A Homecoming

June 25, 2015:

Hisako Ichiki (Armor) comes back to the Xavier Institute for an internship of sorts.

Xavier Institute


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It's been a full year since Hisako Ichiki, also known as Armor, set foot upon the Xavier Institute grounds. A year of uneventful study, meeting new people and going new places. It's also been pretty boring and now that she's decided to take aerospace engineering as her major it seems as good a time as any to get back in touch with her old school. After all they do have a plane tucked away which, if she's really lucky, they might let her take a look at some time.

And thus Armor is at the security check point by the school gates. Patiently waiting for all the usual checks to be carried out while a call is put through to the staff. No signs that she's under any external control, no suspicious temporal, chemical or biological traces and she's 100 not an evil shapeshifter and/or robot.

No doubt there are extensive ways those at the Institute can check whomever is at the gates to come in, but it also may mean, thanks to the Professor's telepathic abilities and the many skills of the staff there, that the check doesn't take too long. At least it's a nice day! When Hisako is cleared, the gate opens enough for her to step through before closing again behind her.

The door to the mansion is likewise unlocked, awaiting her arrival. The school itself is rather quiet seeing that it's technically 'Summer vacation' but there are still some students who stay at the school pretty much year 'round. Many of the Staff do as well, including Dr. Hank McCoy who should be working on the Danger Room, but he promised to offer a class for the summer session.

This class in particular is 'The Science of Food' and is currently being held in the kitchen where the small class of mixed-age mutants are currently working on a recipe emphasizing the difference between acids and bases in foods and what they can do to each other in the cooking process.

Despite her time away Hisako has little trouble finding her way to the kitchen, pausing a few times to smile or wave to the few members of staff and students she recognises. When she finally reaches the kitchen she knocks on the door before opening it a fraction and glancing into the room.

"Ah, Doctor McCoy? I hope I am not interrupting, but was wondering if I might have a moment of your time?" Hisako asks with just the barest hint of an accent. "It isn't urgent though. So if you are in the middle of something I can go for a walk around the school grounds until you are d
Beast looks up at his name and glances over at the door. Golden eyes blink for a moment before he actually smiles, "Ms. Ichiki! What a pleasant surprise!" He gestures for her to come in, "Everyone, this is Ms. Ichiki, one of our recent graduates." She may even still know a student or two taking his summer 'class'. "I'm sure that if you have any questions, she'll be able to answer them for you later, but right now, I want to make sure everything you have is well mixed. Then, I want you to cover it all and put it in the fridge and take your lunch. We'll reconvene then." He nods to one of the older students to oversee the cleaning up before he moves over to Hisako, "Of course…why don't we go take that walk around the school grounds anyhow?"

Hisako bows in greeting to the students. "That would be nice. The grounds are always pleasant this time of year," she agrees. "I must admit it feels a little strange to be back. It has only been a year, but there are a lot of new faces around. Even during the break." She steps out of the doorway, to allow Hank to take the lead during the walk. "Of course I hope to visit more often now that I am settled at college. May I enquire how you have been? I trust life is treating you well?"

A couple of the students may even bow back to Hisako before they run off for lunch. Hank does set the path around the grounds and opens the door for her to precede him before he easily catches up, "I can imagine. I don't think I ever went back to my High School, but I certainly hope you had a better experience here than I did there." There's another sort of weary grin before he shrugs, "I've been fine, thank you. As well as can be expected." No need to drag things out here…especially not with a recent former student. "And yourself? How are you enjoying college? Have you chosen a major yet?"

"College is… Mostly good. I do worry that I could have been making better use of my gift," Hisako admits with a shrug. "But at the same time I didn't feel it was healthy to remain at the Institute after graduating. As to my choice of major, that is what brings me here to speak with you. I've decided that aerospace engineering was something I would like to pursue further and I was wondering if I could perhaps visit on occasion to get some hands on experience?"

"I think it's a good idea that if you -can- leave the Institute and go out into the world, then one should. Not everyone can, but I'm glad you took that opportunity, Ms. Ichiki." Hank continues to keep pace with the former student, his clawed hands clasped behind his back. "Aerospace Engineering, hmm? Specific…but I can't say I'm terribly surprised," given her skills and her talents when she was in school there. "As for visiting, you're always welcome. In regards to hands-on experience…possibly. It's not something I can decide on my own, but I can certainly ask for you. I would imagine it wouldn't be an issue as long as you weren't taking things out for joyrides."

"I would not be overly concerned about joyrides," Armor assures with wry amusement. "I have not begun studying for a pilots license yet due to the costs involved and, while my mutant ability provides a great deal of protection, I am not especially keen on testing how it would fare in a plane crash."

Beast is quiet for a moment as they walk along, "Let me see what I can do. If…this is a 'go' and you'd like to get your Pilot's license, I'm sure something could be arranged." The cost of something like that is probably just a drop in the bucket. "Although I'm not entirely sure how much this would help in dealing with…well, outside aircraft. Our's here has been," he clears his throat some, "Tinkered with."

Armor hmmmms. "So long as the laws of aerodynamics still apply then I imagine many of the basic principles are the same. Even if some of the technology is more advanced," she offers, pausing to admire the view of the grounds. "That being said I suppose it would not be entirely unexpected if something at the school ignored the laws of nature."

That actually gets a chuckle out of him, "I would say that many things at the school ignore the laws of nature…or merely that we're proving that the laws need an updating." Hank glances back at Armor and pauses when she does. "It's a lovely view, isn't it?" is offered before he then gives a nod, "I suppose it couldn't hurt anything…but as I said, I'll ask for you. We have your contact information, yes? In the meantime though, you know you're welcome back here at any time."

Hisako ducks down to inspect one of the flowers. "Yes the grounds here are quite lovely, although I do sometimes miss the gardens back home in Japan. I took the time to update my contact information when I got in touch to arrange my visit." She smiles. "I hope to be visiting more often and, perhaps volunteering my services for the X-men. If such an offer would be looked upon favourably."

Beast shrugs, "I'm sure it would be, Ms. Ichiki. It's not something I can answer though, either. That decision would be up to others but I would certainly welcome you as an addition to the team." Such as it is. "I never spent enough time in Japan to get to sightsee. Every time we've gone, it's been for a mission…" and those times have been few and far between.

"I have left a letter for Professor Summers regarding the matter," Hisako admits. "I have not been back to Japan since I came here to study. I find life as a mutant is much easier here. Those who dislike mutants are more violent, but it is easier to blend in here. Besides there is something to be said for vocal opposition. It is somehow easier to cope with than silent ostracisation mutants receive back home."

"A letter. That's good. That will give him time to look at it…" since he knows Scott tends to do things very deliberately. Or very impulsively. There's rarely an in-between with him. "You find the outward attacks easier to cope with than silence? Well, I suppose so. It's easier to fight back…or feel like one's fighting back and not the only one feeling such a thing…" Hank glances over the grounds again. "I'm sure your request will be received favorably, especially since you've been here and know the rules and training and the like."

"Well, it does help that a lot of people who vent their frustrations verbally are quite clearly ignorant. Which makes it a lot easier to ignore such points of view," Armor explains earnestly. "As for my request, I hope so. I have no issue with hard work or following orders, so long as I can do something worthwhile with my gift."

Beast turns back to look at Hisako, "If only we had more like you, Ms, Ichiki. I'll do my best to put in a good word for you." He'd probably be one of the ones overseeing her work if she's allowed to be a sort of 'Intern', but there are others who would be able to help as well. "If you're interested in being an advocate for Mutant Rights, you might be interested in the Red Team as well. They're quite public about who they are and what they do." With that, he glances back towards the building, "You're welcome to stay in the class…we'll be eating our creations later. I'm thinking about discussing ceviche and how fish can be cooked in acid as well…"

Armor frowns as she considers the option. "I would be willing to consider it, if that was where my ability could help the most people. Although I don't know if I would appreciate the publicity I might attract." Then with a slight shrug she smiles again. "Joining your class would be a pleasure. After all what self respecting college student turns down the offer of a free meal?"

"Fair enough," Beast points out. "Not all of us want to…or should be thrust into the spotlight." He seems to respect that. Of course, her comment about the food gets another smile and he gestures for her to continue following him, "Well, let's see how the current experiment has turned out then. Feel free to stay as long as you'd like."

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