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June 23, 2015:

Nick Fury invites two new prospective JL:A members to the Halls Of Justice

Halls Of Justice


NPCs: Nick Fury


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Fade In…

The Hall of Justice a massive complex that once temporarily housed the Justice League then turned temporary prison, sometimes embassy and now nothing more than a museum and public conference chamber. Director of SHIELD, Nicholas Fury is using at as something else today. A large red carpet theatre with a massive projection screen is being sat in front of what appears to be Caddy Shack. Yes. Caddy Shack. The laughter that spills out of Fury is an explosive bark that has him spilling popcorn in all directions, "He called me a baboon, he thinks I'm his wife."

"Andrews! You catch that?"

"Yessir!" A man in a SHIELD uniform by the wall answers quickly.

"Write that down. I'm saving that one."

"Sir, almost everyone has seen this mo-"

"I said write it down goddamnit."


"Oh this is definitely one of the last of the greats. They just don't make good movies anymore."

"No sir, they don't."

"Andrews, you're about as stale as an old saltine cracker, you know that."

"Sir, I'm… yes sir."

Captain Steve Rogers turns and looks towards Fury for a long, long moment. Finally he shrugs his shoulders. "I don't get it."

Golf is a rich person's game and, to boot, Steve grew up in the city. Throw in the slang, the fashion, and the everything else, and the hero is completely lost.

The call had been innocuous enough. Through SHIELD channels. Mostly that comes through May, since May has been acting as Jericho's 'handler' to the extent that he can be handled. Still there are other ways to get his attention and it doesn't surprise him that Fury of all people knows what at least a couple of them are.

Or he presumes its Fury, anyway.

First stop was to X-Red because, interestingly enough, the missive he'd gotten had mentioned a certain blonde sorceress that he's connected to. Apparently X-Red had gotten a message too because she wasn't surprised. Or… she is really good at not acting surprised. Either way next stop is the Halls of Justice. Via stepping disk because screw driving. The hacker glances around as they appear. Been a while since he's last been here. Dealing with Hawkgirl, actually.

"Nice place." He murmurs.

Wonder Woman is sitting in a seat just beside Cap. In the dim lighting that reflects from the motion off the big screen Steve can see that flicker of cerulean go his way in a sidelong manner while the rest of her posture remains at a regaled position. Ready for business but more then ready to e dismissed because… This move is not tickling any of her senses. What is sle learning from this. In a low whisper to Cap.

"Why do they waste their good rod and staffs on hitting small useless balls into holes and not that annoying ground creature that would feed all of them heartily?" A gesture to the screen and then her hand lingers at the appearance of Jericho and Illyana, the whisper of fabrics parting with her subtle rise to attention mixed with the protesting moans of leathered attire.

In the Clocktower in Gotham, Oracle monitors the JL:A communications network alongside her own. The sounds from the movie in the Justice League gets her attention briefly before she turns back to the task at hand. Nothing to be concerned at, just yet. Wonder Womans and Steves commentary get a faint smile.

Jericho's arrival, seen through the video feeds, distracts her once more. Interested, the redhead stops what she's doing to watch and listen.

Illyana is comming from X-Red, which means that she's not in her usual attire. Instead she's in costume, a tunic-like top that flares around behind her with the 'X' styled piping crossing at her hips and knee-high black boots. But no skulls on these. Pale blue eyes sweep the room, icy-cold and almost eerily empty of… something. She stands in a relaxed pose, waiting to be greeted or otherwise acknowledged. She'd been invited, but that doesn't mean she'll just make herself at home. Not with this crowd.

"C'mon I know they had golf and sports back in the day. You never been golfing, Steve? What about you Princess, Heraean Games got no sports where you swing sticks at balls just because? I speak of the old greats and you two pipe up and make me feel like an ass."

"Sir, we got an extra signal in here. It's piggy backing the JL:A com systems."

"Trace it."

"No need. It's Oracle, he isn't hiding himself."

A noise comes from the SHIELD Director and he shrugs, "Let 'em in on the convo. Involves them to an extent anyways. That is one of yours, right Wonder Woman?"

"There we are, guests of honor appeared just on time." Fury stands up and hands the popcorn to Steve and turns around so he can face the entire crowd. "Hrm, who we missing? The Hawkeyes. Not big deal, I'll update where required." Rubbing butter off his gloves he nods his head towards Jericho and Illyana, "Aspect, Magik. Glad you both showed."

"It must have something to do with being sporting," Steve says with a shrug. "For the life of me I can't seem to figure it out." Then to Fury, "Golfing was for rich people. Rich white people. Far as I'm concerned, it can stay that way. That's not a sport, that's walking with a metal cane."

Steve takes the popcorn, unsure of what to do with it. It looks pretty good. Decidedly unhealthy though.

Munch Munch.

He stands, looking over towards the newcomers. "Glad you could make it."

Shayera was there, quiet all the while. Whatever they were talking about was nearly missed, though.. her lips were quirked in a weird manner as she tries to decipher the jokes, the meaning.. searching for the one thing that made the movie what it was. A caddy. And a shack. She remains next to Diana, leaning in just a touch, her voice a low murmur as she points incrediously towards the screen.

"This movie is absolute.. how do you people say. Mare manure. I see more caddy than I do shack. Where are the shacks." She pauses. "Unless the large structures in which they live in are all shacks." Deadpan. Super deadpan. "I do not know how to feel about this."

Caddy Shack. Jericho smirks and his eyes gleam a little when he sees what it is they're watching. "Director, Captain, Princess…" He greets each in turn. "Hawkgirl." When she speaks up. The wings. They're hard to hide, really. "Got your message and it sounded important."

Truth is that any message one might reasonably suspect comes from Nick Fury qualifies as 'sounding important'. "I was a bit surprised to see that it mentioned the two of us though." He glances over in Illyana's direction. "Going to guess that it's not about movie night." Call it a hunch.

"She, sir. Yes, she is one of mine." Wonder Woman speaks up in regards to the director and Oracle's standing with the team. Despite a lack of physical presence she is one that is necessary when it comes to communications and information, and she would not settle for anything less after working with the woman. Hard shoes to fill if they ever needed filling.

Eyeshift again and Diana nods to Cap, reaching in and helping herself to popcorn as well, though after one swallow she is lightly tonguing her teeth to get kernels out. Yep. A food she does not like after the taste, the hand full of popcorn left offered to Shayera as well. See how she takes it. "I'd hunt the annoying ground rodent after all that and enjoy my victory feast."

Fighting through that Wonder Woman looks upon the two and inclines her head in greeting as well. "Welcome to the Hall of Justice."

Oracle isn't hiding herself. Since accepting the position to aid with the JL:A Communications and generally play overwatch, she's been monitoring their channels, ahem officially, for a few months. Electing to take pity on poor Andrews, Gothams Information Goddess speaks "It is Oracle, Andrews. Nice to meet you." Her voice, digitially disguised, sounds on the communicators present. "Simply doing my job."

In the background a message is sent to Jericho //Hall of Justice? You're in exalted company…. // He'll know who it's from and that she is listening.

Illyana gives the movie on the screen a narrow-eyed look. "Too bad. I love movie night." Though admittedly, this is not her type of movie. Her attention shifts back over to the others and, now that it's clear no one is going to freak out in surprise to the sudden arrival she moves over to find a spot to sit down. She keeps her commentary… brief. These aren't the sorts that are likely to enjoy her sense of humor. She's been dealing with business clients with DCI for long enough she's learned when to hush. Mostly. "So what's up, doc?"

"Times have changed, Steve. Do I look like a rich assed white person to you?" A single-eyed squinty stare is given to America's #1 Poster Child. "If I have to sell one of my unborn children I'll get you out on a golfcourse before Christmas."

Looking back at the others once more Fury puts his hands on his hips. "No appreciation." The old soldier grumbles at Hawkgirl's commentary, "Andrews turn it off."


The screen blacks out then turns back on with a digitized Oracle projected image. A non-material presence for the individual. It helps with the comfort factor no doubt.

"Sir, uh… uhm, hello Oracle, sir or ma'am."

"No shits, Andrew. No shits. You're now just an observer." Basically that means shut the fuck up and only speak when spoken to.

"So, let me kick this off so we're all on the same page. Justice League: Avengers has taken it hard lately and no matter how much you all fight it is still an uphill battle, the media has taken us and run is through the grinder. Yes, us. I may not be an official member but I am HIGHLY invested. I'm your biggest fan. I love you super hero high flying caped types. I'd have each one of your babies if you gave me the chance but we all know full damned well not one of us has the time or luxury to be anyones baby momma." A small pace back and forth and Fury speaks again, "This fight isn't going away. It won't go away. We need to evolve with it and I'm going to be asking a favor, I'd prefer if we had the Hawkeyes here but shit I'll make due, Black Widow already picked up this guy. " Fury points at Aspect. "I'd like you guys to consider his being grandfathered in as a member. Maybe some of you know him, maybe some of you don't, but I think you need more soldiers."

Another pause, "That ain't my big request, my big request is I want someone to consider Magik here on my behalf. She is has public rep and I've had my people profile the shit out of her, shes X-Men: Red, almost as big a league as the JL:A. Hell, folks may even like them more and that could be good for us, for you guys.

For my star team." No joke about cutting to the chase.

Shayera shrugs her shoulders idly towards Fury. She wasn't one to hold the punches and if she didn't get it she just didn't get it. Plain and simple. Surely Sarina would have something to say about it though. Easier to explain things in laymans terms. Like now. Since Jericho and Illyana arrives, her gaze falls upon them, feet soon crossing at the ankles as she leans back and forth within the chair, her wings fluttering as if she felt a tickle, her brows lowering in a faint look of disappointment.

Just when she opens her mouth to say something incredibly profound, her lips snap shut as she leans forward, steepling her fingers as the gaze remains upon Illyana and Jericho.. Jericho to Illyana.. then to Jericho once again.

"While I agree that we need more soldiers, but not the brand that this one brings." She wiggles fingers at Jericho. "I've seen this.. thing in action twice and I still believe he's a mewling cunt." She does consider, tilting her head just a little, eyes gone vacant. "But we shall carve this cunt out of stone."

"Well, one out of two," Steve says under his breath.

Captain America has a history with Aspect. To be honest, he didn't much care for the man when they first met, and he was extremely concerned that the man may in fact be a mole. That being said, gradually Aspect has shown he's the real deal, as it were.

"Aspect gets my vote," he says with quick consideration before turning his eyes on Illyana. "Beg your pardon ma'am. I haven't met you to this point. If Fury has your back, that says something to me, but," his blue eyes look over towards Wonder Woman. "We probably should get acquainted or somesuch."

Jericho folds his arms and his eyes glimmer in somewhat wry amusement. He knew this one would come due eventually. That's the thing about making deals. "I think we're being recruited." He notes it Illyana. Oracle's text scrolls across his HUD and she gets a text response.

In my experience that's right about when the floor drops out from under you. Yes, he did just quote Indiana Jones.

"Well I did promise to help out with the Initiative." The… other instincts in him want to point out that technically that was the Avengers Initiative, which this isn't. He tamps down on it. When he's not tapped out Jericho is after all a man of his word.

"From what I know of your team, you could use the magical support. And the teleportation." And the fact that she's a PR gem doesn't hurt either. Which makes his eyes gleam a bit more. Jericho is rather attached to Magik but the notion of her being a PR move is amusing as hell. As it were.

Cap's vote of confidence gets a nod of thanks. They're soldiers from very different wars, but Cap served and he served well and for that reason alone Jericho would respect the man. Plus, you know, Steve's a genuinely nice guy. He glances to the other two and smirks at Shay a little, but doesn't say anything else. They've done rounds. She's done well for herself since then though. Di's largely responsible for that.

Wonder Woman does not remain back. As Shayera speaks up one hand graces the fellow warrioress' shoulder and /squeezes/. Her terminology though olde, takes new meaning in a 'newer' world and it takes a bit to keep her facade closed down to the reaction of Truth to it all.

Along hip rests the lasso that casts its own omnipresent glow, swaying beneath the movements made by footsteps. "I do not disagree with you, Fury. We need the PR, we need those willing to stand beside who may help, but we need no further /hurt/ either. Too much is working to cripple us as it is.

In saying as much her heavy gaze stays on Jericho, though slowly it slides towards Illyana with no change in placidity as she listens to Steve speak as well. "Our problems are not only the outside, but inside. A new foundation was structured on a rocky slope and we need no more falls. If you seek to be a part of this /Star/ team, then you need to adhere to the current creed. Strictly. we have no more room for childs play and correcting outlashes. Not right now."

Now Diana's eyes fall upon Fury. "I tire of loud noises." The man yells alot lately and to Hades if she is going to take on any further reasosn for him to. She knows enough of Jericho and nothing of the blonde.

Points must be blunt now.

Oracle has read the JL:A's documentation. She knows that Aspect, along with a number of others, was part of the founding team… so no question that he should be included. Additional magical support certainly couldn't go astray either and Magik does have an excellent public profile.

"Magiks profile is available to view. Her X-Red profile, plus the advertising material that uses her." All Fury or Wonder Woman needs to do is 'press the button'. "I've worked with Jericho on a number of projects, he knows how to get things done and we work well together." That's all she'll add to the conversation.

Illyana raises a brow at Hawkgirl's comments, and can't help but comment. She just can't. "Well, With a mouth like that I can see why the media doesn't like you guys." She notes dryly. She's not terribly keen on Fury's apparent… attention. DCI's PR team works really hard to put a shine on the demon sorceress to play up on the sorceress and a hell (heh) of a lot less on the 'demon'.

The blonde's fingertips drum thoughtfully as she mulls over the apparent reason for their apperance. She can't help but be amused that Fury would spring it on her as well as them.

Captain America's words get a nod his way. "I'm suspicious by nature. I don't begrudge folks that." As to Wonder Woman's commentary? That gets an arched brow again as Illyana leans back in her chair. "First, I'm not seeking. I'm *willing*. There's a difference. You want me to sell myself to you? Then you're gonna have to do the same." She starts ticking off on her fingers. "I'm a member of X-Red. I work for DCI. I go to Columbia as a grad student and I have a hell-realm to run. And? No offense?" She pauses and then shrugs. "Eh, offense away. You've got something of a broken house, by your own admission. You don't want to deal with childish, petty crap? Me either. I don't want to have to make the time. That's too much of a headache." Because she can. Make time. Literally. Not something she wants to do.

"Hawkgirl, you and my mother would get along famously." Fury states, "Good Steve, thats the spirit I want to see… "

"Well, Aspect, consider this me cashing in on your offer to help with the Initiative. I put everything in that basket and it turned in to this." A motion towards all present.

"Internal strife is going to happen with any fledgling team, especially, with all due respect a buncha civilians. How you work through it is what counts. If you can get your heads out of your asses and make it happen like it is supposed to then we'll be sitting prettier than Agent Coulson in a sunday dress."

A thumb juts back towards the viewscreen, "Sounds like you got a fan already on board, this should be a seamless transition. And strategically yes this is a factor, magic, voodoo hocus-pocus, super science whatever you want to call it is a touchy subject where SHIELD stands. I'd like it to not be so foreign to us but it is what it is, the lot involved with that is a very secretive people." A glance to both Illyana and Diana is afforded on this one.

"Look at that, you all are getting along wonderfully already. Which, I honestly don't give two shits about how much you all truly like one another, my concern is trust, you need to learn to trust eachother and to function when it counts because whether you believe it or not, we're all on the same team. I got a list of other shit I want to talk to the JL:A council about but this here was my big opening. Shit is stirring on a side of things I don't got a lot of say so in. Shit that will directly be affecting every single person here and we need to be prepared. This is step one, building a vanguard. We work on step two when ducks are in a row and you all do your vote in vote out process."

"A broken house; one you think you'll be able to come in and fix?" Captain America says raising an eyebrow. They already have two college age students hellbent on making /real change/ within the team. That has not gone as well as it would have been liked. He doesn't hold any ill will toward Magik, but does question how this woman plans to come in and smooth over their current problems.

"I don't think anyone here wants anyone to sell anything to anyone," Steve says.

Shayera raises her brow. "Remind me. Because I did not know that being liked was needed to save lives. Good you peoples lord I quit then." She smirks at that, then remains silent. Fury gets a small nod in recognition of his parental unit, but other than that?

"Being a fixture of the public is nothing of my concern. Being fixed from the inside out shall be easy. I fail to see how Cunt and Goldie Hawn will assist in such but so be it. Whatever the number one fan wants." Fingers wave again, wings ruffled and tugged upon. There was an itch that needed scratching, and with a bend and a tug from the 'back scratcher' from the ground, she jams it right into the sweet spot and goes to town.

Illyana now gets the regard of her eyes as she speaks on and makes her own presumptions. Shayera's terminology gets a rigid posture of her shoulders to straighten once again. The squeeze was not a hint enough, she will have to explain it, but for now perhaps when thet word rang forth again and Diana stiffened the posture alone could tell Hawkgirl that the phrasing was… inappropriate for this, right here? She's going to have to figure out how to parental block her webFlix.

"As Steve said. She is not our PR person. Captain America and I have been, and even with us it has served as little good. Perhaps your school and your other team as well as its following may assist, but the damages done have come from the newness, not what once was had. We need to expand, we understand this, but we also do not need the pedastals presumed because -that- is what caused the new foundation to crack. We all stand together and understand this or this goes no further and it is well met. But that is all."

"I am not here to pitch a sale or accept one. I am here to stand with my friends for one purpose and ensure the people know that despite changes they distrust, we have not changed into their fears. I am sure you X-Men can understand that."

Oracle's vouching for Jericho was Oracle's own perception, one way or the other, this is not the Avengers, nor is this the Justice League. It is it's own entity and has changed, just as anything does over time, even mountains.

"Much like Illyana, I should point out that I was called here. I didn't ask to be part of your star team and frankly I've been doing okay." Jericho looks curiously at Wonder Woman. "Now. I do owe Director Fury, and I did promise I'd help out. But if you think that I'm going to stand here and prove my worth, please do rethink that. I have a certain set of skills and I'm willing to employ them on your behalf. Teamwork is something I understand quite well. If that's good enough for you we can talk. If it's not, well, won't hurt my feelings. I'm gonna be blunt here though, you need some kind of help. You guys got beat up pretty bad. Up to you to decide what kind of help you want. I presume you've discussed this with Director Fury before hand."

There's little to add to conversation, Oracle has data and information, she's said her piece. For now, she'll just listen and observe. There's much to be gained from the silence.

Illyana snorts softly, giving Steve that smirk again. It's like she doesn't know how to smile without that mocking edge. "I'm not a fixer. I'm just saying it's not an encouragement to jump into bed with you guys." Her expression slides into something more serious. "I *can* be a team player though. I've been on teams since I was teenager." Which makes her smirk again. "Yeah, yeah, I know. Like I'm that much older now, hmm?"

Illyana gives Shayera a narrow-eyed look at the nickname. There's the slight working of her jaw as she likely bites back more commentary. "Because life is about more than living. Being a hero," And at this she glances at the 'Star Team' arrayed about them. "Is about saving more than lives. It's about setting an example. Inspiring people. It's about hearts and minds as much as the breath in their body."

There's a short, almost bitter-edge laugh from the blonde. "Oh. You don't want me doing PR." She agrees. When Jericho speaks up, she nods over in agreement with him. "I'm not begging to be on your team. But I'm not expecting you to beg me to be *on* it either. You're wary?" Illyana shrugs. "I understand. You need to decide if you want to see if we'll work out. But if you've read what I'm sure is a rather extensive dossier by SHIELD and still don't think I can do the job?" She shrugs. "Then tell Fury thanks but no thanks. And if you haven't?" She arches a brow. "I'd suggest some reading so we can skip the dancing and get to business."

"You two will fit like a well oiled glove. The most powerful people in the world all grouped in to one place equals the biggest goddamn ego balloon this planet has ever seen, you all will either save the world or blow it to bits. God help us all." Fury leans forward and snares up a couple bits of popcorn shoving it in his mouth.
"Said my piece, tossed my cards in to the table. What you all do with them from here on is up to you. I imagine you will all work this out."
"Andrews, turn my flick back on. Rest of you can stay and enjoy some Rodney Dangerfield with me or get the fuck out." Yeah, Nick Fury just took over the Hall of Justice theatre. "Steve if you don't sit through this with me you are paying for your own country club membership this weekend. I was going to do you a solid… "

Cap is still not sure what to make of the blonde, who softens her stance just a bit. He closes his eyes for just a bit longer than a blink as Aspect goes into his bit about owing the director. "Aspect, if you don't actually want to be part of this team, I think that sort of clinches how this should play out. We had a begrudging member once. He left. Fury is right when he talks about egos. And if all of us are going to let that get in our way, we probably shouldn't go through with this."

"Who's Rodney Dangerfield?"

Shayera stops her itching to look towards Diana, a 'what?' in her gaze. Ah well. They were on the team or expected to be, as far as Shayera's concerned. Congradulations and welcome to the party and all of that jazz was not her style. She was a warrior. She -may- pat one on the shoulder and offer a few 'that'll do pigs', but other than that? They get grunts.

"Ngt." There, a grunt.

The scratching continues again as she draws her chair out and away from the grasp of Diana and nearer to Fury, though close enough to see the screen in full view.

"Rodney Dangerfield is a hack who cannot produce a shack. And that rhyme was not intended." She points out towards Cap. "Those .. golf.. clubs? Good weapons. Nnn.." -itchscratchitch-

"He's a guy who gets no respect, Cap." Jericho grins. "As for the team, I'm happy to help. Wouldn't have come if I weren't. I'm just getting some mixed messages here. If you want my help, you've got it. I get that you've got some Messed up Iraq ROE. Believe me I did eight years in and the war didn't stop when I got out. I know playing nice for the cameras. It's a drill I've done before." He shrugs and offers up what he hopes is a concilatory smile. "Just let me know what you guys think you need. I'm not going anywhere." He glances over to Illyana. "Well, probably." There are… things afoot.

"Why read what could be untrue? I am not on this team or standing here to meet fallacies and rounded edges. I asked one thing, and only one thing that either was not cut in crystal or simply overlooked by a few others. I ask you simply know our creed, what we stand for, and who we are. How we work. If you can promise to adhere to it and stand with us then I have no objections."

Diana's tongue flicks over a tooth when lips part and an inhale is drawn, heaving against the reinforced bodice. exhaustion in the tedium of whatever was going on here that Fury called in, settling on Jericho for a moment, though when Steve speaks up, she has nothing to say to that aside from give her nod of accord. Back to Illyana now, Diana steps a few paces closer, no challenge in her step or the posture, simply closing that distance and to make it seem less like a 'Hall'ow entry and more at ease.

"Have your own people not suffered due to the ongoings? Your… X-Men? they are not the only meta, or mutants out there. We are all fced with the same distaste, we all seek the same measure and the people not of our ilk are expanding it due to recent occurences. You're here because Fury thinks -both- of our kinds will benefit. -Both- of our teams. Strength and virtue through different eyes with the same intent."

A regard to Jericho with a light tilt of her head and then back, addressing both of them as hands clasp together before her. "I don't care about your electronic dossiers. I care about -you- and your intentions and the people inside and outside of this building. Bottom line. This is for them. Take it or leave it, I don't think any of us really minds. But it isn't about us, now is it?"

A small flick of the dimple at the corner of lips. No smile, just a tic of unspent emotion, remaining untold.

Turning Diana walks back towards the seats with Cap and Shayera seated within. "Hans needs to bring us something that does not stick between my teeth and make my lips shrivel. How many am I ordering for?" Join or walk. There's a movie schedule they also apparently have to adhere to tonight.

An alarm sounds on Oracles boards and her attention is instantly diverted. Still monitoring the discussion, they'll hear no more from her until the latest issues is dealt with to her satisfaction.

Whatever is decided in the Hall of Justice today, she'll be there to support whoever works with them. She's done it before and she'll keep on doing it.

"Well, you haven't told me your 'creed'. Or what you stand for. And as to who you are? Well, I'd go by what I've read but I guess that could be untrue." Illyana pushes up to her feet, the sound of her boots a soft thud against the floor. "This is obviously a bad start. You know what? Why don't you call me the next time something comes up. My our actions will speak better than our words."

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