June 26, 2015:

Rachel Summers and Mimic catch up and an owed explanation is given.

Xavier Institute

The Lake


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Rachel had been wandering the Institute a bit since she had heard the news about Kwabena Odame; a mercenary and mutant who had helped her prior with her original mission. Of course, while thinking about Shift and the aid he had rendered; she couldn't help but think of the fallout that had come after the unsanctioned mission to shutdown Project: Centurion.


She still owed Mimic answers and even now, she wasn't sure how to approach it all.

The Sentinels had recently been spoken about in the news, which meant she had been wrong; at least partially.

A telepathic message was sent out, "~Mimic? Are you around the institute?~"

< I am. > Cal answers. < Welcome back, Rachel. Is there a problem? > He sends an image of himself sprawled on a lounge chair by the lake and drinkign beer while getting some sun.

"~Thanks.~" A pause in the telepathic communication, "~Not at this moment, but soon I think.~"

A short while later, Rachel appears near the lake, detectable by Mimic long before she arrives. She's dressed in more appropriate clothing for the summer given the heat and is holding a tablet computer in her hand that doesn't look like anything on the market.

"Did you see the news, about the 'Sentinel protocol?" Rachel's face isn't exactly filled with joy at the moment.

Cal's quite appropriate in just a pair of square cut trunks and sunglasses. "I saw the report." he agrees, the cooler by his side opening and a beer floating over to Rachel. "Since there was @emit Cal's quite appropriate in just a pair of square cut trunks and sunglasses. "I saw the report." he agrees, the cooler by his side opening and a beer floating over to Rachel. "Since there was o footage, we don't know for sure that they're the Sentinels we're thinking of. Also, them being used outside the country diverges from the couple situations I'm aware of. Which doesn't mean we shouldn't be alarmed but is, at least, slightly hopeful."

"It could just be a coincidence, but after what happened a few months ago I don't think it is." Rachel accepts the beer, grasping it firmly before cracking it open and taking a drink as she looks up at the sun for a moment. Sitting herself down on the ground next to Calvin's chair she bites her lower lip before speaking, "The divergences are either a good or a bad thing. With The Phoenix's help, the old timeline leading to my future was completely eliminated. I never really considered then, that stopping one future would only open up the possibility to other, possibly worse futures than the one that was prevented. I was wrong to try and keep things from everyone and prevent information from being used."

"Yes, you were." Cal agrees mildly. "But since the Professor agreed we needed to be prepared just in case, no harm was done. Besides, can you really be certain you're from this reality to begin with? Your timeline might never have been an option here. I know the Phoenix Force is powerful but it's not all power or all knowing. And speaking of, where were you?"

"As certain as I can be given the things I've done and witnessed." Rachel smiles sadly at Calvin, "There's also the people who have come after me and who have yet to come. Thankfully, thanks to all of that, my timeline will never be an option." It was cryptic, but there were people out there who didn't take kindly to her messing with the timestream or the things she had done as Phoenix.

"I went with the Phoenix after I left to finish what I started, my time here before wasn't meant to last. It was always going to be that way, I never had an option from the moment I accepted her help. I had to help her in turn." There doesn't seem to be any regret in her voice.

"And now your help is over and it's sent you back? Is it finally done with you?" Cal is not a fan of the Phoenix force. He's had to kill Jean too many times because of that thing. He's also hardly one to condemn her for changing the timestream considering the number of realities he's changed.

"For now. If what is happening around us is what I think it is, my return at this point may have not been coincidental." Rachel pauses and then adds, "The last few survivors of The Dark Sisterhood were waiting for me when I returned. Psylocke and a few others, did a particularly thorough job of insuring they're done with. Now I'm hearing about Sentinels, it leaves me with a sick feeling in my stomach."

She raises her beer and takes a drink before asking, "What have you been up to since I was gone? A lot has changed around here."

Cal shrugs at the question. "Not really. In some ways, it's just more of the usual for us. On a larger scale though, the government has set its sites on the Justice League and SHIELD. Which is… also slightly promising that we're not going to be their main target. On the other hand, they could be going after everyone with powers which is no better. I've seen that turn out just as badly."

Rachel had brushed up on her history since returning, there had only been a few months to cover with so many big events, "Right, a President still ends up assassinated." Eyebrows raising a little she asks, "What was your involvement in all of that? You're with the Justice League Avengers Initiative aren't you?"

Shaking his head, Cal finishes the beer then gloats another one over. "No. Or rather, sort of. I thought I was heading in that direction but for some reason, they decided to just let things slide. Maybe due to the whole government thing. I don't know. But it's not like I ever don't have things that need to be done. As for the assassination, I wasn't involved at all."

"That's too bad. You never know what might have happened, the high profile members of the team seem to be more about strength than finesse. A telepath in there might have been able to stop the assassin before he ever fired." Rachel sighs and finishes her beer as well, "It doesn't matter anyways, what's done is done. Even if we could change it, events might continue to conspire onwards anyways without further changes…"

"And if I had been there, it might have focused their attention on mutants as well." Cal points out then shrugs. "But there's no telling. Honestly, I think that they - and we - should start looking for a place in other countries. Not necessarily to move there immediately but as a contingency plan. That in itself is different from anything I've seen. Which is not even close to every possible future, of course."

Rachel blinks a few times and considers Calvin's words, not bothering to even sigh, "You're right. Even if you were there, there's no way to know how this could turn out. My head almost hurts thinking about it, from everything I know, the president we lost was a friend to mutants and metahumans. It really sucks that he is gone." She sets the empty down by the cooler and smiles at Cal as she stands, "I'm going to see about taking a trip out to Bahrain and investigating this further, if you have any contacts who might be able to help with that. Let me know and thanks for the beer."

Cal considers Rachel a moment then says "I could ask someone I've met in SHIELD. I think she's worked a few times with the Red Team too." After a moment, he nods. "You could go ask to speak to Agent May. It can't hurt."

Rachel nods her head in appreciation to Calvin, "Thanks. I'll try to contact her, if she's worked with Red Team Bobby might be able to get me in touch." Taking one last look at the lake she walks back towards the Institute.

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