Smoke and Mirrors

June 21, 2015:

Partisan makes a move on her first target only to find that things are not precisely what they seem.

Metropolis Street

Broad Daylight near a business tower hosting a conference for defense execs.


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Wilfred Langly is a fit, but older gentleman, nearing sixty. Balding with a salt and pepper beard. Looks smart in a suit. Sort of the very definition of a refined businessman. He's also one of the VP's for a defense contracting company named Solutions Ltd. Solutions specializes in tech. All kinds of tech, the more unusual the better. Today he's in Metropolis, leaving the CBD after a late meeting with a number of other defense contractors and execs. There's a summit going on, kind of a… conference. It's going to be a long weekend.

She's easy to miss as she slips out from the alley, even with that brilliantly painted gas mask. Exhaling softly as the young woman produces a short barreled pump action shotgun from beneath her ratty M-65, She paces Langly and his body guard for a spell. Long enough to ensure the trio pass into the field of view of the security cameras across the street, theres a hushed gasp as a pedestrian finally seems to actually notice Partisan. Up comes that shotgun just as the guard begins to turn, and thats exactly the moment when things get crazy.
Theres a resounding crash as that 10" barreled Mossberg launches a load of 3 1/2" buckshot fourth, hurling roughly thirty two caliber pellets through the chest cavity of the poor hired body guard. The screaming hasn't even started, as the action is shucked and another shot rings out. The blow lands just north of his collar bones, ripping the poor guard's throat, jaw and lower skull up and out. "Excuse me Mister Langly, I think you need to come with me."Part takes another step, before swinging that shotgun across in an effort to straight up knock the poor fuck right out.

Langly is… well he's a law abiding citizen. He's in a lot of… the defense industry is in a lot of things, some of them kind of shady. But he never expected anything like this. And goes for his cell… and then he's on the ground.

Unforutnately he's not the only one here and a couple of armed guards come out of the building and draw down. They've only got berrettas but they're going to use them.

Partisan sweeps an arm under Langly's shoulder and turns, letting that shotgun hang from it's bungie. Out comes that CZ-75, and she goes right to work. Hurling well aimed and terrifyingly accurate gunfire down range as she drags the poor Langly along, using the fuck as a shield. "Go back inside you stupid fucks, I'm the mother fucking Partisan and I'll kill every last one of you!"Not that she's ceased fire, oh quite the opposite. She's driving pairs and triples downrange without much apparent concern over the growing range.

Well, they don't go back inside. They do take cover though and start to fire. One of them is calling the police. Their fire isn't horribly accurate. They're trained sure. They go to the range but Part is keeping them fairly well suppressed and they have to worry about hitting the guy they're trying to save. It's not working out well.

Partisan pulls back down the same alley she just came out from with a grunt, half turning to all but throw her captive in the open doors of a plain white van. She takes a moment to ziptie Langly, before well she's off. Nudging the door closed, and pitching a smoke grenade over her shoulder. Then they're off, sweeping down the back alley and turning into traffic with an ear kept open to the police scanners. She has a few prepositioned vehicles along the route if necessary, otherwise well thats a daylight in public abduction of a VIP.

She's off but, as the radio is telling her, not in the clear. Met PD is screaming in from several vectors and there's a chopper in the air. The good news? They don't have a bead on her quite yet and if she can find a way out, get to ground before they get one, they'll never find her at all.

Partisan she sweeps the van into the parking garage of a proper mall, sweeping around to a rather empty part of the lot filled with primarily commercial vehicles. More white vans, to be precise. She spends a moment peering about, before calmly slipping out and leaving a neat playing card bearing her logo on the front seat. Then the poor Langly gets transferred from van to the trunk of an older BMW 7 series, followed by another casual peer around. Then they're off, merging onto the highway and making their way towards Gotham. Gotham of course because well, GPD isn't exactly motivated.

Well, they're also corrupt as hell. And now that she's switched cars, it's going to be a lot harder to find her. Partisan passes several cop cars converging on the area she was in Code 3. Now she's on the highway and… seems to be clear. The attack is already on the news.

It's not a long drive, until she sweeps the BMW into the garage at an old gas station. We could say "it's the bad part of town" but what part of Gotham isn't? She has however prepared the other bay of this garage ahead of time, with a simple aluminum chair, toolbox and a camera sitting on a tripod. "Come now Mr.Langly we have some business to discuss."Hefting the poor fellow over shoulder, before fwumping him down onto that chair and ziptying his wrists and ankles into place. "Wake up asshole, we're on the clock."As she wafts the smelling salts under his nose. "Do you know who I am motherfucker?"

"You're the Partisan…" He got that part. Langly looks up at her. "That's impossible. The Partisan would be like sixty now… if she was ever real. Or he." SOme say its a he. "What do you want with me?"

Partisan smiles behind that mask, before reaching over to turn on the camera. "I'm going to ask questions, and you're going to answer them. If you refuse to answer I'm going to hurt you, if you lie to me at any point during our little chat I'm going to kill your lovely wife and son. He just graduated from college, it'd break his fiance's heart to find him dismembered on the front lawn wouldn't it Mr.Langly? Do you understand the rules?"

Langly gulps. "You're out of your mind." WHich isn't an answer, true, but… yes. At any rate. He does seem to understand that he's in a very dire situation.

"What is your name, place of employment and position there? We'll start simple, make sure you understand the rules before we touch on the more sensitive topics. Now please, Answer clearly and concisely. It's better for your health if you don't waste my time."Part makes sure she's just out of frame, and well the gasmask stays on anyway. It does distort the voice, make it harder to lock in on.

"My name is… Wilfred Langly. I work for Solutions Limited as their Senior Operations Coordinator for Federal Contracts… look, we can… work something out." Langly is clearly, and rightfully, frightened. "What is it you want?"

"Information, where did the design for the Meta-detectors come from. When did work on them begin, who funded that research? Tell me what I want to know, and I might well be merciful. One lie, and whatever follows this interrogation is going to be terminal. Tell me everything, it's your only path to freedom."Part does of course, ever so casually reload that shotgun just to drive the point home.

"Resaerch was from a government contract from the State Department. Design was already provided when we started the work." A lot of that data would be classified, but thanks to Jericho, Partisan already has a lot of it.

"The State Department, who was your contact there. How long ago was the contract signed Mr.Langly, and who else was involved in this particular procurement package?"Partisan like any good interrogator, already knows alot of this.

"Contract was signed two years ago… look, Lady, I'm not sure what you want. This stuff, is… I shouldn't really be talking about it." He has just seen her kill to people though and evade the police. "Contact name was Sara Dereks. Administrator."

Partisan steps into the shot, well somewhat. Just enough to press the barrel of that shotgun against Langly's knee, before clicking the safety off. "Sara Dereks, did she specify what these detectors would be used for or against whom in particular? How much did this contract cost the state department?"

"Just a subcontract." Langly says in a panicked boice. "For… look I don't know. I wasn't in on the details. A couple hundred million. We made some good money off of it. It was supposed to be some kind of variable threat assessment tool. We oversaw the production of some of the central processing bits…"

"Variable threat assessment, and your legal department signed off on this? Also, and be sure to answer me very clearly. Are you aware that your client is HYDRA, now remember Mr Langly one lie and you die here nevermind what I do to your family. Consider that answer very carefully."

"What? HYDRA? No, that's… insane. This was a State Department contract." Langly looks really worried now. "Legal looked at it. Clients were US Security services. All covered, all legal."

"HYDRA, where were your meetings? Did you ever actually -go- the State Department office, did the NDA seem a little heavy duty to you? How often does the US government come to you wish finished plans, how often do they show up with finished plans and then split the work up amongst various subcontractors? Did it not occur to you, that this was all very unusual?"Part steps back out of frame, letting the guy relax just a touch hopefully. Let the fucker sing. "I'm at war with HYDRA right, you've seen the videos I'm sure. What other motivation would I have, if it were not for HYDRA?"

"Of course we did!" Langley is backing up as best he can. "The process of getting the work took months." It was all rather classified and secured but not unusual except in the level of security, really.

Partisan nods softly, "Now lets talk frankly Mr Langly, your machines are a tool for genocide. I'm not sure yet where the HYDRA rat is in the chain, but I have my intelligence and it's very solid. Now you are better briefed on me than most civilians, so tell me. Do I strike you as randomly violent, I expect you know a school trained spook when you see one right?"

"You strike me as insane." Langly answers honestly. "But… fine, yes you seem to know what you're doing." Which doesn't make her not insane, at least not in Langly's mind. "Are you doing this for money? For… look, I know… maybe… you've got some problems with the process… but I ain't the process lady. I just… I'm doing a job. It was good work. Hard to get better, really."

"No."Part reaches across to turn off that camera. "Actually I work for the CIA, and that contract of yours? Yeah it's a big cog in a vast Hydra plot, a genocide and a soft coup. The Faux-invasion, the assasination of the president, it's all part of a plan. You're on the wrong side, this is your opportunity to come to the right side. Now you're going to walk out of here alive and intact either way, I'm not going to blackmail you or hold anything over your head. How would you like to do your part to avoid being brought up on charges once the dust settles, I mean knowingly or otherwise you've supplied materials to terrorists who assasinated the president and invaded the country. You follow me?"

Those are some serious charges. And CIA? Well, Langly's not sure but he knows two things. One, this woman will not shy away from killing if she feels its merited. Two… she must feel she's got some reason for doing this. So maybe she does. "I follow… kind of. What… do you want from me?"

"Names, Dates, locations, explanations as to what you did or saw. I want to know everything about this program, and your company? Your canceling the contract, right now. Like when you leave here, you turn one more screw on any of this? I find you and I kill you, and I kill your family and I go on looking like the mad terrorist. You can go ahead and issue a press release, citing security concerns posed by this contract after you -barely- survived your abduction by the Partisan."Part lifts that shotgun to rest against her shoulder. "So lets recap, you tell me everything and you get the fuck out of the program. I mean lets be frank here. The CIA isn't supposed to be conducting operations in the US, we're already in deep shit here. Why the fuck else do you think the CIA has kept up the Partisan program, except for silly Hydra bullshit exactly like this?"

"Alright… look, alright… I'm not a decision maker on a lot of that but… I can pull strings. Sabotage production." Maybe if she were just threatening him… but his family? He'll do it. "You know I can get… so arrested for this right? I'll need time. Documents. But… yes. I'll do it."

Partisan chuckles "arrested, dude I'll fucking field dress your wife like a deer to maintain cover. I'll kill you just because, you're saving your family and your ass and you're doing the right thing anyway. Your boss gives you guff, quit and find a new job. Period. If you won't get done what I want, I'm just as happy to try whomever they replace you with."She takes down her camera with a sigh, stuffing it into her backpack. "I'll call the cops in a few minutes, when they ask? That anonymous tip saved your life, I was about to do an execution video until I heard the sirens and bailed. We clear? You deviate from the plan, and I will make the kill fucking -last-."

"Alright, alright, you win. I'll tell them whatever you want." And wait here. For the cops. Because that'll be safe. He hopes.

Partisan smirks "Be a professional, because the alternative is no good for you. You get to be the first one ever, who got away."and off she goes, leaving Langly strapped in the chair and heading off to break contact and vanish.

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