Meanwhile, in Africa

June 23, 2015:

The town of Lwak is still suffering from an unnatural drought. Wonder Woman has been called to help. (This scene happens actually about 10 days after the previous posted scene - comic book time needs to be applied)


A poor town at the shores of Lake Victoria, in Kenya


NPCs: Several Kenyan natives emited by Jean



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Fade In…

There is often a need to go home; to see where your roots derived. It could be the color of the skin that often times not matches the ones who hold a racial dominance of her creed, or the faint curiousities of the people of her color from long ago, their trials, tribulations, their culture and heritage. For when Sarina listens to the music, it burns through her soul. Not the music that calls women bitches and hoes, but the kind of spiritual that draws your hands into the air to sway with a feral cadence of the drum.
Ten hours ago she touched down in Lwak.
Five hours in she met with Mother Matubesi and heard of the troubles. Rumors were already starting to grow from the few days of the X-Men's arrival. Rumors that there was a mutant hidden in the midst. Which caused unrest. Most of them blamed Worthington Industries, for once they stopped down, built and set up shop, that was when their crops began to dry and the water sources cease.
Fingers were being pointed and Sarina could feel the unrest within the air. She was no diplomat. But she had hoped one could come to her rescue soon.
The call went out to Diana, and whilst Sarina kept an even tone there was a hint of urgency for her to arrive and bring peace to her mothers people. She didn't want them to tear each other down, she didn't want to see unrest and suffer the hurt in Mother Matubesi's eyes. She couldn't bear it.
'Come soon. Please.'
And Sarina never begs.

Worthington Enterprises is not doing much, really. They came to setup windmill farms, not to deal with an unnatural drought that might be threatening Lake Victoria. There are many countries smaller than that lake. Instead, Warren has been trying to get some experts here. Scientists that could find out what is really happening. That they were attacked means someone or something is causing this deliberately. And yet, no one admits knowing anything. The captured mercenaries had no idea who sent them, and their obviously superhuman leader… well, Jean tossed him to the lake. They have not found his body, maybe he escaped.

Sarina's call does not go unheard. Things have been busy, and on a chaotic level with the Justice League as well as Themyscira, and one woman, despite being an Amazon Princess, can only go so far stretched.
The dusted and dry ground of the village lifts and clouds around booted feet as they touch down. Black and silver, spired over knees to contour powerful thighs tha support the weight of finality in touch down. bare from boot tops to hips the black and silver star spangled attire picks up, coveting waist to the cinching or red reinforce bustier, the silver hawk a gleaming reminder across the spanse of breastplate, matching the gleam of the hot risen sun upon star etched diadem that rests in a crown of ebony waves.
Cerulean eyes seek across the village as men, women and children stare openly, unsurety evident, but in her swift studies she has picked up some of their dialect at least for the area. Maybe broken, but perhaps enough one of the denizens understands.
"I am here for my sister, Sarina. To help." Both hands extend out in a display of unarmed and harmless, leaving her exposed to whatever they may bring.

It was officially summer; the sun high within the sky, blazing down upon the nearly desert like town below. If you look up? You could practically see the heat rings looping the sun, various in different degrees of invisibility, often times with a slight swath of rainbow that cuts through the ray to make the shine almost perfect. It was a heat that the citizens of this African village were used to, for most ran with barely anything on, a short pair of shorts and sandals to protect their feet, often times without tops to sweat easily in the sun as nature intended (men and women both), or tank tops that hang loosely upon their bodies as a group of children play a spot of Futbol while some had gnarled tree branches for bats.
It was natural for the newcomers to get stares and wide berths. It took them a while to warm up to Warren's obvious presence, and to this day whenever he flies or walk, children run after him with their hands waving into the air to cheer him on and.. sometimes sneak and hide when he's upon foot, trailing him, stalking him as if he were a mouse and they the cats.
However, even though the children were at play, oblivious to the inner workings of the adult circle, a group of them remain closer to the hut near the hospital, standing in groups of whispers with ill looks towards the Amazon. Warren would know these looks as well.. but now that another unknown has shown up? It nearly sets their ire.
A small woman steps from the crowd gathered to approach warily, the headdress she wears masking the dreadlocks that were kept from her neck to give air to her skin. The colored sash she wears is gripped, and it seems as if she sports a limp, scars riddled upon her face in a decorative manner, old traditions still flowing through the village as she reaches out a hand, but with a twist sideways, and a smile as brilliant as ever, yet old.
"Ah. Sarina is sleeping. She told me of your coming." She glances around, with one hand extended and the other shielding the sun from her eyes, she searches for the winged man that took a small residence here as of late. "I tried to reassure her that we already have help, but she fears that the unrest from this village will do more harm if she stands by and does nothing."

Warren is an odd sight in Lwak for sure. But he has visited enough times the population is almost getting used to a winged man. Whatever is affecting the lake it started here, so he insisted the researchers had to setup camp at Lwak and not a larger city. Less paperwork and fewer bribes are needed.
And he is still flying over the area for an hour or two every day, looking for strange events. Or so he says. Actually he just likes to fly and those hours are the only time he is free and not forced to assist to a satellite video conference after another, listening to the branch directors boasting about their success or whining about lack of founding and requesting his return to New York.
After nearly two weeks of sweeps, he knows the landscape pretty well and is not really expecting to spot alien machines or weird monsters altering the weather. So a flying woman surprises him, and he dives towards the village’s center square to see what is going.
Warren has not gone native, as much as he would like wearing just shorts and sandals when the sun is near its zenith, he needs to project an image to his employees. So he wears a white button up shirt (tailored with opening for the wings) and in concession to the heat, the sleeves are up his elbows. Light brown slacks and matching shoes complete his attire.

The extended hand of the woman is accepted with that of Diana's own, as well as a bow to the woman of elder, showing her own form of respect. "Sowa Bona."
Spoken in native tongue with a rise of her opposing hand to forehead and out to the woman, but that cerulean gaze does not waver even from the gathered people who looked on with suspicion and wonder. "Sarina can remain at rest, now. She has worried for her people and that can be trying, let me be her relief for the passing moments, can you tell me what is going on that stirs the peace?" Rising back up to a full height the vambraced arms flash before they settle at her side, catching a small hand that reaches for her lasso, the curious child caught, but not held harshly, instead she lowers to his level in a crouch and smiles, a touch of fingetip upon his chin.
"Handsome boy. What is your name?" His hand taken now in a greeting embrace, though during this her eyes flick from the woman who greeted her to the winged man approaching. Neither of them a fit for this place, yet he remained unmentioned.

"Ah. And he comes." The Mother murmurs, the winged man from the skies flies forward and into her vision, yet the grasp of a strong hand captures her attention, drawing the smile to a slight fade as she bows her head in kind. "Sowa Bona." She murmurs kindly, drawing her hand away as a young child approaches the two women without fear, a little joy within her eyes as the young boy interacts with the woman as the Mother draws her fingers forward to beckon Warren closer.
"My name is Cephus!" The little boy cheeks up, lifting his chin with a little bit of pride, pulling his bare shoulders back, dark skin a beautiful thing on this one, yet his eyes were a brighter brown of the earth. "What's your name pretty tall lady?" His little fingers clasp against hers gently, as his other hand reaches to try to lightly touch the crown that she wears, but drawing back for fear of being reprimanded.
"She has told me of the good that you do, Wonder Woman.." Sarina obviously gave name, why wouldn't she? She treasured her sister so. "But there is an unrest within this town, as I am sure or unsure that was relayed." She waits for the moment for Warren to catch up, tugging her sash closer, keeping it held as the other grips at the dress she wears near her thigh. The tiger-toothed necklace hangs loosely, adding to the look of the Matron Mother of Lwak.
"The water is leaving us. Many of us believe that it is the old Gods coming to punish us for our transgressions, for not giving in to the peoples of our nation and allowing us to rebuild and be fruitful. Most of us believe that it is a test from the Gods, and our troubled times shall be mete out with patience and continued worship."
She sighs and watches Warren for the moment; many a rumor spread that he was an Angel sent to watch over us. But then again.. "Whilst others believe that our time has come, that someone with great power seeks to end us."

Warren lands gracefully, managing to raise only a small amount of dust when his wings break his descent and fold. "Wonder Woman?" He looks surprised, and then smiles. "I am glad someone, at last, is sending some help." He nods politely to the older woman, "Mother Matubesi, good day to you and your people."

Matubesi is given a look of wonder at the company she keeps when Warren lands, but when Cephus speaks his name both dark and honed brows rise upon Wonder Woman's forehead, a blink of awe given towards the boy, and perhaps only part given to enthuse his easy excitement. "Cephus?! No name that compares is mine. I am Diana of the Amazon Tribe. But no 'Rock' as which you are named of. You are destined to be strong and live unto a old age, much and many will be learnt form you, young one. be proud amongst your people, your name has destined it. Show them in the game of foot and ball!"
Once the boy is off to prove it and Diana's cheeks lighten back to normal palloe form the light blush of flattery and heat she stands before Matubesi and Warren, sizing the man up with a sweep of that atlantic huen gaze.
"Do you come from Thangar? I know of a sister you should meet if so, though you look…."
When Matubesi speaks her gaze goes back to the elder. "Softer." Little does Wonder Woman know.
"That is the way of darker paths. We will find what it is that seeks to take from what is earned by your people, Mother." Though then Warren gets a firm out-thrust of her hand to form a warrior's shake like she does to Shayera. "I have come to help, yes. And your name?" All she truly needs, as she will be sending in for a file as soon as his name is spoken through her communications system to JL:A.

"Mr. Worthington." The Mother smiles, bowing her head in mild greeting. "Join us. And please, spare no grace towards me. One is afforded to Wonder Woman for her assistance in our time of need. And yourself as well." She holds her hand out now so that they could stroll, Matubesi feeling much more comfortable walking and talking.
Cephus smiles bright, however. The blessing he receives is wonderous, in fact, he thinks it even more so coming from someone the likes of her. For she flies, she was great and tall. And beautiful to boot. Most of those visit pay children no mind, so he would be a king in his own right when he regales his friends with the tale. "That's right! I am going to be King one day!" He bounces in his place, then takes off in a run to prove his might.. all the while Matubesi grins.
"Despite the ill that faces our trying times the children remain proud of our heritage and village." As Diana addresses Warren, the Mother remains silent, her pace slow, easy. Relaxed.
"Mmnh." She replies towards Diana, her head at a slight bow as she watches her bare feet in the dust. "Such is unavoidable, perhaps. But we are most at luck with Mr. Worthington and his people to assist our villages sustainability and livelihood."

Warren shakes his head, never losing his smile. "Thangar? Oh no, princess, I am from New York. My name is Warren, codenamed Archangel if you prefer, due to my mutant gifts." He explains, shaking Diana's hand. Then, in a more serious tone, "I was called here by one of my employees, an engineer suspecting the troubles plaguing this region were caused one of our own. Another mutant. But… if so, he is hiding well his presence. And so far I have been unable to find the causes of this blight or anyone that could be responsible."

The shake is one that does not meet hands, instead clutches forearms, his hand would fold around a vambrace and hers his clothed forearm. A hold with one firm motion and then released, listening as Matubesi speaks, those oceanic eyes lifting to follow Cephus' dust lifting run.
Taking pace with the tribes Mother she remains beside Warren in their walk, villagers parting ways to watch still, but seeing as their matriarch is at ease they 'accept' it enough.
"Time changes and people must with it, but never lose the pride or the culture. Never let that be taken from you. At least they embrace that." Wonder Woman states and then traverses her gaze back towards Warren as he speaks, nodding lightly as eyes shift away in thought. "And what moves have been made to keep the village supplied while the search is on? The Mother said you have provided aid, what more can be done?"

Warren nods, inviting Diana to walk with him to a small camp formed by local science people, some Worthington Enterprises technicians and volunteers from NGOs. "With the water vanishing and a drought going, we are bringing foodstuff and bottled water. But this is just treating the disease, not healing it. If we don't find the root of the problem, this region will become unsuitable for human habitation. Lwak will become a ghost town."
This is something that happens often enough in Africa, so a few thousand refugees adding to the millions that already struggle to survive in the region doesn't seem too alarming. Just another drop in what seems a large pool of hopelessness and hunger. But then he adds, "but the problem is spreading, and a few days ago there was a terrorist attack than hints it is not an accident.”

When Warren directs the path to where his people are set up, Matubesi speaks up. "I will see Sarina knows you are here for her and us when she wakes. My home is central to the village, come if you have questions, Wonder Woman."
Diana extends a hand to Matubesi, a form of parting greeting, as well as an affirmation she will be there soon enough. The old womans hands clasp Diana's and a look is exchanged, one Diana knows to well. Exhaustion but not relent. You sleep when what is necessary is done for your people. It almost made Diana homesick, it has been too long…
And that is why internal strife emerges.
A deep breath is released when the Mother walks away, turning back towards Warren. "Archangel… Warren Worthington. Which is your preference? To these people I am sure the foremost is fitting. This is not anything we can be light on. Is there anything we can erect to give them natural water? Something /else/ until this is solved? You have many resources so I am being told, and are known for what you do and who you are, but even we have limits."
Diana pauses as she skims his camp, her fingers touching down upon hip, just at the top of resting lasso. "What can -I- do to help you?"

"Just call me Warren," replies the blonde man. "I wish I had enough resources. I can’t find the cause of the drought and the person that could have brought rain was injured by the terrorists." He frowns, as he can’t really talk about his X-Men associates.
"That is what they need. Find the persons responsible for this disaster and stop them. Save Lwak before it is too late." Explains Warren. "Can the Justice League bring the resources needed?"

A perk of brow and Wonder Woman is sweeping over the current resources. "What is the approximate size of this village and those surrounding that rely on Lake Victoria?" Not just to Warren but to the communication systems that feed to her Embassy as well as The JL:A if channels needed changed. Right now it is just her embassy and good ole Google. The responses delayed as another Amazon tries to figure it all out since that was normally Sarina's job, and she is here.
"What terrorists? Explain them, please. Any markings? How did they bring your friend down?" So many questions but they all needed known while wonder Woman moves out, her head tilting and pace carring her in the direction of the lake.

"Half a dozen armed men came after us,” explains Warren. “One of them was a superhuman. Large blonde man, very fast and with claws instead of nails. He injured a weather controller I had brought with me.” Warren considers his words, as he recalls. “Five other men looked like local thugs. Another, a sniper, was probably a foreigner. Kenya police arrested them all except for the super-human. He was injured and fell to the lake. The body has not been found, so I suspect he escaped."

Wonder Woman considers, now standing outside of the camp itself, facing the lake amongst brush that could harbor predators of this land easily. A single tree arches gnarled looking branches out, even its leaves and appendages seem to be drying. Native fauna suffering, something that gets the graze fo fingertips in a sweep of touch, several leaves falling in her wake.
"This is not just small. All of it. Who would want these people gone? A local organization, office, movement?" Looking out over the solid stretch of desert plains the normal ripple of humidity that would rest there just above is near nonexistant, making Diana's brows furrow. "I can call in help to aid you with this, bring more supplies and construct something that may help…" But even Diana is fighting off the doubt by what her eyes see and senses gather.

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