Lockmar From Norheim

June 20, 2015:

A Purple Dragon appears on a street in New York….

New York


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Thor is flying about the city trying to find any portals Frost Giants or Odin knew what else might use to violate the city. He hasn't really spotted anything and so far, he's feeling better that it might just be an anomoly. He spots the woman in the crowd below of course, but doesn't immediately recognize her in her present form from the previous day.

Then he senses a mystic source though and heads down. But it isn't a portal. Its a woman. He says,"Hail…and well met?"

There is a sense of something magic, old magic clings to the woman in red she stops in her tracks. Her moss green eyes look up at the sky and runic scar on her forehead is can hardly be seen. It takes her a little bit as she scans the clear blue sky and then she spots Thor. She raises her arm in greeting and waves it, though she does not call out, instead she continues to wave her arm hoping he will catch sight of it.

Zee's out walking, well, she might be going to visit Fenris or Jericho… but for now, she's enjoying some time for herself. With John Constantine, Kitty and Jesana's spirit, still in hell and not receiving word from him, the Mistress of Magic is growing concerned. But, Darques threats are more pressing and that's where her thoughts are focussed.

Sensing Lynwen nearby, Zee's head comes up just in time to see Thor arrive as well. Heading towards the pair, the raven haired woman raises a hand in greeting. "Hi! Fancy seeing the two of you, here…"

Thor says, "Hail and well met. I am Thor. I recognize you Zatana and something of your aura seems familiar. I am seeking breaches from other realms but thus far thank Odin have found none."

Joshua emerges from a nearby drugstore. He is carrying a small sack in his left hend. His right hand is in the front pocket of his blue jeans. In addition to the jeans, he is wearing a T-shirt that hangs loosly over his slender frame, and a pair of scuffed, well-worn tennis shoes. He has stepped onto the sidewalk in time to see Lynwen waving, but not in his direction. While he walks toward her, he tilts his head and peers sky-ward. His eyes signal recognition when he spots the hero swooping closer to the crowds. Then he also waves. When the hero calls to Zatana, he looks around them for the familiar magician. When he sees her, he inclines his head. He lift the bag and removes from it a bottle of water, which he offers to Lynwen. "I don't know about breeches from other realms," he calls, "But I'm sure that with this crowd and the rising temperature, trouble is soon to follow."

Lynwen lowers her arm and calls out to Zee when she approaches, "Zee!" Her accent is thick and sounds like it is a mix of Welsh, Norse and perhaps Gaelic. "It is good to see you." Her words are carefully chosen and she takes her time speaking in English. She looks over at Thor when he joins them. She smiles warmly and then points to herself. "I am Lynwen and you are?" She asks him in a warm tone. "How are you both doing?" She asks them both. Her smile is as warm as her tone.

Zee's dressed as she normally is, complete with the diamond encrusted collar and emerald pendulum at her left hip. "Lynwen, Joshua, this is Thor… " she grins a little "he fought with us in the library, remember?" Blowing out a breath, she gives Lynwen a careful once over "How are you feeling, Lynwen? After the other day… Joshua, I'm so sorry if Lynwen was harmed…" But she hadn't considered John's bloody mindedness…

"Breaches from other realms, Thor?" That has Zee's attention "is there trouble?" before she grins a little at Joshua "I think they call it Daves Disease…"

Thor blinks,"Is the temperature risising? I was una…oh, pleased to meet you Lynwen. I am Thor of Asguard. I have been sea-"

At that moment, a hundred yards away, a large dragon steps out of a portal and begins to breath rocks at people. It is over forty feet tall and purple, with cute bronze horns. People, of course, scatter all around.

"Yes." He sighs,"Like that.

Joshua inclines his head to Thor when Zee names him. "I do recall our collaboration," he acknowledges in his distinctly English accept. "We had no proper introductions, but I felt sure that they would be forthcoming in due time," he notes. Turning to the Asgardian, he adds, "Jolly good blows with that—" However, the arrival of the dragon, and the chaos that follows it, interrupts his train of thought. How inconvenient! "There goes the neighborhood," he quips. Quickly, he steps between Lynwen and the fearsome purple people eater. "We're at the wrong place at the right time."

"Thank you," Lynwen says to Joshua as she takes the offered water. Her smile turns impish. "You melting yet? No trouble."

Her attention turns to Zee next. "I am doing well, much better, I worried about Jes, Kitty and John." She nods her head. "It okay, I will be more careful."

Then she looks to Thor. Her jaw drops, then in Norse she says «Pleasure son of Odin, Dragon». She has not reacted quiet yet as her eyes are on the creature and then Joshua is between her and it.

Zee…. sighs…. even a simple walk turns into something fun for the young mage. The purple dragon makes her think of Lockheed, who's currently haunting Shadowcrest. "So… shall we try to put it back where it came from." She glances between the three with her and her gaze lands on Thor "Anything we need to know about it?" Her eyes are already glowing with power "If there are no objections, I'll try to reoppen that portal so we can push it back through."

Thor says, "It is a Lockmar from Norheim, a subrealm of the dwarves, and it breathes stone…it is blind but has keen hearing. It's underbelly is vulnerable…" he turns his hammer up and says,"I shall distract it if you can clear yon civilians for a f ew moments"

Joshua looks from Thor to Zee and then nods. He looks toward the pedestrians fleeing and the drivers bailing from the cars. "I don't think that they need coaxing," he remarks. "Open that portal, and I'll do my best to steer him toward it!" A faint blue-white glow begins to form around his body. He looks to Thor. "How does it react to lightning? Would that help to drive it where we wish?"

"Okay," Lynwen says to Zee. She shouts out a command and spear of fire appears in her hand. "You open we push, you need power let me know." She says to the young mage. The blonde is looking up at the flying purple eater. "She breathes stone, no safe place to hide building harmed." She points out to Thor. "Time for wind and I will try to help crowd." She looks to Joshua. She looks to Zee and then to Joshua. She leans over and kisses Joshua's cheek before he gets ready to do what he is going to do. She then begins to chant and when she chants the magic of the earth swells and grows the wind howls and goes to push against the flying creature making it have to change course and go back in their direction.

Portals… Zee's getting kind of good at them… this one, though, she's going to have to track back to the origin. Nodding as her three companions deploy, the raven haired mage thinks for a few moments before intoning her spell

~~ dneS ehT ramkcoL kcaB oT miehroN, A mlaerbuS fO ehT sevrawD ~~

Zee does listen… and she knows that her spells work better the more specific her wording is.

The portal flickers behind the dragon as it begins to open, slowly widening till it's big enough to send the creature through. "Go… now… "

The portal opens and it begins to slowly fall upward, not liking this state of affairs at all it grabs several nearby buildings. Several thunderbolts to the face confuse the poor thing to impotence showing that lightning hurts but does not harm it.

Joshua touches Lynwen's upper arm when she kisses him. Thor's first thunderbolts hit. They might not harm the dragging, but they definitely cause her to flinch, and that could be useful. With a sudden surge of blue-white energy, Joshua launches himself into the air, using an electrical field to repel against the surrounding atmosphere. With arms raised again, he zaps the dragon with the force of lightning while flying an erratic pattern, but always pushing toward that yawning void of blackness that Zee has opened.

Calling up the wind Lynwen tries to herd the Dragon with the wind towards the portal. She also calls upon fire and sends fireballs in the creatures' direction. The balls of fire are tiny but when they hit the creature they will engulf it in flames. She is careful not to touch Thor or Joshua. She is just trying to help push the purple people eater towards the portal. All round them chaos reigns. The sound of sirens fills the air.

Securing the portal, making sure it is one way only, Zee adds her efforts to the others "Poor thing is probably scared and confused." She murmurs to herself. "Time to banish this poor thing… "

~~ ramkcoL nruteR oT ruoY mlaeR ~~

The pressure on the purple purple eater starts to increase, she's drawn inexorably towards the portal…. "As soon as she's through, I'm closing it…" Zee calls to Thor, Lynwen and Josh "So keep people clear of it…."

Thor isn't going to take a chance, and begins swirling the hammer to blow any would be tourists by haphazardness backward so they don't get caught up with the thing. He wouldn't wish it on anyone..the realm of the dwarves that is.

Joshua nods to Zee when she issues her warning. Seeing that the dragon is on a direct course for the portal, and unlikely to miss it now, he swerves to one side and circles back toward the ground. As he feared, a few intrepid witnesses, one clutching a phone that she is using as a camera to film to the event, are standing too near the vortex that Lynwen commands. He waves to them. "Back! You're too close!" he yells at them. Two break and run, but the one with the cell phone stands her ground. He straif her with one hand raised, a lightning bolt strikes the gourd near her, raising a cloud of dirt and grass, and inspiring the budding videographer to seek cover.

Sirens wails and news vans have been dispatched and social media a buzzing with tweets and likes. Lynwen is oblivious to it. She is focused on the group she is with and the magic and last but not least the dragon. She continues to chant and the wind above them throws itself against the dragon as the fire balls slam into it.

Zee's spell drags the dragon through the portal and as the beast disappears through, Zee drops the spell as quickly as she can, trying to close the portal before anything can follow the dragon through….

Thor spots no one else and flies up, pushing the dragon upward into the portal. It isn't like he will be stuck there after all.

Joshua swoops once more around the area to be sure that it is clear while Zee, Thor, and Lynwen drive the dragon into the yawning black void. When the portal closes with an almost audible snap. He lands not far form Lynwen and the bag that he dropped. He reclaims the bag and pulls another bottle of water from it. He stops to kiss Lynwen on the cheek and then he walks toward Zee. "You'll need rest," he warns her, and offers the bottle to her. "If you need anything, we will be here." Then he looks upward and calls to Thor. "Do those dragons travel alone or in packs? Should we expect others in the near future?"

With them doing what needs to be done Lynwen quiets the wind. She then makes the fire spear disappear. The kiss on the cheek as her smiling, "How many more tears?" She asks. Her voice is very careful. She looks up at Thor, "Good Job!" Her attention is then drawn to Zee. "You okay?" The sirens are getting closer.

"I'm fine, but I will need to rest" The light in Zee's eyes fades as she speaks and accepts the water from Joshua "It's nice to work as a team. Thank you for working with me." A quick look to where the portal had been "I hope the Dragon will be ok, though. Thor, do you know why the portals are opening? Is it chance or is it something more malicious."

For some reason, Zee doesn't seem to be concerned by the sirens. "Shall we perhaps find somewhere to sit, that's out of the way?"

Thor says, "I do not. I am scouting now. I will let you know what I learn as I learn it. I wish I could stay, but I need to keep scouting."

Joshua nods to Thor and lifts a hand. "Well met!" he calls. Then he looks around the area and spots crews preparing to deliver live reports for the sensation-hungry media. "I saw a cafe not far from here. if we move quickly, we should be able to claim a secluded table," he suggests. He returns to Lynwen and offers his arm. "All of us need to rest," he repeats.

Waving to Thor, Lynwen's attention is then drawn to Joshua and Zee. "I am okay, not worn yet. Yes, we need to sit and rest. Let us go. Zee, come to Cafe, yes?" she offers her arm to her. The sirens continue to blare and lights now can be seen.

Taking Lynwen's arm, Zee follows with the pair as she waves goodbye to Thor. "Well that was a bit fun, wasn't it?" The young mage looks slightly worn, but nowhere near like she used to expending that type of energy. "What bought you two out this way today, anyway?"

Joshua leads Lynwen and Zee down the street to a small, casual cafe that someone unfamiliar with the area might miss. "We paid a visit to the British embassy this morning to deliver some papers," he answers. When they reach the door, he holds it open for them. "I don't think that harmed the poor creature. I certainly hope not. I should like to know why she was here in the first place."

The lovely call of sirens and the sweet sound of chaos fills the air the midmorning air. The sun is hot already and the city is pressure cooker of odd sights, sounds and scents. Law enforcement has appeared and there are injured in this area. Witnesses are calling out they saw a purple dragon who was purple people eater. A tiny pool of quiet can be found down the street in the form of a Cafe. Walking into are Zee, Lynwen and Joshua they are all arm in arm.

"Embassy and then breakfast, the clerk speaks Welsh, happy to help us. Welshmen are still good." She tells her as she adds her voice to the story. "Wore red today and blue yesterday, I am learning about the city. I do not like the subway."

Nodding to a table in the corner, where the sunlight filters through and they can watch the street where the dragon came through, Zee listens as Lywen and Joshua speak. "You know, I didn't get chance to let Primal Force know of the disturbance… I wonder if anyone picked it up?"

"I do not know about Thor's sensitivity in these matters, but I would guess that if the opening portal attracted his attention, it might have drawn the interest of others," Joshua guesses. "Do you need a more private place to contact them?" He asks Zee. "I have the distinct impression from his comments that he expects similar … oddities in the near future." Then he nods to Lynwen. "It certainly was good to find a clerk who cares about serving fellow citizens," he agrees. "I think that he should accept his invitation to high tea at some point, if things like that don't interfere." He waves toward the street, as if indicating the disturbance that they just left.

"Any news on three lost ones? They should, you all came to beach after I worked magic." Lynwen offers her words are carefully chosen and her accent is thick. She then points to the amulet that Zee owns. "Welshman, he knows." She grins at Joshua then she goes to settle herself into a seat at their chosen table. "You order?" She asks him as she arranges her skirts around her.

Amongst the first responder vehicles, black vehicles with no obvious markings start to appear. Apparently SHIELD has arrived. Late. Agents in black suits meander through the area, gently and subtly steering reporters away from harassing the most shell-shocked looking bystanders. And just as the trio are settling in to their table at that cafe, May appear near them wearing what is for her likely an unusual ensemble. She's wearing a white buttonup shirt with black trousers and matching black blazer, her pilot's sunglasses obscuring her eyes from view.

"I take it you're here for the coffee and not to people-watch."

"No, I don't, thanks Joshua." Zee's mind is already thinking to her pendulum, sending a message across the leylines, just as May arrives. Smiling up at May, the young mage chuckles a little "Coffee, mainly, Agent May. " Shaking her head to Lynwen, Zee looks concerned "Not a thing, Lynwen. Well, nothing directly anyway."

Joshua takes one of the menus while they talk. "Tea for you, Zee? Would you like a pastry with it?" he offers. He scans along the columns, and then he taps one. "The Cobb salad looks good,' he mentions to Lynwen. Then he looks up from the menu to May, and shakes his head. "We saw enough of the crowd earlier, before all of that lot arrived," he answers, waving a hand toward the street to indicate the first responders and the reporters. "There was a … bit of excitement. We decided to stop here for a bite and some quiet until things settle." Returning his attention to Lynwen, he adds, "They don't have iced tea like ours, love, but they do have lemonade."

"Small things?" Lynwen asks her curious. Her gaze then goes to May. "You good? Here because of what happened?" She asks with a bow of her head. Her eyes are on may. "Always of the earth, the Koi are well. A dragon comes to mind.." Joshua takes care of them." She explains. She then turns her gaze on to Joshua. "I can try it, is it too sweet?" She asks him.

Melinda May glances around, as if to either make sure no other SHIELD agents are around or to mentally make note of the locations of all reporter types in the area. Then she nods to Lynwen. "Yes to both. And I'm glad to hear the Koi are doing well." And that right there is where she hesitates. "A dragon?" She glances from the druid to her two companions, though the sunglasses likely obscure the look. "We… might have to talk again later." She doesn't move to join them at their table, as she's apparently technically on duty. So she remains standing nearby. "If the iced tea they make is too sweet, make your own. Ask for hot tea and extra teabags. Brew it extra strong, then pour it over a cup of ice." He description is… somewhat clinical. As if she's repeating it by rote and not from practice.

"Yes please, Joshua, tea would be lovely. Nothing to eat just yet though." Zee smiles and then looks at Lynwen "Just rumours from the various dimensions, John hasn't sent me me word directly, Lynwen." Mays comment gets another chuckle "Yes, this time from a dwarven realm." Poor May… she has to do the paper work on this one.

Joshua looks around the room for a server. Then he smacks his forehead and looks at Lynwen. "The koi!" he exclaims. "I forgot that we need to buy more food for them, and some groceries for ourselves." He grimaces. "The store will be a madhouse if we wait too long. I suppose that we should head for the island sooner than we planned."

"Zee, you okay to rest?" Lynwen asks her. She then rises from where she is seated. Her moss green eyes go to May. "Good see you again, will explain more after trip to store. Hope to talk to you soon." She then holds her hand out to Joshua. "Time to go?"

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