The Thread, Part 3: Puerto

June 25, 2015:


In Gotham, a murder investigation takes a stunning turn leaving Detectives Grayson and Mills at a loss. Meanwhile, an important meeting takes place in Metropolis even as a casino in Queens goes up in flames.

Finally, in Bahrain, the United States' newest weapon arrives on scene to liberate the allies.


All over.


NPCs: Detective Mills, Officer Wilson, President Upton, Secretary of State Stafford, Secretary of Defense Chestnutt, Sentinels, Perrin, Lex Luthor, Sarah Traverstein



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The Thread
Part 3

If everything stays
exactly the same
Then nothing can move
and nothing can change — Joey Burns


The paperclipped manila envelope sails through the open window of the white police cruiser and strikes the sleeping Detective Dick Grayson right in the face. There's a bit of a flinch and the bat of the hand, but he's awake after that.

"Rise and shine, Dickie-woo," Officer Horace Wilson says with a smile. Meanwhile, Dick's new partner, Detective Dudley Mills raises his eyebrow over toward the uniformed cop.

"Come on, Dick, what's her name? Who's got you up all hours of the night."

"Her name is paperwork," Dick lies. Working day and night has taken a toll on the young man, that's for sure. "Wilson," Mills says. The big hulking investigator with ebony skin and a busy goatee leans towards Dick so he can see out the driver side window. "You ever think that if you cut your talking in half, you might actually have made Detective before the kid here?"

"Yeouch," Wilson says with a smile. "And have to wear a suit everyday? Forget you stiffs." There's a bit of a pause that Wilson uses to smack his gum before nodding up towards the apartment the police cruiser is parked outside. "Crimescene is set up, boys. Time for your rubber stamp." He alludes, of course, to the fact that the person who committed the crime was picked up not far from here after a eyewitness saw him leaving the crimescene after the gunshot.

Dick Grayson and Gary Mills get out of the car and head over towards the apartment, open the old gate of a door, and climb the creaky steps; ready for the most open and shut case they've ever seen. What they get is something else.


The lights and the sounds of money are rampant here near the JFK airport. Afterall, even though tonight is a slower night by normal standards, the establishment is still holding a lavish party, put on by Yuri Galushka. Most people think good ole Yuri is a CPA. A CPA who happens to hire all Russians, many of which are family, to his extremely successful tax service, frequented by other Russians. In truth, the business is a front for Yuri's real job: Head of the New York Russian mafia. Tonight is a cause for celebration. With the power vacuum going on throughout the East Coast, and as organized crime scrambles to pick up the pieces, it seems as though the Russians have jumped out to an early lead.

All of the heavy hitters of the family sit in the High Limit room. There's Ilya, who handles sex, while Mikail does the drugs. Stefan's job is to oversee the racketeering operation, which is kind of like saying he does everything. Finally, you have Gregory, who runs the muscle. These men, as well as Yuri, their wives, and their immediate underlings are getting crazy drunk, eating on caviar, and haven't a care in the world. They don't even see it coming.

From all directions, small trashy pickup trucks, rusty sedans, and a jeep or two, approach the casino en masse. In all there are probably 25 people who jump out, wearing black, and start their work before anyone else can even move. Someone will call the cops, sure, but by then they figure they'll be long gone.

Step one is to lock the doors from the outside using chains. With practiced precision, they thread the chains through all around the building. The entire process takes less than a minute. The poor valet, who doesn't realize what's happening and approaches one of the men in black to ask what's going on gets a silenced bullet right to the throat. The only exit that's left open is the one where the next part of the operation flows in from.

Step two is the gasoline. Men begin showering the carpets with gasoline, splashing it on the slot machines and even some of the people. At first, people are in shock. Second, they start to run for the doors, but as they try they find that they won't open. Some, who approach the men in black are gunned down.

Again, less than a minute.

Finally, a trio of men begin to set fire to the casino with blowtorches as they back their way out of the building. Yuri, all his friends, and all the innocent people are trapped!

Caitlin was asleep on the bus. Being an intern, even a paid one, was the least glamorous job possible. She had to ride public transit into THINK almost ninety minutes, work engineer's hours (sometimes eighteen of them straight), and then take the bus back, which could be anywhere from an hour two two hours of hopping various lines.

A chorus of of protests go up at the sudden cessation of traffic. Caitlin snorts and jerks away, blinking sleep off and rubbing at her eyes. "Wha? What's up?" she asks the elderly lady sitting next to her.

"Don't know," the wizened resident says, squinting down the street. "Looks like a car wreck, maybe? There's a bunch of 'em in the street, parked funny."

Caitlin looks, too, then exhales. "Dangit… I'm so tired," she complains. She stretches hugely and gets to her feet, the bus squeaking under her boots. "Maybe someone's car is just blocking traffic. I'ma go take a look. Please, mister," she entreats the bus driver, slinging her duffel bag over her shoulder. "If you see a goofy redhead chick flagging you down in a few minutes, stop for me, h-uh?" she asks.

"Sure thing, Red," the bus driver says, flicking his hat brim at Caitlin. She smiles dazzlingly at him, despite herself, and hops down the bus steps. The vehicle groans and she starts hoofing down the sidewalk, angling her head this way and that as she tries to get a handle on the situation.

Kara was out on patrol with her new-old friend Huntress, even though she hadn't been BFFs with her in Helena's old universe she couldn't help but feel a sense of kinship and friendship with the other girl; it helped they were both far from home with no way to return.

Just like the little bandit, she could hear trouble in the distance.

She could just vocalise it or huntress might be like 'trouble at the old mill girl'.

Instead she looked to her friend and frowned a little, "Sounds like trouble. Actual trouble."

It was faint, but her hearing had picked up on it, just barely.

Without warning, she grabs the other girl and leaps off the rooftop flying towards the source. To her credit after, she asks, "Ready to go for a little flight?"

It's a strange thing, Oracle has recently been working with The Fox and researching a Russian family who may, or may not, be connected to organised crime in Gotham. Yuri's name has popped up in a few of her searches and she's put a watch on the man… but no surveillance. Maybe she should have.

As people start calling the NYCPD from their cellphones, the OracleNet lights up… maybe because she's watching for incidents regarding The Joker but this many calls from the one location? That means there is trouble.

"This is Oracle" a call goes out over the OracleNet and JL:A comms "Big trouble in New York. Coordinates being sent. Any who can respond, please advise."

She's already working on getting access to the crucial video feeds to show her what's happening on site.

"Yeah. We should hurry." Huntress replies to Supergirl, checking the coordinates that are sent her way, "Okay, looks like the Casino." She says to Kara, ready to be hauled off and all that fun. She responds over OracleNet, "I'm with Supergirl. We're on our way." She says. Ilya has no doubt been on her radar for some time, though she didn't have the intel on his current get together tonight, it would seem.

Felicity is not normally in Queens. Nor is she usually by Casinos, but she was supposed to meet up with an old contact of hers from college. Someone who might know some more about the strange email she received and who might have the sort of know-how to send it to her. She might not risk coming out in the middle of the night to a place nearby the airport, but Fitz is somehow rolled up into this whole thing, too. And that means she's willing to risk it.

Her old MIT friend is a little late showing up and so the blonde woman, attempting to look incognito by wearing the only hoodie she owns - it has MIT blazoned on it in large white letters. The dark red hood is pulled up over her blonde ponytail. Unsurprisingly, Felicity is bad at looking incognito.

As she waits, the casino across the street is given a bit of an eye. First, she was interested in the lights and the obvious party going on inside. Then, the men slowly circling around it. Suspicious, she pulls out her phone. And then as the fire starts to blossom, she dials 9-1-1 starting to run forward. She's not a part of the JL:A or the OracleNet. She's just a concerned citizen. "Yes, Hi 9-1-1 operator, I'm at Resorts World Casino in Queens and there are a bunch of men out front and they lit it on fire! There are people trapped inside!"

"…my Maseratti does one-eighty-five.
I lost my license
Now I don't drive
I have a limo
Ride in the back
I lock the doors
In case I'm attacked

Jay Donohue is a Cleaning expert and custodian extraordinaire. And since her lack of fees are so reasonable, she ends up taking all SORTS of odd jobs in the field of janitorial excellence. The fact that she also Keeps Her Mouth Shut is also a very key element in her being appreciated in circles ranging from the most impoverished to the multi-billionaire multinationals.

She doesn't get to clean inside the casino — that job is for someone in Yuri's extended family. She doesn't even get to clean the main building — again.. Yuri's kin. But she DOES get to clean up the maintenance building that's a block away. And the late 70's hit is bubbling from her lips as she's really getting into the work — the maintenance building never gets cleaning attention, so it really is a filthy job.

And then her phone beeps with an incoming message and she sort of stares at it.

Her response has a selfie shot of the cleaning girl from her cleaning location, even as some flames are starting to lick at the building behind her. 'She hasn't noticed THAT yet, as her intent was cleaning and now sending a response. 'K, brt'.

"…I'm making records
my friends can't wait
They write me letters
Tell me I'm great…"

For those following from home, she's currently wearing a pair of sunglasses that look like they might be an average wage-earner's yearly salary, and she has a do-rag tied tightly over her skull, in addition to her normal garb.


"So you said we already got this guy," Mills says as he looks down at the horrific scene. Lying upon his side on the floor is a man, 20s or 30s, with a small, bloody hole on one side of his head, and a gigantic exit wound out the other. A large puddle of crimson lies on the floor and a slightly lighter red is splattered on the wall behind him.

"Yeah, they're booking him as we speak," Wilson says, standing dutifully by the door. "They should have him by questioning by the time you're done here."

Mills' eyes look over to Detective Grayson who is kneeling down, looking more closely at the body. "Execution?"


"Oh, one more thing," Wilson says. "Get this. The guy who shot him? Chief of Staff for some Senator from Mississippi. What the fuck the guy was doing here, I got no idea."


The restaurant is the best money can buy. No literally. It was voted the best place for lunch in Metropolis so Lex Luthor promptly bought it. Long windows have longer, sheer curtains fastened to a wrought iron railing. The chandelier is best described as gothic, and the whole thing has a very Spanish-mission feel, as does the tapas and the main courses.

Lex taps the side of his mouth with his napkin and looks up at Congresswoman Traverstein. "Well, I hope you enjoyed your lunch." he says with a smile. "I assume you'd like to get down to business."

"I would, Mr. Luth—"

"No, no. Call me Lex. Let me guess. You're here wondering if I'm going to keep my promise to you."

Traverstein is caught off guard a bit before she nods, "Yes, actually. That's precisely what I'm wanted to talk about."


"9-1-1, what's y—" The operator responds to Felicity, but is cut off as the young blonde jumps right in. "Lit on fire? What? Tell me precisely what you saw, I'm getting police and fire out there right away." She's quick enough to see some men with assault rifles boarding vehicles and looking to get away. But as she approaches, one turns his gun on her and begins to fire!!!

As she gets off the bus, Fairchild will notice that traffic coming the other way is a lot less busy. Even so, the rusty Oldsmobile that must be pushing 80 must swerve through traffic in an apparent get away. The doppler effect is in full regalia as the car zooms by her, VrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrOOOOOOOOOOM

Below, Kara and Huntress will already be able to see billowing black smoke coming from the casino. They can also pick out cars zooming away from the scene in every direction. Which way they choose to go is up to them, of course, but there are many options as they swoop in from above.

Oracle's sweep will find several bits of information. The traffic jam is preventing Fire from getting to where they need to be. All of the open areas have raised medians which the trucks can't get over. The casino's water systems also seem to be malfunctioning.

Similar to Fairchild, Jay sees another car screaming right past her. Inside, a group of men wearing black are clearly making a getaway. To the casino or to the vehicle? Her choice.

Caitlin isn't the quickest thinking person in the world, but she knows fire when she sees it. She ducks out of the way of the Oldsmobile- habit, people in the tri-cities all drive like it's the Road Warrior anyway- and she focuses on the fire limning the casino. "I am so glad I packed out spare clothes," she mutters, throwing her duffle bag on top of a low building's roof for later retrieval. She starts jogging and then blanches at the *poppopop* of gunfire so nearby. "Guns! Everyone get down!" Caitlin shouts. And she is /loud/. It's like an air raid siren going off. The redheaded Amazon breaks into a sprint that would make Usain Bolt look like an elderly jogger, asphalt and concrete flying behind her, and runs straight at the van, shouting as she goes. She drops all 300+ lbs of her low and like a linebacker, slams a shoulder at the van's grill before it can get rolling.

Then she reaches underneath the front end, teeth bared in a rictus, and tries to flip it like a gym tire.

"We hear you Oracle. I'm going to try and help the fire trucks through and drop Huntress off at the casino to help get people outside. Let me know if you find anything else for me to take care of." Kara responds to Oracle while flying in towards the Casino, focussing her x-ray vision to see inside and try to figure out how many armed men her friend will need to deal with if any and the situation.

"Huntress, try to get everyone evacuated. They're going to need to be freed, I think they're being held prisoner." She could have mentioned how, but she forgot Huntress couldn't see through walls.

"I'll be back to help you in a few."

Supergirl then flies off towards the traffic jam, pushing her speed to the limits so that she can start ripping out the barriers blocking the fire trucks.

That fire had to be put out.

And The Titans! Oracle loops in the Titans channel to her updates. How could she have forgotten.

"Thanks Supergirl." Oracle frowns at the mess that she's confronted with for the EMS.

Intercepting Felicity's call, Oracle hijacks that connection too. At least this one doesn't seem to panicking …. ah, Felicity Smoak… the searches reveal that this young woman might be someone who can help. "This is Oracle." Whether Felicity knows who she is, the digitally disguised voice continues "The water systems are malfunctioning, I have access to the building management system, but the malfunction appears to be onsite." If Felicity wants to get into the fray, Oracle isn't going to refuse the help "Can you get to the main control room? We need a hardware reset?" If Felicity says yes, the redhead will send through the location and guide the blonde to the correct area.

On all channels, Oracle provides an update "EMS are delayed by the traffic jam. Supergirl is assisting there. Water systems are offline, they should be online soon. We need to get the building evacuated, Huntress, make that your priority."

"Understood!" Huntress replies, "Drop me there." She adds, pointing at a section of the roof. SG's then off doing whatever she does.. draining a lake.. or killing a pod of whales or something no doubt!.

Huntress produces a little self contained breathing device which she places over her mouth and nose, and draws a pair of goggles with optical enhancements to help see in the dark and through the smoke before she starts towards a convenient skylight.. "Probably over the lobby.." She murmurs.. but.. she prepares a grapple, smashes the glass, and drops down a couple of smoke bombs.. just incase anyone's looking towards where she plans to land. "I'm going in. Any intel on what's made this a target, Oracle?"

"There are men with rifles and—-" Felicity's already rattling off what she sees, nervous but determined. Then, one of the men turns and starts to fire at her. She never thought about what she would do when a gun was aimed at her. Of course, she's had supernatural dangers aimed her way as well as attempted muggers, but she's never actually faced something as seemingly mundane as having a gun aimed right at her. If she ever wondered what her reaction to such a situation, the answer is very reactionary: she screams and drops to the ground, trying to get somewhere out of range.

The phone, while no longer pressed to her ear is gripped in her fist. "H-hello?" she asks. While at first she was more outraged than scared, she's just been shot at. That means the frightened factor is getting cranked up quite a bit. Despite that, she knows that this voice is not the same one as the 9-1-1 Operator. "Who?" She does not know an Oracle, but she's talking about water systems and building management.

"I'm being shot at," she tells the woman on the other line, her voice high pitched and panicked. "I can't get any where!" Then, she takes a deep breath. "But, okay, if you're able to patch into and take over a 9-1-1 call - awesome, by the way - I'm going to assume you know how to create a remote systems back channel that I could piggy back into and then reset from here. Or, hack into someone else to get them to stop shooting at me!"

Jay WAS heading towards the coordinates in question. Honest. But if there's one thing that drives her completely buggy, it's folks that have to hide their appearance. She can't see the masks that folks use, but she knows *something* is there, and it can make her head hurt. So when the car goes whipping past her, the occupants all garbed in *something* that does nothing to hide their identiies to her, the toothpick woman breaks off and starts to pace the vehicle, flying about two feet above the ground, reaching over to attempt a tap on the driver's side window.


She does have to shout, going at highway speed is no picnic.

Of course, what the folks INSIDE the vehicle might do at that is anyone's guess. It's not what one would call a… standard approach. Even the police pull over their quarry. And even most heroes out there aren't so keen on the collateral damage that can result from a high-speed collision from a distracted driver…

Jay is not 'most heroes'.


"You better start talking, becau—…" Mills looks over toward Grayson. "Wait. What's that? What's that I smell?"

"Burning," Grayson says, arms folded over his chest, looking at the perp with a tilted head.

Mills agress. "God damn right I smell burning. That's going to be your flesh when they give you the chair, son. You ever smell burning flesh?"

"It smells awful," Grayson replies.

"It smells fucking terrible," echoes Mills.

"What would you like me to say?" asks Jonah Perrin, 34, and Chief of Staff for Mark Hebert, the Senator from Louisiana.

"Well, for starters," Dick says as he takes a step forward. "What's a guy who rents an apartment in DC and owns a house with a family in Baton Rouge, doing being caught covered in blood on the East End of Gotham?"

"You're a goddamn long way from home, brother," Mills adds.


They call it the situation room, and all of the important folks are there. The President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense Chestnutt, Secretary of State Stafford, and several military heads. They gather around a long conference table, watching intently upon the large screen.

"How long until landing?" asks President Upton

"24 minutes, sir," comes a voice from the back.

"Time in Bahrain?"

"8 AM, sir."

Upton turns to Chestnutt and shrugs his shoulders, "Maybe should have waited till it gott hotter. Ours won't feel the heat."

Above Bahrain, a squadron of six giant purple and silver mechs of terror, with haunting faces and yellow eyes, descend on the nation of Bahrain. A few weeks ago their nation was taken over by terrorists from neighboring Qurac. Now it's time for the United States to finally come to the aid of its friend.


"Que?!" yells someone from the van as they try and recover from the impact of Caitlin's smash. But just as they're getting their breath, there's a terrible groan of metal ripping and tearing. Up, up, and over! The van lands on its top and the driver loses consciousness. Others, however, are crawling out through the windows with their submachine guns and take fire on Caitlin!!!

Moving faster than people can see, Kara begins ripping out medians and discarding them off in safe spaces. "Holy sh—," Chuck Yoeman says as he looks over to the other firefighter before he presses on the gas and hops over into the other lane, allowing him easier passage. This happens on four distinct routes, allowing the FD to get there in approximately 30 seconds.

Suddenly, Oracle's tracking on the Fire Department, police, and ambulances all show a major break in the traffic as the emergency responders pull into the opposite side of traffic. But that time might be sped up if she can maneuver some of the traffic signals.

By the time Huntress gets into the casino, she'll see that most of the people are line up around the exits, desperately trying to get out, but with the chains around the door there's little to no luck. Fire rages everywhere and the floor is already littered with bodies from smoke inhalation.

Felicity gets her wish. Not because Oracle hacks into one of the gangsters, but because they would rather leave and avoid getting caught than pouring bullets into the blonde. By the time she gets her bearings, their tires are already squealing.

As Jay moves to distract the car, the window rolls down and the driver tries to put a gun in her face. Unfortunately for him, the lack of concentration causes him to hit the high curb, kicking the car up onto one of those guard rails, putting half the vehicle up on its side!


It looks like a scene right out of Dukes of Hazard as the car ends up on its roof!

Caitlin just steps into that line of fire with a set jaw and gimlet look in her bright green eyes, the bullets smacking into her body and dropping onto the ground like airsoft pellets. With two quick steps she grabs the first guy off the ground with a snatch of her hands and throw him into a high arching lob at a wall… twenty feet up. And across the street. She looks around with a scowl, assessing the situation with a calm professionalism. Locked door. Van full of baddies. People inside.

Caitlin grabs the van and flips it. Again. Giving the thing a liberal shake to make sure none of the passengers decide it's time for a run, she heaves it up over her head like a girl putting a box onto a top shelf, then with a shout rushes the door to the club.

"CLEAR THE DOOR!" she yells as loudly as she can. She slams the van into the sidewall next to the doors, then kicks it aside, steps up, and rips the doors entirely off the hinges. "Everyone out!" she yells, smashing away falling masonry before anyone's imperiled.

Kara flew ahead of the firefighters and paramedics, keeping an eye out for any trouble. The girl she had spotted taking care of the baddies seemed to be doing a good job, so she wasn't going to spoil her fun.

When she gets back to the casino, she flies right in and waves to Huntress, "You doing ok?"

This time, she uses her head and flies to the farthest fire that has been started in the casino, since it will take the firefighters longer to reach it and inhales deeply before exhaling a gout of freezing breath onto the fire in an attempt to put it out.

Huntress is starting towards the door the civilians are crowded around.. when it's rippedd free… she then turns to start surveying the extent of the fire and any particular danger spots where people might be trapped when Kara arrives. "Yeah, just fine." She replies to Kara's question, "I'm going to go in deeper and see if anyone else is trapped, you worry about the fires!" And she starts off deeper into the casino, looking for any pockets of people trapped deeper in!

"Working on that Huntress, when I know, I'll send an update." Oracle is already running those searches but right now her priority is to get the people out.

Traffic signals are deftly manipulated to allow the EMS through… that's the easy bit. Now for the blonde….

"I need a hardware reset, Felicity." Gothams Information Goddess has already accessed the software and she patches the young woman in. "See that error code." The control room is not far from Felicity's location and it's not inside the building either. By the time the blonde gets there, the door will be unlocked.

Crouched on the ground, Felicity takes a few deep breaths. The initial burst of bullets doesn't hit her and she's grateful that no more seem to be coming after her. Cautiously, she peeks around the corner.

"Okay," she tells Oracle, hands shaking and attempting to get herself together. "Okay, okay." Repeating the phrase is psyching herself up. Seeing the pinpointed part of the map, she pushes herself off the ground, wincing as she scraped herself up in her hurry to get onto the pavement. Limping, but in a hurry, she follows the instructions, opening the door. "Hardware reset. Easy." And for her, it may just be.

Her heart is racing and her hands hurt, but she caresses a hand over they keyboard, feeling safer with a computer nearby. "Okay, be good for momma," she tells the computer, forgetting that Oracle is on the other line for a moment. Then, it comes rushing back, she stutters, blushing, "Uh, that is, I'll get right on that water situation."

Jay slows to a stop, taking a picture of the crash, the mile marker, and any license plate. She then sends it to Oracle. It's a lot faster than trying to explain what happened, even with her rather brisk speaking. It's also bound to be faster than trying to call 9 - 1 - 1, especially of late. Her question answered as the guy tried to shoot her, she lands on 'top' (the former 'side) of the car's trunk and behind the rear post, so anyone trying to shoot at her from inside the vehicle is going to have a rough time of it. If someone tries to open a door, she'll kick it back shut. These people are REALLY shifty.


Sure, she should probably slow down, but she's keyed up and in the moment. If she smells gasoline, though, she'll stop trapping the people so they can get out. Getting burnt alive is NOT a fun experience.


"I think it's about time I call my lawyer," Perrin says raising his hands.

The disgust upon Mills' face is radiant. He sighs and leaves the room in a huff, all while Dick stands there and stares down at the murderer.


"What I'm looking for in a Vice President, is many things, Congresswoman," Lex says. "They must be loyal, above all else. You've shown your loyalty." Luthor makes a face and shows his palms to the ceiling for a moment, "They must get me votes. Coming from a liberal state, like you do, can help us in the Electoral College."

"But most of all, Congresswoman Traverstein, I need someone I know will take what I give them and sink their teeth into it like a pit bull. To never let go, and tear things apart if she must. And I think that person is you."


The hole that Caitlin makes causes people to cower away at first, but provides an easy escape route. Now the concern is people trampling each other, because so many people start rushing. But that's not all of them. The smoke is so thick many people don't realize that there's an opening.

Meanwhile, Supergirl completely freezes the fire raging at the back of the casino, roughly 40 percent of the fire overall. Not much will be salvaged of the machines, true, but it helps save a lot of lives.

Speaking of saving lives, Huntress runs headlong into the fray and finds more than a few lives to save. Heroically, she's able to pull people out and show them the way to the light, so to speak, before going in for more.

Because of Oracle's resourcefulness, the authorities are no able to get to the scene. The part of the building still on flames is attended to by the Fire Department. Despite their best efforts, the blaze is still pretty intense and will take a while to put out. Meanwhile, there are still people in there, perishing.

Meanwhile, Felicity will find that the system is pretty easy to hack and reset with her skills. The biggest problem is time, and trying to get the sprinklers on to help the fire department.

Jay finds the car pinned rather easily and she seems out of the way of any gunfire. Indeed, it seems most of the guys in the car are unconscious. There is one moaning for help, however. But there is no smell of gasoline and no presumable concern for an explosion at this point.

Caitlin gets out of the way as quickly as she can, though she steps into the crowd and throws a few well-placed elbows to keep anyone from getting trampeled to death. That would be awkward. "Quit shoving! Keep moving! Help each other!" she barks. With bright red hair and six inches over most everyone, she makes an impression. Also, she's on fire, as someone points out. Caitlin rips away her hoodie, tossing it aside, her purple and green leotard already scorched underneath it and riddled with small peforations from the bullets.

"Hey! Hello! HEY!" she says, shouting like a bullhorn. "Exit's over here! Come this way!"

She starts walking into the building, ignoring the smoke and heat, and blinks at Huntress. "Hey! You're going the wrong way!" she shouts at the costumed vigilante, jogging to catch up to her. "The door's over this way!" She winces at an icy blast of air, but brightens when a bunch of smoke clears out. "Hey, that's better," she says wonderingly.

Receiving Jays' text and photo, Oracle begins to run the plates… that's going to take a moment or two.

The video feeds from inside the building are patchy, but she can make out where people are… seeing Huntress go in, Oracle relays the locations to her, Supergirl and the EMS "Please focus on getting them out, ladies."

Working with Felicity, Oracle watches as the blonde completes the hardware reset. "Now, Felicity, let's get the sprinklers on, can I leave that in your hands?"

Kara was too late to save a burning bank vault full of money, oh well casinos were rich. She could see with her x-ray vision that Huntress was taking care of the trapped people and she smiled, leaving her to it; but still keeping an eye out in case of trouble.

Her efforts are putting out the fire are continued and truth be told, she's starting to feel a little out of breath; she was definitely going to have to get more practice in.

When she's done, she flies back over to Huntress and asks, "Want to go get some pizzas?"

It doesn't take long for Felicity to breach the security and have full control of the system. She's a fast typer and her ability to find holes in firewalls is almost supernatural. By the time Oracle's telling her to turn the sprinklers on, she's already found the right controls and has done it.

"I mean, my hands right now are pretty scraped up, not sure they're capable, but I can totally get past a security system like this and turn on the sprinklers. Can you believe that their password was 'password'? I mean, really. It's like they think it's 1999." Though her voice is still a little high pitched from the adrenaline, she's quipping again. That's a good sign.

When Caitlin finds her, Huntress is over in the high limit room.. doesn't look like many people survived in here.. whatever the method of their death was. She's crouched over one of the bodies, ostensibly checking his pulse, but she might also have just palmed something from his coat pocket. It appears she's already checked a couple of others casualties in the room similarly. She looks up towards the arrival, "Yeah, I was just checking these guys." She explains, standing up, "Is there anyone else trapped?" she asks, then Kara's arriving and ahhs a bit, "Heya.. umm sure.. I wouldn't mind washing the smoke off though." She grimaces a little, looking down at herself. "Also I need to check in with Oracle.. which pizzareia?" she asks, "I can meet you there."

Jay listens quietly for where the moan is coming from in the vehicle and floats down to the front windshield, pulling the remains out even though she gets her hands cut up a bit before placing a hand for the person groaning. "Give me your hand, I'll get you out of there."

What, is she Lady BiPolar or something?

She'll make every effort to get the folks out of the vehicle but NOT wake them up. While she's not bad in a fight, she'd probably lose against a group of thugs that are pissed off with guns. If the one who is moaning tries to sneak off, she'll give him a disturbing smile before letting her face fall back to neutral. The toothpick janitor will wait for law enforcement and paramedics to arrive to take custody of the folks and give a quick statement before zipping back over to the cleaning job she was working on.

After all, a Deal is a Deal.

Kara leaves back to Queens


Caitlin is able to get the masses to at least be a little bit more orderly. Large swaths of people come out, choking, but alive and the number inside thins incredibly. Meanwhile, Oracle will run the plates and find that the vehicles are all registered to senior citizens who have died in the last couple of years.

Kara puts some flames out, and, in doing so, actually dissipates the smoke enough where people can breath a little bit easier and see even easier than that. What she doesn't finish, Felicity does as the sprinklers begin to put out the rest, even as the Fire Department helps from the side.

Huntress is right; all of the crime bosses are dead, and with her knowledge of the criminal underground, it's a good best she knows as to why. Why kill hundreds of people just to get at the Russian Syndicate?

Why not?

As we pull away from the scene, we can see a couple of squad cars do a peel out as they come to a stop not far from Jay. They come out, brandishing their weapons before they realize the woman has it all under control. Similarly, the rest of the situation is now in control, at least according to the radio bands they use, which Oracle listens to from afar.


With a sigh, Dick Grayson walks out to the rooftop where he knows he'll find Mills.

"You're never going to believe this," Dick says, looking over sullenly.

Mills is lighting his third cigarette back to back to back and turns to look at Detective Grayson, "Shit, nah. You gotta be fuckin' shitting me. You're kidding."

"Commissioner Yindel is as pissed off as anyone. This came from the Mayor."

"The mayor?" Mills takes a deep drag. "So, they're gonna walk?"

"I think Perrin's already out the door, to be honest."

"Fuck," Mills says, as he looks over the skyline as the sun begins to set. Only in Gotham.


From grainy satellite and first person imagery, the President and his men and women sit on the edge of their seats, watching the mission unfold.

"We're sure that the French and English are in on this with us, right?" Upton asks Stafford. The woman nods, "Yes, sir. Secretary Cousteau even asked what took us so long."

With a sigh, Upton nods, "The Russians will be pissed."

"Fuck em," says Chestnutt.

"Fuck em," agrees Upton.

The purple monsters encircle the headquarters and raise their arms in unison.


Yellow fireblasts begin to incinerate the compound with terrifying efficacy. It doesn't take long. Within 2 hours, the United States has liberated Bahrain. By the end of the day, the old government will be reinstated.

Cheers go up in the Situation Room as the stronghold the Sentinels were sent to goes up in a fireball.

"We did it!" exclaims the President.

"Get ready for a new era!"



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