Break A Leg

June 24, 2015:

A concert in Madison Times Square becomes a killing field

Madison Times Square - New York


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Fade In…


The arena was filled to the wall with music goers of all types, the seats specially cleared by some force of magic that only the custodial staff could explain. Booths were set up along the walls to keep the concert goers hydrated; stands filled with little snacks here and there, peanuts that were roasted, popcorn that was toasted, beer that's being hosted all sold at top dollar to keep the lights of the arena on.

When it comes to concerts, there are only three types of people. The people who hang up at the front that are die hard fans, some that even risk themselves a stroke from screaming and waving so hard, the ones that remain in the middle who talk shit about those in the front and the ones in the back that proceed to get /DOWN/. The bands were filtering in playing sets in the guise of the soundcheck, riling the bodies into movement and arms waving, water splashed upon the crowd to ease the heat that biology generates. It's a damn good show.

But yet, the main reason as to why the scores of those weren't there, even though most of the ones in the front claimed that they were die hard fans for the lesser bands. But it was alright. The stage was cleared of debri, the stage-hands themselves rushing along the floor to scoop up an errant water bottle here and there and..

What was that?

A fuckin sock? Who threw that up there? Who lost a sock?

Check, getting away from myself.

Fourth wall broken, the lights begin to dim as the guitar picks up in a fast pluck, heads slowly beginning to bob as the band filters on stage. It almost sounded indie, and those who knew the song immediately begins to cheer.

'You applied, pressure.. to help me crystali—eyii..'
'And you got the faith, that I can bring paradise..'

The mans voice was an easy tembre, smooth and cool, and soon after? The woman comes in.. her voice smooth like liquid..

'I'll forgive and forget..'
'Before I'm paralyzed..'
'Do I have to keep up the pace? To keep you satisfied..'

A concert. It seems like a good idea to get out of the office… after all, all work and no play can make Brinley a very dull girl… strike that, woman. The reserved metahuman is currently lurking at the back of the crowd, leaning against the wall, trying not to be bumped or jostled by those around her who are getting down.

One of the reasons Brin doesn't like crowds, particularly crowds like this is because of the level of emotion … it requires work to actively not sense it and she often leaves with a headache. Yet still, the brunette seems happy enough, listening and bobbing her head to the music.

Bruce Banner stays far on the edge of the crowd. Getting caught in the midst of a scrum of people definitely wouldn't be the wisest of ideas, even if he popped about a half-dozen Xanax before he made his way here. He has to do whatever he can to keep the edge off if he's going to be out in public like this.

He's tapping his foot in time with the drums and looking around, the Fibonacci tattoo on his left wrist helping him blend in a little bit, until someone actually tries to ask what it's about and he tries to explain it to them, hesitantly, usually until their eyes glaze over and they walk away. He likes music, though, it's one of the few escapes he's had from the noise inside his head and this time, well, this time he actually knows someone involved. He'll show his support as best he can, hopefully without putting anyone in danger.


Rose is not leaving the end of the concert ring. Her Tomahawk is parked not far off and the last thing she desires on a muggy day in New York is to be up close and personal with the large sweaty man who has tufts of back hair protruding from the back neckline of his tanktop to try its reach for his mulleted hairline.


Music attracts all types, but none the less she is here to enjoy it as well, leaning against a post that hold a far back canopy up, drawing a pack of cigs from the pocket of high waisted black leather pants, a lighter from the other. the tight fit does not elude to the fact they both wont fit in one space. Too snug. From base of ribcage to the bandeau top of black leather trimmed in tassles at the baseline, pale skin riddled in scars is visible below where strips of faux leather fabric part to the spanse of shoulderrblades stretch.

Platinum hair is braided up in a viking-esque style mohawk, away from face where mismatched gaze of frigid blue and milky white skims outward above the dance of a flame sparked to light her cigarette.

Kara is in the middle of the crowd, likely near the mosh-pit having a great time shoving back and forth with people. She's not obviously Supergirl, but if you've run into her before or met her, she's a little unmistakeable when not disguised.

One guy jostles too close to her and gets sent shoved through a few people, he gets up and exclaims, "DUDE! That was awesome!"

Supergirl keeps moshing. YEP! Nothing to see here!

Nate would prefer to be where the crowd is thickest. But he just got here, and late, as usual. Fortunately the concert seems to be just starting. And fortunately too, he knows where Rose would be hanging out. Telepathics help a little, but it is mostly the mop of white hair that makes easy to find the girl. "Rosie, looking good," he greets, speaking once he is close enough to be heard over the sound of the music.

'Things have gotten closer to the sun, and I've done things in small doses'
'But don't think that I'm pushing you away'
'When you're the one that I've kept closest'

The music obviously picks up which sends the crowd in an uproar, arms waving, people moshing even though the music does not call, but that's alright. That's what this band wants, to feel the music in your bones and sing the tunes right along with them from your soul.

It wasn't about who could sing the loudest, who could sing the best, they all gathered here to have a good time. And that's all that counts.

As those chosen few have gathered at various points in the stadium, they could see that the crowd itself was generally mixed. A man passes through and gives a glance to Rose, in which, if she's looking, she could see the reflective hint within his gaze that soon turn to slits. A snake in the crowd, and not on the plane.

Nate could see the flick of a tail from a young woman who dances, allowing herself to be free..

Brinley catches the faint hint of sparkles upon a person, which glitters in a firedancing motion as the young girl moves..
Oz sees, with both eyes of course if he looks, a flutter of insect wings upon the back of a man..

Whilst a prickly sensation brushes against Bruce's arm, a man covered in thorns moves past, and apologizes from the intrusion.

"You mosh so awesomely lady!" A young man pipes up towards Kara, his skin covered in scales.

And behind the band? Melody. She was hired for this job; her own body set aglow as those nanites work like magic beneath her skin. The lights in the arena were the game, as well as the digitized backdrop that puts on a display to add credence to the mellow yet hype performance.

But those with the faintest ears could hear beeps beneath the music, a series of clicks and whirs that set off an alarm within the pockets of many that litter the crowd. The mutants were in high drive here, all gathered around for a night of freedom and dance, a perfect trap set.

Hands go to ears, words whispered as those dressed in all back begin to move through the crowd, making their ways to the doors. And if those ears are keen enough?

'Chain the doors. Get to the perimeter.'
'Get to the rafters.'
'It's a lot of them.'
'Set the trap.'
'It's go time.'

The crackle of chains run against metal, as shadows begin to run along the rafters upon the ceiling of this makeshift club, creating a racket under the guise of the music as they draw down upon the ropes and rigs of the ceiling, unleashing and unlatching as the light-fixtures begin to fall into the crowd.

"LOOK OUT!" The lead female singer screams out, pointing as it crashes into the sea of those dancing, crushing the few upon the heavy light, the sparks beginning to fly and spark with the threat of electrocuding or drawing others into a flame.

Screams litter the crowd as the music abruptly stops, the band themselves scattering off the stage by armed guards who were not there before. Melody was grabbed soon after, the thick of her hair caught in a meaty fist as the large man begins to bellow out with laughter.

"You're going to die, you mutant bitch!"

Brinley smiles, letting the music take her, as the mutants in the crowd are obviously enjoying themselves…. Starting to move a little with the rythym, the brunette frowns as something, vaguely menancing tickles at the edge of her mind… just as the call from the stage is heard…

Trying to peer through the crowd to see what's happening, Brin rises to her toes… she can't of course, the crowds to thick and she simply isn't tall enough.

From behind Rose and Nate, a group of three armed men dressed in black appear, heavily armed and raising their rifles intent on straifing the crowd gathered.

Bruce would've been completely able to hold it together, in other circumstances. Even the thorny gentleman doesn't really bother him, the buzz of the drugs in his system dulling his sense of touch enough that even a light prickle liket hat doesn't seem like much. "No problem, dude," he says in his most mellow voice. Yeah, that's right, Bruce can be mellow! He went to college. Sure, he spent most of it inside a closed off lab or hunched over his computer, but, y'know, he was there. He had his moments.

Even the explosions and the assault might have meant nothing, just made him retreat and make himself scarce. Not his fight, he'd just make more trouble - he's as likely to help as hurt in that sort of situation. But then he sees Melody, one of the few people in his life who's ever been kind to him, who's been his friend, who's laughed at his jokes and smiled at him and didn' t run away when she found out he was a monster…

Threatened. Hurt. Scared. And when he sees those emotions on Melody's face, Bruce feels an emotion of his own, something bubbling up deep from the center of him, a feeling that he represses and controls as best he can by meditation and chemicals and turning the other cheek and walking away. But not this time.

That feeling is anger. That feeling is rage.

Anyone psychically or emotionally sensitive will likely feel it, an explosion of raw, unfiltered chaotic wrath as Bruce screams and feels his skin start to bubble and stretch and pop as the beast within him starts to emerge, his eyes bleeding green as his back arches, bones popping and snapping, muscles tearing as he falls to his knees in agony…

Nate's arrival has Rose's attention, a small smirk curling the corners of lips as the cigarette is pulled from between lips and a whisp of her own serpents tongue curls up in white to lick over upper lip and dance beneath her nose. The inhale delicate and toxic before plumed outward. "I would have gone deeper and played hard to get, but…" A sweep of hand. "They're sweaty, and look sticky if I touch them."

Tap tap on that cigarette and ash falls towards the ground like snow….

"Put that out, it's the law!"

"Oh, eat me, prude of New York." Rose responds, but before she can even flick the preacherman a vulgar gesture to match the words the sound of chains dragging through metal is heard, screams… and the men behind her and Nate to block that chained and now closed exit guarded by armed men.

"Nate…" Rose hates closed in spaces, they experience this at Xavier's and that name, the warning, is followed by a swift movement.

"I change my mind. I quit smoking." Spinning towards the trio of gun weilding men she spins as if in a dance to stop between two of them, one hand rising in a punch to ones throat, the other putting her cigarette out in his eye.

"Open." Punch.

"The Fucking." *Tsss*


Kara never really read the stuff with Maddy

Kara opened her eyes wide as everything turned to hell. This is why she had a very convenient Supergirl costume consisting of Jeans and a t-shirt with the big S symbol on it. Unzipping her jacket, so people around her can see she's being serious she calls out to the concert-goers near her, "Help people get out of here and call the police. You're all heroes."

She hoped that would inspire them to go above and beyond the ordinary, because the crowd far outnumbered the mutant supremacist jerkheads that were attacking.

If they doubted she was Supergirl, all doubts would be squashed a second later when she flew into the air; hair whipping in the wind as she flew towards the man grabbing Melody.

Fist outstretched in front of her, the goon holding Rant was about to get a flying Super punch from Kara.


"Oh, and now you care about swea…" Nate's teasing gets interrupted by the falling light system. "Hell… even here," he growls, trying to catch with his telekinesis the stage lamps before they hit someone in the head. One, two, three… RAGE explosion. "Fuuuck!" Someone is going to get crushed by a lamp.

And someone else is so angry that Nate can feel it in his teeth. His empathic senses are not strong enough so he is bothered by foreign emotions, but this one is an exception. Growling, he reaches with telepathy to find the idiots cutting cables of the light fixtures, and then -forces- them to jump down.

It was total chaos and mayhem, even though there were others in the crowds, some were filtering in from side doors and back stage to draw down with their weapons and begin to fire. They didn't care if humans were in the mix, they were nothing but mutant lovers either way, whores who wanted to sully the gene pool just so that their children could have pretty hair. They weren't the most organized sort; but they came in numbers for the defending few, though Hulk gets a wide berth because they assume West Nile.. or something strong enough was coming that freaked them the fuck out.

Baseball bats, sticks with nails, everything was at their arsenal, chains and whips unleashed, as some jump into the crowd to handle and take care of those at the front, while the ones with guns post their rage towards Hulk and begin to fire with equal amount of output that he throws in.

"I'M NOT A FUCKING MUTANT!" Melody screams, the grip upon her hair tugging at the root and nearly snatching off as he gives a yank; he was going to drag her little butt right off the stage to beat her black and blue with the meatmitts he calls hands.

"You lying sack of sub hum—…" He glances up just in time to see a slender.. delicate fist crash right into the eye-socket. That shock was enough to let Melody go as she falls to the ground, her hands immediately going to her scalp to rub and curl into the ball amongst the mayhem. The stage had it's own party, and Melody and Kara were front and center.

Coupled with the three men, two of them come running, bat with nails easily swung at Rose as she handles the three in front of her..

Whilst those uptop? They fall off the stage, feet first.. intending to break legs but if other things happened? So be it. Shouldn't be a Purifier.

However, the other man that accompanies the man who swings at rose with the bat of nails, raises his 2x4 high into the air, slamming it down hard atop of Nate's head, there was no holding back or remorse. The guy may be slender, but with the 2x4 as his anchor? He backs his strength up.

The crowd begins to move at a tear to get those injured out, beating and bashing against the door, the concession stands ruined in their fright flight, Brinley getting caught in the downpour of emotion that assaults and assails the air. Coupled with Hulks rage?

How can she fight this?

Brinleys had training, she really and truly has, after being ambushed by the Purifiers and The Paragons so brutally attacked, coupled with Nicks feral rage at the time, the young brunette is generally well able to look after herself. Except the Hulks rage was unexpected complication…

Tears stream down Brins face as she drops to her knees, curling into a ball, fighting the waves of anger and fear that wash over her. Right now, she's useless to the group, but she has managed to start the mental exercises to help regain control…. it will take a moment for those to start to have an effect.

The gunfire hits Hulk like rain spattering on the back of a crocodile, largely ignored and doing little to even attract his attention. Fully transformed, he snorts, breathing like an enraged bull, his nostrils flaring as he raises a massive hand and brings it down hard, sending asphalt splintering as as powerful explosion of raw force knocks several of the gunmen from their feet, likely ruining the street for a casual several thousand dollars in damage.

But Bruce's friend is in trouble and, although Hulk hates Banner, he can't help but feel…something for the girl on stage, to know she needs to be protected, a primal, animal instinct that makes him roar violently, watching as the puny humans scatter around him before he leaps.

He lands on the stage behind Melody, shattering through it, his legs sinking through and splintering as he shreds metal and wood around him. He reaches out and scoops Melody up into the crook of one arm as his other hand swats away another would-be kidnapper, sending the Purifier flying up over the crowd and out of the park like he just hit a home run, leaving him facing down with Kara and breathing heavily, huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf.


"/Foreign/ sweat. I don't know where they've been!" Rose retorts as Nate sets to his own mental distraction. All movements are fluid, reactive but efficient. "Thermal." The single word making that milky white eye flare to life, the data-scroll a red that flares to life, giving her reading of heat emissions. The trio with the guns handled while one is trying to breathe and swallow, the other about to be her bopsey twin of one eyed glory, the third, her hands grip his shoulders and jerk him close, smashing his nose in with her forehead. The peer over his shoulder sees the flare of heat from Hulk's corner, like a white blnding light across sensory vision in the sudden rage induce shift.


The man in her hands crumbling just before the one approaches from behind, periphery catching his swinging approach from beind. One second…

Rose is using her captive and profusely bleeding opponent to kick upward, pivoting her misdesction to capture his swinging arm, the nails embedding into her leather clad thigh, but it does not stop her from rolling opposite mid air and releasing her man-made stand to whip around and down, the sounds of bone and cartilege tearing a meaty sound when she seeks to take him to the ground with his arm trapped betwixt thighs and achored by his own bat. Dislocating it and rotating it in its cuff a full 360 befiore she mipacts the floor.

"Naate!" The other swings and lands, felling the other mutant, a gesture that has Rose ripping that imbedded weapon from her skin and the broken grip if released.

All kinds of Hulking out up in here.

Supergirl was both relived and terrified by the arrival of the Hulk. She had heard of the big green guy, but she had never had the pleasure, fortune or misfortune of encountering him face to face.

Staring up at the big guy, she gulped a little and replied timidly, "I'm a friend big guy."

Searching around the stage with her eyes quickly, she spotted a flower dropped from a set piece and zipped over to pick it up before extending the flower towards Hulk, "I have a pretty flower for you to give to the sparkley girl, ok?"

The fighting around her was ignored for now.

Brinley was nearly trampled, if it weren't for the man who stretches and looms over her with a balloon. He was taking hits from all sides; people running up the arch of his back and jumping off from his head, bullets grazing his arm even a nudge and push of people that nearly fall atop of Brinley which sends them bouncing back and into the crowd.

"Are you okay to move?" The stretched out man asks Brinley, his head hanging at an odd angle as he protects and regards the woman, his face contorted as he takes a beating as well.. but he'll move when she does. That's his personal motto right now.

The gunfire was pretty much worthless against Hulk. One Purifier already dropped his muscle and ran towards the exit, only to be pelted by the fall of others as Hulk crushes and smashes the stage around him.

"HORY SHET." Melody turned Japanese, she seriously turned Japanese. She couldn't really say anything, she was shell shocked into a moment where hyperventilation was a dream that now became realized. Her breathes came quick as she was scooped up by the big green man, a gawk gone towards Supergirl, cause.. "HORY SHET." Supergirl! And then towards Hulk because.. "OMI-WHEEZE-HOLYHORYSHET!" Melody couldn't take it. She was surprised, scared, glad, scared, frightened, scared all at once, and she dangled like a doll beneath the big green arm, arms and legs a'dangle.. and tears. She couldn't properly hyperventilate without tears..

But Hulk wasn't the only thing that was 'Lean and Mean', Rose creates a bloodied mess of the three with ease, the last a sickening crunch that crushes the nose and nearly sends cartiledge into socket.


The man grinned sickly as the bat was implanted into her thigh, tempted to reach out and rear up but the woman kept moving! He couldn't drag his hand away, the sickening crack severing bone from cartiledge as the man screams upon the ground, his legs at a kick as the others try to flee.

And Kara.. dear Kara.. they were NOT going to fight with the two heavy hitters on stage.

They saw what she did to Roscoe! She made his eyeholes rain!! NOT COOL MAN! NOT COOL!

Finally getting her shields back up in place, Brin looks up at the man with his head at an angle and blows out a long shakey breathe. "I… I…. thank you" Drawing herself to her feet, the quiet metahuman concentrates for a moment and a glowing green and gold wall appears around the two of them… it will move with them as they move. She looks very sheepish, mortified even, to have needed that type of protection…

"If we move slowly, I can expand the shield to encompass others… but it looks like it's pretty much over…" Brin looks to the stage to see The Jolly Green Giant and Supergirl and pauses, her shield will hold for a while.

The Hulk cocks his head at Kara, her action momentarily confusing him. She has brought a…flower? Puny pink things are so very strange. But yellow hair wasn't trying to hit him…although he remembered, once, a man-thing with the same symbol on his chest…Hulk had left him buried in a mountain. Stupid, puny, interfering…

A relatively stupid Purifier attacks Hulk from behind, using a multi-barreled black market weapon that he was assured could kill any mutant. The impact against Hulk's back is, to the mammoth beast, the equivalent of having someone pinch him on the tush. He slowly turns his head back to look at the murderous bigot.

"Stupid man shoot Hulk? Stupid man…stupid," Hulk says, before unleashing a backhand that sends that weapon colliding into the man's sternum, snapping it and the weapon in two with a single blow until the guy flies offstage like he got the hook at the Apollo…

The sickening sucking sound emits as she pulls the nails from her skin. "These pants were Gucci…" Psylocke was rubbing off…Kinda. Where she got the money for them… No, not at all.

The bat is hefted as the man seeks to make further blows upon Nate's fallen form, a point fiorst to signify a home run call just before Rose shifts her body weight into it and sweeps down then up in her hit to catch the man by his side and heft him from the ground and send him sailing into the crowd, leaving her standing over Nate, those heavy boots that straddle his unconcious form stomped and twin blades protrude from the sides of the thick soles. Rose goes nowehere without weapons.

A sidelong glance to Brinley and brief recollection is had, the shield picked up on. "Help him, please!" Rose calls to the other X'er and her companion, one of the guns support straps snared with the bladed boot to drag closer and pick it up, checking the safety with a swift skim and bringing the automatic assault weapon down to level with any that dared to try and approach.

"Step closer and I will make you a strainer for the Jolly Green Giants dinner pasta." Eat your heart out GI Jane.

Kara says to Hulk, "I'm Supergirl. I'm a friend, okay?" She points at Melody, "You let me get sparkley girl out of here? I can fly her to safety. It's not safe here for her. Please?"

As Supergirl waits for Hulk to reply she does her own bashing and smashing, dealing with the Purifier scum who were trying to harm innocents. She does her best not to hurt them badly, instead focussing on smashing their toys.

God she hated racists and specists.

The one that was smacked behind the stage causes a ruckus. He was broken, as were the others, limping and dragging ass out of the arena, thankfully someone had called the cops because the sirens were not too far behind. Who in the hell would have thought that the Hulk knew some of the big leagues, and one of them was offering her a flower, in which she tries to take but was violently swung and rattled to a point where she curled herself around the thick arm that holds her to cry quietly and not see.

The stretch man backs away from Brinley, but he was seriously hurt, but he continues on, keeping a straight back in the face of Beauty, with a steel jaw and piercing eyes. "I will grab them." He says tiredly, but his hand reaches over the wall of shield in a limberness to scoop those upon the ground to bring them in a hugged- circle of protection near Brinley.

The arm even reaches for Nate, gathering him up, he seemed to be a friend, right? Rose was on her own, she did good..

Lets see how this hail of bullets can hold up to the Bride with the White Hair..

They dared to approach. Why not? But.. one of them backs up, drops his gun and runs straight for the door with the key in hand, unlocking the lock.. dragging off the chain.. and bolting…

The punches from Supergirl rang true, and it was funny.. the guy that Rose launched into the air smacked right into the one Kara punched off the stage. It was like two eggs were destined to be cracked that night and their domes had won.

"We've got him" Brin nods to Rose as 'Stretch' scoops the man up into the shielded area. "You're injured." She's finally registering Brins pulling out her phone already, if EMT's weren't on the way they soon would be. She's calling Nick, at Rescue Inc. to come and help them. As the wounded are pulled behind her shield, she expands it slightly to encompass them.

Triage is something Brins somewhat familiar with and she sets about working to classify and treat injuries as she can … she's not medkit or anything, and her clothing is torn to make torniquets and makeshift bandages. She'll keep Nate and Stretch first and move to the others."

The Hulk stares down with Kara for a long moment, seeing all the chaos around. Part of him wants to just leap off with Melody, take her off and hide in whatever hole he ends up putting himeslf into…but…

Slowly, he sets her down, "No hurt sparkle girl," he says, looking down at Melody and patting the top of her head, his massive hand capable of enveloping her head whole. The beast looks around and sees the Purifiers starting to flee, the crowd starting to thin…and he hears the telltale sound of sirens in the distance. Soldiers. Stupid, stupid soldiers.

With a final snort from his nostrils, the Hulk crouches and springs, sending himeslf flying into the air and away. He doesn't bother to say goodbye. He never does.

Brinley with Stretch incoming get Rose to shift slightly, stepping forward to guard them in their movements while some manage to cup check and reassure balls. Save a smart one… She won't neuter the one that runs. She loves the hunt.

Those that advance and do not accept her promise as word an law she advances on in a swift leap, trigger is pulled, sweeping out across ones knees, bringinh im forcefully down into a knee. Using his back as her support she /digs/ the butt of her stolen rifle into his spine and kicks up, scissoring bladed feet out at the others, coming to a landing behind the one screaming about bullet laden knees.

"I warned you." The butt end now cracking down on the back of his skull to silence his mewling.

Looking up on the stage a brow perks at the sight of Supergirl and the Jolly Green exiting now, laving behind the sparkling girl as well.

The open door is letting those uninjured and able to flee, bottlenecking, but yet pushed aside by Brinley's shield and forced to break up even then. Looking back and Brinley and Stretch she nods her thanks, moving back to them. "Normal vision." That eye flickering back to a dead milky white.

"I'll live." She finally states in response, looking to the injured they have gathered as well as Nate's prone form, then back to the stage. Jaw working.

She'll enjoy hunting down the one who ran out of public scrutiny.

Kara smiles at Melody and says softly, "Don't worry hun, we're going to get out of here safely." She moves in close to wrap her arms around the girl gently, making sure she is ok before slowly floating up into the air and away from the chaos, "Just tell me where to take you, anywhere in the world you want. I'm Kara by the way."

As much as she would have loved to stay and deal with the police and SRD, she was not the most popular member of the JL:A to Law enforcement and related authorities.

She would have waved to the Hulk but he was long gone. Maybe they would meet again.

It was a mess. Broken bodies everywhere. People were hurt and crying, hugging their friends, their loved ones, making sure they received medical care from Brinley until the assist arrives. Stretch settles down among the few, his eyes gone to the white haired Goddess, wanting to prove his usefulness in battle too, but to Brinley, he considers himself a hero.

With the Hulk gone, Melody remains upon her knees, incredibly shook from the events. Her breathing was no worse for wear but there were still tears, silent tears as she glances up towards the sky from where her green friend left, finally seeing the beast for what it was. And wishing for another…

But as Kara scoops her up, she curls up into the womans grasp, "I wanna go home. Gotham. Tin Roof…" She'll point the way. Screw New York, everything bad happened here and that brownstone will be sold in the morning.

The men who stare down in the face of Rose get their just desserts. Capped to the knee and felled with a butt of the gun after they scream a scream no man should hear. It was horrible, but they bled out.. and those that Nate managed to drop from the ceiling as well groaned out in pain with their broken legs and hips. Their destination and path clear. Hospital, then jail.

Those behind the stage were not lucky in their flights either. Police were ready and waiting for them at the back door, guns armed and raised. Their looks intent.

Move one more inch. And it's the end of the road for them.

But the bands themselves were safe and sound, everyone slowly clearing out of the damaged arena, stepping over fixtures and carefully aided to wade through the mess that was left behind.

And the only thing that was told of the story that night were witness reports of a few heroes who saved the young mutants from their impending peril..

… and a lone glowstick that rocks in a groove that was left upon the stage.

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