Fae Solstice

June 21, 2015:

The Fae invade Agent Mays house on Solstice

Agent Mays House - New York


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Fade In…

The Summer Solstice is here and it is time of magic. It is nine at night on the first day of the summer and sun has set. The earth seems to be holding its breath as twilight embraces the island. Despite the grey the air is hot and humid despite the cool breeze that drifts off the Atlantic Ocean. Sounds of the city are less here, especially on the sleepy residential road located near the Farm. The smell of barbequing, sun warmed grasses and ocean fill the air night air. The shout of kids playing and hum of voice drift from back yards as people enjoy the day. Along the beach fires are being lit.

For those that sense magic, it swells and grows as the earth here is in transition and the veil grows thin between what is seen and not seen. Apple trees seem now like old men and willows have faces. Aspen quiver and oaks sway. In the grasses something moves and voices not quiet human drift on the breeze. That magic her is as old as the earth itself and speaks of a time before there was technology.

One house that is smaller than its neighbors and is surrounded by trees and wild gardens that full of herbs and flowers both domestic and wild seems to stand out from others to those who can sense magic. It is warded. All can see that in the garden little tiny balls of light that look like lightening bugs shine brightly. They tap against the glass of the house. The wild flowers seem to move and bow their head but they have not closed their petals for the night. Whispers seem to come from the garden. "Do you see her." A male voice says.

A female voice, "I think she is in the back yard, I wonder if it is warded."

It was bound to happen. May had been trying to avoid it, but she knew better than to expect that she could do so indefinitely. Thus, a little after sunset, a non-descript looking little import sedan is approaching the small house at the end of the residential street. It's not a SHIELD safehouse. It's May's house. Truly, privately, HER house.

Having invited Joshua and Lynwen to reside here, May had done her best to not need anything that would require returning and intruding on the pair that she is fairly convinced are a couple. But tonight she's having to do exactly that and worse. She's brought others with her.

Fenris notices the… ripples in the ley line. Ordinarily, in his state he might not but he's been looking for them. Not these ripples specifically, of course. The disturbances are the telltale sign of Somthing Wrong (tm) near a ley line, but they can be maddeningly nonspecific. It doesn't feel like Darque… but that doesn't mean there won't be trouble. A call goes out over the Pendulums Something is happening near Agent May's house. Ley Line Disturbance. I'm on my way. Others may wish to look in on it.

Fenris tears open a way and arrives near the Koi Pond. No he didn't knock, which he ordinarily would but he's very concerned ever since Darque had been revealed to be laying traps for his people.

It's always nice to have a little warning of an impending mission. It gives Paul time to get his vest on, sling a backpack over his shoulder full of Mission Oriented Stuff (tm) and draw his gun so that when he arrives, he's prepared to either take cover or start firing. Or, in this case, stand there looking around and waiting for some hint to what they should be doing.

Feeling the disturbance and hearing Fenris' message, Zee focusses on Fenris and sensing him stopping somewhere teleports in to his side. Pausing a moment, she glances around and frowns "It doesn't feel like Darque, Fenris, but neither did the last one…" It's just dawning on the teen mage that this Fenris said Agents May's house.

Sara isn't quite so geared up as Paul. But then, she wears the mobile armory and armor on her wrist. After the recent events at Sinai, she's still coming to terms with a few things. But this…This is something she couldn't quite pass up.

After May asked them to care for her house and her beloved koi, Lynwen and Joshua quickly settled into the community, shopping at the local stores and joining the seasonal ritual of grilling in the backyard. With the sun now setting, Joshua is turning steaks on a grill in the back yard when his phone chirps discretely. It is a signal from the house's security system, alerting him that someone has pulled into the driveway. He pulls the phone from a pocket of his cargo shorts and peers at it. Then he closes the lid on the grill. He looks toward the back door, preparing to head to the front yard to check on things when Fenris arrives with a soft pop of magic. Joshua turns and stares at the man. Then Zee arrives. He frowns. "If the scent of barbecue brought you here, you'll need to wait." Then he frowns. He was oblivious to the hints of magic in the yard until now. He gloves toward the back door again. "Trouble?" he queries.

In the back yard that sense of magic has grown stronger. Two of the tiny lights bob and then dip around the front of the house, they zip over the fence and into the back yard like in wild and erratic way. They move towards the coy pond and where Zee and Fenris are. As they move they make a buzzing sound. Voice of the male and female can be heard in the back. "What is this, oh the queen will like this." The male voice whispers. "Should we, can we?" comes the question.

The female voice responds to the male voice. "No, she said leave the high druid alone. Yet, she said nothing about the others." The lights move and dance. "We should offer them food or drink or gold, it has been a long time? It is the solstice, too bad it is not the time of the wild hunt."

In the front four more flickers of light appear. Two move around the car, lightly tapping against the glass as if trying to peer into it. There are more excited whispers in the garden. "There are guests, we should have a party." The wind moves through the trees causing them sway back and forth as if they are agreeing with the voices. The flowers that should have still have not closed their petals for the night. Instead there the air becomes more perfumed with floral scents.

The back door opens and Lynwen appears. Her hair is down in a wild tangle of golden curls and she is not wearing her torque or arm bands. She frowns and then frown is replaced by a smile. Her voice is welcoming. "Welcome, Solstice bring you here?" The woman's accent is thick and it sounds like strange tangle of Welsh and Nordic.

Melinda May catches Fenris' message just as she's pulling into the driveway, and can only roll her eyes. Figures. She quickly sets the parking brake on her car and thus misses the sounds of tapping against the car's windows, then cuts the engine and gets out of the little sedan, immediately picking up on the smell of outdoor grilling and sounds of (mundane) voices originating in the back yard. Pausing to pull a duffel bag from the back of her car, she sets the locks with a chirp from the vehicle before letting herself through the fence gate and into the back. …okay, pleasant surprise finding more then just Lynwen and Joshua here. Though… the two residing here are the only ones that don't seem tense. Likely because they're the only ones currently here that also don't have pendulums and thus wouldn't have heard Fenris' summons.

"Solstice?" May manages to NOT follow that with a curse. Yes, she's been reading up on modern paganism in the hopes that that will give her some insight on the REAL things that actually do exist after all.

Fenris has already pulled a blade and his Gale Rod by the time Zee shows up. He motions to Zee to be careful. "Not Darque no. More… Fae. Feels like the stuff we were investigating with Misfit the other day." He glances about. He's in the May's back yard so… "I'll head in through the house. You cirlce around front to see what's there." Hopefully May or whatever guests she may or may not have don't become alarmed at the armed sort-of-god prowling. Which he does, right up to the back door, testing it and then sliding it open to step inside. Quietly. On scene. Fae magic. Fae are tricky and… er… mercurial. Some have iron vulnerabilities. Some don't. Be watchful for illusions. Not that he's saying anything that won't be incredibly obvious to the trio of WAND agents out front (two newly arrived) but he doesn't know that yet.

Paul pretty much assumes the koi don't need shooting and steps back from the pond. Granted, it might be a faulty assumption and he doesn't dismiss them completely, just gives them a low priority. There's undoubtedly Hell Koi somewhere that need shooting. He smiles at the thought and wishes he was only joking. "Don't turn your back on the koi." he murmurs to his partner and chambers a round with that loud, very distinctive sound. "Do bullets count as iron? If not, I want to requisition some. Silver too. And wood if it's possible."

Paul and Sara get a quick look from Zee, a 'hello' of sorts, as she heads to the left to get to the front of the house. Her eyes glow, as she moves, she'll be ready with … something … Fae can be tricksy she knows that.

"Requisitions aren't magic, you know," Sara smirks back at her partner, shaking her head. "Although I say that, and in hindsight, I probably shouldn't. If anyone has a magic requisitions department, it's us." The lights and the voices get a curious look, but she doesn't take any action just yet. At least not until she has a better idea of what they're dealing with here.

Joshua glances around the yard when Zee and Fenris move quickly. What had he missed? Clearly, something was afoot and beyond the abilities of May's electronic security system. When Lynwen emerges from the back door just before Fenris enters it, Joshua frowns. "Something's amiss, love," he warns her. "I don't thin that they're here for food."

«I will be back, Joshua, it will be okay get my jewelry and wear them» Lynwen's says to Joshua in Welsh. Her eyes narrow as they go to the flickering lights and they narrow. «They are not to be here». In her hand a ball of fire appears. She grumbles something untellable underneath her breath there is a swell of magic as she disappears from sight, she is moving though the veil and into the unseen. This happens just before Fenris reaches the door. The swell of magic washes over him.

Then there is a soft laugh and then, "I think you are in trouble, the druid disappeared, or was that you?"

The male voice responds back. "No, perhaps it was another; it just means that we can do what we want. She is not here to spell out of the terms." The light flashes and a creature appears, it is has a long nose like a weasel, and it is covered in brown fur. Another flash and another creature appears this one is about the same size but green and on its back tuffs of grass and flowers that stand about a foot high can be seen. The one with the long weasel like face shows teeth and then in English asks. "Do you want join us for a dance?" It calls to Zee and Fenris.

The lights that were tapping against the glass of mays car follow her into the back. One of lights moves away from May and goes to where Paul and Sara is, it hovers above them before it dives into the water. From the pond one of the Koi pop to the surface and they both hear the Koi laugh a watery laugh before the koi talks. "How cute you have those funny gun things! Oh this will be fun,"

The other light continues to follow May it zips above her head like a drunken fly, buzzing and now giggling.

Melinda May watches with a growing frown when Fenris and both fan out to secure the house, then she looks at Joshua and Lynwen as they discuss the goings on before Lynwen… disappears? Seriously? Of course, before she has time to really get bent out of shape about that, one of the Koi — Daisuke to be precise — actually rears up out of the water to TALK at the two SHIELD agents. But, of everything, it's the drunken fly buzzing and GIGGLING over her head that garners a reaction. One of her hands snaps up into the air to catch the annoying little thing. And if she does, she's going to tell the tiny fae what for.

Fenris spins at the voice and narrows his eyes. Fae. "Zee. Start an abjuration. Everyone else be on your guard." He says to those present as the wards in the house start to flare. "No, I don't want to dance. Nor make merry. Nor have fun. Nor any of those other things here and judging by the houseowner's reactions, you're rather not welcome." He figures he doesn't have to tell Zee or Paul or Sara not to accept anything. This could turn hostile at any moment. Fae don't like having their fun spoiled.

As for Joshua… er… someone keep an eye on him?

"Paul, Sara, I don't suppose either of you have had Fae dealings before? May?" Maybe? Probably not.

"I bet if I told Fitz I wanted wooden bullets, he'd find a way to make some. You never knows when you're going to need to shoot vampires. And I read some fairies don't like it even if it's a special type." You can bet Paul is going to ask now too. "No Fenris." And then, despite suspecting that no, bullets don't count as iron, he shoots the koi that talked because 'this will be fun.' is definitely a threat. Things just got hostile. However… "Your turn." he tells his partner before finding out for sure. Overkill is better than hesitation.

Zee spins, finally acknowledging Joshua and Lynwen, before gaping at the talking fish. Shaking her head, she focusses on Fenris words and the glow in her eyes intensifies.

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She's not going to speak to the Fae… Fenris said abjuration, a banishment will work just as well right?

"Not particularly, no," Sara answers Fenris, watching the light around her. "But I've got a feeling I don't really want to play around with them." She keeps a hand on her gun, but it's as much to keep anything else from messing with it as it is any preparation to draw. The Witchblade is quiet on her wrist so far. No need to tip her hand until she has a better idea what she's dealing with.

"The jewelry? I can't" Joshua questions. Then he nods firmly with a realization. He wonders, "You don't expect me to use" Before he can complete the question, Lynwen disappears. "Right!" exclaims, as if her disappearance has set his course. Then he spots May and he calls a warning, "Fae!" Then he elaborates. "Lynwen thinks that they've come to do some mischief." Joshua sees Fenris's worried look. He glances to Paul and Sarah. Then he nods. "I know," he answers. "I think that Lynwen went on her own. I'm heading inside to fetch some … things that she might need." He darts toward the back door. He hears Paul's shot and flinches, but continues on his way.

The two creatures on the lawn just laugh! "All of this over sticks of this place! Our lady will not be happy that you rejected our offer." The Weasel one says in response to Fenris.

The fea that is in May's hand shifts and she can feel it growing and gaining weight. It then bites her. Yes, it chomps down on her hand. "Blah, it tastes bad, let me go you giant behemoth or I will bite you again!" Comes a shrill muffled voice.

The bullets bounce off the koi and disappear into the depths of the pond. The Koi comes to the surface again. "That was not polite, we are offering you Solstice gifts and you shoot at us! Humans have no manners."

As the spell is released there is a laugh and for a moment it seems like nothing happened, then a thick mist appears in the yard covering everything. There is the sound of ripping and popping, after all the veil is thin. Magic begins to gather around the creatures and the house. There is shrill cry from them, and the creature that is green as grass disappear.

The jewelry weighs heavily in Joshua's hands once he gets to them. The house itself is starting to feel odd and different.

Melinda May had been half expecting the little thing to bite, so she doesn't automatically let go. "This is MY house. I'll let go when you tell me why you're trying to give us all Solstice gifts." Then Paul's shooting. AT HER FISH. "Manning, stand down!" Because the last she they all need is a neighbor calling the police over gunshots. This is normally a QUIET neighborhood.

Fenris eyes Paul and Sara and Zee. Okay. He's had enough of this. He doesn't have near the power he used to so he can't just abjure the damn things. Though he's hopping Zee and Lyn… where'd Lyn go? Okay. Well the Old Wolf starts to murmur in his native tongue. Not Norse. Something far, far older and more potent. He begins to extend the blessings of Those Who Hunt to those around him. May and Paul and Josh and Sara. Blessings against tresspessers and prey. Lynwen and Zee he skips because they have power of their own.

Lets see how the little Fae like it when his friends try again.

"The goldfish is bulletproof, Agent May." Paul tells his superior. A phrase he never expected he'd need to say. And hopefully never will again. Seeing as it's useless, he holsters the pistol and looks to Sara. "Your turn." he says again.

Zee winces as her spell takes effect. That's not how it usually works. Peering into the mist, the raven haired mages eyes widen "There's a door to Faerie opening …. " she blinks a couple of times before continuing "We've got incoming, a knight in full armour…. and he's carrying a sword. Of course he is."

Drawing more magic to her, Zee starts a chant, she's going to try and shut that door before anything more can come through…

"You all really don't want to bother us," Sara informs the talking lights. There's another of those unlikely situations. Talking back to the talking lights. But the 'blade is prickling at the back of her mind, and as it starts to wake, it starts to creep up her arm, a gauntlet forming over her hand and up to her shoulder. "You weren't invited here. The last thing I dealt with that wasn't invited here had to go back to Hell. I don't think you want that treatment." As Zee mentions a knight, more armor forms, a short, curved blade appearing in her hand.

Joshua emerges from the house, toting a blue towel wrapped mourned a bundle that seems heftier than its size suggests. He sees the portal yawning open, and a glimpse of the knight within it. He glances to Zee, and then to Paul and Sara. Finally, he flinches when the power of Fenris's blessing touches him. He plants his feet in the grass and a blue-white glow, with flickers of electrical energy begins to envelop him. "Where is she?" he murmurs.

"Human's like Solstice gifts." The creature in May's hand says the same shrill voice. "We though you would like it, all humans like Solstice gifts. I can introduce you to the lady if you would like to come with me?" The creature offers.

"I am a Koi thank you and not someone's pet goldfish that they won at a carnival." The Fish tells Paul. "You humans have no manners, now let us talk and thank you for putting that gun away. You really should go and tell that woman with the collar (Zee) to stop she does not want to do that type of magic here, you should tell her that she needs to go away."
Fenris blessing takes hold. The Weasel stomps its foot and gnashes his teeth. Zee's first spell still holds on to him and he disappears but before the air around Sara shimmers.

A tiny ball of light begins to dance around Joshua as if mocking him another appears around Fenris.

May somehow manages to not roll her eyes at the creature still trapped in her hand. "No. But thank you for the invitation and the offer of gifts. Maybe next Solstice." And then, finally, she lets the creature go. Maybe a show of manners will get the Fae to stop messing with them and show similar manners. Of course, that's about the time that Fenris' blessings kick in and she sees the portal open with a knight en route. So much for diplomacy.

Stepping to put herself between the portal and Joshua, May pulls her butterfly swords and they both are already glowing to rival the little elven blade from the Tolkein books. Fang? Irrevelant. Focus on the problem at hand.

Fenris begins to shift. He's not got his full power but he's still four to five hundred pounds of wolf when he changes. The news that there's a knight coming has him looking to Paul and Sara and May. If they need backup he'll back them up. Or if Zee needs some help she can tap him. Joshua he just hopes doesn't get hauled into a portal and made to dance since he's sure that wouldn't end well. For now though he's simply preparing to support those he trusts.

"No, you're a fairy inside a koi." Paul counters. "And you're not welcome here as has been said." So if he's not supposed to shoot anything, what can he use in the bag? No. No. Definitely no. May won't appreciate grenades being used in her pool. "Maybe we should have kept the Spear for me to use." he muses. "It's quiet."

As the green skinned fae disappears, Zee continues to chant… this is not her usual spell, this one has much more power behind it. As Zee watches, the armoured knight cuffs the green creature with a slap with a gauntlet that would make Special Agent Jethro Gibbs proud.

Not breaking the cadence of her words, Zee reaches out and gathers the power Fenris offers to her, to push the door shut …. slowly, very slowly, the door faerie starts closing.

"Knock it off," Sara calls out to whatever is making the world glow around her, Witchblade spreading until she's fully armored. A ball of light starts to glow in her hand, though without a concrete target, there's nothing for her to strike at.

At the moment, Joshua can do nothing but wait and see what the knight is, friend or foe. When the newcomer swats at the Fae, Joshua nods but remains silent and watchful. The aura of blue-white protective energy still surrounds him, and he carefully shifts the bundle wrapped inside the towel to one hand, freeing the other in case he needs to summon his own energies in defense of himself or others.

Free at last the little one is tiny and is a tradition Disney tinker bell size fairy. But instead of rainbows and kittens this one gets a sinister look in its eyes. It turns to move towards the house, since May stated it was hers. It zips and moves quickly. It reaches the house and goes to sit on the rooft as it starts to laugh.

"Or perhaps I am the koi inside of your head or the fairy inside of your head making you see this?" The Koi answers back in a smug manner. "Or you are asleep and perhaps you should dance for me. A merry jig after all you did shoot at me."

The little one on the roof of the house makes a face at May and her house begins to creek and groan.

The Fey in the pond disappears as do the tiny balls of light.

A small voice answers Joshua, "where is who, they are all here." The voice is faint and quiet and sounds like it is whispering in his ears.

There is more creaking and the House begins to shrink.

When the glamour that is around Sara fades she will be able to see that now there is only one will-O-wisp near her. The power of the blade banishing the weak glamour.

Another tiny ball of light dancing around Fenris' head.

Melinda May hears the house creak alarmingly, and since Joshua is already occupied, she puts her swords together in one hand, then abruptly pulls a dart-like object from inside her sleeve and throws it at TinkerBrat. And, of course, uses one of the tactics she's read up about. "I don't believe in faeries." What, did you think she's been reading up on fae lore for the simple enjoyment of it?

Fenris does. They're right here. He growls at the floating ball near his head and ignores it… right until it stops moving quite so manically. Then he turns and staps at it with rather wickedly sharp fangs. Bad Fae. Sit. He's long since over this and were May and Sara and Paul and Josh and Zee not all holding up so (relatively) well, he'd have gotten a lot more offensive and destructive by this point

It's not a jig Paul starts to dance; he doesn't know how to jig. But it doesn't last long either since as soon as he begins to resist, Fenris' magic kicks in for that extra oomph. "I don't think so." Paul tells it and then is standing there in his demon fighting form. A large hand reaches for the fairy possessed koi. "I wonder how you'd like to be dropped off in Hell."

Zee continues to chant to get the door closed. Various fae are pulled back through it, the knight swatting them with his blade as they appear on the other side. Finally, with one last push, the door closes and Zee sinks to her knees, panting…. that took a lot of energy.

Sara lets out a breath of relief as the glow starts to fade, barely resisting the urge to strike out at the will of the wisp that still lingers near her. "Go home," she says firmly. "You'll find no room for your mischief here."

Finally, Joshua speaks to the little ball of light near him. "You are not the first visitors to find that you came at a bad time," he explains. "The High Druid might have welcomed you if you offered proper courtesy to her by asking permission to visit. She knows how to reach your queen, and will do so when the time is right for a party. Until then, please leave, and take our good wishes to her majesty." He bows toward the wisp, but the glow does not fade from around him.

Fenris's jaw snaps shut on the fea and it disappears just as the last fea standing is hit with May's dart, it falls back as it dies a tragic death and when it falls back on the roof it fall through it with a crash. The fey then start to bink and wink out of existence. The one in Paul's hand is gone. They are all gone. The magic now that night has appeared has faded. It is silent in the yard, then there is the sound of a door slamming shut.

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