — but he's holding on to the weight. And its chain. Only a second or four, but long enough to impart as much heat as he can in that time; Eliot Franklin is no longer employed as a physicist, but he may appreciate the utter violation of the normal laws of thermodynamics that the Torch is committing. It's almost a crime against nature.

"Ow?" he finally manages to say to Fairchild. He'd love to say how Hawkeye is already taken but it's taking all his concentration keeping the heat on just these two… and letting go in time to not be slammed into the ground. Stay above it, Johnny. Rise to the occasion. Etc.

Kate grins back at the Flash, half-saluting back with the arrow between her fingers before aiming it at the cab of the truck. She's picked up a few tricks from SHIELD and from some other archers, including a handy little ice arrow. Either it should help the guards stay a little cooler, or the rapid change in temperature should get the doors brittle enough to give them an easier time getting out.

The second arrow foes for Thunderball - time to test the physics of electricity on enhanced physiology with a taser arrow!

Captain Marvel barely manages to get out of the way, as Caitlin and Piledriver come down on Wrecker in a mighty heap. It's a pretty thorough mop-up of that particular problem. The numbers of the Crew are coming down!

Flash will find that the truck's metal is now a tad slick from condensation - not insurmountable, mind you - and also warped and twisted by the assaults already suffered. The guards could not get out. Flash might somehow be able to get in, but it might be as easy to help bring the fight to a close and let the super-strong folks amongst the heroes tear things open. Maybe.

The Human Torch manages to impart enough heat into the chain of the wrecking ball that Thunderball is wincing and grimacing, not wanting to relinquish his weapon, but not really able to keep a solid grip on it anymore. He struggles to pull it back, and then gets a face full of flame which drives him back. Weaker still, he is definitely slump-shouldered and panting, advancing on Torch without a lot of enthusiasm. Doesn't help that he just lost Wrecker's backup, and looks like Piledriver is down.

Hawkeye II's arrows work wonders, icing over the driver's side door of the cab, making it perhaps brittle enough for someone to apply a blow and shatter it to free the men inside. Regardless, their temperature is dropping even further than Johnny's efforts had already accomplished. The taser arrow hits Thunderball just as he is closing with Torch again, and he arches and screams, before passing out. Who knows how long that will last, but it's a respite not to be ignored.

Captain Marvel looks around and assesses. "Red, see if you can't punch through that iced-over door, and help Flash get the guys out." she suggests, as she advances on Bulldozer just as he is managing to yank himself free of the putty arrow around his legs. "You can surrender. Or I can beat you unconscious just to vent my frustration. Your choice."

Caitlin looks up from just… curb stomping the hell out of the two baddies. She's apparently not the sort who mistakes being down for being defeated. "Who? Me?" She looks at Captain Marvel with a goofy fan-girl expression. "Oh! Oh yeah! I'm on it!" She fairly vaults the two knocked-down thugs and runs to the broken down truck, tapping on the window. "Hey! Hey! I'm gonna get you outta there!" she promises the men inside. She runs to the driver's side door and using her bare phalanges, rips the hinges off, then punches through the door latch and tears the entire assembly away. "Okay! Come on out, guys, you're safe. But, uh, EMS should be here, like, pronto-ish," she assures them. "You should probably get checked out before you go home," the woman says, trying to sound as sternly authoritative as a heroine should.

Johnny hovers out of reach, now that the bad guys are apparently down. He's going to need to go back to the Baxter Building to get the ribs treated, which means no dinner plans. He taps the collar of his shirt with his left hand, the side that didn't get crunched.

"Herbie, put me through to Miss Grimm. Thanks." Pause for ring… "Hi, Aunt P? I'm sorry, but I've been caught up in something, so I won't be able to come for dinner tonight. OK. You make sure Ben eats his spinach, OK? You're a sweetheart. G'Bye." He still hasn't met the woman. Something always comes up. He gives Bulldozer a look just in case the guy is stupid enough to want to get into a hand-to-hand with Ms. Marvel.

Taser arrow for the win! Thunderbolt goes down, and Kate loads up another, not giving Bulldozer a chance to really decide if he wants to face down Captain Marvel. Draw, aim, fire. Nap time. Once that's done, she lowers her bow, standing up to get a better view of what's left. "Everybody okay down there?" she calls over.

Alone against all these assembled heroes? Bulldozer is no coward, but he knows he can't win this, and he's enough of a career supercriminal to know there will be another time, another chance. He puts his hands on his hand and kneels.

Captain Marvel turns and salutes Hawkeye, nodding. "Looks like it."

Soon enough, sirens will sound as first responders get through to lend their own aid to the situation, and forces will be summoned to take custody of the downed Wrecking Crew. Until the next time, at least.

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