Healin' up

June 25, 2015:

Peggy visits Steve in the Triskelion infirmary




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Fade In…

Despite the seriousness of his wounds, Captain America will survive.

He's stabilized, lying prone upon the medical bed, and resting comfortably. Originally he had a breathing tube in, but his magnificent healing from the super soldier serum made that only partly necessary. In his room things are dark, and the only sound is the slight beep that charts his heart rate.

As might be expected, Peggy Carter remains by his side. There was a brief period of time when she was not in order to have herself medically cleared. However, almost immediately once she was seen to, she was by Steve's side.

While it's unclear whether a chair was provided for her or she brought one herself, she sits in it with a straight backed good posture. A file is open on her knee, which she scans. Every few minutes, she glances toward the bed, taking comfort in the sound of Steve's steady heartbeat.

After some amount of hours, Steve's eyes flitter open. It takes him just a moment to orient himself and the memories of what happened rush back. He must be homeand that's a relief. He tries to sit u-no! Better not do that, Cap. He lays back down.

For the first time he looks over to his right and a bit of a smirk shows. "Always said I'd do my best to show you a good time," he tells her.

Whatever the amount of time, Peggy will be there. The file's a large one and she's in no hurry to go through all of it. She doesn't see his eyes open immediately, but she does hear the shift as he tries to stand up. The folder falls to the floor as she moves to stand to prevent him from moving too much. By the time she starts to push herself up, though, he's already resigned himself to lying down.

With a smile, she pulls the chair all that much closer to his bedside. "Yes, you've always had quite the knack for it." She gently reaches out to take his hand. "How are you feeling? You gave us all a bit of a scare."

"I feel pretty good, to be honest. I'd have felt better if morphine worked on me," Steve says with a laugh, and then immediately wishes he wouldn't have. "What's our status. Skull behind bars?" He remembers Shift, and a pang hits him in the stomach. "What else did I miss?"

Peggy winces in sympathy at Steve's pain at laughing. "I can imagine," she tells him, though she knows that she actually might not be able to. "The Mantle is gone, taking the creature with it. We were left with the remains of the HYDRA, which in the aftermath and the confusion we managed to detain most of them - including the Red Skull." As for Shift, well, she's not sure what exactly Steve remembers after the flash of light, so she tells him softly, "There was no signs of the remains of Mr. Odame." Just ash.

That all covered, she pauses for a moment, to let the information absorb. "Other than that, there's not much else to report. You've been unconscious for a few hours. As of yet, there hasn't been anything else threatening the peace of the world, thankfully."

"Well, that's a relief. I'd hoped I'd be able to get a few hours before the next big thing," Steve says dryly, but his face turns dark as at the thought of Shift. He nods, "For all of the craziness that we went through with Kwa, I'm glad he was there at the end. Either him or Ozy, I suppose." And then a long pause as Steve looks towards her. "If the mantle killed Odame, why did you grab it?" he asks.

"I wouldn't say that too loudly, we wouldn't want people to think you were getting greedy," Peggy replies to Steve dryly before a smirk crosses her face at the quip about the hours before the next big thing. As for Shift, well, the smirk fades into a more neutral expression. She didn't know the man other than as a mostly brainwashed agent of HYDRA. "He was a troubled man, but he seemed very dedicated to his cause." That seems the best way she can put that.

At the question about the mantle, he is given a surprised look, as she wasn't sure if he was conscious for that. There's a moment's pause before she answers. "Because it had to end and I wouldn't risk anyone else dying to ensure that it would."

"Fair point," Steve responds about him seeming greedy for peace. After she responds about why she did what she did, he nods solemnly to her a few times before speaking again, trying to think of something to say that would show how he feels. Failing that, he goes with something simple, which is probably the best route anyways. "I'm glad you're alright," he says with a pursed lip smile and a nod. His hand slides over the bed to grasp at hers.

"Don't suppose you saw the Yankees score last night, did you?" he asks.

"If it was possible for you to be affected by morphine, I would ask if it were the drugs speaking," Peggy tells him with a bit of a laugh at it being a fair point. If anyone deserves some rest, it's Steve. There isn't much to say about what happened at the HYDRA base. They both survived, despite harrowing circumstances. "Thank you," she tells him. "I'm glad you are, too." When his hand slides over to hers, she takes it. Rather than risking hurting him, she leans over to kiss it just gently.

Then, she laughs. "No. And it seems as if looking it up in the papers is a thing of the past as well. I'm sure one of the doctors is a Yankees fan. Though, if they lost you better not start feeling worse."

Steve grips her hand with a bit more pressure as she kisses it. "You're probably right. If they were a Mets fan I might not have made it," he adds casually. "So what's next?" he finally asks, already bored with sitting in the hospital bed. "I wonder how long it will be until we get sent to Bahrain. I don't know much about the Quraci's, but I know what they're up to doesn't sound too good. I'll have to touch base with Fury to see what the next thing he wants me on is. What about you?"

"At this rate you're going to force me to start following cricket so that I can find a rivalry to match yours. Or go to a Mets game," Peggy teases him. They still have plans to go to a baseball game at some point. Then, she's more serious as she thinks things through. "I'll be headed to Sokovia some time soon to investigate. Other than, I believe I'll also be waiting to see what my next assignment is. If you need help with the Quarci, I'd be glad to give it. Until then, I believe we have some free time. You'll have to rest up, but perhaps we could have dinner at my new place."

"I'd love to," Steve says. "Assuming they let me out of here at some point tonight. And, honestly, even if they don't. Have you had the food here? It's terrible."

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