June 21, 2015:

Rachel visits Jean in the medical bay along with Beast and Nate.

Xavier Institute


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Rachel had heard some vague details and rumors about the incident with the Danger Room earlier; she wished she had been around but she had been off the Institute grounds meeting with an old friend.

Finding out her mother is comatose in the Med Bay, she couldn't help but sigh a little as she made her way there.

Her first night back Bobby, had almost died. Now a few days later, her mom was in a coma before she could even say hi.

What was the world coming to? Was it her fault? She was definitely wondering if her return had caused the problems, whether or not it was true.

Stepping into the room, she takes a seat beside the bed, reaching out to touch her mother's hand and give it a squeeze.

Reaching out telepathicaly to touch Jean's mind, she asks her without words, "~Mom, are you there? It's Rachel.~"

Nate Grey arrives from Xavier's Institute.

It has been a long, hard afternoon indeed. Jean had never thought that it would end up like this. Though, circumstances weren't really tragic. As she thought before, they should be used to this by now. But pushing herself to the limit against the program, it was something new all together.

But she was there, attended to, in her private little sector of the medbay. Wires and IV's hooked within her arm, morphine and antibiotics to keep the pain and infection at bay. At least a lip was swollen from being punched, bruising upon her forearms, even a black eye which would sport a healthy glow once she finally awakens. There were even monitors attached to her head to monitor brain scans, bandages wrapped around fingers that were grasped by Rachel. All of them a steady beep; stability where there was none.

At least she didn't have broken ribs though! Somewhere, she's pointing at Nate and giggling..

A giggle that's heard through the telepathic link that Rachel provides, and soon abruptly stops.

« I'm dreaming. I know I'm dreaming but I cannot wake up. Unless I've finally managed to find you.. which lets us.. no. Not us. Though there are many us's here. Not one singular thought belongs to .. Rachel? »

"~Yes. Rachel. I'm back, but you seem to be a little lost.~"

The young woman closed her eyes and tried to telepathically transpose herself into Jean's dream-state, so she could see exactly what was going on in there.

"~Why can't you wake up?~"

"Hey, Ray," the Medbay is abuzz with psionic energy. Nate is bleeding it, and he is sitting on a chair, shirtless. The skin of his hands and face is reddened and his hair is partially burnt. Arms and torso seem fine besides some bruises, although there is an alarming number of old scars, and his right shoulder and upper arm show the geometric designs of black tribal tattoos.

"I got a headache, McCoy just gave me some painkillers, but it still sucks," he gestures to the bed. "Jean had a Phoenix episode or something. Fucking space bird can't leave you two alone." He is not in Jean's telepathic link, it seems.

« You're back, hnn? Where did you go? I should ground you. You broke your kind-of-sort-of-fathers heart. »

It works. Perhaps it was the energies that passed through the room that allows Jean the mental capacity to create such a scene, for it starts off dark. The smells are all familiar; cigar smoke, poison, the smell of something cooked and greasy. There's a small buzz of voices in the background, but the stage in the front of the makeshift mental bar remains lit, a singular microphone remaining upon the stage..

The man begins to sing, his tenor soft..

While at the back of the bar itself, Jean slowly steps next to Rachel, her hands tucked within the pockets of her pants.

« It's the view, kiddo. You gotta appreciate the view.. »

'All your mental armor, drags me down.. nothing hurts.. like.. your mouth..'

Rachel maintains her concentration in two places at once, replying softly to Nate, "Phoenix did this? Why would she?" Rachel's voice seems confused, almost defensive of the entity she spent so many years with, like she didn't believe the Phoenix Force itself would do this.

She wouldn't mention, Mom's loss of control with The Phoenix; was her own fault, not the fault of the Phoenix, responsibility lay with the host.

Finding herself inside of a bar in the dreamscape of Jean Grey's mind, she is not overly surprised to see Gavin Rossdale and Bush performing. She had often listened to her Mom's CDs, she had to admit, she loved the band.

Stepping back and wrapping her arm around her mother's waist she stands close to her.

"~I'm sorry.~"

It was something she had said a lot since her return.

"~I was young and stupid mom. I was being selfish in thinking I knew better than everyone, I only wanted to save you all the pain that was to come, if the future ever came to pass.~"

Jean might notice her daughter was several years older, even if her appearance hadn't changed much it was in her eyes.

"~Did The Phoenix do this Mom? Tell me what happened.~"

"I am not sure," admits Nate, looking at Rachel warily, almost feeling the telepathic chat she has with Jean. "Beast's new upgrades at the Danger Room seem to include some kind of search algorithm to personalize threats and seek what would… I don't know… scare and anger the people? We were testing a very high risk scenario. It picked Apocalypse for me, and Jean got attacked by dozens of doubles. It made her go firebird."

It was a strange thing really. Medical professionals would call it baffling, but the X-Men and everyone within the institute would call it just a normal sort of occourance. She could hear Nate speaking, even as her metaphysical self glances up towards the ceiling from where the sound of his voice comes from. One arm hooks around Rachel's shoulder as she continues to watch the musician at play, her head leaning slightly against her cheek.

« Water off a ducks back. »

She does finally glance towards Rachel and smiles. « Someone grew up. » But then she sighs, giving a slight shake of her head.

"It wasn't necessary for you to save us the pain. Any of us." She glances up towards the ceiling, indicating Nathaniel as well. "We've all seen our fair share of pain growing up. We all know what the future may or may not hold for some of us and we all are better prepared than most." She muses just a little. "I've died twice, already. What's the worst that can happen?"

The subject of what happened causes her to withdraw, and even though Nate wasn't directly connected, he could possibly feel that pull. Not a pull of him into her dreamscape, but the pull of her period. She was soaking him up.

"It wasn't The Phoenix. I deny her at every turn. It was just me. That program pushed me to my limit and I sort of.." She gestures at her face.. "..popped."

"Apocalypse." Rachel shivered a little at the mention of the name; unnerving memories flooding back into her mind, "It must have been hard. You faced your greatest fear and so did she." At least Rachel imagined Apocalypse was Nate's biggest fear and Jean's dark side was her own.


Within the dream, Rachel smiles as her mother leans against her cheek; a far better memory than whatever hell she may have remembered involving Apocalype.

She doesn't push the issue of what happened any further, not bringing her mother down further with fates worse than death.

"What can Nate and I do to help you wake up Mom? Sometimes, we all just lose control, we just need to come back from it." She was worried. For her, being a host of The Phoenix had always been a blessing, one that shadowed her even now; for her mother, it seemed like a curse.

Nate feels that pull and his eyes narrow. Something is happening in the psychic plane and he… really shouldn't. But well, of course he does. He ignores the headache and shifts his perceptions into the Astral Plane, where what Rachel and Jean are doing becomes very obvious.

"Well… look at you two, whispering at my back, I bet you are badmouthing me. My ears are ringing and stuff," he peers at Jean's mind and sighs, "you are not quite here, hmm?"

She glances up, hearing what Nate saw. It almost made her blood run cold. She's heard the stories, possibly saw the glimpses. And the way that Nate fought..

"He's alive, isn't he?" She grins. Though.. that tug and pull actually drew Nate into that dreamscape, her head slightly tilting as she regards both of her somewhat children in kind. There was that thought, and a little bit of a smile at Nathaniel's words. "No one was badmouthing you."

But he was right. She was not quite.. there.

"Just visit me every now and then.. yes?" She smiles sadly. "I.. don't know what this place is called but I like it here." She glances up towards Gavin, the song was still on repeat, but she loved this song. It was her favorite. "I've found that the little time I have spent here is a lonely time."

"Never Nate. I would never badmouth you behind your back." She tilts her head towards her younger brother winking, "I'd do it to your face." She was clearly teasing; she never had anything bad to say about Nate.

Rachel seems unbothered by the song on an endless loop, it somehow fit the atmosphere and circumstance.

"I'll visit you every day." If I can, she mentally added. It was useless to make a promise she might not be able to keep, being a psychic; at least she didn't physically have to be there to say hi. A hello was just a thought away.

"Is there anything you want us to say to Dad? Your boyfriend?" She looks a little concerned, "You're still dating, right?"

Beast arrives from Xavier's Institute.

Nate smirks, "just teasing, ladies." They were technically speaking behind his back, though. Some teasing was due. Jean inability to just wake up turns him serious. "What is wrong, why can't you just… reconnect with your body. Can we help?" He feels his own telepathic energy reserves pretty low right now, but Rachel should be at full power, right?

Naturally, Jean would badmouth him to his brain. But like Rachel, she doesn't have anything horrible to say about Nate. Save for his choice in attire. But that's another story all together.

"Scott? Yes we're still dating." Jean looked towards Rachel almost incrediously, but.. that list. My will it grow. "Yes. A couple of things."

"I want you to express my absolute anger towards him and not telling me about some deal with the Purifiers. That I had to find out from Partisan, who is a very lovely lady I might add." She purses her lips tightly. "I would say hit your father but I will gut punch him when I return for this one." She even wiggles her finger at the both of them, mildly angry. "But tell him I do understand. Also, tell him that Patricia's parents are looking to do a conference on an update to her grades. They are well aware that she was on the verge of repeating the 6th grade, and they should be in Wednesday at noon. Tell him that his papers are all graded as well, save for one. I do not know what Little Penne wrote but for some ungodly reason Scott can decipher that hand writing.." She pauses. "Oh.. also tell him that the Professor has assigned one of the students from the advanced class to shadow me for a day. But he'll have to personally cancel because I'll be indisposed."

She smiles just a little, then shrugs her shoulders. "And tell him that the laundry has been folded and put away in it's proper place. And if he can, to sleep with me at night. I'll know it's him.." She sighs a little. The rest, Scott will know. As for Nate?

"It's.. one of those things, Nathanial. I'm here, but I'm not. Where ever the rest of 'me' is.. isn't awake either. At least that's what I'm feeling. Part of me feels that I am at home and I am safe. But another part of me hears the beeping of the machines.. and you two." She wrinkles her nose a little. "That is an interesting thought, Charles."

Beast started in on trying to put the Danger Room back together pretty much immediately, but he isn't getting far. Between his tearing-apart of the consoles and what actually happened he may have to pretty much rebuild it from scratch. He actually remembered to pause and grab something to eat and drink and he decided to use that time to check in and see how Jean is doing. Padding into Medbay, he notes voices and scents and pauses for a moment to recognize them before he peers around the corner. "How's she doing?" There's a frown as he sees her still in the bed. "How are her vitals? I should probably call in someone who can heal…" wonder if Warren is available.

From within the dreamscape Rachel listens to her mother speak, making mental notes on what to tell her father; she knew better than to diplomatically phrase some of the more colourful comments when re-telling it.

"I'll let him know Mom."

She listens to the explanation of her mother's condition with interest, perhaps understanding a little too well.


When Beast enters, she opens her eyes and looks up at him with a smile on her face, "Hello Dr McCoy. Good to see you again. How have you been?"

"We should be able to pull you here, right?" Contrarily to Rachel, Nate is talking in the physical world at the same time he talks in the psychic plane with the redheads. When Hank enters the room, he refocuses his eyes and grunts as the headache keeps pounding on him. "We are talking to her, but it looks like she can't wake up."

"Hello, Ms. Summers…" Beast offers as he moves over to the machines to look at their stats. "She's not waking up…is there anything I can do to help?" He feels absolutely terribly about this, actually. He pauses as Nate explains what is going on and his shoulders slump a bit, "Jean, I am so sorry. I'll fix this, I promise." A hand then scrubs at his face, causing him to replace his glasses, "Do we know anyone else who can heal besides Warren?"

Jean looks up towards the ceiling as she hears another voice approach. She gives a slight shake of her head, looking to both Nate and Rachel. "I am unsure." She really wasn't sure, even if she could wake up. But either way, she felt fine where she was where her body was concerned. Everything was operating normally, and she was healing at her usual, extremely normal rates.

"Tell Dr. McCoy that I'm fine, and that he needs to stop apologizing. Things like this happen almost all the time. Though, we may not want to alarm the rest of the faculty and staff and keep this as minimal as possible. We don't need too many hands in the Danger Room's consoles."

"I don't think there is anything any of us can do except keep checking on her Doc. It seems sort of like her own battle to fight." At least that's how it seemed to Rachel, maybe Jean just really didn't want to leave her dive bar in her brain where Bush played Mouth 24/7.

"As for healers, I might know of a girl. I don't remember her name, but I used to see her with that vigilante, Spearhead quite a bit. She's a witch and a healer." It was the best Rachel could offer in that regard.


"Will do mom." Rachel hugs her mother within the dreamscape, dragging Nate into the astral hug as best as she could.


"Dr. McCoy, she wants you to know that she is fine and you need to stop apologizing. Things like this happen all the time and we shouldn't alarm the rest of the faculty and keep this as quiet as possible. We don't want too many hands on the danger room consoles." Rachel relays the message from her mother to Dr. McCoy, speaking out-loud for him.

Nate stands up with some effort, withdrawing his mind from the Astral space, "I think she will be fine," he notes to Hank. "I am going looking for something else for my headache. Hold the fort a couple hours, Ray. Then I will take over." He heads out, walking with a slight limp.

"No one should be touching the Danger Room consoles except for myself right now," Hank offers and watches as Nate limps off. "Did you wrap that?" is called out to him before he moves to take Nate's seat. "This was my fault…I should have just tested it myself…" as he usually tends to do anyhow. This is why he doesn't like to use other testers!

Nate Grey returns to OOC Land.

Jean frowns as Nate suddenly departs, her eyes lifting towards the ceiling again as she lets out a slight little grunt. A chair is soon slid over, in which Jean flops upon, a pack of cigarettes soon produced to pack ever so slightly. "When I was younger, I thought something like this would be cool." She tells Rachel. "Smoking." She continues. Thankfully I never tried in real life so I don't have to actually worry about the addiction."

Where was she going with this? No where, really. With the bar seemingly smokey itself, Jean lights up with no problems at all. However? In the room, they could hear a faint hissing sound that draws when she exhales a breath.

"Tell Dr. McCoy that if he would have tested it himself, we probably would have found him when it was too late." The smoke, it begins to leave writing within the air, writing that was unknown and unfamiliar. "Give him my hand."

Rachel sends out a telepathic goodbye to Nate when he departs. Looking to Beast and sighing a little, she reaches out to take his hand and place it in Jean's hand, "Dr. McCoy, if you had tested it yourself, they would have probably found you when it was already too late."


Rachel seemed amazed that her mother was smoking. She hadn't tried it herself, but the thought of inhaling harmful carconigens through her lungs was very appealing.

"Mom, I never knew you were such a bad girl."

She reaches for the pack, when in Rome (Or Jean's head).

Beast isn't aware of the conversation or the scene going on in the Telepathic world…but at least Jean can still communicate. Sort of. "Then it would have been only one and not anyone else hurt. I'm not sure that it would have been that great of a loss…not like trapping Jean outside of her own body or harming others." He's all sorts of guilty over this.

Even though Beast is touching Jean's hand, and she could somewhat feel it, she remains within her chair, nearly reaching out for the cigarettes to keep from Rachel but.. when in Rome. Right? "I'm not that bad. Okay, a little. In dreams, we're allowed to stray from the straight and narrow because they're mere fantasies. I would love to sit in a bar just like this in real life, listening to a voice like his." She inhales.. the blows out the smoke towards the ceiling..

Jean's hand tightens with considerable effort around Hank's.. and if he was still prone to guilt, she could tap into that but not erase it, but ease and comfort him with a hug. It would feel like Jean, even though she was there asleep. But the arms would come from behind to hug him, cheek to cheek, a motion that would hopefully encourage him and give him faith. Also to let him know that everything will be alright. It was just .. time.


"Better here in the comforts of our own home, than out there in the middle of the street. Right Rachel?"

Rachel inhaled the fake cigarette, "We can, when you wake up. New York has tons of great dive bars that have amazing bands. Just wait, we'll have a girls night out."

As much as she would love to, she didn't want to remain in the dream state for too long, she had to attend to the real world still.

Reaching out to hug her mother, keeping the cigarette away she whispers, "I love you Mom, try to have some fun in here until you wake up. Let's make some friends for you.."

Rachel focuses a little and begins creating psychic constructs of some of the more interesting people she's met, including some time displaced people to hang out with Jean.


She reaches out to pat beast on the shoulder, "It's ok Dr. McCoy. We all would miss you greatly and if you got hurt badly, WHO would fix the danger room. Come on?"

Beast looks over quickly as he feels Jean's hand tighten around his. Well, that at least means she's not comatose. He then looks over as Rachel pats his shoulder, "I appreciate that, Ms. Summers, but you do know that's not really true. Someone else would fix it, I'm sure." He looks back over at Jean and gives a sigh, "You go on…do what you need to do. I'll monitor Jean for a bit if you'd like." Before he gets back to work, of course.

"I have to take you to the one Logan took me to before he left." That, was a bit of fun. Maybe Logan would pay too. This idea seems to warm her a little, but she could feel.. something within her start to wake up. She keeps quiet however, leaning over to return the hug, a tight squeeze given to her daughter as she pulls away, wiping a bit of hair away from her face. "I will.." Of that she was certain, and yet.. when more friends were made for her to bide her time with, she looked on with a slight.. happy-sadness..

As Rachel departs from that dreamscape, Jean sighs as the others mill about, one leg crossed over the other as she looks up towards the ceiling. She didn't want to drag Hank inside with her, he had work to do soon.. besides..

Something was coming.

"Oh Cripes Hank. There's not another you out there. Yet. You can't think like that, even if it were!" Shoot. Rachel was gone.

"Can you hear me Hank? You cut that out!"

Rachel gave Beast a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder, "You're one of a kind Dr. McCoy, in all my travels, I've never met anyone quite like you." Maybe it was a lie, maybe it was true; maybe she just meant this Beast was super unique and awesome.


Rachel blows a kiss to her mom as she departs from the Dreamscape, sighing a little sadly at the thought of her mom stuck in there for god knows how long.

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