Night Terrors

June 15, 2015:

Fenris is hunting in dreams again… Night Terrors abound



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Fade In…

The Greek Philosophers had once referred to dreams as 'private worlds' that people turn aside to at night. That is not entirely true. Mostly true yes but sometimes the tides of magic and chance bind together the dreams of several sleepers and cause them to share their private worlds. Or inhabit new ones altogether. Mostly the people to whom this happens never know. They simply dream, believing it all to be flights of fancy. The turnings of a mind now settling down to rest.

Those who know how to read such tides though may slip between them to find those they seek, or seek out monsters of the deep spaces, for even in dreams there is more than is dreampt of in most philosophies. Such is the case tonight. A great wolf prowls through a darkened woods, hearing soft chants in latin and celtic drift on the wind. A time before, but not quite. Not if the gothic city lamps interspersed throughout the forest are any indication.

It's loud, it's all so loud you have to lift your voice just to speak. The clatter of a million insects, rainfall, and who knows how many other critters all crammed into one little strip of vegetation. They called it the green hell all those years ago, and the Partisan isn't about to start correcting them now. She moves with a spooky sort've familarity here, pausing to nudge vegetation out've the way with the barrel of that short barrel Colt Commando in her hands. "FUCK YOU" has been lazily painted across the side of the receiver in neat yellow paint, and well then theres the war paint. Vietnam tiger stripe, Alice gear, a boonie hat with the chin strap pulled up over top to tie the sides up. Then of course, is the face paint. Brilliant ink black, and a stark white wolf's skull.
The Partisan pauses as she steps out of the green pressing hell that was Vietnam of memory, and into the woods. Dipping her head as she lights a cigarette, as her companion slips up along side. It's a tiger, kind of. It's enormous, tigers don't actually get that big nor do they have glowing eyes and sabre teeth but this one does. The pair exchange a casual glance "Don't look at me, this shit isn't on the map."Already producing the plastic covered, wax coated section of map from her shirt pocket before busting out that massive lensatic compass.

For once, Babs is dreaming… of green hair and white faces, rictus smiles and the report of a gun as it discharges. The redhead has actually dozed off at the console in the Clocktower, and whimpers a little as the dream takes hold of her. This is not a dream that she allows herself to have….

Looking up, as she lays on the floor, Barbara Gordon stares into the face of The Joker, she's fading fast… and the mans evil words are barely heard "A message for your father, Miss Gordon. I'm sure it's one he will understand." The woman passes into unconsciousness.

The latin and gaelic chants underlay Babs dream… and the wheelchair bound woman grasps subconsciously for the source.

Lynwen is here for here there is healing and here there are answers. It is deep in the woods near the edge of a quiet pool of moonlight does she appear. She is dressed in a white robe. She is wearing heavy gold jewelry. Her blond hair has been pulled back into a single braid that is held in place with gold clasps. She is chanting and upon her forehead rune glows pale like moonlight. In her hands in dagger of gold and silver, there is a feral smile upon her face. Mist begins to rise as do willow -wisps. Her eyes are bright. She continues to chant and weave spells. It is then when others enter into the wood she moves through it, seeking them. She catches sight of the strange lamp posts. But it from the shadows the trees she appears moving like a silent apparition. "What do you seek or I should ask who are you both?" Her gaze turns to the wolf and she offers a smile. "You I know."

"I should hope so." The Wolf murmurs as he slips through the trees. Coal red eyes look to find Partisan and her feline companion. His head tilts curiously. "Interesting. Ludie, is it not? I did not think to find your dreams…" Babs whimpering over not too far away gets his attention then and he walks over to touch her and with his nose and bring her out of it. "Ah, that's what I was looking for. I thought I scented a Night Terror about…"

"It's Zora now, actually."Part corrects, ever so casually before letting that carbine loose to hang from it's sling. She surveys the scene quietly, she's had enough strange shit go down in her time to know it when it happens but that doesn't mean she knows the rules. "I'm Zora, blondie. I'm better known as the Partisan, as for what it is I seek? Well that's mighty philosophical right out of the gate, isn't it?"The Big tiger thing sweeps around behind her, keeping pace as the pair slowly advance. Eventually sweeping in a circle around Fenris, to offer Babs a hand and a grin. "Hey girl, nevermind the cat here. Need a hand there, and don't fret over the Tigress. That'd be my other half, it's sort've complicated I guess."She does indeed seem pretty chill, but then again who wouldn't be with an enormous sabre toothed man eating tiger to watch your back?

Nudged out of the dream, Babs blinks her eyes and instinctively reaches out for the Wolf-Gods neck to sink her fingers into the fur. It's a grounding effect. "I never let myself have that dream" the redhead murmurs and looks up as Zora offers her a hand… Still in the wheelchair, she touches the woman hand and shakes her head, "I would welcome the company as we go through this journey."

Seeing Lynwen, Babs smiles faintly "Your chanting grounded me, thankyou."

There is a laugh out Lynwen, "Well put! Old habits die hard, one cannot help but to repeat what one has said a thousand times." She moves towards where Babs, Fenris and now Blondie. "You are welcome, never have that dream? Memories do they haunt you or is it a dream that haunts you that is not of memory?" She asks Babs. "If it is a memory do you want help to keep the dream away?" She looks back to Fenris. "Just as I would hope you would remember me old man." She smiles impishly when she says that.

"Well…" Fenris says as he watches a group of shadows swirl out from Babs chair and begin to circle the group. "I'm afraid it's not going to be quite that simple. Something was riding you Babs. And I think it was looking for someone." He glances back at Lynwen. "Zora I'm not sure if that gun works here… but I think we're going to need you and that tiger in a minute." Dreams are… odd. People have, largely exactly as much power as they think they do in dreams. Which is why nightmares are so terrifying. They make people think they're helpless… and so they are.

That swirling darkness gets closer… and faster.

Part just offers babs a quiet little nod in return, before things start getting wild. "Big surprise, always a fight on somewhere. C'mon Babs, you ready to do this?"Casually flicking her cigarette aside, before taking up that M4 and inhaling deeply. Theres a casual chamber check, before pulling it into her shoulder. "Francis, Miss"That'd be Lynwen she's nodding at there of course. "You two just aim me alright, I've read a few books but I don't trust myself to recognize the real threats from the window dressing alright?"

"No… thank you, Lynwen. It is a memory, a painful one but one that makes me strong." Babs smiles faintly and the pales as the shadows begin to swarm. "A few things, I think, Fenris." she murmurs to the wolf and withdraws to escrima sticks from the back of her chair, laying them across her lap. "But they have no power over me, I won't let them. Yes, Zora, I'm ready…. " Quietly confident, despite the pallor of her complexion.

As they get closer the blood appears on the robe of the Druids chest she frowns and looks down then she turns her head to the side. She shouts out a command and sword of fire appears in her hand. There is no fear on her face just exhaustion. The rune begins to fade. "Do you know how to use a sword Francis?" She asks. She looks to Fenris and nods her head. Then she looks to Babs. "I will let it stand, but I can teach you something to help you sleep, if we get out of this." She offers.

"Be very careful. And don't trust your eyes." Is all the great wolf has a chance to get out before the darkness sweeps in and coalesces. It looks different to all of them. To Zora, the image of a very familair looking hispanic man… in a suit and tie with a CIA badage and a handgun aimed right for her. For Babs, a clown. Green of hair and pale of skin. He doesn't have a gun. He has a knife. It's not going to be quite so clean this time. For Lynwen, a knight in black armor holding a sword. A very familiar sword.

Whatever Fenris sees, it makes his eyes narrow and he starts to circle. It's attacking them each individually. They'll have to overcome what it's pulled out.

"You.."Is all Part can come up with at first, the rest is well automatic. That Colt erupts with a bark, chugging brass and well yeah no short controlled bursts here. She doesn't stand still, She doesn't adopt any semblance of a "firing stance". She rushes foreward, dumping that magazine as an arm reaches behind to grasp at the machete sheathed there. That tiger is no less offended it would seem, and the pair rush that 'company man' in perfect time. Flawless unspoken symetry of movement, almost like they

"You have no power over me." Babs meets the clowns eyes and pulls her escrima sticks into a fighting stance. The clown lunges at her, with an overhead motion, slashing that knife down whichever way he can. Babs moves her chair forward, inside the clowns reach and sweeps his arm wide with one stick, whilst smashing his knee with the second….

Taking the sword Lynwen slams it into the ground when she sees the familiar sword. It is a sword she cannot strike against him. She then begins to chant. Her eyes are on the knight as they begin their deadly dance. "I created your weapon and I can unmake it." She tells the knight. From the very earth she calls on fire. The fire glows and turns white it whirls around her and the knight. The two move sequence. He strikes at her and she dances away, her flames strike his sword and his armour. The blood continues to spread over her robe.

And now the nightmare logic comes in. The image of something to terrify, or infuriate is only part of it. A steady influence creeps over the scene as Fenris wrestles with something unseen. Movements seem slow and take a lot of effort. Blows seem robbed of force. The insideous magic whispers 'you're weak, you're helpless'. And the visions seem to say that its true. Babs clown grabs at her, the leer on his face promising a fate worse than a simple shot to the spine. Partisans company man returns fire, even as he takes hits that should kill him. The black knights strikes become shadowy snakes that try to burrow into Lyn's flesh and eat her from the inside out.

"Shake it off! The spell's a lie! You're only that weak here if you believe you are!" If they can shake it off… the beast is done for.

The shadows reach out for Fenris, from then there is a low growl, that seems to get more intense. The shadows themselves lunge at him and grow more solid. The move there is a laugh in them another growl. With each of his heartbeats the shadows grow more solid.

There are powerful memories in the Partisan, and powerful fantasies of revenge long denied. The tiger drags it's claws down the man's spine, before Part can get in on the action. The stiff knock of bone as she brings that machete down on his wrist, the acrid smell of human fear and fresh blood. The sudden lightness of that big beat up Machete as it sweeps by, before she can drive the CIA guy down to the floor and get in on him. The profanity rolls, as does that raw animal screeam as she sinks a thumb into the man's eye socket. That Machete falls away as she draws a dagger, and well it's pretty fucking brutal. This is the partisan, she's killed a whole lot of men but well. Maybe never quite as hard as this, theres bits of the man's suit and flesh and guts and blood and screaming and it's all pretty god damned horrible. "Come on you stupid worthless fuck, you can't even fucking die correctly!"Yeah, revenge fantasies are powerful things.

Babs hears Fenris words and closes her eyes for a moment, gathering her resolve around her and she brings her sticks to bear with precision. "You don't frighten me. You're just a bitter and twisted man." with each strike of the stick, the clown is pushed back until the redhead sweeps a stick at his ankles…. knocking the clown off balance so he falls.

The black snakes strike at her and it tries to burrow into her flesh as they do this she shouts. She moves out of the way, but one of them one catches her on her arm as she is not as strong as she was. She then shouts and calls upon the water rises from the earth and then freezes. She throws them at it. The ice hits the snakes. It turns to black ice and then it shatters. Another bolt of ice is sent towards the snake.

Fenris lunges at the shadow of himself. Well himselves. One of his nightmares, the destruction of everyhting he holds dear at the hands of the only monster he can't defeat…

The clown fades away and the snakes and knight likewise, exposing the heart of the nightmare, a swirling mass of red energy. Partisan, though, seems to be hanging on to her opponent even though he's beaten. As if she can't… let him… go…

The growl comes again at Fenris and this time it becomes more solid, it lunges at him with bared teeth as it snarls. Its weight is solid. Another growl and the shadow wolf circles around him. There is a laugh in the wind.

Theres now way more blood, gore and so fourth smooshed around than any ten men should have much less just this one. Yet he's still writhing and she's just, not stopping either. Grasping his jaw though a cut in his cheek using it and the shattered remnants of that jaw like a handle in an apparent attempt to break his god damned skull open. The blows she rains down with that otherwise unoccupied left are titanic, shattering ribs anew with every blow. Unsatisfied with the field of gore, limbs and organs that just seem to regrow as quickly as she destroys them. All whilst the Tiger circles the pair, watching with rapt fascination. "You worthless fuck, I'm gonna mail your eyes back to your wife before I fucking field dress her like a rabbit!"

Babs blinks at the swirling mass of red energy. She's not magical, she has no superhuman powers, she is simply human. And yet… she is strong and has overcome much. Concentrating on the swirling tumult, the redhead tries to send the energy of strength, love and compassion into it.

Falling to her knees when the snake disappears, Lynwen allows herself a moment to rest. She stares at the heart and then she gets to her feet and reaches out to take the swirling mass into her hand she holds it in her hands. The colors swirls and changes, she can feel the cold. She the turns her will upon bending it and changing it into an acorn.

Between Babs and Lynwen the Night Terror shrieks and writhes. But it won't fade. It's drawing strength now from Partisan's anger. Her willingness to indulge in the fantasy is giving her new life and slowly its encouraging a new, blood soaked nightmare…

And then Fenris jumps on her. Turns to ignore his own fight and actually jumps on her. "Hey! Zora! Enough! It isn't real!" He might regret that in a moment.

It changes when he ignores it the shadows fade away but its heart remains. It beats in time with his and it grows bright with each passing moment as draws on the power of the other nightmare to remain. It moves towards Zora's nightmare seeking to join it.

The Partisan may be pretty strong, but well she's also fairly small and so the wolf's pounce has more than enough force to get her pulled off the body and pinned into the floor. Snarling and writhing as she tries to get back to the, well slaughter. "No god damnit!"Grunting as she tries to push Fenris away, before simply falling limp with a low groan. The Tiger perhaps surprisingly, neither joins in the fray nor does it move to stop Fenris. Instead well it sits down and seems disinterested at the exact moment Part just, well gives up. "Fuck."

As Fenris pounces, Babs looks over, finally seeing what Partisan was fighting. "Let it go, Zora. It can't have power over you if do …." So says the redhead with a fear of green haired clowns.

"You give them power over you, those that caused this. It is time as babs said to let it go, move forward. What you hold on to and not forgiving yourself is what gives it strength." Lynwen says as she holds hers in her hand. She looks over at Fenris and waits.

Fenris sighs in relief as Zora just kind of… goes limp. The dark heart of the creature implodes under the force of those who do not fear it. The nightmare scape fades to be replaced by the forest it was. "Whew…"

"Is everyone okay? That was a bit… intense."

Partisan sits up quietly, before rolling back onto her boots and lighting up a cigarette like nothing ever happened. "I'm fine, It didn't hurt me."The opposite is not true, of course. Either way the blonde steps away from the group, hiking that M-16 up onto it's shoulder before leaning in against that tiger like a convient rest. Not that the big cat seems bothered in the least. "Sorry, lost my cool for a minute there."

"I'm just dandy, Fenris" Babs smiles "That might have just guaranteed that I'll sleep a little more though." That's one nightmare that's been with her a long time. "Nice to see you again, Lynwen." the redhead chuckles a little. "We seem to meet under strange circumstances."

Watching Zora lean against the Tiger, Babs smiles to herself. "Keeping your cool in some circumstances, can be a challenge that's for sure."

"I would not worry, we all have our moments. I have had many of them and will have many more. You have just not seen them yet." Lynwen tells her. She then looks to Babs and she nods. "You were there when I got the papers, we will see each other again in our dreams, I think." Her gaze goes to Fenris. "Tired and worn out, too many battles and more battles to come. Three are lost in the hells, speak with Zee old man. It feels like the storm has yet to reach shore and to break."

Fenris quirks an eyebrow. "Aren't you just full of good news." He says dryly. "Don't worry about it Zora. Night Terrors tend to do that. That's how they feed. Producing emotions like that. Fear… they prefer, but they'll take anger."

The wolf smiles at Babs and gives her a nod before walking over to the tiger Zora is resting against and peering at her curiously. Who or what is this?

Zora and the Tiger turn in perfect unison to peer right back after Fenris. "I'm a very old kind of thing, if you're half as clever as you like to think You'll figure it out."She isn't saying the B word, but well she may be asking too much of Fenris. He may have never seen a bodark in person, much less stepped into their dreams before. The eyes though, thats where it's interesting. Different colors, different shapes but the same raw animal intensity. The two aren't just in tune, they're one greater whole. Down here in the dream is just, well before the "spiritual linkage" is made. "I don't like losing my shit, it's unacceptable. So I do indeed worry."

Babs looks between Lynwen and Fenris, a small frown on her face, the information noted for later. Just as she's about to say something to Zora, an alarm can be heard and Babs blinks out of the dream…

Waking to find herself back in the Clocktower, her systems alerting her to something that needs her attention.

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