To Stop A Clown

June 24, 2015:

Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy) meets with The Punisher and Huntress to discuss The Joker problem in New York City. They foil an attack together as well.

New York City


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It had been quite some time since Gwen Stacy felt the need to be Spider-Woman, even after the talk from Spider-man about with Great power, coming great responsibility. After The Joker's recent attack on a police foundation charity for the tri-cities area, she had found a reason to don the costume again.

Unfortunately, the Joker wasn't one of New York cities normal rogues; he was an animal from Gotham and Gwen really didn't know how to put down an animal.

She knew someone who did though.

Webslinging through the streets in her dark colored hooded costume, she listened to police radio chatter trying to find some sign of the Punisher's work tonight; he had to be out there somewhere.

Removing a can of glow in the dark, neon green spraypaint she found a big billboard that she hoped The Punisher would notice.

Graffiti time.

A giant green Punisher Skull is painted on the billboard, along with a spider mask and the words 'want to talk - SW'.

Tossing the can of spray paint on the rooftop, she sat and waited. Keeping an eye out, hopefully it didn't attract any other attention.

Some in this world aren't born with incredible gifts that manifest in a physical manner. Like climbing on walls or superstrength. For them, especially in the violent world of vigilantes, it's important that they learn the value of methodical planning and caution. Frank has settled on a building across the street, armed with a sniper rifle that he has perfectly sighted.

He didn't get to choose the meeting place, sure, but he does get to choose how best to approach the situation. Enough firepower to stop a charging rhino and one in the chamber.

He swings his gaze toward the rooftop's stair access just as it opens, and a scared man with swallow skin tosses a black box onto the rooftop then flees the scene.

+MEET: Huntress has arrived via +meet.

GAME: Gwen Stacy has set the pose order to Spider-Gwen - THE Punisher - Huntress ^.^

The Huntress is stalking NYC herself, not her normal hunting grounds, but one city's just like another… and most are a lot less screwed up then Gotham as it would happen. She finds herself on a rooftop as well, having originally been going over her notes, so to speak, and enjoying mocha. It just so happens, however, she's in the vicinity of the spray-painted sign meant to lure out the Punisher.

Gwen catches sight of the odd man who tosses a box up and runs away, her spidey-sense wasn't being set off by the man but she was sure someone had eyes on her somewhere due to the little ping in her head warning her of some kind of potential danger.

Making her way over to the box she opened it up, happy to find no bomb inside but instead a little headpiece.

Removing it from the box, she places it under her hood, adjusting her mask a little before speaking into it, "Testing, 1 2 3."

"What do you want?" Frank asks, as he remains poised on another rooftop with his sniper's nest. New York City was no Gotham, but sometimes they seem mightly familiar, seeing how a barely caged animal like the Punisher makes his home in the city. The earbud transmits his question clearly, which means he's close as its a short-range feed.

His voice is more or less how she remembers it, a low baritone growl that is a decibal above a tiger's menancing rumble.

That little tingle on the back of Huntress neck starts, not the sort of supernatural danger sense the spidey sorts have, but she is the daughter of Batman afterall, and her head lifts, scanning the rooftops in the direction of the graffiti'd sign, and the Punisher's sniper nest, though there isn't any specific indication she's seen either of the two yet.

Gwen definitely isn't hard for Huntress to miss with her black and white Spider-Woman outfit, it's rather striking and she wasn't trying to remain hidden. Hands on her hips as she looks around for some sign of The Punisher she replies in a friendly tone, "Oh Hey Punisher. Thanks for coming."
Hers Pause.

She knew how serious this guy could be.

"Sorry, I'm not trying to waste your time or anything. I need your help. This guy, The Joker? Maybe you've heard of him but he's decided to make New york his new stomping grounds. Started killing and poisoning cops already."

Gwen definitely isn't hard for Huntress to miss with her black and white Spider-Woman outfit, it's rather striking and she wasn't trying to remain hidden. Hands on her hips as she looks around for some sign of The Punisher she replies in a friendly tone, "Oh Hey Punisher. Thanks for coming."

A Pause.

She knew how serious this guy could be.

"Sorry, I'm not trying to waste your time or anything. I need your help. This guy, The Joker? Maybe you've heard of him but he's decided to make New york his new stomping grounds. Started killing and poisoning cops already."

The dead white noise of Frank's utter lack of sense of humor fills her ear.

It takes nearly thirty seconds after she has spoken before there is even a hint of a response, which sounds closer to a sigh than anything. She cannot see it, but his fingers had slid up toward the trigger for just a heartbeat.

"Joker operates out of Gotham, what business does that freak show have in New York?" He takes a moment to think why a crime prince might have interest in extending his base of operations. "Where do we fit in to this?" Not you, or I, because both of those are obvious. The /we/ part is the purpose of the meeting.

Huntress pulls out a compact pair of binoculars, complete with built in nightvision and a custom casing to match her whole getup. She brings them to her eyes and lets her gaze come to rest on the spiderwoman, watching her a few moments. "Short range walkie-talkie." She murmurs, more to herself then anything else, and slowly begins to scan for whoever she might be talking two, eliminating a couple of too-obvious vantage points to start with, but her attention is starting to narrow in on where Punisher has made his little nest at. She has moved herself to the edge of her rooftop.. bringing the coffee with her, and is kneeling behind a small ledge as she does her searching.

"I have no idea. Maybe it's his idea of a vacation, honestly, the longer he's allowed to remain in New York, the closer this city gets to Batman's slum of Gotham. I'd rather not see that." Gwen replies, pretty clueless on what Joker was doing except causing chaos, "He is the Joker, so it could just be for.. fun?"

"I know you usually work alone, but, well, you're probably more badass than Batman and not afraid to make a tough call." Did Gwen want Joker dead?

The man spots Huntress on the move, and her very presence has his suspicions up. Still, he does not fly the coop. He does though, reach and draw his pistol. That very weapon is laid right next to him.

"Seen his work… seen a little of yours too. Find him, and put hands around his throat and squeeze till he stops kicking." There's another long pause. Joker's been the cause of alot of death. Maybe Frank too, but he has no time for moralizing. "Fine, I'll help. When the time comes, I better not see you wither like a grape on the vine." He pulls his hood up over his head, "You've got company. Tall woman. Purple theme. Packing tools on a belt and a domino mask. Your friend?"

Huntress's eyes come upon Frank about the same time he notices her.. her view of the situation is quite a bit different however. She quickly slips back from the edge of the rooftop she was on, leaving the coffee sitting on the ledge.

The Huntress first moves to break line of sight, not the most difficult of tasks in the crowded rooftop vistas of NYC. Once she's confident she's done that she begins manuevering to approach where she last saw the Punisher pointing his sniper rifle at Spiderwoman.

"Don't worry, I won't /wither/ I'm not Spider-Man." Frank would probably be able to pick up on the edge in Gwen's voice, this was very personal for her; clearly the Joker had done something to someone close to her.

She also had the advantage of not having as much of a reputation to uphold as Spidey. She might not be a killer, but that was precisely why she needed Punisher's help and she had no intentions of blanching at the moment.

Looking around, she spots the purple clad woman, "I don't know her, but she's from Gotham I think."

A stream of webbing shoots out from her wrist and she swings over to the building Huntress is on, landing in a crouch in front of her, "Hello Not-Hawkeye. Nice costume, got a name?"

Frank loses view of both, and pushes away from the set rifle and grabs his pistol as he does so. Position appears to have been compromised!

+MEET: The Joker has arrived via +meet.

Huntress is perhaps suprised by the landing of Gwen infront of her, of course she wasn't quite expecting the rapid reaction by the webslinger chick either and she drops into a bit of a defensive stance reflexively, though relaxes it a bit, "You had some creep pointing a rifle at you." She says after a moment, "I was just on my way to take care of him."

"He's a friend." Gwen replies to Huntress, "I appreciate the assist though."

The black-clad woman stands up from the crouch and extends a hand to Huntress, "I'm Spider-Woman, the stylish one. You're from Gotham right?" She waits for an introduction and speaks into the earpiece, "She's a friendly. You can join us if you want Punisher."

Friend might be pushing it. Frank is an acquaintance with a shared passion. He listens to the feed from his ear with a flat expression, then collects his rifle, slowly breaking it down into its parts. Unlike a certain spider, or even the child of a Bat, he didn't bring a super dandy grappling hook or sticky white stuff(tm) to help him hook or swing from building to building. If he chooses to make his way over there, it'll be slowly.

"We are two of a kind. Violent, unsound of mind. You're the yin to my yang can't you see? And if I were to leave you would crumble in grief. Face it Bats, you'd be lost without me…" The Joker is singing. Not… horribly. Well, not badly, rather. Horribly in that it's horrifying but everything the Joker does is kind of horrifying. His voice wafts up from… something. It's not clear what and it sounds kind of tinny, as if it were being projected through some low quality speakers. Somewhere below the meeting of heroes on the rooftops some fairly heavy sounding machinery scrapes on the pavement and then clunks and then… whirrs to life with the thrum of a gasoline engine.

"Didn't look very friendly. And yeah." Huntress replies to the Spiderwoman. "Huntress." Anything else might be lost with the sound of the awful singing coming through the air and she scrunches her nose a bit, moving back towards the edge of the rooftop, and towards the sound from the streets below.

GAME: Gwen Stacy has set the pose order to Gwen - Punisher - JOKER hahahahah - Huntress

Gwen listens to Huntress for a moment about to reply when she cries out, "OWWW! My ears!" The feedback stops after a moment and she hears the singing and mechanical contraption below.

She looks over to the Billboard she had tagged and nods her head knowingly. That would be a dead give-away some heroes/vigilantes might be in the area.

"Punisher, you still there? We've got some company down below."

Gwen fires off a stream of webbing, moving over the rooftops to get a better look but not making herself visible yet.

Frank grunts as his earbud shrieks for a second, then normalizes. He listens to the sing song voice of the dame of the ball, frowning suspiciously. Altogether too much coincidences. Damn sign.

Without answering Gwen, he ducks off the rooftop to get to ground level, choosing to take the elevator. He's fit, he's not run down 18 stories fit.

There's four rather burly men who have just set off what looks like a smoke machine in an alley. Already its belching greenish smoke into the air which is gathering into a thick cloud. It's going to attract the fire department soon. But by the time it does there'll be a pretty thick cloud of the damn stuff. No prizes for guessing what it is.

Each of the burly men are shirtless and wearing a speaker on a chain. Also a webcam (and a battery on their belts). "There we go." The Joker's voice sounds. "Yes, nice and thick."

"Watch out… Joker's…" Huntress pauses, looking to see that Gwen has already started launching herself off with her webs and she sighs. She does, however, take a moment to fiddle in her belt of many things to produce a slim gasmask and begin putting it on before taking another look down below, "Four men.. at least one smoke machine… he's probably already alerted EMS based on his current MO… what's the catch though…" She says, speaking to herself as she tries to puzzle out the Joker's current ploy.

Ding. Frank steps out of the elevator, black duffel bag tossed over his back. The man walks with a clipped pace through the front door, bells ringing in his wake, looking down 5th and seeing green smoke billowing from the alleyway. He knows the madman's usual methods enough to know he doesn't want to go through that without some protection, so he turns to his parked truck instead with a jog.

"Poison gas maybe? Just try not to breathe it in." Gwen explained without really knowing what it was, if she had a sample to analyze she was sure she could figure it out however.

First things first, not sure how her allies will support her; she does the safest thing.

She webs right into the fight.

She hoped her own abilities along with her mask would keep her immune to the smoke, but if not, she was screwed.

A double stream of webbing shoots out from her wrists to cover the part of the machine letting the smoke out and she calls out to the jokers, "Do you have a permit for that thing?"

Well, they're going to have an answer in a moment. The wind blows it into the aircon vents of an apartment and… in very short order they can hear raccous laughter from the outside. And then what sounds like gunfire, screams, breaking furniture and other assorted violence. The front doors of that particular building open as people start to leave in a hurry. Some of them simply running, others stumbling, giggling. Hurt. Some of them are armed… and not sure what to do with themselves. This is only going to get worse.

"There it is.." Huntress exclaims to herself with a sigh. She produces from one of her larger hip pouches a couple cannisters.. tear gas. Arming them, she flingst hem down towards the entrance the civilians are pouring out of… hopefully it'll still work over the Joker's gas. She then draws out her grappling hook and starts to zip down to the ground floor herself!

Frank steps out, his face covered by a gas mask painted the white of a skull. Motif, remember. Got to make sure your calling card is seen and recognized in any theatre of war, but especially your home turf. The Punisher is on the prowl, armed with his primary weapon of choice; M4 Carbine with iron sights and installed compensator. In his left hand is a small cylinder with two compress triggers, those with an eye for riot gear will recognize an m84 stun grenade. If Huntress's tear gas cannot stall the riot, then perhaps his will be more effective.

GAME: Gwen Stacy has set the pose order to Joker - Huntress - Punisher - Gwen

With Huntress and The Punisher here, Gwen really felt like her fighting skills were in the minority compared to the pair. Her webbing having done the trick of clogging the machine, she begins looking for some kind of way to shut it off.

Of course, she doesn't expect the Joker thugs to just let her, but she was pretty quick and hard to hit.

While searching for the off-switch or the equivalent to one, she leaps around the alley walls back and forth trying to confuse the thugs.

Come on, the off-switch had to be somewhere.

"I'll try to turn the machine off, you two handle the baddies?" Gwen asks her erstwhile allies, not really a pro at vigilantism.

There are, indeed, baddies to handle. Aside from gassed people (tear gas does seem to be working but they're… a bit crazed. So some of them are ignoring it) there are the Joker Clownz. Four of them. Not armed per see but all large and very strong looking. These start to charge… and then blunder right into the path of Frank's stun grenade. One of them knocks over. Two continue mindlessly charging at Frank. One feers and goes for Huntress.

Gwen in the mean time can hear… beeping? Coming from under a panel.

"Alright! We need to keep the people in the apartment from doing too much harm to each other!" Huntress shouts back.. her attention is soon fully on the big juggalo… Clownz thug charging at her and she prepares to defend herself, using that special brand of bat-fu you only get from years of drills and hands on training from Bats himself. Of course she's a lot more quick and nimble then her alternate universe counterpart.. and she has a bit of something else thrown in there for good measure. She works at using the big thug's size and ferocity against him, moving in under his attacks to deliver a quick strike, use his swings to throw him off balance, and generally trying to out move and outthink the Mad Clown, rather then engage him in a stand up fight!

Frank makes no qualms about the use of live ammunition. Oorah. He brings his weapon up, and with a simple bend of the finger, puts several into one of the charging bruiser's chest, one in his left knee, and then another in his groin. Before he can swing the weapon around, though, the other is in his face. The Punisher turns at the hip, feeling a punch collide into his side, and the sharp explosion of pain. When he tries to bring the gun in between them, the barrel is gripped by the thug's offhand and shoved aside.

The distraction is enough, the well trained Force Recon operative turned vigilante stomps on the leading foot and his first blow shatters the nose of Joker's yesman. Of course… anyone crazy enough to be a Hand in the Joker's operation is a tough, crazy sonuvabitch. He's not completely counting out the man he put shots into. A broken nose and pinky toe? Not enough.

Gwen was a bit relieved to see the Joker goons go for Frank and Huntress and she went right for the machine again. Looking around for the source of the beeping, she would do her best to find a way to remove the panel properly but if that failed?

She would use spider-strength to do the job for her.

Under her breath she was whispering, "Please don't let it be a bomb."

And just like that it's one on one. Well one on one on riot. These clowns are not smart. But they're nuts and they ignore pain well. They're neither as quick as Huntress nor as well trained as the Punisher but despite bruises and broken bones they're still swinging for the fences. Clearly they need to be put down a little more… emphatically. Behind them the people are… hurting one another. Or wandering off and making it harder to find at treat them. This is the Joker's plan. Mayhem. Chaos. Just for the fun of it.

Alas for Gwen… it is a bomb. One on a timer. Sixty seconds and counting.

"Jeeze these ones are tough." Huntress mutters, making some distance between her and the thug, even as she produces her hand crossbow, loaded with a 'less then lethal' bolt, which consists of a heavy weighted cylinder on the tip.. which she procedes to fire straight at the Clownz temple. "Oracle!" She exclaims, keying her communicator, "Warn the NYC EMS that Joker's unleashed a gas attack at my location!"

Of course, it had to be a bomb.

Gwen begins to examine the explosive device, thinking back to the various movies she's seen only to realize she hadn't seen that many action films. Well, there was that one time with Peter but they were too busy making out.

Red Wire, Green Wire, Blue Wire. She remembered that. Which one did you cut though?

She peered at the explosive to see what color the wires were and pulled up her phone, multitasking as she began to look up some pages on explosives.

"Hey Punisher, I've got a bomb on less than a minute timer. Think you can help walk me through disabling it?" A pause, "I know you've got your hands full, but I'd appreciate it."

"Only fucking in Gotham." Frank says, as he barrels into the man, driving him back a step. "Purple. Keep him off us." Is it fair to hand off a dangerous madman with clown makeup onto Huntress, on top of the fact that they've rioting citizens? No. Necessary? Yeah, pretty much.

He hustles toward Gwen and the bombsite, before her inexperience with handling explosives kills them all. Cutting /wires/? What is this, the comic books?

As he goes, he tosses his rifle to Gwen. "Catch!" He slides to a stop, settling over the bomb, eyes rapidly darting as he takes in the assorted clues. He has no robot, no havoc suit, no back up except for one woman whose got her hands full, and a talented young lady with a boatload of learning to do about dangerous situations.

Very little options! "Cutting the wire won't work. We need disruption." He turns to Gwen, looks her right in the pretty white mask and her pretty eyes he can't see behind her stylish headgear. He takes his rifle back. "I want you to punch it. I want you to punch it and keep punching it till your knuckles break."

The Bomb is beeping. Ever more incessantly now. As if, you know, warning someone about an immenent explosion. It's kind of annoying.

And then, at the 20 second mark, it breaks out into carnival music. Because of course it does.

Huntress last shot downs her clown. Right about at the same time that Frank downs his and hustles on over. Which just leaves… the mob. The mob is giggling. The mob is slap fighting eachother. The mob might be armed with dangerous weapons pointed in various directions.

Also the mob is gonna get hurt if this thing goes off.

"Not at the moment!" Huntress exclaims to well.. something. Maybe she's hearing voices from the smoke? Either way she moves towards the crowd of crazed folks, doing her best to disarm or disable weapons, and try to subdue the more violent ones.. it's a tall order for her though… plus side is she's not right ontop of a Joker Bomb.

Gwen looks over her shoulder towards Punisher, very surprised at the advice he has given her, "Seriously?" She's not going to waste time waiting for a response though.

She raises her fist back, preparing to slam it into the bomb until it's nothing but broken bits of circuitry and wiring, praying silently, "Please god, don't let this blow up on me. Please god, don't let this blow up on me."


She repeatedly hits the bomb.

Punisher, you better be right.

Well, if Frank was doing it for the laughs, the fact that he sits down on a nearby trash can says alot. He reaches into a pocket, drawing out a small unmarked bottle that he shakes, dumping out a few nondescript pills into his hand before throwing them into his maw. He swallows as Gwen lays into the device with abandon, watching as the helpful clock counts down.

Funny thing about electronically fired bombs. No power equals no boom. Well made ones make that task very difficult or have secondary firing mechanisms. This… isn't well made. Dangerous but not well made. Gwen punches it. And Punches it. And punches it some more and the timer breaks… and the bomb fitzes rather than exploding.

Huntress does, thankfully, manage to get a number of weapons away from the affected people. Many of whom are laying in the streets giggling. And not too far away sirens can be heard. That'd be the boys in blue.

"You know…" The Joker's voice comes from the generator. Seems that's rigged for sound too.

"I'm starting to admire your guys' charm. You show up so… reliably. To save the people. And you're more colorful than the Bats in many ways. I'm thinking I'm going to like it here. Oh by the way, good luck curing this particular version of the toxin. I've got like, oh, twenty or so more ready for you. See you next time, Chuckles!"

"Police are on their way!" Huntress relays, "I've done as much containment as I can.. but I don't want to get bogged down with the local police!" she exclaims to the two as she returns to bomb-punch Alley.

"Awesome, I know the police don't care much for any of us." Gwen remarked in response to Huntress, knowing how little the police cared for vigilantes in comparison to shiny heroes like the Justice League: Avengers.

Gwen found the nearest voice-box Joker was speaking from and said into it, "Joker, if you're listening. You made a big mistake coming to New York City. Batman and Gotham may tolerate you, but New Yorkers? We don't stand for B-S. You won't be laughing last this time."

She makes sure of it in fact and punches the speaker thing so it breaks.

Swinging in towards Frank and the riot, she says to the man, "I can give you a lift back up to the rooftops if you like or we can get in touch later with the headset you gave me."

In the meantime, she begins spraying webbing like confetti over the affected people, trying to deal with them all in a quick and messy fashion. The webbing would take a bit to clean up, but it would stop people from harming themselves or others.

Frank doesn't comment that Gwen's own censoring doesn't strike intimidation deep into the heart of the mad and strange. Let her have her moment.

The man presses fingers to his side and his bruised ribs, simply glad to not have broken them. He rises to his feet, pulling the gasmask off his head completely as he walks to his truck. The M4, the spare grenade, the gasmask and his pistol are all stowed away. "I'm fine."

Which probably means he has a hideaway very close by. The kevlar vest and his bloody shirt go in next, barebacked until he pulls on a spare black tee and slams the trunk shut. He glances briefly in Huntress's direction, expecting the woman is already reaching for a grappling hook herself.

"You're just making it more fun for him." Huntress exclaims as Gwen yells into the speaker, "He likes when you play along with his game." She of course, is hooking a grapple bolt into her crossbow to get her butt out of dodge, shooting the line up one of the buildings and starting to scurry up to the rooftops!

Gwen follows up along with Huntress, using webbing as her own grappling hook, "Seems like you know a lot about The Joker. That could be really useful if you're willing to stick around New York for a bit Huntress." She smiles at the woman beneath her mask, even if she couldn't see it, "Down to team up with us and help take him down?" You know she was fairly new to it all when she really referred to it as a team up.

"Not as much as some." Huntress replies, "And I can't make any promises at the moment, I've a few other commitments.. but I'll see what help I can provide." she replies, "How can I get in touch with you? Spraypaint?"

Gwen watches as Punisher disappears, speaking into the headset, "Night Punisher. Thanks for the advice with the bomb." She would never have thought punching it would work, the more you knew.

"That works until we figure something else out, without the police right below us. Take care and thanks for the help. Welcome to New York by the way." Gwen waited to see if the other woman had anything further to say before webbing off into the distance.

Frank is already in out traffic, heading into an apartment building to hang low in a room paid up through the month with cash.

Huntress is on her way off too.. nothing more to add it would seem. She doesn't sling around like the Spiderwoman of course! And she's off back to whatever business she was involved in. And probably a shower to wash all the joker-gas residue off of things.

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