Investigating X-Factor

June 21, 2015:

Jamie reaches out to people to see if he can recruit help

M-Town - New York


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Well there have been ads getting placed in the paper, and Jamie had his dupe that was working with the X-Men tell everyone that he saw about the new venture that he was putting together in Mutant Town. Hey it was very simple just a small little private detective agency. Mutant Town definitely needs their own special detectives after all. There are just a ton of people in the area, and well hey they have the standard problems that regular people would have.

So Jamie sits in the office, waiting to see who shows up for the meeting that he was spreading the word about. He has one dupe at the front desk, until he can find a receptionist that is. But hey Jamie can totally save on salaries this way. And of course Jamie is sitting at his desk just playing some computer games, dang Steam sales always distracting him and stuff like that. Plus well he's waiting for a case to show up. But he keeps playing, and well drinking a little, since well detectives in the movies always seem to have a few drinks.

As people arrive the dupe at the front will be directing everyone towards Jamie's office, letting them know that the bossman is back there and expecting them.

Kurt Wagner manifests in the lobby with his trademark BAMF, the smell of sulfur and a hint of smoke bleeding off of him. He's undisguised, having determined recently to try to spend more public time in his own skin, rather than under the cloak of holographic illusion. Plus, in theory, he should be among friends or, at least, like-minded acquaintances. He does have on a nice trenchcoat, though - he's seen the Bogart movies, he understands the proper attire for this sort of thing.

When he's directed, he simply teleports the rest of the way inside, appearing perched on the back of a chair, his forked feet providing him a nice grip atop it as his tail swishes behind him, "Guten tag. I am pleased to see that I am timely today. I had a devil of a time on the subway - you would think they had never seen a blue, furry devil elf mutant before," he says with a wry smirk. "I am hoping there are refreshments, ja?"

"Thanks for coming along, Doug. 'Berto hasn't approved this totally yet, Doug. It's a fact finding mission and another set of eyes and ears are welcome." Brinley's speaking to the man beside her as she enters the office and follows the directions to Jamie's office.

"Mr Madrox? Brinley Myers and Doug Ramsey from X-Red." Seeing Kurt perched on the back of the chair, she smiles warmly "It's lovely to see you again."

Doug, in contrast to all-business Brinley, is less interested in -business- and more in -coolness-.

"No problem," Doug replies, with great enthusiasm. "You know, I always thought it would be -cool- to be a detective. I mean, hacking into files and such is kind of like sleuthing, just done with computers. So anything we hire them to do, I'd be able to help out, but I want to see what a -real- private dick would be like. Uh… don't look at me like that, I mean, you got to get hip to their lingo, right? A detective's a dick, so…"

His voice trails off, and Doug flashes a grin at Kurt, then moves to offer a hand. "Jamie Madrox, pleased to meet you!"

Once people show up Jamie stands up from the desk and closes the game he was playing, hey they had the Fallout games on sale, so he bought them and was playing Fallout 3 at the moment. He extends his hand to everyone as they show up and shakes their hands. "There is a fully stocked bar over in the corner, help yourself." Hey what kind of Noir Detective agency would it be if it didn't have booze.

"Please grab a seat, and make yourselves comfortable. Would anyone want anything to eat or drink besides some alcohol? I'm a well trained barista and a darn good chef as well if you want anything. I do have an espresso machine, not sure what I have in the fridge but sure I can whip something up if you want." Hey have to present the style to the people that showed up.

He smiles and nods at Brinley, trying to sort through all those dupe memories to try and remember if he had meet her before. Then he gives both Doug and Kurt a nod, "Well I'm sure people just find you really interesting, and they just can't help but look at you." After that he sits back down in his chair and assumes his best Godfather pose, "Now I am sure you are wondering why I have called you here?"

Kurt Wagner smiles and nods to Doug and Brinley as they arrive, 'And you as well, fraulein," he says. He hops down and wanders over to the bar at the offering, eventually pouring himself a few fingers of Glenlivet, idly swirling the cup for a moment before he takes a sip. Catholics, luckily, do not have the same aversion to alcohol as some stripes of Protestant - Kurt can hardly imagine how such people get through life on a daily basis.

"It is that, yes, or some of them are wondering where they can find stones to throw on the three o'clock to Brooklyn. Probably a little bit of both," he says good-naturedly, resuming his seat and allowing Jamie to continue, his legs folding neatly underneath him.

"Can we… just not use that term please, Doug" Brinley murmurs to her companion, she can just hear the puns doing the rounds of the office.

Shaking Jamies' hand, the brunette metahuman nods slightly "A coffee would be lovely, thankyou, Mr Madrox" Unless it's a social meeting, she tries not to drink when working. "An impressive list of skills you have there."

Seeing his look, she takes pity on him "I don't think we've actually crossed paths yet. I was at the Institute from the time I was 9 and was placed with the Paragons for the last four years of schooling." It's possible they've seen each other around, but never actually met, even though they both seem to be about the same age.

Settling into a chair, Brin looks to Doug with a smile, "I believe we are both intrigued as to why you contacted us. Certainly, 'Berto would like to know more."

Not being able to use -that- noir lingo? What a shame. Still, Doug complies, nodding as he takes a seat. "We do have a lot of cases we could probably use looking into… are you operating mostly out of Mutant Town, or are you willing to travel aboard…? I didn't know you were working for Jamie, sir," Doug directs that last one towards Kurt. Mostly out of deference - Kurt being older, and above him schoolwise, he earned a healthy 'sir'.

He still smiles at everyone, and at Brinley's request presses the intercom button and summons for his receptionist dupe, "I don't think anyone else will be joining us right now, so can you please make Ms Myers a coffee?" He pauses after that and turns to her, "Or would you prefer a Latter or something else? He can do it all of course." He nods towards his dupe as he says that.

"As for why I have spread out word, well I am starting my own detective agency here in Mutant Town. Well in fact I have been doing the detective thing for a little bit. And I have decided I need some more help, hence why I put the word out. There is only so much that even I can do, and I am finding out that there are some things even I can't handle."

Once again there is a pause, and Jamie takes a sip from his own drink, "See Mutant Town brings with it, it's own special cases as I'm sure a lot of you will understand. Heck this morning I had a client swearing that her husband is cheating on her. However he is paraplegic and can't leave the house. But he can make an astral projection that can't be seen by the naked eye. That is just an example of something I can't handle by my own. How can I prove that either way?" He sighs after that, "So that is why I started spreading talk and put an add up. I need a variety of people that can help me around here. Either powerwise or with other skills that I may not have. I still have more to work out, like well pay and well learning all that business side of things." Man he sent the wrong dupe to study Business, that one just wanted to live the Animal House experience at college. "Any questions so far?"

"And I can see that even Mr. Ramsey has mentioned some cases already. And I can travel anywhere. One of the benefits of being me, is that well I can be in as many places as I am needed, as you can tell."

Kurt Wagner nods as he sips, leaning back in his chair, "Mutant Town has need of more local business and self-policing. Outsiders do not know how to deal with the uniquie problems and situations that arise here. And many who come here seeking refuge have no reason to place the least bit of trust in so-called authorities. They have too many memories of being rousted or run out of town by men and women in badges wherever they lived in the first place," he says. He has such memories himself, although the people who lynched him made no pretense of doing so in an official capacity. They just wanted to string up the freak.

"I don't have much needs in the way of money - I still get a stipend from the Institute, although, I admit, I am behind in my teaching duties. But I want to make myself more a part of the community here in Mutant Town. And this seems like an opportunity to do that," he says.

"Just a coffee, thankyou, nothing fancy." Brinley smiles at the dupe in acknowledgement before settling to listen in polite interest as Jamie speaks. "The unique problems associated with M-Town and metahumans, in general, is what convinced us to visit, today." Casting a glance to Doug, Brinley nods to her companion "Doug can explain a little more about that. I'm the business side of things."

As Kurt speaks, Brin nods slowly in agreement before turning her attention back to Jamie "It sounds like you need more than just powers, unless learning business is some form of mutation?" She smiles a little, it could well be … who knows?

"Well, I can help with investigating or communicating, if you like," Doug responds, as he grins. "Though I'm guessing if you're looking for us, we could probably work out something like, you know, mutual accomodation. You scratch our backs, we scratch yours. I mean… Brin here thinks we could do some sort of exchange- you borrow some of us for your needs, we hire you for investigations, right?" Doug turns towards Brinley. "Like she said, we had some issues because we're trying to work with -everyone-. But sometimes, you know, Mutant Town people think the mutants working for DaCosta are pretty much Uncle Toms, so we need someone to work with here who won't give us flak for wanting to work with non-mutants too."

Jamie nods to Kurt, "I do try and help out as much as I can around the community. Also have a tendency to do a decent amount of pro bono work for the people around here. Sadly not all of them can pay, but they still need help after all. But you're welcome to come and go if you have other responsibilities. Also if you want a place to stay while you're here, I do have a few rooms upstairs for people who would like to stay here."

He does give a slight smirk to Brinley, "Well I did try. But well the dupe that was learning business for me ended up joining a frat, and well the rest is history." But hey he has some great memories of those days at least. Just well wasted money sending that dupe to college.

"That I can understand a lot of people in Mutant Town just haven't trusted normals for a while. Most of them remember the bad ones that well hated them for being born different. And they don't seem to like those that work with them as well. But I am willing to work with everyone of course."

Now the dupe returns with the coffee for Brin and sets it down on the desk for her. There is cream and sugar of course for her to add in as she wants.

Kurt Wagner nods softly, "That sounds agreeable enough to me. It would be nice to have somewhere to stay when my work in Mutant Town keeps me late. Sometimes the commute back to the Mansion is more than I would like…and teleporting can be tiring, especially over such a distance,' he says.

He listens to the others. He knows only somewhat of Sunspot's organization, never having visited it himself. "One of the dangers of associating openly with wealth and power, even in service to a greater good - many cannot help but be suspicious of motives when those who offer the help do so from the lap of luxury. I mean that not as a criticism, merely to offer perspective. The people of Mutant Town have suffered greatly and, in the X-Men: Red, they wonder if they're not merely being given a shiny bauble, all promise and no substance. In time, I am sure, you will be able to alleviate such concerns. Although you will always have critics - everyone does, ja?"

Brinley gives Doug a quirked eyebrow before smiling at the dupe who brings in her coffee. Adding some cream to it, she listens in silence, stirring slowly. "Actions speak louder than words." is all she offers to that particular discussion.

"Well, Mr Madrox, I missed the whole university experience when I studied" a faint smile "Distance education gave me the knowledge, DCI gave me the experience… I wasn't really…. in a place, emotionally, to socialise with others. "But Doug is correct, we could consider some type of exchange… we've each got skills and expertise that other does not. For example, we may be able to assist with admin and marketing… mundane I know, but vital in the success of any good business." Inclining her head towards Doug "And Doug is a master at computers and comms."

"And languages, don't forget languages," Doug chimes in with a grin, as he leans in. "Besides, I always wanted to be involved in these things. If you need a lie detector, I've got you covered. Body languages're one of the things my abilities cover."

Leaning back, Doug looks back towards Brinley. "But yeah, if you're set up in Mutant Town, people're probably more likely to trust you than us. So… if there's something we can do, we can help out. Though, uh… if you're aiming to stay independent, you're probably either going to need to convince 'Berto or Brin here to keep you on retainer if you need money. So… convince her."

There's a knock at the office and a deep, somewhat growly voice to accompany it. "Hey Brin, you called?" What appears around the doorway is… a werewolf. No other way to describe it. Tall, broad shouldered, brown fur, expressive ears. He's in a flight suit with the logo of Rescue, Inc on the shoulder patch and the name 'Wolf Cub' printed in a police/military font. "So this is Jamie's new place? Swanky. Hello folks."

"Kurt even if you don't decide to work with me, you will be welcome here anytime. Just feel free to stop in and say hi. There will always be a room for you if you want it. I'm sure the people in Mutant town will welcome as much help as they can get as well. There are a lot of people here that need some type of assistance, more than even I can provide."

He looks between Doug and Brin for a moment, and smiles when Doug challenges him. He stops and just looks at Brin for a moment, then gets up and tries to get a closer look at her, even looking at her shoes for a moment. Then he returns to his seat, "Okay lets see here, on the way over you stopped for a cup of coffee, you did that twice actually. My dear you need to slow down." He doesn't hesitate as he continues with his observations, "At one of those stops for coffee you checked your tablet 10 times. That's a little overkill there, don't you think? You also gave the change from the coffee to a homeless guy outside, and then went in and bought him a cup of coffee." He leans back in his chair and puts his feet on his desk, "You also spent some time talking to Doug. I'm sure you want what you talked about to remain private, so I won't start going into details about that one." There is another big grin on his face after he says all of that.

"Languages are good, I can only do a handful myself, but I am still learning what I can. But hey having you help out would be great." There is a nod to Wolf Cub as he comes in, "Hello and welcome to my new place."

Looking at Nick as he enters, Brinley nods "I did, I thought maybe you might be interested in what Mr Madrox had to say." It's something that Brin does, make connections. "Mr Madrox, have you met my friend Nicholas Gleason?"

"Doug is good with languages, yes…" and Brins eyes widen as she's regaled with her actions on the way over "To be fair, the first cup of coffee was just awful" she smiles back "and discretion is appreciated." she gestures with her hand "So your detective skills aren't in question. You have my attention…. I will need to speak to 'Berto and get his approval" but lately, he's been good at giving that "before we proceed. How can X-Red help you, best? I believe Doug already has ideas for how you can help us." A glance to Kurt to gauge his reaction and Brins attention is back on Jamie.

Doug nods at Nick before elaborating on Brin's comments. "We could probably supply more resources, financially and technical. Though I -am- wondering how you managed to deduce all that." He casts a look at Brin, considering. "What gave her away, exactly?"

"Hey there. Jamie right? Madrox? I think I've heard the name before." The werewolf offers a glawed hand before looking back to Doug and Brin with a smile. "More and more mutant businesses cropping up. I'm starting to not quite feel so lonely out there." It's still a small field but hey, every little bit helps. It's not easy but it's worth it, at least in his opinion.

"So is DCI going in a partnership with this or is this just a social call?"

"A man has to have his trade secrets you know." There is a smirk when he says that, the Sherlock Holmes routine always impresses them. Of course the fact that it all came from a few dupes that he had scattered around New York is well a little less impressive, but hey they don't have to know that, right.

"I am sure there is some help we can give each other. I may need help in other areas, as mentioned skills that you guys possess that I don't have. That would be greatly appreciated. And of course whatever I can do for you, you just have to name it. But I wasn't sure who would be interested in helping me out. So this meeting would just be a little bit of a feeler to see who would be interested."

He pauses after that and looks at Wolf Cub for a moment, "So wolf form, right? Do you have the enhanced senses to go with it? Cause that could be very useful to me at times? You wouldn't happen to be interested in doing some work with me? I can do it freelance if you have other commitments as well."

"Never ask a magician about their tricks" Brin shakes her head as Doug asks how Jamie did it "Never ask a detective how they found what they did." You might not like the answer. Looking over to Nick, Brin smiles again "Well, not a partnership exactly, Nick. As Mr Madrox just said, we're exploring the options." Looking between the four men in the room "It would appear that Mr Madrox could use more… mundane skills in addition to those that meta-humans bring." Like Brins business knowledge.

"We're interested, Mr Madrox. But as I've said, the final decision, doesn't rest with me." Brin settles back in her chair and takes some time to sip her coffee — only the second one since leaving X-Red HQ.

"But working with a detective, you still have to understand a reasoning process," Doug replies before he considers. "For example, he could have had us under surveilliance at some point… you can find out a lot about a person just from his GPS and what he accesses, for example."

Looking back at Jamie, Doug nods. "So I can help out there, if that's not what you were using. You probably want Kitty for hardware, though she's been busy lately. I haven't seen her in a while. Is there anything else you want, specifically, from us, though?"

"Sense of smell and hearing. And it's not a form so much as just… me. Can't turn it off. Makes grocery shopping interesting to be sure." And tailing people hard. Hence his line of work in a medical startup and not anyhting else. Well he could have done a lot of things but he likes medicine. "I wouldn't mind helping you when I've got free time but got a business of my own. Which…" He takes out a card and hands it to Jamie. "If you ever get in hot water call me. We do metahuman medical extraction. High risk stuff. Actually we're in talks with DCI to support X-Red operations." Not that X-Red fights a lot but when they do… well, it's good to have someone willing to coem get you. He flashes Doug a grin. "Don't know if we've formally met by the way. I'm Nick. I think I remember seeing you once or twice at the school but I don't think we ever really talked."

Brin well… he knows Brin. Quite well.

"Well as has already been pointed out I can definitely use a business manager. That would be very helpful. It is a skill that I'm, not that good at. So if you can give some help there it would be greatly appreciated." He pauses once more, takes a sip from his drink, "And the lady is right, you don't ask how it's done. Unless you become an assistant of course."

"I can tell you I wasn't using GPS, no hardware like that was involved at all." Just good old fashioned footwork, and having a small army at your disposal. "But any type of computer work or even hardware stuff could be appreciated. I was planning on trying to talk to Kitty, but I haven't had a chance to do so yet." There is something about the invite that just feels it needs to come from the Prime and not just a dupe.

"I can use some medical skills, that would be useful. I have some EMT training, but that's just enough to keep a person stable until they can get to real doctor." Man the things those dupes have learned for the guy are amazing, you know. "So I am sure we can work some stuff out there if you would be willing."

Brin chuckles a little "You'd be surprised how many aren't good at managing their business" finishing her coffe, she places the mug back on the table. "Nick's good people. X-Red are going to use his services. Enough people getting in trouble to warrant it." Brins even going to do some EMT type training herself.

"I'll pass the details onto 'Berto and be in touch, Mr Madrox. The next meeting, I hope to be able to beat out some details." Rising, Brin looks over to Kurt "A pleasure seeing you again, Kurt, don't be stranger. All X-Men are welcome to visit X-Red HQ, we welcome it in fact." And they do. "You'll hear from me soon, Mr Madrox." beat "Nick, would you like to walk with us a while?"

"If you don't mind, Brin, I'll stick around here a bit. I want to check out the rest of this place, get a feel for things," Doug responds, tilting his head towards Jamie. "If you don't mind, sir."

Nick smiles. "I'll keep in touch Jamie. Brin I'd love to walk with you. Why don't we go get some gyros. They're just down the street." With a grin and a wave the werewolf turns to head out and wait for his friend.

"Feel free to stick around, not much to see here though. Just a living area upstairs, and a few offices down here." Hey he has to be honest about that, "It was a pleasure meeting everyone. My other self at the reception desk has business cards, feel free to take one if you would like. I am sure I will be talking to everyone soon." He stands up from the desk and offers everyone a shake as they leave, "I recommend the lamb at the Gyro place, they are awesome."

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