A Very Gotham June

June 23, 2015:

Gotham Gazette June News Post (recording for save; not log)




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++The Pillars of Planet Hordak?! What?

"These are symbolic to peace and the Planet of Hordak is watching over Gotham. They are telling us we no longer need war and that the superheroes of this planet can lay down their arms, put away their capes and embrace a greater calling as the heralds of a divine enlightened otherworldly people that will evolve all of humanity and we too will ascend to the stars." Dr. Jasper Macintosh reported. "The Hordakians will soon arrive and land upon these monolithic pillars then they will proceed to terraform our planet and us along with it."

"Some of these pillars have been discovered in our worlds past in an ancient abandoned city outside of Mexico City. We are not really at liberty to speak much of them as an emissary warned us doing so would draw in non-believers but I have it under good authority these great towers to the stars are our future, our very birthright."

"We need to prove to them, to all the aliens out there, Earth is a peaceful planet and we are ready to join them in the heavens."

That was Jasper MacIntosh, a ancient astronaut and former Gotham U professor. He and his colleagues have undergone a month long study of these what many call menacing pillars that appeared in Gotham in a spectacle that even drew the attention of several Justice League: Avengers. Since then they have been public debate and an ongoing controversy. Though we are not allowed in the quarantine zones at this time and unable to speak to any other experts besides Dr.MacIntosh we're told Cadmus Labs is making great strides in unraveling the mystery of these strange extraterrestrial titans.

Still many Gothamites could care less as thousands of residents in South Hook have lost their homes, jobs and loved ones to the arrival of these fixtures. Most of us, the writer of this included would honestly just rather see them gone from the city never to return.

++Return of the Old Guard

After recent events with the criminal allegations against former SRD Operations Manager Hugo Strange, the gang wars and riots of East End, the Pillars of South Hook and now the attack on the Tri-City Police Ball former Commissioner James Gordon has announced is he is stepping out of retirement and returning to the GCPD. He will be running for commissioner again in the coming elections and has stated, "Times of change are upon Gotham and it is our sworn duty to protect our loved ones, our homes and our city. We let bureaucracy, red tape and fear take our feet out from under us and its time to stand up again and fight back. This city needs its heroes. Every last one of them. And my first act as Commissioner will be to put the bat symbol back on top of GCPD headquarters." A strong statement and one with some serious impact to it. Current Commissioner Yindel had the infamous bat symbol removed and along side the SRD and its former manager had declared vigilantes as lawbreakers and criminal elements that would be hunted.
James Gordon is definitely showing Gotham he hasn't lost his edge and even after all he has been through his stance has not changed. Look out Gotham, James Gordon is back!

++Gotham's Man of the Month

Industries Chief Executive Lucius Fox ends up as man of the month again and in the spotlight as WayneTech climbs its way up the digital and technological arena ladder with release of the WayneTech 4G+ wifi Hologram Projection smartphone and smartwatches called simply TechPhones and TechWatches.
The TechPhone and TechWatch were released just one month after it's competition; the Horzion Lab H-Phone and outsold it within a week.

It is reported the technology for both iwas based off of Dr.Wasserschmidt's work and further refined by each respective company.

With each passing year CEO Fox proceeds to smash former Chief Exec. Bruce Wayne's cred in to obscurity as the company maintains steady growth. Since his placement at the head of the Wayne company table he has near doubled the worth. It is perhaps Lucius Fox alone that has kept the company a name worthy of comparison to clean energy giant Stark Industries or warfighter advancement expert LexCorp.

"Lucius Fox is a dear friend, an asset and a man with very few peers. It is a rare gift to meet someone of such presence and intellect. I am more than happy that he is getting recognition for his hard work and accomplishments. Oh, yes, also how much capital he makes for my company. I won't lie about that. It will all greatly help the Wayne family's ongoing Gotham Restoration Project." ~ Bruce Wayne.

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