Fridays in M-Town

June 26, 2015:

A group of heroes deal with a mob in M-Town! Emits by Rachel (R) and Brinley (B).

New York City

Mutant town


NPCs: Detective Bronson


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It was a late Friday night in Mutant Town. It was business as usual, the SRD and Police didn't want to set foot in here unless they had a reason and the bars were full and the occasional brawl had broken out on the streets to be later settled in an alleyway.

Normally, the group that gives the most trouble in Mutant Town are the Purifiers; apparently they have some imitators.

A group of fifty something college students are holding a demonstration out of a Mutant Doctor's clinic. They're all pretty harmless looking, with hipster glasses, scarves being the dominant style among the group.

Some signs are held above them with ironically, the typical anti-mutant slogans and one of the protestors, far older than the rest; likely a professor or possibly a parent is using a microphone to call out, "No more mutants! No more mutant town!"

Across the street from the protestors, a group of thugs are gathering up in an alleyway staring maliciously at the college kids who no doubt thought it was cool to protest. (R)

Lunair was taking groceries to mutants who couldn't get to the grocery stores (or afford to). She's lucky enough to pass in human society, and plus Magneto asked her to look after M-Town sometimes. So her path, her scooter and such take her towards the protest.

She sighs. It's Friday! Shouldn't people be chilling/partying/whatevering? Fridays are for goodness, not… being a jerk. But the tension is palpable, and the group of thugs isn't unnoticed. Lunair frowns a little. Gotta think, gotta think… Is this a job for the dubstep gun? Gotta think…

Tigra is…not pleased. "Can I just get through /one/ day without something crazy going on?" Today it's protests in Mutant Town, a place where mutants are supposed to be able to feel safe. Naturally, various events seem to result in the exact opposite for its inhabitants.

Though not a mutant herself, the feline is atop a nearby roof, as is often the case when she wants to get from one place to another with the least trouble. There's an easier way, but it's rarely used. For the time being, she observes. It's not violent. Not yet. Could get there, though.

Claire has done what most energetic, newly-budding mutant might do, and that's escape the school on a Friday night to check out the famous part of New York city where she might run around in something a little less stuffy than a hooded sweatshirt and pants. She's got a note in her pocket from someone at the school, an invitation to meet up at a sushi restaurant? Maybe? And so that's where she is. She's *blinked* the furthest she can to get past school security, and hop, skipped, *blinked* her way through various modes of transportation to wander the streets, milling with mutants and outcasts of every shape and kind. Seriously, her glowing green eyes look like they might pop out of her head.

Brinley's observing the demonstration. The last demonstration she watched with Bobby had turned bad and she's every expectation this one will too. Keeping her distance from the crowd, the brunette is leaning against a wall able to see those thugs and she puts a call into X-Red, not moving yet. She's not a fighter, but she's not unskilled either.

So okay Madrox started up the detective agency in Mutant Town because he figured they would need him here. Plus he can hang out with his people. Of course the agency isn't that far away from where this wonderful demonstration is going on. The man sighs to himself and of course before he goes out he finishes the bourbon he was drinking. A good detective always does things with a slight buzz on, after all. Before he leaves the agency he stomps his foot twice, "Stay here, I may need a surprise backup in a little bit."

Luckily for Jamie there are a few things that are able to keep his dupes focused, and not let their other personalities show through. Things like demonstrators are of course one of those things that will focus them. Jamie prime of course leaves the agency to see what the heck these idiots are daring to do in Mutant Town, the place he has decided to call home. Plus the mutants that live here are bound to turn ugly and that isn't going to end well.

The protestors continue their chants while waving their signs around. When the mutant doctor running the clinic doesn't seem to be home, they start to throw cans and bottles at the windows trying to break the glass; although they aren't trying very hard yet.

Brinley might notice a pair of the 'thugs' heading in her direction, one of them pausing to stop his pants from falling passed his knees evey so often.

With Brinley being in X-Red she was a bit of a celebrity to some of the people here and one of thugs says to her, "Hey, you're with the X-Men Red, right?" He discreetly points towards the group of protestors, "We saw a few guys join those fool protestors earlier, with bulges under their jackets. Those fools screaming just ignorant, but them other guys they packin' heat and looking for blood."

In the Sushi restaurant a few buildings away Rachel was waiting for Blink, waving her over to the table she was seated at before she starts to hear the noise going on outside, "Looks like we may have to postpone this until we see what's going on. I'm Rachel by the way, nice to finally meet you." (R)

Well, that's not good. Lunair frowns as objects start flying. She looks concerned, eyebrows furrowing. She doesn't hear about those packing heat, but she's gotta do SOMETHING. hinkthink. Lunair's gotta think. For now then, she's going to find herself a good perch to prepare for Operation BreakItDownNow. Maybe Dubstepping IS the way forward. So it's time to sneakily climb up. Waitaminuteisthatatigerlady?

Tigra's watch continues for the time being, though she hops across the gap between buildings to another rooftop for a better angle to watch from. There's no need to count very far to understand she's horribly outnumbered, so it now becomes a matter of trying to figure out if there's any other help around, and if so, what they may be capable of. "Don't like this one bit," she mutters, tail moving in agitation. Yes, that is a tiger lady.

The only thing Blink can think is 'Betsy's gonna kill me' when she notices the rampant tension between the spectators and the demonstrators. She's a little frozen, staring at the ruckus, blindly shaking Rachel's hand as the woman draws near. "C-claire," she stammers, effervescent eyes going wide, pink skin paling to a sickly orange. "We?" she squeaks. "Why 'we'?" She follows obediently, however, always the good student, short legs forcing her to trot to keep pace. She frowns a little, seeing figures she recognizes.

Straightening as she's approached, Brin keeps her back to the wall, moving her weight over the balls of her feet as she listens, letting her mind reach out to feel the thugs emotions. She's a low level empath, she can't manipulate emotion, but she's adept at reading it.

At the mention of weapons, Brin blanches and nods "Alright, do yourself a favour and get out of here. It will be safer for everyone concerned." Taking her phone out again, Brin calls the police, not that they really do anything in M-Town, but X-Red have a couple of contacts she can reach out to, before giving an update to the rest of X-Red… that will probably end up with other X-Men in the vicinity.

Jamie gets closer to the protestors and just sighs when he sees them in person. Well it's one thing to hear them, but well watching them live is just really bad. He starts going through his options, and well damnit, Jamie is not one to make a decision on what to do. He stomps his foot a few more times and a few different versions of him appear. "Okay guys, what should we do?"

Of course the dupes all start talking all at once, "Okay guys how about we do this one at a time?" So the first one starts speaking, "We can just kill them all! That's the easiest solution." Okay that's bloodthirsty dupe, he's no help here. Dupe #2 speaks up, "We can try talking to them. Get them to understand that this is our home and they should leave peacefully." Okay that is definitely an option. Dupe #3, "How about we do nothing and just let them do their thing, they have the right to protest. And the mutants have the right to kick their ass!"

Okay it seems like Dupe #2 is the winner, "Okay how about you go and talk to them. And see if you can convince them to stop, okay?" Hey sometimes it's best to leave that option, up to the professionals. That dupe starts to head towards the protestors and Jamie reabsorbs his other two. "Hey guys." Dupe #2 calls out, "Yeah I saw some mutant over there, he said he was going to make you pay for all the stuff you were saying." Dupe #2 points at some obvious looking mutant as he says that one.

The group of 'thugs' nods to Brinley and go get their friends before disappearing out of the area before they end up involved in any trouble, proving that looks could be deceiving; despite the fact that they seemed to be ready to get in trouble

Of course, as Rachel and Claire exit the Sushi restaurant it would seem that Claire (Blink) fits the description of an obvious looking mutant! Of course, Blink was a she, so she wasn't the target the dupe pointed to.

Instead a poor mutant with purple skins and horns seems to be the new target of the protestors. It was the Doctor from the clinic trying to slip away.

Now that the Dupe is close enough, it notices a few people in the crowd have shotguns and pistols, they definitely didn't look like college kids either..

Rachel turns to Claire and says, "Looks like a protest. Let's see how it plays out for now.." Then she notices they're going after the purple skinned doctor and she asks Blink, "Think you can get him out of there?"

Brinley finally gets put through to one of X-Reds contacts in the police, a Detective Bronson who says, "Bronson here. What can I do for you?"

TIgra and Lunair seem to be unnoticed by the crowd so far. (R)

Poor Doctor. Lunair just - armors up. Pink and white, magical girl style armor with a silver visor that hides her face. She'll hover, near the roof. Even she knows what happens when you startle a tiger and are made of meat. Memories of trying to pet a kitty and having it glom onto her head, running in a circle and screaming. Now what to do. She hovers in to investigate, likely to distract them from the Doctor. Armor is not mutant, right? Right. Either way, she's curious and figures she might as well. "So um. Why are you protesting mutants? The world is a big, beautiful place with a lot of variety." Pause. This is bad.

This has all the look of something that's on the verge of turning toward violence. As Tigra begins to pace back and forth atop the building, she pauses at the sught of Lunair, following the path of the young woman as she moves to involve herself. Eyes continue from there and settle upon Blink and someone else next to her, then her focus further shifts toward the Jamie dupe and the apparent Doctor. Muttering under her breath, she swiftly makes her way down to the street level, hopping back and forth between buildings on the way down as there's no fire escape this time. It puts her closer to the potential fray, closer to being able to act.

Claire balks at the suggestion from Rachel, jerking back a bit to stare at her with terrified eyes. "Wha- Me? 'port a person?" Her hands flail a little, the short, pink woman hopping from one foot and then the other, anxious. "What if I -splinch- him? What if there's b-b-blood?" she squeaks, terrified. The fact that she's more concerned about -her- hurting the doctor rather than the crowd says a lot; Blink is a weird sort of coward. For all her fear, though, she eyeballs the distance, looks around for a safe place to blink back, or… She whines as she looks up. Plenty of places to blink that way too. But. High. She swallows. "Um. Maybe?" she offers lamely. "People are gettin' kinda close… I can- Well, -he- would be ok, but I can't promise everyone else would be." She winces.

People are getting louder and her senses are starting to prickle, maybe not her ability but rather that nervous tick that prey gets before things go really bad. With a bleat of fear, she makes up her mind before Rachel can council her otherwise and *BLINKS*, appearing next to the purple, horned doctor-person with that familiar sound of energy slamming in to itself. She gets a grip on the guy, tries to yank him and herself clear of threaten hands and pressing, angry bodies.

"Hang on!" the diminutive woman squeaks, -jumping up- and wrapping her arms and legs around the man, clinging to him like a pink-skinned, curly haired monkey. She ignores his startled grunt and says, "Sorry!" before-


-and she and the doctor are gone.

"Brinley Meyers from X-Men Red, Detective Bronson" The brunette introduces herself and gives the details of the riot and those carrying weapons. By now the X-Red people should have contacted the X-Men.

As she speaks she moves closer to the crowd and recognises Jamie, she'll hang back a little but if the man needs help, she'll move in to help him for now, she's observing working out where she'll be best to fit in.

Jamie just stares when he sees what the dupe just well did, oh this isn't good. Of course said dupe is trying to slip away now, all sneaky like and stuff. So what is Jamie supposed to do but go after the guy. He manages to catchup up to the dupe rather quickly, "That is supposed to be a peaceful answer? Try and get them to kill each other?" Jamie Prime says to the dupe as he manages to grab him.

"Well no, but that's what I figured would get you to send me that way. See I'm the part of you that's uncontrollable, the wild and crazy part. You call your detective agency x-Factor? Well I'm your X-Factor. So go ahead and reabsorb me, but sooner or later I will be back!" Well at that Jamie is just left speechless and does reabsorb that dupe.

And then the prime has to go back to try and fix any trouble that the dupe may have been able to create. Oh this definitely isn't going to be good, he may have to talk to someone about why his dupes have gotten so crazy lately.

"Mister Da Costa and Mister Drake have helped me out in the past. I'll see if I can't dispatch a few near-by units to help disperse the mob, in exchange, I hope you can all try and do something about this Joker clown who moved in from Gotham." Bronson replies to Brinley over the phone, a pause before he hangs up.

The disappearance of the protestor's target along with Blink causes them to look very confused for a moment

Magical Armor Girl Lunair becomes their next target, with one of them pointing up at her and yelling, "Look, it's another one and she's got a pet mutant!" Clearly, they had seen Tigra to!

Jamie notices that some of the armed men are taking aim on Lunair and Tigra from within the crowd. (R)

There's a 'swell' in the emotion of the crowd. Those with telepathic or empathetic abiilties will feel it. Somethings stirring the demonstrators up… pushing them to violence.

Closer inspection will see there's someone in the middle of the crowd who's not demonstrating, just standing there, the hood of their jacket pulled up over their head. (B)

"No one is my pet! You can't own people!" There's probably sexy naughtytime type pets but that is not Lunair's bag. Okay, then. She's got to do something. "It's Friday! Chill out you guys!" Time to spread some WUBWUBWUBWUBWUB! The dubstep gun is out and it's time to make people dance, not fight.

Soon as things begin to happen - did Blink just disappear with that doctor? - Tigra's more into the moment, ready to act. "Don't be silly. Nobody owns a cat," she scoffs at the one shouting her way, though she tenses in preparation to move and move fast. However, that doesn't quite happen just yet, for she's staring at Lunair right now, hands going up toward her ears. "What in the name of all that's good and just is /that/ noise?!"

Oh things are just getting worse. Jamie seeing the guys who appear to have some guns, and he goes over to them. Well Jamie does have some skills at least. He goes and tries to grab at one of them, to flip the guy to the ground. "Well we don't like people shooting at others of course. It's just bad for us down here." Hey he's still shaken up over the dupe trying to help start the riot.

As Lunairs dubstep gun goes off, several of those near her, including some of those with guns, start dubstepping… the broken beat might cause a headache for some. But not all the gunmen are caught by the dubstep craze and turn their weapons on Tigra and start firing.

Jamie takes his opponent down, now what will he do with him? If he had zipties he could restrain him.

That wave of animosity is growing, getting stronger … Rachel and Brinley should feel it… and the crowd is turning nasty, directing their anger at anyone that looks even remotely differently. Lunair quickly becomes another target…

"But we don't do…" Brinley sighs as she hangs up the phone "Law Enforcment." Maybe the police will be coming… maybe not. She'll speak to Bobby and Berto about this.

As the psychic wave hits, Brinley pales and stumbles a little "Not again" she mutters as she regains her balance and jogs over to Jamie, fishing her zipties out of her bag to hand to him "You might want to start carrying some of these around with you" she murmurs as she scans the crowd, ducking the fist the guy in front just aimed at her. "There's someone stirring up the crowd, Mr Madrox. I'm going up and over, do you think you can control you dupes to actually do crowd control?" Concentrating, glowing green and gold energy wings appear on Brins back and the brunette is lifting up to get a better look at the crowd. (B)

Rachel is moving towards Brinley now, focusing on using her powers to try and calm down the mob and counter whatever is causing the wave of animosity to grow. Stepping up beside Brinley, she says, "Never a dull moment in Mutant Town is it Mana?"

There's that *BLINK* and in a splurt of pink, fizzling energy, Claire is back, right next to Rachel, panting and a little wild-eyed. "Sorry! I went -up-!" she bleats, flailing a little, looking around, taking in the changing atmosphere, her skin prickling. "Oh dear. Did it get worse?" she gasps, eyes flicking to Brin and perking a little in recognition; "Snowball fight!" she chirps. Yep. That's her. Super eloquent.

Well, dubstep started one day when Skrillex got attacked by bees. Lunair is getting this block party started, and thankfully, her armor keeps her from getting much more than bruises. Still, owchies. She might be more grumpy if the wave of animosity works upwards. But Tigra is being shot at and Lunair is worried.

She's just got to get the gunmen dancing too hard to shoot well.

Tigra sure does look different, even as far as normal Mutant Town residents go. That makes her an obvious target, and in her distraction that follows the odd 'weapon' used by Lunair, her attention is diverted enough that she's not entirely ready for the trio of gunshots that come her way. Two miss, the aim of the shooters not quite good enough, but the third digs through her left shoulder just as she's facing them again, hitting her before she can move. "Ow..!" she blurts with a hiss of breath, and /now/ she spins away toward a car to figure out what she's going to do next. A quick check of the shoulder shows blood, but the bullet only hit toward an edge. "He /shot/ me!" Though it hurts, it causes her to growl and take on an angrier look, rising back up to level that fury on the one who hit her. Looks like she might make a move for him.

"I don't know, but I can try." Jamie answers the lady, he does leave out the part about uncontrollable dupes when he does leave out when he pitches X-Factor to folks, they don't need to know about that one yet. Jamie snaps his fingers a few times, and well there are a few dupes that show up, "Okay boys, we're on crowd control. Don't let anyone get hurt, and don't hurt anyone as well, deal?" Hey maybe this time they will actually do what their told.

"Also maybe X-Factor should work with Law Enforcement, we can be the Law in Mutant Town." At that the dupes do their best Stallone impersonation, 'I AM THE LAW!' Cause well Jamie loves really bad and campy movies dang it!

The crowd is being whipped into a frenzy, the psychic chicks had better do something about this. It's now very obvious who's to blame, they're the only calm person left… and they're right below the three women.

Lunairs efforts take out all but the trio of gunmen who were aiming Tigra… Take them out to the nightclub she's creating right there in the street. They start boogying… o.k, it's dupstepping… along… they can't raise their rifles to shoot them.

The remaining three gunmen, aren't real smart, they've stayed clumped together trying to peer over the car that Tigra's hiding behind. One of them raises their gun and starts spraying bullets at it.

Brinley hasn't heard Jamies comment… he'll have to repeat it to her. His dupes are going to have help people to safety, panicked, psychically pushed people at that.

"Mana, Blink" Brin isn't smiling, thankfully the crowd hasn't thought to look, the three women might be in trouble if they did. Nodding to the figure on the ground, Brin looks to Rachel "Can you stop them doing whatever it is they're doing? I can only sense it… If you need a distraction, Blink and I can do that." Looking to the younger woman, Brin looks grim "Blink in on their left, I'll take their right and Red Phoenix can try and stop the psychic push."

Tigra's cry, however has Brin looking over and out her phone comes again, this time she just presses one of the buttons. Rescue Inc has just been notified that assistance is needed. "Ready, Blink? Let's go" Brin /swoops/ down and rushes the figure from the right. (B)

Rachel nodded to Brinley and reached a hand up to her forehead, concentrating in on the figure who seemed to be whipping the crowd into a frenzy. As she pushed her telepathy further, a phoenix emblem appeared over her left eye.

Her intent? To invade the person's mind and reduce them to a gibbering wreck for the time being by making them see their worst nightmares.

That would teach them to incite hatred.

Blink does that nervous bounce-squeak thing that she does, closing her hands into fists and furrowing her brow. "Yeah, I can do that," she grits out, swallowing her fear and *BLINK*ing to the left of the group. She bounces around, teleporting, never staying in one place long, effectively working on distracting while not getting drawn in. "Here!" she chirps to one aggressive person, *blinks* off, only to pop up a few yards in. "Nope, over here!" and so on.

As the car is shot up, though none of the bullets get through to her, Tigra is experiencing a rage that grows and threatens to overwhelm her. She did /nothing/ to anyone here, and she's been shot simply for looking different. It's hardly the first time someone's taken issue with her for her appearance, but today seems to be the wrong day for it. "That was a mistake," she tells the shooters in no uncertain terms, and even as the strangeness goes on around her that results in the bad music and dancing, something else seems to be driving up that anger, something out of her control.

Speaking of control, something causes Tigra to stop before getting too close to the shooters. It would coincide with whatever Rachel is doing, a sixth sense perhaps drawing the feline's attention toward the other woman just in time to see the insignia that shows. As soon as even the slightest disruption in that inner fury is felt, she breaks away from the area to disappear down an alley. Things got dangerously close to ending worse than this, and the smart thing to do is to leave before slipping any further. The wound would be dealt with soon enough, but there will be no talks with the others there to do what good they can. Not this time.

Man what good is the one liners if no one actually hears them. That's just a damn shame, that it is. But anyway the dupes work their butts off trying to do crowd control. It seems the luck of the draw was with Jamie on this one, and he didn't get wild and crazy ones. They do work well together when they want to. At least they manage to make sure no one has managed to get themselves killed so far or anything.

Lunair is glad for the dupes helping, though she is also glad no one gets to be a co-star on When Tigers Get Upset For Good Reason And Someone Loses a Head. She's going to stay hovering, ensuring the dance party keeps going until there's authorities at hand. A car might get zapped and starts bobbing as if powered by bass. Which is not dropped. Okay, yes it is. Gotta drop the bass.

Lunair would appreciate one liners, but she's a bit far up and making sure no one can get shorts off.

Brin and Blinks efforts cause the psychic push to falter, leaving the way open for Red Phoenix to tear the persons mind asunder. As they fall backwards, clutching their head the hood falls off revealing the distinctive features of a metahuman.

With the psychic push disabled, the crowd starts to settle. It will take a little time for the frenzy to die, but that peak drops away quickly. That will make Multiple Mans job easier to control and contain the crowd.

The trio of gunmen stand there dumbfounded as Tigra walks away, looking at each other they try to slink away themselves, only to be coathangered by someone in the crowd, they're out cold. Someone will find them and detain for the questioning, maybe.

Finally, the sirens can be heard. The police have decided to respond….

Brin looks to Blink and down at the metahuman, fishing more zipties from her bag. Handing them to Blink, she smiles grimly "Use these to detain them." If Blink isn't sure what to do, Brin will demonstrate. Looking up to Red Phoenix, Brin smiles slightly "Police are coming, you two might want to make yourselves scarce. I'll speak with them… make things are squared away here." Eventually she'll make her way to Jamie and use his office to ensure the paperwork is completed.

For those who remain, the job of clean-up is just beginning. (B)

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