In the Era of Madness

June 24, 2015:

Cutscene for the Mind of Madness.


NPCs: None.


Mood Music: Bush - Mouth

Fade In…


The same old backwater bar remained sat in. The singer upon the stage still singing the same song. Jean left alone with constructs that Rachel Summers made not only mere seconds ago. People she's met, familiar faces that the young one calls friends, they were all nice to look at. To smile at. To play a game of puppetry until one gets bored. Time travels differently in this place. The feels, the smells, the waft of smoke that draws from slightly thinned lip as the cigarette she clutches in between her fingers was ashed even though there was no need.

The unexpected creak of a chair behind her draws the tiny hairs upon the back of her neck to stand, a hand squeezed into a tight fist to still the slight tremble and released, hand easing up to rub slightly at the back of her neck. Her eyes lift to remain pressed upon the singer as the song starts again..

..a slow strum of the guitar…
..notes played meant to ease into the song..
..a timbre of a voice to soothe the soul.. her soul…

A hand reaches out to grip Jean's shoulder, the chair slowly dragged back as her body remains frozen and locked in place. Wake to dream, dreaming awake.. she's turned..

"I know that face…."

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