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June 02, 2015:

Jericho and Partisan drop in on Tony and Pepper… and then there's a Nyx

Stark Tower

Pepper's office is rather nice. Until someone blows the window up.


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After Tony returned home from dinner looking nearly as haunted as he had after Afghanistan, she went to talk to Howard about what happened. She didn't get a whole lot more detail from the younger-looking Stark, but she got enough to want to have Partisan and Jericho dig into the situation further. She's asked them both to stop by her office, and is waiting for them to arrive.

Picking her tablet up off of her desk, she goes over the notes she created after leaving the THINK building. Too many details missing.

Part isn't long in coming, but then she rarely is when matters of Miss Potts are concerned. Not that she doesn't look like she just rolled out of bed mind you, because well she did and helmet hair doesn't help things much. Easing into Pepper's office without waiting to knock, and yeah it's not pretty. Not that she's not already trying to straighten that blonde mop up as she sneaks inside. "Hey Pepper, everything alright?"Already stripping the essentials from her backpack, an insulated nalgene and instant coffee. Somone indeed just woke the fuck up it would seem.

Jericho comes by with Part. Well, a bit behind part. He was parking the car. The hacker looks a bit harried of late. This is what happens when Angelus warriors try to kill you twice in two weeks. On top of, you know, the other problems out there. At any rate, after Part knocks he pokes his head in to see them both already there. "Got your message. Sounded urgent."

Pepper Potts blinks at Partisan's clearly just-woke-up appearance, and sets her tablet back down and moves to help Partisan get that first hit of coffe ready… and to start a pot of proper coffee as well. She keeps a stash of Tony's preferred blend and a french coffee press, because. "Thank you both for getting here so quickly." She gets the coffee press started, then steps back over to her tablet. "A few days ago, Tony went out to dinner with Howard and Ms. Carter. Apparently, some terrorist by the name of," she glances at her tablet, "Anatol Erben decided to interrupt their meal and threaten everyone with a bomb made from multiple copycay arc reactors."

Part eyes Pepper suspiciously, before setting her nalgene aside. "Anatol Erben, did he state his goals and was Tony the actual target or just caught in the crossfire? This presumes he's still alive, of course."Part claims a chair before sinking into it with a slow sigh. "Any idea what movement this kid was with or is this just general nutjobbery?"

LOG EDIT: repulsors, not arc reactors.

Jericho actually looks impressed. "Anatol Erben. Not a name I'm familiar with but bushwacking Iron Man and Iron Dad and Not-Quite-So-Iron-SHIELD-Agent with a bunch of knockoff Stark Tech is a pretty ballsy move. Also, you know, not just everyone can copy those. Any notion where he got the specs and parts?"

"It seemed pretty clear to Tony that Erben was after Howard, but Tony was the one that had to disarm the explosive device." Pepper rubs at her forehead with one hand, a clear indicator of stress. "Honestly, I don't think the bomb itself is really that important. The factory that started producing weapos that the bomb came from, now that what I was hoping you could look into that for me, so hopefully no one can trace it bak to Stark Industries.

"Well I can make it so nobody will have anything left to trace, if necessary. Where is this mysterious factory by the by, and do we know for a fact that there are no state actors involved?"Part rubs her ear in thought for a moment, before turning to give Jericho a look. "I'm a go for keeping the lid on this mess, Jerry how do you vote?"

"Seems wise to keep this out of the limelight if at all possible. Was this an inside job Pepper? Parts were Stark sourced and so on? Or do we have a legitimate copycat out there?" Neither seems a particularly good thing to Jericho. One is a leak in Stark. Bad. The other is someone clever enough to copy his stuff. Also bad. "Are you worried about a second attack?"

"The factory is in Sokovia, a village called Balti." Pepper shakes her head no to Jericho. "I don't know, but I think Tony would have been more angry than he was if the bombs had been made from Stark-original parts. Howard did say that this factory is apparently buiding weapons, but JARVIS couldn't find any official documents saying it should be building anything other than irrigation pumps. He also implied that locals are being forced to work there."

She starts to pace a bit as she considers Jericho's last question. "Almost no doubt. This Erben guy was thwarted and taken into SHIELD custody, but I won't even pretend to think that that will be the end of this."

"Forced labor huh?"And that secures whatever loose strands of attention the Partisan had left. She eases foreward resting her elbows on her knees as she winces in thought. "So a deniable op performed by the Partisan, yeah alright I'm all about this. When do you want this done, Jerry can get us to Warsaw I presume where I've got post detention stockpile for just this kind of thing. I will need you to cover my ass here whilst we do this Pepper, I'm in the middle of moving the CCU HQ to a new piece of property."

"Not any problems getting wherever we need to be." Jericho nods. "We can hit the factory if you like. At this point I'm more worried that someone figured out how to duplicate your repulsor technology. I mean, probably was going to happen eventually but I don't pretend to understand how clever Tony is, which means anyone who can make knock offs…" Is at least almost as clever. Which is scarey.

Pepper Potts pours a cup of the freshly brewed coffee for Partisan and for Jericho and offers them out. "I made an agreement with Howard. If you can, get every last scrap of information out of that factory, no matter how insignificant. Hopefully, that will tell us not only how they got or made the repulsors, but also who's ultimately behind all of this. And then I would want to see all operations at that factory shut down. No more weapons. If necessary, I'll buy that property outright and get it reopened to build actually beneficial things. But the way it is right now cannot stand any longer."

"This is a page out of my playbook Pepper, no problem at all. I can get started tonight if Jerry's down for making a run out there to get shit rolling."Part accepts the coffee thankfully, sipping after it immediately. "Site exploitation, is the term you're looking for I believe."

"My schedule has a hole in it." Jericho smirks. He's often able to make time for things like this. Not always but… well, having friends willing to lend you teleporters is handy. Or shortcuts through other dimensions. "We can shut the place down. Might take a bit depending on what they've got there. Part and I will recon it, figure it out and then hit it as best we can." Civillian concerns, guards, escape routes, all that needs to be accounted for. And Slovakia isn't one of those countries where you can hack the local planning office. Means more legwork. He might want to take over a weather sat.

Pepper Potts nods and smiles to Partisan and Jericho. "Thank you both. Let me touch base with Howard again, and possibly Ms. Carter as well, to make sure that we don't miss anything before you head out that way. Knowing these types of people, they might be expecting retaliation, and if no one shows up immediately, they might relax a bit."

"I disagree, but this isn't my op and we're all CCU here so it's your call I'd say."Part seems unflustered, at least. "All the same I have prep work to get after soon here if we're going to be stirring things up over there."

"Worse comes to worse I can just deorbit an old comsat on top of them?" Jericho's joked about that before. Not many people know that he can actually do it. Civilian satellite control centers are funny things. Not as secure as you'd think. And there's enough 'junk' satellite's in orbit that still kind of work that you could actually get away with that and it might be a while before anyone noticed, if they didn't just assume it was freak chance, that is.

Howard Stark returns to OOC Land.

Pepper Potts looks at Jericho oddly. Could he actually send an orbital satellite crashing with that level of accuracy? She's… not sure she actually wants to know the answer to that. "So. I'll call you when I've had a chance to speak with Ms. Carter?" Looks like whatever meeting was going on is about to wrap up.

Partisan frowns "I'd rather keep this inside this room, but this is your op like I said. Just keep in mind the more people involved, the more probable that we'll have friendly non-coms killed or information leaked."Part shrugs. "How many people do you want to put in the firing line, Pepper?"

It's more or less on that line that Tony walks in. The man has been out of pocket most of the last day or so, but at least he hasn't been drinking. Probably. Mostly. He does have a mug in his hand, but it smells and steams like it's coffee. He's stopping by to have a word with Pepper, but his eyebrows shoot skyward when he hears that last line. "I've. CLEARLY missed something. Anyone want to fill me in? Apparently there's an op?"

The answer is… sadly (or perhaps fortunately) derailed. Jericho, looks up as Tony walks in and gives a nod to the man. They've met once or twice but it was a long time ago and certainly he doesn't pretend to know him. "Mister Stark, hello. We were just dicussing your recent excitement with Iron-Dad and his dinner date? Something about a repulsor bomb you had to defuse and where it came from. And stopping it from happening again."

… oh hell. Jericho, calling Howard 'Iron-Dad' is a BAD idea around Tony. Pepper's way too late to stop him, though. "Tony, do you remember my mentioning that I was going to ask for some outside help? This is Jericho Trent and the Partisan. You've met them both before, but it's been a while, I think. And Partisan, as few as possible. But remember, Ms. Carter was there at the incident that started all of this, so it would technically not be adding more people to the mix." She does eyeball Tony's mug briefly before retrieving the coffee press and offering him the liquid that's left in it. It's likely EPICALLY strong by this point. Forget standing a spoon in the stuff, it'll likely dissolve the spoon.

"Pepper is running an op, and seems to want to bring everyone on the Eastern seaboard along with us. I rather preferred this as a two man op, but well Pepper brought it to the table so she calls the shots."Part sips her own coffee quietly. She looks different from the last time Tony saw her, of course. Younger, prettier, blonde and well there are bikers leather and so fourth. "For the record, I think Tony should sit this out. The likelyhood that this is a lure to bring him specifically in, seems very real. It's how I'd kill you Tony, no offense."

"As few as possible? As none as possible." Tony's brows knit as he looks between Jericho and Partisan. "You said," he adds, looking to Pepper, "that you were going to get some consultants to help make sure that whatever we do about this doesn't look bad for Stark Industries. I'm failing to see the link between that and anything that's going to get innocent people killed. Details, people. Let's fill in the spaces between those lines." He proffers his coffee mug Pepper-ward, apparently content to dissolve his intestines with the stuff. Casting another (appreciative) glance toward Partisan, he goes on: "The more cavalry we send in, the more things are going wrong. Before we decide anything, I'd like to get a rundown of what we know. And no offense taken," he adds. "But Anatol? I know the man. I've worked with him. I don't think he's trying to get me killed. Besides," he adds with a dry smirk and a sip of coffee. "Apart from those assassins who tried to take him in, no one's life was in danger in that room. I've been doing a little investigation of my own."

"Then you might know more than us." Jericho nods. "What we'd heard was that there was a bomb, it had been traced back to a factory in Slovakia and so far as we knew no stolen Stark Tech was involved. Which implied that there was someone who was clever enough to knock off your inventions, Tony, and unscupulous enough to plant a bomb in a restaurant. Which, as you might imagine, paints a fairly grim picture." One in which Jerich could easily see Pepper calling for… direct action. Hence the conversation with he and Partisan.

"Is that not the case?"


Pepper Potts fills Tony's mug with the rest of the coffee and goes to set the press to make more if anyone decides they want more. But she sure as heck isn't drinking the stuff. She does offer gently, "Sokovia, Jericho. And what I want Partisan and Jericho to do first and foremost is glean every last bit of data from that factory that exists. And then, if possible, get the weapons manufacturing going on there to stop permanently. Whether that means returning the property and control of it to the locals, or evacuating innocents and turning the place into a crater."

The coffee press re-prepped, she goes to sit at her desk a bit tiredly. "I never said anything about sending anyone else out there. I just want to talk to Ms. Carter before you proceed, as she might have still more information that will make this whole fiasco easier to deal with quickly."

"I plan to exploit the site, free the workers and deal with the men in management personally. Tony, you should stay out of this as much as possible. This is my gig, I wrote the book on this shit and the last thing I need is you running around there. We have a very finely tuned machine, and we've never trained with you. Introducing an unknown element, especially one who doesn't follow orders? That will result in civilian casualties, loss of intelligence and potential injury or death of the team involved."Part sips her coffee quietly. "According to Fury you owe me a set of armor first anyway, it'd be ever so lovely if that was ready to roll before I ran in there and got shot to hell for the sake of perforating some amatuer hour chucklefuck who's got a grudgefuck going on with you or your old man. If you wanna run future ops with us, thats fine by me. That would take training time, which we lack for this." Part shifts her gaze towards Pepper for a moment. "This is your tea party Pepper, if you wanna bring civilians in armor thats your call but as the most experienced light infantry soldier in the world? It's a bad idea."

Tony stares at Partisan for a long moment before letting out a soft chuckle and taking a long, slow drink of some hot coffee. He sets the mug down quietly and shakes his head. "Lady," he says, "Ms. Potts may be my CEO but I own the building you're in. And the chair you're sitting in. And the head of security will answer to me when I tell him to throw your ass out. I don't give two shits who you think you are; you have no authority to order me around. I take orders from no one, especially some chick I didn't invite and don't know. There is no 'op'. There is no 'us'. There sure as hell is not one you're involved in."

He rounds on Pepper then: "Who exactly are these people? What have they been doing for us that we're even TALKING about 'acceptable losses'? We are not the goddamn Army, Pepper, and we sure as fuck aren't SHIELD. If I wanted to run around and get innocent people killed and take orders from some jumped-up mercenary, I'd bend over for Fury. But I don't. And I won't."

"You," he adds, turning to Jericho. "You can stay if you want. You?" He tosses this to Partisan without bothering to look at her. He's just glancing over his shoulder. "Out. Now. You really don't want to know what happens if I have to tell you twice."

Pepper Potts sighs and rubs at her forehead with one hand. "Tony, she's the one that got Dmitri and me out of Metropolis a few weeks ago when the place literally went to HYDRA in a handbasket. And the one who sold me that defunct coal mine in Pennsylvania. And who cooked that rye bread that I shared with you earlier this week. From scratch. I did not ask for acceptable losses. I asked if she could go into Sokovia and infiltrate this factory without starting an international incident. Because I know she can."

Partisan Rises slowly, setting her coffee cup gently on the table. "Young man, threats are most unwelcome. You should treat your elders, especially those invited with respect and consideration. If you intend to fight, then do so but don't threaten me."Letting her hands drop to her belt line as she turns to reguard Tony cooly. "If you cannot conduct yourself with the dignity of a gracious host, then perhaps it might be best you retreat and I'll consider that mute departure as apology enough. As for who I am, I'm The Mother Fucking Partisan. The woman who offered to help you with your unfortunately toxic prosthesis once upon a time, who kept Pepper safe when you were nowhere to be found, and who surrendered a rather significant sum of very useful Stark brand arms to you personally as a token of good will. It seems you've forgotten the kindnesses I've offered however, so be it. I was invited by Miss Potts, and I will remain until my friend asks me to leave."Part shrugs ever so casually. "If you don't like it, then I'd invite you to do something about it like a man. Go ahead, I'll let you swing first."

"I hear this buzzing like there's a fly trapped in here, Pepper." Tony's not even looking at Partisan. "Maybe you should see it out. Now. Or I could call security. Pretty sure they have some flyswatters down there. Take care of it. I'll wait."

Jericho has edged over to near where Pepper is. "I think… that possibly it may be time for me to make an exit?" While Tony isn't upset at him Jericho has more than enough irons in the fire that he doesn't want to make an enemy of Iron Man. He's already pulled his Outsiders comm out of his back pocket.

Pepper Potts looks up at Jericho and nods, then moves to stand. "Partisan, I'm sorry. I didn't expect this level of disagreement. Perhaps it would be best if we talked again another time?" She needs time to talk Tony down and get him to agree to let Partisan try at least gathering intel from the place. And right now, that just won't happen.

Partisan eyes Pepper for a moment, before looking to Jericho. "I will not steal away like a thief in the night, thankyou Jerry."She offers her mostly emptied mug to Pepper with a thin smile "Thankyou for the coffee, call me when you sort things out. We're in this together."and off she goes, slipping right back out the way she came in.

+MEET: Nyx has arrived via +meet.

Partisan is on her way out. The meeting with Pepper and (unexpectedly) Tony had not gone… exactly to spec. Jericho had been afraid that things might come to blows but fortunately both Tony and Part have cooler heads than that. Presently the four are in Pepper's office (well, the blonde Partisan is just exiting) and Jericho seems to be preparing to activate his own 'we'll talk about this later' protocol.

Before he can actually press the button and signal K'tten for a beam up, though, he gets a familair set of signals along the network. Ones that are getting much, much closer.

"Oh hell. She really meant it. INCOMING! Pepper get DOWN!" The hacker reaches behind him to unsnap the case that's always hanging there and produces what looks for all the world like a two and a half foot long leatherman… which quickly unfolds into a wicked looking blade. As he does this he spins toward the window, eyes wide while wings of amber light sprout from his back, catching Pepper and pushing her toward the floor.

At least moderately mollified, Tony mutters: "I didn't expect to get insulted today, but life is full of surprises." He picks up his coffee again, glancing over at Jericho. Who is apparently also leaving.

But when Jericho suddenly spins into overdrive — "Huh? Who, what? JARVIS — " Jericho's pushing Pepper down, and Tony's moving to help, to shield her from whatever's coming their way.

"JARVIS? Do we have incoming? Put the building in lockdown!" Because better safe than sorry, and that should start shuttering all the windows in the building. It won't necessarily stop a missile, but it should protect against light arms and light grenades. And it goes all the way up.

The partisan isn't quick, she's somewhere well beyond that. The moment Jerry calls Incoming, she's in motion. Ploughing into Pepper's desk to flip it over, before she can push it back towards where Pepper and the two gentlemen are piling atop her. Right hand sweeping down to her right him as she turns back towards the window, jerking free that bronze colored 1911 holstered there and pressing her back up against the table. "Hard Cover, Fangs out!"

Well there is no instantaneous explosion of glass on Pepper's office and any figures landing dramatically there in front of anyone.

What does happen though is that there is an absolutely brilliant Red Light outside as the blast shields start to shutter. Not a repulser beam nor a laser. Four Particle beams tainted with Demonic Magic lance the entire front of Stark Towers from the 100th Floor down to the Sixtieth Floor. The smaller set of two are connected and lance together, but the two bigger blasts race across the shutters and windows independently. The force is much more severe than small arms or light grenades, a graze would knock the tank treads off an Abhrams.That certainly causes the expected spray of glass and twisted metal.

Nyx is floating out horizontal to the building, on wings of pure crimson and black particle beam energy somehow contained. Something is very wrong with poor Samantha. She begins to just float down towards the technology lab, 79th floor it looks like, which is not at all good.

Pepper Potts can only react to everyone else by gasping in surprise and then getting shoved to the floor by a wing. Wait, what? A WING? Oh. Jericho. Right. And then Tony's there shielding her from whatever is coming and Partisan has flipped her desk over. The insanely heavy, solid glass-like surface. And then the windows start shattering as some kind of red beam starts cutting through. "What is it? Cylons?" Oh, poor closet-geek Pepper.

Jericho flips out the laser revolver that Part made for him. He knows she's got one somewhere but doesn't know if she brought it. "Catch!" Hopefully she has some ammo for it. It's got a few reloads with it. He'll use his blade for this. Part may need it.

Maybe Tony has a repulso gun or something… anyway.

Those thoughts go out the window as the window goes out. His wing curls inward to shield him from the glass spray. This. This is why he didn't engage her from a distance last time. And he'll have to try to get close again. The next thing anyone sees or hears is the amber winged man (covered, it might be noted, in circuit like glowing markings emaneting from under his clothes) hurling out the window and toward the red-winged figure hovering down toward the tech labs. "GOD DAMN IT NYX!"

"Nyx?" Tony sounds a little horrified. Scandalized, even. "JARVIS, confirm that it's her? This isn't her usual deal; what — " But at least she's not attacking this room. He climbs off Pepper, looking very slightly embarrassed, and reaches out to help her stand up again.

"Pepper. Get to the core of the building, down to the basement if you can. I want you as far away from this as possible. Partisan. Jericho. Repulsor labs are on the 79th floor, which…"


"…sounds like it's where we're going anyway."

Part isn't behind the table, and well she gets it pretty rough. Rising with a stagger as her leathers smolder, gurgling momentarily as a hand reaches up to peel a shard of glass about the size of a New York pizza slice out've her neck. "Fuck!"Part pauses, snatching that revolver as jerry floats it her way. Pausing only long enough to unzip her jacket to expose the black and gold "NORTON" T-shirt beneath, and yeah theres blood everywhere and she looks pale as a ghost. "You!"
She's off like a shot, Part's a veritable blur of motion as she takes off. Clearing desks, cubicle partitions, entire flights of stairs. Yaknow, pretty much whatever the girl can flat out fucking run even when she's chill. Right now though, well to say the Partisan is angry is putting things pretty damn mildly. No she doesn't hide and sneak, hauls ass directly after Nyx. Eating up distance at a wholly superhuman speed, even as her left hand sweeps that Kerambit clear of her belt. Maximum aggression then.

"But I…" Pepper looks ready to protest as she stands, but one look at Tony's expression and she squares her shoulders and nods. "What should I tell Security? Stand down and get everyone still in the building to the core as well?" She picks her phone up off of the floor and holds it tightly in one hand. "Or should I have them evacuate?" She knows either option has its risks.

Nyx's clothes are still tattered from her last fight with Jericho. It looks like she never returned to the apartment Pepper and Stark Industries pays for in the Bronx and changed. Where she went to ground after that explosive wormhole teleport she did in Metropolis or where she went, but she looks repaired from the skin down once more.

The thing is, systems have adapted to Jericho's tactic and her arm snaps up, well both arms really. She fires two beams up at Jericho and then crosses the streams in a scissor motion … hopefully Jericho isn't cut in half by it… when Nyx comes to her senses she would be very distraught about hurting Jericho that severely… if she comes to her senses.

The scarlet and black winged 'demon' angel of metropolis floats outside the 79th floor and then fires two Particle beams from her eyes raking it solidly… question is if Partisian emerges on that floor…. or if she emerges above Nyx moments later when the girl floats down to the 75th floor and starts to step into the building.

Partisian is easily skilled enough to recognize she should most certainly not land on Nyx's energy wings, they do not appear to be hard light, no sir. When they clip the wall of the building they cut through it like a focused particle beam sword.

Jericho is not cut in half. But he is hit. His flight path veers sharply and he tumbles out of sight of any of the windows, winding up hitting the roof of the next nearest tower pretty hard. It takes him a moment but he does manage to bring up his systems and request comms access from Jarvies to get on the line to Pepper, Tony and Partisan. "Ow… well she's certainly learned her lesson from the last time we tangled. Tony, you're right she's going after your tech. She's a technovore, so she'll try to eat it." She tried to eat Jericho once. Well, her Rider did. Nyx was actually the one who pulled back. After he hit her.

"I'll… be up in a moment. Be careful. She's very, very tough. Uploading our last fight to you now." There's a data dump. Everything Jericho knows of Nyx.

Yeah, Tony, Pepper and Part are on their own for a moment. The winged hacker needs to cough up some blood.

"They need to get everyone away from the windows and below the seventieth floor. Away from the tech labs while she's distracted." Eating his STUFF. At least she didn't go after the car, but she's probably going after the suits. Jeez.

"JARVIS," he adds, "prep Mark 8. Going to need her in, oh, fifteen seconds. Jericho!" he adds. He's… all the way downstairs, good job, but JARVIS can transmit. "See if you can get her to chase you up to 79. You know, without dying first. I have an idea for containing her."

He looks down at Pepper. Whatever he's about to say never comes, so he just squeezes her shoulder and…

…leaps out the window, stretching his arms out wide.

Part sticks a heel, turning as those beams sweep towards her. Turning her back only as she kicks off and all but slithers above that beam like a pole vaulter clearing the beam, a rare display of that feline agility then! One hand reaching towards the floor as she levels that revolver mid flight, and begins rattling off shots. Each round ignites with an audible -CRACK-, launching not bullets but very short duration pulses of tightly focused laser energy. So yes, it's a laser revolver, but thats beside the point. She hits arm first, tucking into a graceful roll that sends her sprinting off in another direction. Trying to generate better angles or at least find some decent fucking cover here. "1-1 enguaged, I don't have the artillery for this 1-2. I need a SAW!"

The beams raked as Nyx was dipping past the 79th Floor. The first of Partisian's laser blasts hits her solidly and scorches her enhanced flesh, further shredding what is left of her clothing there on her chest. The next blast is blocked by the wing, for they are just for show and weaponry not actually what is causing her to float there in the air.

Then they teenage weapons platform is down to the 75th floor where she stepped onto it and starts to stride towards the armor vault and sensor labs. The delicate and valuable together. She reaches out and plants one arm solidly flat on one of the lab tables and as she walks she starts to sweep. The horrorfying part is she is not childishly throwing Tony's precious technology and sensor equipment on the floor.. no the arrays and compontnets left on the tables are … absorbed into the 'skin' of her arm as she marches on to towards the suits.

Pepper Potts hesitates as if about to say something also, but then just nods to Tony and turns to do as he's told her. Thank goodness she missed the part where he THROWS HIMSELF OUT THE WINDOW. With her Bluetooth earpiece in place, she starts quickly and efficiently directing Security to get everyone to the lower floors of the building, the basement if possible, and to avoid the elevators and stairwells on that side of the tower as much as possible.

"Copy and Copy." To Tony and Partisan. The hacker coughs blood and powerful wing beats propel him up. His blade flips back to a firearm. "Pepper! Partisan needs more firepower. I don't suppose there's anywhere in the building that has it?" He has to be careful with his aim, but in a moment he's engaging, snapping off short, aimed bursts. The firepower doesn't have any more power behind it than bullets. But it may provide a distraction. He needs an opening. "Be advised, she has teleportation ability."

"Repulsor weapons on 79; don't people listen? We're not weapons manufacturers anymore, but I think industrial strength repulsors might just do the job."

Above Tony, a window crashes open and glass shards start to rain down, but the little missile that shoots down is going faster than simple falling glass. It's actually being propelled downward and has begun to separate out into bits. It curls around his wrists, his legs, and snakes its way over the rest of him. Down he goes, well past Nyx and Jericho, only half-dressed.

…and then up he shoots an instant later, fully suited up. More or less. He has gauntlets and boots, and those seem really well armored. He has a mask, too. But the chestplate and the rest are much lighter-weight, just connecting the rest of the pieces together. It looks like a lot of pieces of this armor are missing.

"Partisan, get to the labs on 79," he repeats. "I can arm you from there; Jericho, how's it looking?" This last he says as he zips through the shattered window on the 79th floor.

Part huffs, and she's off again. "An EMP would probably be pretty awesome right about now, just sayin."Part crashes through the fire door and into the stairway before racing upwards with a grunt of effort. Soon enough she erupts through the doorway onto the 79nth and gets going, pausing only long enough to snag a fire extinguisher as she goes. When she finally gets eyes on Nyx then, she gives that extinguisher a particularly impressive swing and hurtles it after Nyx like a fastball. Laser revolver falling at her feet as she snags that 1911 again in the blink of an eye, the aim here is of course to shoot the extinguisher mid air and put enough crud in the air to try and disrupt those gnarly lasery things. Which may or may not apply, but hey she's going for it. That said, she's belting out 185 grain AP 10mm rounds along the way and those are no small matter either. "Hey bitch! Over here!"

Part huffs, and she's off again. Crashing through the fire doors and racing up the stairs to the 79nth floor, theres no pause for breath as she pounds through the doorway and begins looking around to see if theres anything even vaguely familar looking up here.

Pepper Potts hurries to the stairwell on the opposite side of the building — she's not trusting the elevators even with JARVIS in the building — and after pausing to take off her heels starts hurrying down the stairs barefoot. "Becca, Dmitri… yes, I know. JARVIS is notifying everyone in the building to get to the core of the tower, the lower the floor level the better. Help get them situated…. the basement if possible. Yes. I'm on my way down now. …no. Tony's gone to help stop the attacker. I'm sure. Yes, go."

Without slowing down she taps at her phone's screen to patch back in to what the others are saying. "Security's getting everyone to the basement, Tony, and I'm on my way as well." 94th floor. This is gonna be exhausting.

Nyx pauses when she gets peppered by Jericho. Her wings absorb a lot of it but it isn't that .. engaging. She turns though as she scoops up something that looks like a smartphone, and absorbs it. "Jericho. I am busy right now." it almost sounds like Samantha, but it has this demonic cloying tone to it, so … very reasonable. Then again it is followed up with one red lance of particle beam energy. The other hand gestures and points to the goal, the vault doors for at least one or more of the suits and starts to unload … melting the hinges. It isn't fast not like the shutters but it is effective.. slowly working as she walks backwards towards the vault lancing it with one hand while blasting back at Jericho with the others. "Shooo little bird… I need this… you made me see how much I needed to take what I Deserved." oh he did .. did he…

Jericho is so going to regret this. He hopes Part and Tony have something for Nyx because he's fairly sure that he's going to seriously regret what he's about to do. "Partisan, ST-8X. Hand held repulsor rifle. Tony modeled it after the FN-FAL. Action should be identical. Careful, the damn thing kicks like a muel, according to Jarvis. Grab it. I'm passing the football up to you." At the same time he switches to another coded frequency. "K'tten this is Aspect. Lock on to the firearm at these coordinates and teleport it up to the 75th Nyx is eating… something, he's sure. Jericho lands on the 75th and grabs Nyx and switches to Wolf Mode. No flight. Lots of strength but no Flight. He's already aware that Nyx's wings cut like plasma torches so he's not going for that. No he's just going to grab Nyx by the lag, or arm or whatever he can get and try to sling her back out the hole, hopefully before she eats too much. And if that works, well then he'll follow her out, switch to wings and haul her up to where Tony and Part can get a shot in… and hopefully not get horribly maimed in so doing.

On 75:

When one set of those vault doors cracks open, there's the suit inside. Oh, it's a little banged up and in need of repairs, which is why it's here instead of in Tony's private collection, but the Mark 7 suit, including its helmet, is hanging inside.

When Nyx gets those doors open, though, the eye-lights beam into life and the gauntlets raise to power up. Oh, there's no one inside… except JARVIS, that is.

Tony, meanwhile? If Jericho doesn't do it, he'll toss Partisan the rifle. "That end goes toward the enemy," he says helpfully. "Badass like yourself should be able to figure out the rest." The large, airy lab they're in has any number of workbenches that can be hidden behind. More importantly, though, at least to Tony, there appears to be a floor-mounted swiveling version of the rifle Partisan should now have. It's just, you know, bigger than Tony. He leaps lightly onto the back of it, unbolting it and lifting it off.

Maybe he's compensating for something?

She accepts the "rifle" with a crown and offers a grimace "This isn't actually a rifle, but alright whatever. Fuck I'd sell my soul a second time for a fucking RPK and an RGO."Part charges the thing, she thinks anyway. Kicking over a workbench with a sigh before taking some partial cover behind it and swinging the weapon foreward to search for her eventual target. Quietly puzzling over the sights, before settling in. "1-1, in position."

Nyx squints as the suit powers up there damanged with Jarvis still inside. "Hello JARVIS… I like you… don't make me hurt you." she reaches out with both hands and latches onto the helmet, fingers sinking in. Not from strength but as it starts to absorb the helmet.

What Nyx was not expecting was Jericho to actually charge in and go low under her wings for a leg. I mean sure he takes a wing flick right to his pretty face in the process, but he does manage to hurl Nyx… and the helmet she has firmly in both hands…. right back through the lab and out the window. A long arch across the street… PULL.

79th floor… oh god. Pepper HAS to stop to take a breath, because she nearly tripped over her own feet on the stairs just now. Maybe she should risk an elevator. While she's stopped and trying to catch her breath, she switches over to touch base with Dmitri and Becca, then takes a moment to try and not sound out of breath before she switches back. "Building's emptied, Tony." Then she's opening the door to the landing to step back into the building proper without bothering to pay attention to which floor she's reached. Oops.

Jericho's burnt. Rather badly. That flick to his face gave him a nice scar on the cheek. Which will heal thanks to his own subroutines, but he's so banged up at this point between the particle beams and the wing to the face that he's moving a bit slower, and it takes him a moment to get back to the whole at the wall. Get 'em Part and Tony. He's got no idea that Pepper's about to be in the line of fire. Someone should build her some armor.

He'll be up there. He's just gonna be a minute.

"Pepper, have I ever told you you're a miracle worker? Remind me to give you a rai — wait, you can do that yourself. Give yourself a raise, Pepper. And find a panic room."

Yeah, that's the downside to skyscrapers: when taking the elevator is unsafe, taking the stairs is a right pain. Tony's striding up to the window with his giant-ass gun, planting himself and waiting. He's planned on Nyx actually getting inside, though…

…so it's up to JARVIS to train Nyx into the building. "I'm terribly sorry," the helmet replies as Nyx starts sort of whoopsie-soaring with it, "but I can't let you leave with Mr. Stark's property."

The rest of the suit is tumbling after, zipping headlessly and a bit creepily after, grabbing at the helmet and attempting to tow it (and possibly Nyx, too) back up to 79.

Part's quick on the trigger, and well she must clean the hell up at the skeet range because she can swing that not-rifle like a stone cold motherfucker. The recoil doesn't seem to bother her much, but well this isn't a projectile weapon nor her laser revolver so it may or may not take a pop or two until she can figure out how much to lead Nyx. Like all good upland hunters she's walking fire back, not foreward so presumably she works from the head down or at least tries to. "Man, my kingdom for an RPK."

"Hey now. Don't look a gift repulsor in the barrel." Beat. "I mean really," Tony says. "That would be a terrible plan. If we can just get her in here… you ever seen Ghostbusters?"

Nyx makes a frustrated growling noise as the helmet tries to fire itself up to the 79th floor in her grip. Then the rest of the Mark-7 is swooping in and trying to tow her up as well. "JARVIS…." she curls her fingers in fighter into the helmet with one hand, and hugs it full armed to her chest still absorbing. Her free hand punches out and grabs that glowing Triangle. Hmm Vibranium…. … That tastes interesting.

That would be right about when Partisian fires several repulsors and sends her head over heels backwards away from the shots. Well… it seems very effective at messing her up but it isn't getting her closer to the 79th floor…. and it is anyone's guess what happens to the triangle of holy arc light.

Pepper Potts slips her shoes back on and starts toward the elevator bank but slows when she realizes she might have chosen … poorly. Though somewhere around the 84th floor, she came up with an idea to use the amusement park water slide and ski lift concepts together to make emergency stairs faster and less of a pain. She looks around cautiously, then spots both Partisan and Tony by the broken-out windows. Tony is so going to kill her. She'd have been better off staying in her office.

On 75:

Tony's been keeping an eye on the business outside, but when he hears a sound from behind him, he whirls to see Pepper standing right there. Right in the broken glass and destroyed tech, right in the line of fire if those red beams start zipping out. "Wh — Partisan, keep Nyx entertained, please. I'm getting Ms. Potts to safety." He unceremoniously slams the huge repulsor weapon (he didn't even get to USE it, he's so disappointed) back onto its mount and zips back toward Pepper, reaching out to pick her up and shoot back into the stairwell to fly her up to the penthouse. "You," he murmurs, "are seventeen kinds of trouble. Honestly, what am I going to do with you?"


"I did warn you, Miss Twining." JARVIS does sound rather regretful. Even in the moment that the Mark 7's Uni-Beam goes off. Point-blank, right at Nyx's chest. It's like a bright new star in the sky at nearly a thousand feet above the city.

"1-1, I'm getting hits but no effect on target. Whats your status 1-2?"Part advances smoothly, peering over the edge of that broken window to try and squeeze off some more shots after Nyx but honestly it's anyone's guess if the "rifle" has much effect at this sort've range. "1-2, let me know if you need extract. Still enguaged, but well." Paying Pepper and Tony no mind for the moment, because well theres a fight on here.

Jericho looks up and his eyes go amber. With the enhanced resolution (being a cyborg is amazing some days) He can see the repulsor beam from Part's rifle, and the one from the Mark 7's Uni-Beam combine right at point blank range. In addition to that bright light there's a concussive BOOM and Nyx starts to fall. "This is 1-2. Still in the fight. I'm moving in for the collar." Not kill. Jericho knows something's wrong with Nyx. If he can just… get to her…

The hacker rockets up as Nyx falls. And then energy starts to surround her. He can see her systems repairing even at this distance. A sphere forms and flares bright enough that he has to look away… and then she's gone.

"Hell… her teleport kicked in again. That's how she got away from me last time. Seems to only happen when she's knocked out. Self recovery system of some kind. Everyone okay? Part? Pepper? Stark?" He pulls into a hover. His left cheek sports a nasty burn about a quarter inch deep.

Teleport indeed. It was impressive really. Not magic at all. Tony will probably have some ideas about it but it really looked ridiculously similiar to a wormhole.

Unlike the last emergancy teleport, there isn't a huge spherical chunk of park and trees carved out and taken with her. Ironically it is back to her apartment in the Bronx where she hits the floor and the windows rattle and one cracks from the sudden …extra air.. displacing air already present violently. The helmet is gone and for the moment her chest looks a bit like the Mark7 without the Arc Reactor components as everything is still in repair mode. — — Nyx — — not Samantha is rebooting and purging, trying to get rid of the Chthonic influence but it can not get rid of Samantha yet which is holding the taint. Good for Samantha right.

Part sets the "rifle" aside with a frown, before giving a sigh and heading back down the stairs. "1-1, coming out shortly. Lets get you patched up and circle the wagons back home, alright 1-2?"She sounds, well more tired than the usually Stern Partisan. No wonder she was grumpy, right? Anywho it doesn't take too long for her to make her way outside, sighing as she finally gets a cigarette lit up. "Lets go have a conversation Jerry, alright?"

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