Blink Blinkin' Blinks

June 24, 2015:

Blink has inadvertently teleported through Xavier school grounds and into the X-Men headquarters. With enough caterwauling on the comms system, Kurt Wagner comes to save her hide.

X-Men HQ - New York City

Inside the hangar that houses the illustrious, amazing, beautiful Blackbird.


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Fade In…

Kurt heard Blink's comm-messages about about being stuck on top of the Blackbird. Definitely not the best place to get stuck, especially given the amount of security measures that suddenly notice when a young woman of uncertain provenance just suddenly appears on the surface of the X-men's billion dollar toy. Kurt quickly de-activated the security protocols and appears next to her in a puff of sulfur and smoke, "Worry not, fraulein, Herr Nightcrawler is here to attend to you. If I may be permitted?" he asks carefully.

Once allowed, he tucks an arm around her shoulder and there's another puff, only this time Blink vanished with him. For her, it's likely a bit chaotic, the world vanishing and, unlike her own teleportation, there's a moment of somewhere else, a brief hint of the otherworldly, as they pass through another dimension of hellish qualities, before suddenly they emerge again in a BAMF on the floor beneath the plane. She likely feels a little overwhelmed from it - travelling with Kurt isn't always easy for the uninitiated, "Do you need a beverage or perhaps a chair? I can easily get either," he says sympathetically to the young woman.

Blink is panting, clutching at Kurt and way too excited to feel scared anymore, even with how -high- that spot was on the plane. When she's back on her feet, she bounces on the balls of them, green glowing eyes bright, her magenta curls snapping around her head with her movements. She's a little dizzy, wobbling in place, but she's still too lit up to be concerned with how the world tilts.

"I did it, Mr. Wagner!" she squeaks. "I let myself -blink-! And nobody died!" It's still a bit unstable, she's already puffing pink, fizzling energy around the edges, remembering how happy she was to have teleported someplace, any place! "How do I do it again? Do you know? How do you do it? Everything went -pink-…!"

Kurt Wagner laughs softly and puts his hands on his hips, "Well, as to how, I'm not entirely sure. I think the mechanism is different for all of us, ja? For me, it is simply a matter of thinking about where I want to be and letting myself go, so to speak. I suppose I always feel a certain tug of it - as if the other place through which I go is another home - and so it's more letting myself do it than forcing it," he says.

He's amused by her cheerful nature, a good contrast to the brooding that's often found around this place, "What were you doing when it happened?" he asks. "Describe to me the events leading up to this 'blink'." he says

Blink entangles her fingers into each other, standing on her toes again as she frowns in thought. "Well, I…" she begins, trying to remember. "I… I don't know. I was sitting in the quad and then…" She stops bouncing and turns in place, ruffling her own hair. "I was thinking about Betsy." She blinks at this. "Yeah, I was remembering how she hugged me when I got here, and how nice that was. It was strange, I was just reviewing the memory. It made me feel peaceful."

The young woman pauses to look up at the Blackbird, rubbing the center of her chest and the full ache in there. "It felt like falling… Kind of like gravity." She peers up at the ceiling of the hangar. "Is the quad above us?" she chirps. "That'd be an easy teleport, yeah? Just like sinking through the floor."

Kurt Wagner laughs softly, "Betsy's hugs are very good, all the better for their rarity," he smiles. He considers for a moment, "State of mind would likely be a part of it, then, perhaps? Think happy thoughts, in the Peter Pan way? Some mutants activate their powers in times of stress, but it may be that stress is actually a blocker for you," he says.

He looks up, following her gaze, clad in his uniform although without the sword he sometimes carries. He still enjoys fencing, but has found he does not like drawing blood. "Yes, we keep the hangar underground to avoid spying eyes and such. People might begin to wonder why a private school maintains a piece of high-grade military technology on hand," he says with a wry smile. "Easy is good, it's the best place to start."

Blink makes a face. "Happy thoughts? Really? Oh god, don't tell Betsy she's my happy thought. She'd cry all over me and then take me out to a spa or something and then I'd never be free. She'd keep me in designer clothes for ALWAYS." Her words sound irritated, along with her tone, but there's a smile on her face and she's having a hard time making it go away.

"So… you focus on a place, you said? Like a spot on the horizon?" she mumbles, looking at the floor and walking in place in a tight circle, focusing on the ground right in front of the X-man. "I mean, in the beginning? Or was it a memory?" she asks as she walks off towards the other side of the hanger, maybe twenty feet or so away. She ponders that same spot next to him, tilting her head, then walks backward another ten feet. "Can I try something?"

Kurt Wagner chuckles, "Well, that doesn't sound so very bad, on the whole, but they don't exactly make designer clothes with tailspace, as a rule. I've worn a tuxedo or two here and there for the occasional special event, but, for the most part, I'm either in uniform or dressed…well, like the monk I almost was," he jokes.

More seriously, he nods, 'I think about where I want to go, visualize it in my mind. The more detail the better - I also have a certain…sense, it's not quite vision, but a sort of understanding of where I'm about to land. Enough to keep me from materializing in the middle of a block of concrete, anyway," he smiles.

He nods, "Please, feel free," he gestures.

Blink is listening, finding her 'happy thought' as it were, and she considers that feeling she gets when she has actually *blinked* in the past, and she tenses, ready to fall into that feeling, when Kurt mentions blinking into a block of concrete. Her eyes go wide and she squeaks as she -falls anyway- *blink* *blink* *blinking*, skipping across the hangar floor like a rock skipping over the water, a tuft of pink, sparking energy in her wake, only to *blink* right into Kurt.

About a hundred different things run through her mind in that split second, something as innocent as a gentle bump into the man has her terrified of hurting him like she hurt those she cared for, the memory slamming into her so sharply she's yanking herself back through space. The small, short *blinks* of before are nothing on this one, the shimmering -slam- of energy the first true, loud, resounding *BLINK* she's managed consciously, the pink teleporter materializing on the nose of the Blackbird. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!" she wails, clutching at the plane, facedown. "I'M SO SORRY please tell me you're not bleeding I didn't mean to-" she babbles.

Kurt Wagner gets slammed into, flung back onto the floor of the hangar with the young mutant sprawled on top of him for a moment before she blinks away again. He's inhumanly fast and dextrous, though, allowing him to get at least one hand underneath him to mitigate the impact. He's more focused on the girl, who seems more frightened than he was by the experience, 'No, no, fraulein, I am fine, I am made of sturdier stuff than that, I promise you. I can take a licking and keep on ticking, as they say," he chuckles lightly.

He BAMFs and, in seconds, appears next to her, crouching on the nose of the jet, "Trial and error is a part of the process…and that was very impressive, actually, especially in terms of the rapid-fire nature of it. Although, given that you were upset on those last, it seems that stress is another method by which you may access your powers. More than one path is good - it means you can find different ways for different situations."

Blink presses her face into the plane, shaking her head but silent, trembling like a leaf for five long minutes as she tries to gather herself. Afterward, her stubbornness kicks in and she slaps her hands against the surface. With a wince, she sits up, looking up at Kurt even as she scrubs the tears off her face with an irritated snarl. It's clear her frustration is entirely focused on herself, trying to get herself back under control.

"I'm sorry. You're right, more paths are better- …ohgodHIGH…" she ends on a moan, clamping her eyes shut after realizing where exactly she is. "Can I just… can I just -blink- down?" she asks, voice warbling a little, one hand groping out to dig blindly into his knee, her eyes still shut. She brings to mind that square foot of space he'd been standing in front of.

Kurt Wagner considers, "Perhaps you can," he says. He reaches out and takes the girl's hand, patting it a bit awkwardly, trying to comfort as best he can. "You should not be so hard on yourself, liebchen. Yes, these abilities come with us, as part of who we are, but that does not always mean that their use is instinctive or comes naturally. Especially with something such as this, it takes time, practice and experience to gain the measure of your powers,' he says.

"Yes, I know that you can do it. Try. I will stay here with you as long as necessary and, if you need help getting down and can withstand another trip along with me, then that is what we shall do. There is no pressure upon you - you will learn as you learn."

Blink opens one glowing green eye to peer up at Kurt, giving his hand a squeeze before letting go; it's probably safer that way, really. She takes a deep breath. "Thanks, Mr. Wagner, I really appreciate the help," she mumbles sincerely, closing her eyes and frowning in concentration. She pictures that square foot section of concrete, the specks in it, the scuffed texture.

Like a map in her head, she picks the spot, zeros in on it like a target. She 'folds' the image in her head, uses the memory of Betsy's embrace, warm, true, unrelenting, to find that quiet space inside of her that lets everything line up.

There's that slam of energy folding in on itself that she's slowly becoming used to, a rush of warm air and the signature *BLINK*, and there's hangar floor under her feet. She opens one eye, then the other, delight warping her face until she fairly glows with joy. She bounces in place and squeals up at Kurt in triumph. "LOOK! I FRIGGIN' DID IT!"

Kurt Wagner doesn't bother teleporting, instead leaping down, managing a few ceremonial somersaults before landing lightly on his unusual feet, "Yes, you did! I have seen it!" he laughs. "Progress! This is most wonderful, I am very pleased for you," he smiles.

"From here, hopefully, things will grow easier - once you find the proper triggers, it will become as second nature to you. And do not feel disheartened if you have trouble again another time - learning is not a straight line, but a jagged one, full of fits and starts. I have forgotten half of what I have learned, but that only makes for greater joy when you learn it again."

Blink laughs, bouncing in place again. "Oh man, I have to find Betsy and tell her-" she begins, only to stop, spin in a circle and chuckle sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck. "Um. How… do we get out of here? I don't think I can go back the way I came."

Kurt Wagner laughs, "Come, fraulein, I will show you the elevator. I'm afraid I will have to punch in the code for you - technically, this is a restricted space, for X-men usage only and not for students. But I think an exception can obviouslyl be made in this case. Be careful, though - if you teleport here and one of us is not able to de-activate the security protocols, you might find yourself caged all too quickly, young lady," he says.

"One of the best rules of teleportation - make sure you know where you're going, because sometimes…you're not supposed to be where you land."

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