Disappointing Mother

May 16, 2015:

Mystique finds out who leads the Purifiers. And is disappointed.


M-Town has had a rough time lately. It's not going to get better


NPCs: Graydon Creed, Purifiers


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Fade In…

M-Town is quiet tonight. Which is not a real good thing, really. M-Town only really gets quiet for the same reasons a forest does. There's predators about. Of course in M-Town that usually means 'mutant hunters.' Or mutant haters. Either way. Far from the glow of the clubs and other nightlife businesses in District X, a number of shadowy figures move, lead by someone who looks like he's in some form of power suit.

Of course M-Town is not without its protectors. A number of the residents have the ability pose a serious threat. Others… watch the place from afar, and for their own reasons. What moves across the rooftops tonight is one of those things. A man in black tactical gear with a case swaying behind him, paralleling what sure as hell looks like a military formation moving up one of the side streets in a double column.

A couple blocks ahead of the column is a girl on a rooftop. She looks like your ordinary every day hispanic girl. Other than the cateyes letting her see with perfect clarity, tweaked for eagle vision as well. She is studying the movements and gait of all the troops and trying to determine what her brotherhood lead tipped her off to. It is a good thing Mystique was at one of the M-Town safehouses.

Mystique has likely dealt with Purifiers before. These are… not the purifiers she's used to fighting. They're better armed for one thing. Odd rifles and a a clattering suggest a kind of armor that's simply unheard of. Funny that she can't really ID the rifles. The figure in front… he may seem familiar. Horror Show they call them. A champion. Very, very dangerous. They're on the prowl, looking for a way to… make a statement.

Well Mystique squints a bit. Then squints a bit more and sighs and slumps back against a chimney. Okay she is very torn. "Oh Grayson…" she certainly hasn't been pushed to the point of time traveling to kill her own son. Maybe she hopes he will go all mutant eventually or have some sort of turning of his resentful spiteful ways. This will need to be handled very delicately.

Delicate… is going to be interesting. That figure on the other roof looks over at Mystique and cants his head. He's just pulled something that looks very much like a sword. These purifiers are moving with military precision. Someone's been training them. They halt at a signal from their leader just up the block from a club. He signals a pair of his folllowers to start forward bearing incendiary devices. The other man on the rooftop frowns and pulls a silenced sidearm and levels it, aiming carefully. Odd. He doesn't seem like a mutant… wait… he may seem familiar though.

The obviously not with the purifiers mutant eyed girl squints and shakes her head "Damnit.." she mutters then hisses "Take out the grenadairs.. don't kill the leader." and then starts to move fast for the edge of the building and then over it .. parkouring into the shadows with metahuman grace.

That's who he'd been aiming for. The weapon fires twice and the genadiers drop. Of course they're out in front of the column when they do so, so that's when all hell breaks loose. You have to admire them. They go for reacting to close ambush with startling efficiency. Someone's really been training. Their leader though just balls his fists and scans for the threat. Where is it? Jericho's already dropped off the other side of the building and is working through an alley.

Mystique makes her way fast through the shadows and then is out of them behind the column reaching to grab the furthest back and closest to another alley and yanks him back into the darkness… where there is a sickening CRUNCH and then nothing but silence.

The weapons come up in the direction of that sound and fire. Hiss, bang! Lasers. They have laser rifles. Bits of brickwork vaporize and explode. Then a moment later a dark figure barrels out of alley and crashes into one. The blade flashes, knocking over another. Then the weapons get turned on him as he slides behind a car and comes up with that sidearm again, the silenced weapon barely audible against the laser fire.

Mystique hugs the wall now and looks concerned "lasers… well they are upgrading…" she shakes her head now and ducks along taking advantage of the lasers being focused on Jericho. She charges into the midst looking just like one of the armored figures. Keeping them between her and Jericho so he doesn't accidently shoot her.

The hood of the car is full of burn holes now and that's when Jericho traces out, raising his demon-wolf armor. It's… quite a spectacle. And of course it draws cries of "MUTIE FREAK!"

You'd think they'd learn to tell a real mutant. Either way he's getting all the fire now, but he's also thinning them. Rapidly. Horror Show turns on him and raises what looks like a rail gun at him.

Mystique is quickly running out of people to hide behind so she steps quickly still looking like one of the Purifiers behind Horror Show and tags a Hydra EMP to his armor from behind, and detonates it. "Graydon. You really need to stop this and get better friends…." she isn't even sure he can hear her but she seems sad about it.

Jericho didn't hear her, that's for sure, but the EMP detonation gets his attention. It gets Creed's too. His armor locks up though so there's not a whole lot he can do about it just at the moment. Fortunately the hacker turned wolf-soldier is too busy mopping up people who are shooting at him to bother with the downed man.

Whether Graydon recognizes Mystique's voice or not his questionable. She can see his jaw tighten though.

The fit hispanic girl in black leathers crouches down and strips him of his weapons with incredibly practiced efficiency. "Now I am going to take these away until you can play nice with others.. and I am not going to let the very angry individual killing your thugs kill you..but Im serious this can't continue."

Jericho's about done with the other purifiers by now. Several got away and he doesn't seem to be in a mood to give chase. Killing them doesn't really serve a purpose at this point. Graydon though grunts as he looks up at the hispanic girl. "You can't hide. We'll find you. We'll find you all. It's coming. Just you wait."

The young woman sighs "Shh Graydon…" she palms a tazing device and jams it up under the helmet and tazes the holy shit outof her sun there. Maybe if he cools down for a while in jail he will chill the fuck out. Anyhow she straightens now and shoulders the railgun. "Fancy meeting you here Jericho."

"I might say the same for you… if you're who I think you are." The hacker drops his fields and his blade folds into something much… less threatening. "I'd ask what you're doing here but that seems obvious."

Mystique wanders over and toes a rifle then kicks it up into her hands and shoulders it on her other shoulder. "Thank you for not killing the leader. I'd rather the police get their hands on him.. even SRD…"

"I'm sure they will… if they bother to respond. It is M-Town after all. If the cops showed up to deal with problems I wouldn't be keeping an eye on it." Jericho snorts. "Then again, not sure how well they would have liked laser rifles so, maybe just as well."

She considers Graydon and then sighs and shifts the gun to her other shoulder and steps ovcer and then crouches and bulks up. She is suddenly a much larger more muscular chick as she hefts him over her shoulder "Okay I'll make sure he gets locked up then…"

Jericho glances at the man and then at the men around him. "I don't know that you really wanna do that. Right now this is a gangland fight in M-Town. That's how its gonna get spun when the authorities get their butts over here. Eventually. Believe me. I've thought of locking some of these idiots up but if they go missing…" Then its manhunts and anti-mutant demonstrations and no knock warrants in the district. "Might be bad business for your kind. Some of whom are my friends."

Mystique sighs "This is very personal. Not mutant to anti-mutant personal but more so than that. I will not vanish this man as angry as I am with him Jericho.. he will be in police custody or back with his idiot followers tomorrow."

Jericho shrugs. "Have at him then." If the Brotherhood wants to talk to the guy he'll not say no. Especially if she promises he won't vanish, which at this point would be more troublesome than him being killed. All of the purifiers are accounted for right now. Missing people draw bad attention.

He's curious how she knew about this little strike. And also amused that she hasn't asked him what he's doing here.

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