A Matter of Honor

June 25, 2015:

Sir Ystin and Red Hood duel in central park over a matter of honor (or contractual obligation!?) while Lunair and Supergirl watch. Further adventure ensues after the duel.

New York City

Central Park


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Why are Red Hood and Sir Ystin fighting in the middle of Central Park?

They're both nominally good people who try to do what's right but aren't afraid to kill. Which means OF COURSE they're fighting. Do they need a reason? It is in their contract with DC comics. Come on people!

The Shining Knight, a good head shorter than the Red Hood and as slight as Jason was when he wore the short shorts and the pixie shoes fights with the experience of several millenia of warfare ranging from the Hyborean Age to the Roman Empire to the Holy Roman Empire to World War II. Her sword and armor gleam with the righteous valor of an age when knights abided by codes of honor and valor. Also, Ystin can swing that sword of her's something fierce.

An underhand slash, this time, bringing the blade upwards toward's Jason's manly sixpack.

Red Hood may not have the years on Sir Ystin but it doesn't mean his training is lacking. He's obviously not using his guns in this fight…in the middle of Central Park. No, he has two very ancient…yet sturdy-looking swords in each hand and is moving with a grace and skill that wasn't entirely taught to him by Batman. This style is something very different, very old, and very mystical.

He is not in any sort of gleaming armor, but the dark body armor that he -is- wearing seems to be quite the contrast to the Knight's. He is currently still wearing his leather jacket which are hiding some of his gunholsters. But just some.

As the Knight's shining sword swings towards his abs, he brings both of his own down, crossed, to parry and try to catch Ystin's blade and knock it…and the wielder off their balance.

"Your style speaks volumes." Ystin says as, instead of being knocked off balance the knight switches hands and uses her sword hand to aim a punch straight for Jason's helmeted face. "I have crossed paths with the League of Assassins on many an occasion. Are you another one of the Demon Head's pretty daughters?"

The punch may connect. It may not. In either case Ystin leaps back and sets the sword at the ready. "I have known one or two of them in the past. Beautiful but insane, all."

Well, New York is often where Lunair is when she's not in space or being kidnapped. Or whatever it is that Lunairs get up to. But today, she's bringing snacks back to do some reading and also probably not cheating by wearing her armor and hovering with rocket power. Okay, she totally is. Eat your heart out, Iron Man. Or don't because arc reactors are inedible. Plus, parking in NYC is scarcer than a vegan lion.

So for now, chance guides Lunair almost as if it had a muffin on a string when she comes upon the duel. "Whoa. Should I root for fishbulb?" Pause. "Go Hoodie!"

"… it's still a bulb," She considers. Lunair will take a seat on a bench and watch politely. She

She's a good audience, it seems.

The punch connects, but it hits the helmet and Red Hood will use that movement to twist out of the way of another sword strike even as the Knight leaps back, "Oh, just because you think you look like an extra from 'Spamalot' you know me?" If he had his guns out, but…that's not as much fun right now. Besides, he has no real reason to kill right now.

He begins to pace about her, slowly, like a cat. He's seen plenty of her own style already and while he may live up to both of the descriptors, he's not stupid. As he paces, he notes Lunair on the bench and she gets a brief wave of one sword in acknowedgment before he stops and waits. "What if I was? Would you want to ask me out? Is that what this is?" The mask is hiding his grin.

Kara had been flying over New York, enjoying a little day off when she spotted some kind of commotion in Central Park. Flying down towards ground level, she watches Sir Ystin and Red Hood for a few moments, interested in the fight.

Noticing Lunair not far away, she stands near the bench and says, "Wow, those cosplayers are pretty good. One of them is kinda cute to."

"Is this part of a regular show in Central park?"

"Camelot." Ystin corrects. He takes his time with exploratory strikes. A two handed style is always harder to deal with but also more tiring. She's curious as to the Red Hood's training and style more than he is worried about the outcome of the battle. "I come from Camelot, born in the fires of Atlantis and long gone before the rise of the Empire of the Romans, helmeted one."

Ystin throws out a series of strikes. High. High. Low. Mid-thrust. High. A technique unique to Amazonian sword-fighters and taught to her by a very old friend. "You are not one of the League. I have killed many of them and you do not have their worship of death."

Lunair has chips! And - wait, she has a helmet with a sealing black visor (think Metal Gear Rising). She stares at the bag a moment. Perhaps forlornly. Oops. Oh well. Then a wave back to Red Hood. "Hi! Wait, what?" Confusion sets in. While her face isn't visible, the confusion around her is tangible, almost wrapping her in a cocoon of social failure. Being someone's lab project has downsides, perhaps. She looks to Kara. "Do you mean Fishbulb? He seems like an okay dude. I have a boyfriend, and I would never lead someone on. That seems needlessly cruel," Lunair muses. "But I guess so. If you like lightbulbs." Ponder. Maybe there's a fetish at hand? Someone should probably CORRECT HER right away. "I'm just not seeing a hood." Headtilt left. Think Headtilt right.. Think. Hmm. Nope. "He said he's called Red Hood. I'm just not seeing it, but." There's equal parts teasing and respect. Lunair is remarkably catlike at times.

"They are really good at fighting in melee," She remarks. Hey, she respects what she sees. "It seems to be practice, I think." Yes, there you go. "And a knight, maybe?" Helmet tap. "But I didn't think the Ren Faire was for awhile." Oh well. She rolls with the punches.

The strikes are met, sword to sword, as Red Hood twists and ducks and dives out of the way. He may not be the acrobat some former Robins were, but he ain't shabby and he doesn't seem to be hurting himself with his movements. He is, however, so not in Renfaire clothes. "Camelot? Like Merlin and the Round Table and Chivalry and all that crap?"

He dives in, one sword swinging towards the Knight's abdomen even as the other is raised to block the Amazonian-styled attack. "I'm from Gotham. Chivalry is Dead."

One leg kicks out towards the Knight's to try and sweep a leg out from under. This little's one's quick, he'll give him that. "Give me a reason to kill you and I just might. But having a sword and looking like a walking Ren Faire isn't enough reason."

Ystin falls but moves with the momentum, hitting the ground and spinning so that her sword can slice at Jason's ankles before she rolls and bounces up to her feet. Not an easy move in full armor.

"You attacked me." Ystin points out, "For no particular reason. I assumed you wished to test your skill like the Samurai in Japan. Always attacking me for no reason." He rolls his eyes.

"Camelot. Merlin. The Broken Table. Chivalry is, by the way, not dead." She pauses and smiles. "Not so long as I draw breath."

Kara purses her lips for a moment, eyebrows raising at Lunair's series of explanations before laughing, "I guess your boyfriend should be worried about your new crush." She peers at Lunair, "You are crushing on him right? It sounded like you needed to convince yourself you had a boyfriend, not me!" Kara had nothing better to do than tease right now, if either of them tried to harm the other seriously; she would be right in there however.

Ooh, fight. Then a pause. "What." She stares at Kara. OR at least, her helmet turns that way. "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Squirrel, please." Handwavehandwave. "Fishbulb is a friend." Lunair is just - what. What. No. "And yeah, chivalry is not a hot item in Gotham. Even the pigeons have switch blades and we ran into a mafioso pigeon," Lunair pauses. "Either that or I was high as a kite, because it /talked/." This baffles Lunair. "But um. Want some chips?"

Red Hood jumps over the swinging broadsword and takes a couple of steps back, giving them both a moment. "You're a dude…in shining armor, carrying a sword…in the middle of New York City," Red Hood points out. "In case you hadn't noticed, that's not really the style here and swords are dangerous. It's all fun and games until someone loses an arm."

He gives a snort, "Yeah, you're the sole source of Chivalry in this world, huh? You're a little…short." And with that he lunges back in with a flurry of his own, only he doesn't just press forward, but he seems to attack all around the other, first from the right and then to the left and then he's sliding to even move behind the Knight.

Parry. Parry. Parry. The Shining Knight works easily, knocking aside each blow. "I am me. Wearing the armor of my station. Wielding the sacred sword of the Once and Future King so it may one day be returned to him." Ystin turns, warding off another blow as Jason strikes from behind. "It matters not what the style is and, after nine thousand years of life I know how dangerous a sword can be."

Ystin isn't boasting. He speaks with simple conviction. "I am Sir Ystin, known as the Shining Knight, last knight of two Camelots."

Ystin smiles grimly. "I suspect, deep in your heart, even you feel the spark of what that means, helmeted one."

Lunair is a good audience, eventually opening her visor a little for a snack. Nomf. "I unno if you should call anyone out on being unusual, Fishbulb." Munch. Lunair settles quiet, not interrupting or intruding.

Kara settles down beside Lunair and smiles, "Sure, I'll have some chips." She reaches in the bag and takes a handful, snacking while she watches the pair spar. She wondered if she could fight good with a sword, maybe she'd ask one of them to train her someday.

"You be quiet!" is called back to Lunair…not too harshy. The quirky girl must have amused him on their meeting but now he's being kept rather busy. The humor fades, not obvious from outside his mask, but there's just the slightest and briefest tension in his body. "Ask anyone who knows me, 'Shining Knight', and they'll tell you I don't have a heart." It may have meant to soften him, but the Knight's statement pretty much just spurs him on.

Whatever clicked obviously did something for he moves in, one sword sheathed in the same movement that one of his guns is drawn and held flat to the Knight's forehead even as his second sword is held against the Knight's throat. "Check."

Seems the verbal sparring got to him more than the sword sparring did.

Despite having a blade to the throat and a pistol to the head, Ystin shows none of the signs of fear. Her gaze does not waver. Her nostrils do not flare. There is no sweat from terror. Her lungs do not labor beyond what is needed for the combat. Ystin does not bluster or threaten or plead.

No, Ystin whistles.

A winged horse, shining white and as beautiful as a thousand storybooks swoops down from the sky and clips Jason on the back. Not hard. Just enough to knock him to the ground.

"If you play chess, you know Knights move in odd ways. And always ride." Ystin says as she leaps astride Winged Victory. "You fight with skill, helmeted one. When you fight with valor and passion, you will win your battle."

Ystin raises his sword in salute and then sheathes it. Winged Victory leaps into the sky, nickering and neighing.

Yes. The winged horse is laughing at Jason.

Red Hood wasn't going to pull the trigger — as he said earlier, the Knight hadn't given him reason to kill him. He certainly wasn't expecting a winged horse to come to the Knight's rescue! Even as he's knocked aside, he rolls to get to one knee and look up at the Knight and his horse, "Are you F#@$*#@ kidding me?" comes out even as the gun and other sword are sheathed.

"I'm not going to be lectured by…by some 80's Cartoon trope!" is shouted to the knight and winged horse. It's then that he realizes that there was an audience, albeit a small one. A gloved hand points to Lunair and Kara, "If either of you two say anything…ANYTHING about this…" he leaves the threat open.

Sir Ystin returns to OOC Land.

Kara shrugged at Red Hood and winked before she stood up, "I recorded the whole thing on my phone, blackmail purposes and all." Floating up in the air slowly as she prepares to fly off she does a little wave for Red Hood, "Catch you around Red."

Red Hood doesn't even really pause. As soon as she mentions that she recorded it and moves to take off, he rushes forward and goes to try and…well, if he can't tackle her down, he'll grab onto an ankle. If he can't get the phone, she'll be taking him with her.

Kara was fast, not as fast as the Flash but without heightened speed it was a real pain to try and catch her. She manages to zip up a few more feet into the air just out of reach of Red Hood but he manages to grab onto her ankle, "Can you fly?" She starts going higher into the air, her direction now aimed towards the waterfront, "OR are you a better swimmer?"

She may not even have recorded it. She was amused though.

Red Hood isn't going to let go. If anything, he's going to actually try and climb her leg to get to where she might be keeping her phone. "Erase it. I don't care if you're impervious to everything on this Earth, I will find something to hurt you if you do that." The voice that comes out of the helmet sounds deadly serious. He doesn't even seem bothered that he's now flying over the city while holding onto a Kryptonian.

He never claimed to be rational.

"I would be impressed if you could find something to hurt me but, the truth is." Kara starts to laugh, "The phone isn't even with me, it's with Lunair."


Kara dove directly into the middle of the harbour area from above and continued to dive as deep as she could with Red Hood attached.

She had never even recorded anything. Supergirl. Trollling Robins since 2014.

Red Hood's eyes narrow from behind his mask but he holds on until they've broken the surface of the water. Only then does he let go — while the Harbor might not be deep enough to cause pressure issues, he doesn't want to find out. He uses the momentum to speed him back towards the Central Park side of the Harbor (not near at all) before he climbs out. Whether or not Supergirl notices she lost her baggage or not…well, he doesn't really care.
"I'm sure I can find something…" he murmurs before he starts to head back towards the Park…although Lunair is probably long gone by now.

Kara glanced back towards her lost cargo and smirked, she wondered what would happen with Lunair and him; especially when Red Hood realized that nobody had recorded anything /for real/.

She calls out to him from a distance as he swims away, "Cya around Red Hood! Tell Lunair I said hi."

Then she's off, flying up towards the clouds.

Well, Lunair has a few snippets of footage. But she had to use the restroom while Red Hood and Kara did their thing. She'd worry more about her Kryptonian friend if she knew what happened. Nevertheless, she finds herself in possession of a phone. She shrugs, and stays armored up as she makes her way through the park. She's far too used to HYDRA trying to kill and/or kidnap her. Cautious, alert. Also, she has to get home. Wherever home is.

It's not too hard finding a woman all armored up in Central Park. It's how this started in the first place. He doesn't find her until she's already left the bench and is making her way elsewhere. Still though, Red Hood winds up in front of her on the path, one hand outstretched, "Hand it over."

"Hi Hoodie!" Pause. "Hand what over? Why did that lady give me her phone?" Lunair seems a little puzzled. "What'd I miss?" She peers at Red Hood from beneath her black visor. She does seem to like Hood well enough.

"The phone. Hand it over." Red Hood's hand is still oustretched while the other is going towards a holster. "Don't make me do this…-Lunair-." Yes, he got her name, thanks to Supergirl. "Just hand the phone over and we can just forget this all ever happened."

"Wait, she outed me!? Dammit!" Lunair pouts. "Why? What's up with the phone? I don't know if it's mine," She admits. SIGH. "Fine, Fishbulb. You owe me one for being nice." She grumps and hands over the phone. "Just because you seem to be friendly. But don't think your gun would hurt me much. I mean, for all YOU know, I belch fire and fart lightning." Pause. "… that would be inordinately painful." Yes, yes it would. "Hey, I resisted a Taco Tuesday joke. Anyway, it was cool to see you. Don't be so grumpy."

Red Hood takes the phone and scrolls through it, deleting any footage that might have been taken…if any. He then thinks for a moment before he pockets said phone, "That one's on her. She told me to tell you 'Hi'. Don't worry, I'm not going to blab it around." The helmet faces her for another moment, "Did you take any video of that fight?"

"For all I know, you are squishy beneath your armor…or you're made of stone. Everyone has vulnerabilities. Even Supergirl." When he finds it.

Lunair lets him do his thing, then pauses. Sigh. "You're lucky I keep multiple phones. That one's a burner anyhow, if it's one of mine. I had to use the restroom." And she so doesn't use her phone in there. Ew. "Fair enough. And thanks. Nah. It seemed rude to. Plus, I was actively watching."

Then a soft laugh. "Maybe, maybe. So do you. But if I was worried, I would've blasted you and ran away," A peaceful shrug. "Don't sweat it so much. Here, have a cupcake." A plastic container with a delicious looking fresh cupcake is offered over. "You did well sparring, Red." Yes indeedy.

Red Hood doesn't move quite yet…he takes a moment to observe the other before he finally nods, "All right. But if I find you've lied…" no doubt others took video of it and it might appear on Youtube, but he knows the vantage point she and Kara had. "You could have tried to blast me. I know how guns work, you know…" and apparently, swords.

At the compliment, he lifts one shoulder in a shrug, "Well, the kid wasn't bad himself. Seemed kind of scrawny to be a Knight…and young-looking to be nine thousand years old. But I guess he wasn't just randomly cutting off people's heads…" which was why he let him go, of course. The winged horse had nothing to do with it.

Headtilt. Lunair quirks a smile beneath her mask. "I'm not," She promises. "And if I really wanted to screw with you, I'd've put a grenade in your pants." Beam. Even if her face isn't visible. "And I believe you."

She settles quiet to listen to Red talk about the Knight. "Appearances are deceiving. I would suspect you of all people would know," She notes. "And nah, they seemed more heroic than 90% of ren faire enthusiasts. Anyway, I'm not keeping you, am I?"
"I think I would have noticed if you…or anyone…put anything in my pants, much less a grenade." That helps RedHood's mood some. "Are you saying that my appearance is deceiving? What did you actually expect when you saw me? Puppies and Rainbows?" Because that would be a first.

As for keeping him, he glances about, "I probably shouldn't be just hanging around in the middle of the park here…I mean, aside from just having a sword fight with a goddamn knight, I'm sort of wearing a mask…" and a lot of guns. "No need to tempt fate anymore."

Lunair pauses. "Hmm, fair." Then she peers to him. "Well, I've never met a guy like you. So frankly, I really don't know. Puppies are pretty great, though," Not gonna lie. "I understand. I tend to use guns. I won't keep you. Hopefully I'll see you again sometime." Pause. "Even if Gotham weirds me the hell out sometimes," SIGH. "But if you need a ride, just shout. Otherwise I'm gonna go and play video games or read or actually do homework." Whichever, really. A finger wiggle wave.

Red Hood shrugs, "Gotham weirds me the hell out too…and I grew up there." A gloved hand is lifted to give her a brief salute of farewell before he starts off in the opposite direction — with Supergirl's phone…or the burner phone. Hard to say just yet. There's a shake of his head though, first he's fighting an undersized Knight and then he's talking to a student to snipes mobsters in her spare time. What a world!

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