Faerie Sojourn

June 19, 2015:

Fenris, Misfit and Ryden end up in Faerie investigating what happened to her there a month or so back.


Everything is too-bright and too-vibrant. All gem tones and medieval landscape. And magic. Lots of that.


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Fade In…

Fenris had promised Misfit that they'd head to Faerie to look into what had happened to her there. The thing is… Faerie is a pretty damn big place and encompasses a lot of locales. Many of which have their own nations and inhabitants. It takes an hour or so of trying before the pair arrive at a place that looks even vaguely like the one CHarlie described, full of too bright colors and vibrant… everything. The wolf god blinks. Ow. That actually kind of hurts his eyes.

Ryden has begun to suspect that he's still drawn to locations where he needs to be, for some reason or other. How else to explain ending up at the dockyard, or meeting the Ard Droi on the streets. He is absent minded yes, and he wanders, but both events happening in as many days..unlikely to be a coincidence. So he's found himself visiting this stretch of Faerie right now. "Why am I here…I don't even like Faerie. These people are.." He shuts up. Best not to state his opinion of the residents aloud. Who knows who or what is listening. He's wearing the grey cloak with the hood down, and his pack. Jean pants and a bright orange women's peasant blouse. One brown leather sandal and one black rubber one. Ryden glances around with a sigh. "So much color..so much." Coming from someone with his lack of fashion sense, thats saying a lot.

Charlie whistles as she adjusts her goggles and looks around "Yeah this feels like the place." she peers and then ohs and points off over yonder at a tree broke and half "That is where we fought the dark ones I think.. there may have been a wee bit of a battle…" she mmms "And yup headache coming on right on queue…" she pauses and looks at Ryden down yonder "huh"

Fenris just kind of stares at Ryden. "Well… he doesn't belong here. Though he kind of looks like he does." The wolf god looks around. Hrm. Dark Ones. He's not familair with this part of Faerie. Though it's certainly rather jarring. "You said your ally was named Amethyst right?" Still staring at Ryden.

Ryden is standing with his back towards them, muttering to himself so it takes a moment for their voices to register and he slowly turns around. His travel pack is hanging loosely from one shoulder and the top flap hanging open. Looking inside all one would see is a black pit. Despite its size it doesn't seem to weigh much, if anything. Oddly bright sky blue eyes widen and he stares at them. He can sense power, a bit but not the kind he'd have expected to find here. Not exactly. "Uh. Hi." Ryden edges forward. He's frowning at Fenris as if trying to place the man. "Oh! You. You're uh…Mr Wolfson!" That was it right?

Charlie meanwhile tastes, in the metaphorical magic sense, like pure chaos, wild, a bit like this part of faerie, and also like Mr. Wolfson. She cocks her head studying Ryden as he edges forward. "Well he seems to know you…." then she looks around "Also yes.. Amy .. Amethyst.. Order mage but very nice."

"Hello Ryden." Friend of Zee's. Really. Damn. Odd one. Reminds Fenris of some of the more absent minded of the Aesir and that's… not really a good thing when dealing with Fenris. "Oh yes, we've met. He knows Zatana." The wolf god moves forward, nodding to Ryde as he passes and kneels down at the edge of a pool. Hrm. Someone's been here. Several someones. Recently. "Do you see signs of struggle, Charlie?"

Ryden watches them with interest. He is capable of focusing, when he really needs or wants to. They have to be the reason he's here. Ryden glances around. Why here? "You aren't another homi magi. Or a wizard.." He studies Fenris like a puzzle with pieces missing. Something seems..off. "I've been here for a little while, haven't seen anyone but the two of you." He adds after a moment.

Is in part Homo-Magi, and oh so much more. Still Charlie chipperly heads down to the pool and adjusts her goggles, and casts a ChaosSight spell. Her pupils go ruby red under her goggles as she looks around. "Fenris is Fenris." she notes studying the environment. "kinda Fenris…"

"I am neither." Fenris says rather truthfully but unhelpfully. Immortals are like that. Secrets. Honestly, sometimes Fenris does it just for the fun of watching someone try to figure it out. Not that he's likely to with Fenris missing so much of himself.

"Someone fought… there was magic. I can smell it." He rises. "Dark magic. I don't suppose you've been in a fight, Ryde?"

Ryden stiffens and if either of them are looking at him they'll see those blue eyes roll back in his head and being flicking back and forth in a very rapid manner. He gasps and takes a step back and then just stares at Fenris. This can't be the… "Oh. Oh shit." He doesn't just store knowledge, he uses it to put things together and usually pretty quickly. "Darque. He got to you, that's why you feel weird." And probably how Zee ended up in this. "Well. Good for her." Ryden nods in approval. "Everything smells like magic here, I'd imagine. But yeah, you could say that, sure. I've been in loads of fights. Tends to happen when you've been around as long as I have." He sighs. He knows he isn't impressive looking, aside from his good looks. He's pretty sure Fenris doesn't care about that though. Ryden's lips quirk and he glances over Fenris again. Too bad, that. "And you, you're?" He looks at Misfit.

Charlie looks over the scene "Hmm yeah magic…" she blinks behind her goggles looking up and over to Ryden with her ruby eyes under orange lenses… odd that. "What huh…" pause "Oh hey.. I'm Misfit. Titan. MagicCop. Defender of Gotham." which explains the batty sorta misfity look. "We were looking for some chaos lords whose ass I kicked or my friend Amethyst.. " she glances "This is darkone magic.. not Darque the other dark ones Fenris."

"Fenris nods. "Opals." He stands. Not htat he knows but Misfit had said that name before when her mind had cracked. Opals. Dark. Dark ones. Hrm. Connection? Amethyst? This is all sounding a bit familair but Fenris really needs time to think, or go through one of his books. He gets the feeling he should know where they are though… "Mmmm, at any rate… yes, Darque got to me." Which is why it hurts. He fixes Ryde with a look. Doesn't like to talk about it.

The wolf god focuses to cast a spell to show them what happened. And… there's Amethyst being attacked by a dozen or so Dark ones and their servitors. "Well… that's not good."

Ryden just kind of nods. There are a helluva lot of things he doesn't want to talk about. "Yeah, well, if I can do anything to help just let me know." Though it's beginning to look like he'll end up showing whether he's asked or not. Shit. He watches the scene unfold. "No kidding.." Ryden frowns. "The only thing I like about this place is that theres so much power everywhere I can draw on it and not deplete myself so fast…I wonder how long ago this was.."

Charlie studies the replay and winces deeply and then nods lightly. "Crap.. those are the dark ones Amy and I fought before.. well not the same same ones.. they had their asses kicked.. but same crew I imagine.. and that is my friend Amethyst.. we need to all go help her."

Amethyst gets overwhelmed and knocked out. She's dragged over to the road where there's a cart and loaded onto it, bound, gagged and then… carted off north. "Well, I think we know which way they went. Though we may want to go get some, um, help before we do anything major. Still, can't hurt to see how far they got." The wolf god then becomes… a wolf. A big one. Big enough to ride on… if only just. "Shall we?"

"I can do more than usual here, even being rusty, so yeah, let's." He has more than a little frustration to work out at the moment. Assholes are assholes and Ryden isn't feeling too particular about which ones he stops so long as he can stop some. Besides, leaving some girl in the hands of kidnappers, not really his style. He looks thoughtful as he follows at Fenris's side. Hells no is he even thinking about riding him. Nope. Not even. Besides, the choas girl might take offense to that. Ryden glances aside nervously. Hopefully she isn't a mind reader. "What was I..oh right..the books.." A few moments more thought and he reaches into the black hole of his pack and pulls out a brown faded covered book, holding it loosely in one hand.

Charlie vanishes >pinkurple> and reappears up on Fenris's back there. "If we get there before the yget where ever they are going I am going to god damned end them Fenris… Amy is my friend…" she blinks at the book "book?"

"Well… I was going to carry you. Is there something interesting in that book?" Fenris is now peering over his shoulder. Misfit's already on his back and he's ready to go. Ryden has a… book? Okay, this is kind of odd.

"I can walk! Really." He glances down at the book. "I suppose I never really explained. My power works differently than other homi magi." Partly because he isn't just a homi magi. He's a or well, The Lorekeeper. Likely the last. "There are things and people and animals in this book, that could be useful. Everything in this book existed somewhere and I captured it in here. It's less of a drain on my power to summon things I've stored that were real."

Misfit eyes Ryden from wolfback "By stored do you mean like pokemon or do you mean like recorded details about them…." she trails off and grips Fenris "We need speed Ryder guy.. come on up…"

Fenris looks over at the magus. "We do need to move. Either climb on or summon a horse." If he can. Fenris has no idea. He knows Ryden is potent. Just not how much. To underscore the point he starts to move at a trot.

Ryden sighs. No way is he riding Fenris. He's not riding someone he finds attractive. He's awkward enough, thanks. Ryden opens the book to a specific page. Fucking Faerie. He's sorely tempted to summon a four wheeler. But, no.. It is a horse that appears. A mare, slight and sleek, with grey hair and white speckles, built for speed. He jumps aside with more grace than one might expect and catches up along side them. She's already saddles and bridled and cars had been several centuries away during the time Ryden had been born. He can ride, and does it very well.

Charlie is twisted around to see what Ryden will summon and then she oohs. "That is pretty cool… I wish I could summon animals like pokemon to battle for me… rawr"

Fenris chuckles. "You usually have to sign contracts with them. That's a fairly unusual ability. Okay. Hang tight." And then he's off. Running at quite a great speed. The trail leads over a road, to the woods and off toward some mountains. Some dark mountains. Things here are not subtle, are they?

Ryden follows just behind, wondering what the hell a pokemon is. Is it some new kind of magic? Has magic become that well known in the past seventeen years? He has no idea it's a video game and is probably going to be completely awed by just how far such things have come since he was last in the world. He briefly considers sending up a prayer to any gods listening that Charlie doesn't develop that particular ability because someone with chaos magic being able to summon creatures at will is more than a little terrifing but this is not a good place to be making prayers or wishes so Ryden sets that thought aside for later. He eyes the approaching mountains. "Fucking Faerie." Ryden just misses having half his face taken off with a branch. It does leave a scratch across his temple. So he can ride really well, paying attention, still a problem.

Well Charlie grips wolf fur and holds on tight with her legs as Fenris takes off "Wheeeeeeeee" yeah she can't help it. She doesn't say wheee the whole way though.. just for a little while.. like over a hill… or leaping over downed trees.. you know things worth it. "oo.. that looks ominious .." and familiar.. fucking headaches.

Fenris slows after a long while. They've covered miles and while they can see the ruts the wagon wheels left, the wagon is far, far ahead of them. Slowly the landscape starts to change. It gets darker. Blacker. Bleaker. At length the wolf checks and goes no further. "There's some kind of barrier in place. I can smell it." The other two cna likely feel it. A throbbing pressure like a headache jsut behind the eyes.

Ryden glares at the invisible force. He has a thing about headaches. "Hm. There's a second thing I love about Faerie actually." He nods. "Iron. It does some pretty nice damage here. Might be enough to burn a hole in it. One big enough to get through. I'm not sure just what they did to make this, could be some kind of alarm though." It also really feels wrong and Ryden doesn't want to leave it intact. This is faerie though and really none of his business aside from the fact he wants to go on the otherside of whatever it is.

Charlie slides off Fenris's back there and walks up to the barrier. She renews her ChaosSight spell and looks it up and over then down in each direction. "Hmmm… I wonder if we could pop this thing?"

It's fairly extensive. With Iron charms they might be able to push though it but destroying it would take a lot of work. This looks like a cooperative effort. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of mages maintain this thing. Fenris presses up against it. Charlie might find it particularly obnoxious, since it seems to specifically exclude ruby energy.

Noone said no to the iron. Ryden isn't even thinking charms. He really isn't. He moves off to the side, following along the edge of the barrier and then walking back away from it several paces. The book opens to a certain page and a tiny car floats out. Ryden pushes it right up to the barrier and steps out of the way as it rapidly expands. It's an old car, a 1950's ford crestliner and it looks brand new. "What do you think?" He asks. It ought to do something anyway.

Charlie reaches out and pokes it with one finger. There is a sizzle pop as the barrier pulses dark red. Charlie staggers back even as a crystal clear bell noise occurs "guh!"

"Yeah." Fenris chuckles. "UNtil someone takes notice of it and hexes the hell out of it. Give it a whirl, probably make a good sized hole in the barrier… but be ready for trouble." He glances to Misfit… "Hey… you okay?"

Ryden moans at the thought. But it isn't the only one he has so.. "Oh I hate this place." He picks up a rock, opens the door, starts the car and then puts it in gear and pops the rock on the gas before climbing out. "You know, we should maybe…move away. You're probably right about the hexing." He thinks for a moment. "If you see this really short mechanic chick, don't tell her about this car, eh? I think she might murder me."

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Ryden isn't the only one moaning. Well Charlie picks herself up off her butt "I don't think it liked me at all.. it attacked me Fenris.." it sure did. It reacted very violently towards her touch as opposed to Fenris.

"It didn't like you at all, no. I think we c-" And then a truck goes crashing through it. There's a visible shimmering in the air as the barrier gets a big ford sized hole in it. "Well…" And then there's the alarm. A single high pitched shriek that makes even Fenris cover his ears with his paws. "Ow. Okay. Move! Get through! Someone will be coming to look and soon!"

Ryden stuffs that book in his bag, turns from striding toward Misfit with a look of concern and leaps after the car. He pulls out another book and the pages fly past stopping at a particular one. "Guns? Swords? What?" Iron weapons, probably best here…unless..no iron for sure.

Of course, the Bell Peal from the Ruby interacting with the Wall, well that probably set off other alarms. Of course that alarm + the alarm from being breached probably has a firestorm of panic and response coming. Of course Charlie knows none of that and she moves to hop herself up on Fenris's back "Should we call backup.. do we have backup?"

"I think right now not getting caught is a good weapon." Fenris is already moving. "No, we don't have backup. Not right now." Unfortunately. "Ryden! Just move. They'll be all over us in a minute. That barrier took dozens of mages to maintain. Organization. We're dealing with a State!" Which has him turing off the road into a set of dark woods. He's still following his nose though. The cart took the high road, so they're going to cut off a loop. "Wait… up there. Do you see a fire?" He nods to a distant twinkling.

Ryden replaces the book as they run, thinking. Faerie is full of magic, it can be hard to track a certain kind..but what if they had some fictional magic? It doesn't really exist until he makes it, so it shouldn't be trackable, it's worked before. Ryden mutters a curse in some odd language and pulls free a well read paper back. A moment later he's tossing a large bundle of fabric at Charlie and then another at Fenris. "Put it on!" Ryden is sweating now as he runs, pulling another free for himself. These items aren't real, its going to sap him faster, maintaining three of them but, invisiblilty cloaks seem like a good idea. He stuffs the copy of Harry Potter back inside his back, hoping neither of his companions have read it.

Charlie totally snags the fabric "Uh wut…" but she swings it on "Awesome…" she notes as the shimmer happens, like that one movie. "That is certainly a Fire fenris.. should we go check it out…." she hasn't read it but she has seen the movies… sigh.

And… invisible. Fenris blinks. Okay. Now going from running wolf to sneaky wolf. There's a thundering noise on the road as a dozen black horses with cloacked men go flying down it. The wolf god crouches and glances up. "There's someone up there. I'm moving us closer." He whispers as he creeps. It's a slow and honestly kind of boring process but at the end of about twenty minutes they've gotten far enough that they can peer over a ridgeline and see a distant camp. A number of dark cloaked soldiers with blades are there. And a woman in a purple dress. Bound and seemingly gagged. "Is that your friend?"

Being in danger has a way of making Ryden focus and he doesn't have much trouble moving slowly or quietly. He's sweating rather heavily though and beginning to look a little bit pained but he can do this for awhile yet. The cloaks aren't nearly so bad as the three wyrsa he'd summoned and then had to maintain control of along with the spell power its self. He's rreally going to be hurting later, and then spend a day or two drugged but he's used to it by now. He just hopes he can keep this up long enough for,…well, something anyway.

Well Charlie finds it ridiculously exciting being under a cloak of invisibility. She starts to ponder how to forge something into her costume with chaos magic. God help us. Still she holds onto Fenris. "That is Amy yes… we have to rescue her… lets bring the thunder on those assholes.."

Bring the thunder. Well that's more Thor's thing really but… probably doable. "Ryden… come with me. Charlie, get ready to bounce over there and get their attention. Then Ryden will bring the thunder and I'll bring the wolf. Just… be careful…" He nods to her and then gestures to Ryden and slinks off to move around the side of the camp.

'Bring the thunder? uh..what? Ryden leans heavily against a tree, trying not to pant and make noise. Shit. He really hopes one of them is strong enough to carry him because this is going to end up… thunder..loud.. no his aim sucks, what if accidently shoots Fenris? Or Charilie? Okay so then.. he looks around. "Shit.." Ryden follows after Fenris. "Do you have a specific thunder in mind?" He's having trouble focusing now and all his ideas seem to be more than a little too risky.

Charlie hisses to Ryden "Take out the bad guys and not us and the girl in purple. That is the plan. Ready when you are Fenris." she dips her hands into her pockets and pulls out a couple handfuls of small orbs. They look like Waynetech not magic though. "Oh when I do my distraction, make sure you close your eyes for the blast."

"Anything loud and noisy and impressive." If Ryden can't manage accuracy he can provide another distraction. Fenris will wolf them all. "Okay, get ready…" The wolf creeps into place. Which takes several more long minutes, but at length he's ready. And crouched and waiting. Hopefully with a not panicking Ryden in tow.

Ryden just kinda stares at Charlie for a moment. He'd gotten that much of the plan, thanks. He isn't panicked, he's just in a bit of pain that is only going to get worse. Noise and distraction… and something that doesn't require presice accuracy. Huh hey, he's got that actually and not in a book so it wont take more power. Ryden grins. A dark grin, that makes his rogueish features suddenly menacing. He reaches into his backpack and pulls out a small black painted object and pulls the pin with his teeth. He hauls back and throws it in the direction of the approachers. Grenades are grand.

Misfit watches the grenade fly out to the side of the group around the campfire. "Ok" taking that as the signal she jumps still wearing the invisbility cloak. She appears, invisible for once, right by Amy. "

Misfit watches the grenade fly out to the side of the group around the campfire. "Ok" taking that as the signal she jumps still wearing the invisbility cloak. She appears, invisible for once, right by Amy. "Amy close your eyes" then she tosses the handfulls of flashbangs out into the camp all around her spraying the orbs from her hands.

Fenris rushes in the moment it goes off. He's not looking for Amy, and not looking right at the camp at the moment. He shoulders into one of the soldiers as they stumble back, knocking him down and then turns on another, pouncing and applying claws and fangs. There's screaming. And then tearing. And then nothing. There's more men though and they're starting to react. "Secure the prisoner!"

Ryden has another grenade ready and throws it off to the side, it will make a big noise and explosion and hopefully scare the hell out of some of them. The third he throws into a group of them gathering and heading towards the bound woman and Charlie. Yeah, thats not happening. The grenades seem to be slightly smaller and with a bit less force than one would expect but they still kill and injure. Ryden pulls something else from the bag, its not exactly a grenade so much as a device and when he throws it into a tree it doesn't explode loudly, a flaming liquid coating the trunk and fire taking hold.

Charlie's bat-tech goggles darken with the flashbang flashes, negating the need for her to blink. She is already spinning around and stepping in to Amy. The gag is first, spellcaster. Then she is on to try to get her free checking the bindings "Calvary Amy."

Amy seems blinded and half drugged but she's not tied too badly. Rope. Not chains. Charlie will ahve her up and moving in a moment but she'll also have her hands full keeping her that way. Fenris has downed a second now and Ryden is spreading fire everywhere. Fire is not something people like. Even nasty Dark soldiers like these. They're backing off in fairly short order.

Ryden gives that dark grin again and tosses two more fire bombs before pulling a sword out of a book. A nice iron sword, and moving to protect Charlie and her friend. The fire is going to burn for awhile and its going to spread, he'd thrown the last two on the ground. So he's a sucker for a woman in distress. He also has a low asshole tolerance. "Okay, now what?" They need to get out of here yes, but..he can barely pull himself through a ley line and right now, he isn't sure he could do that.

Well.. Gemworld soldiers aren't exactly faeries so the Ironsword. Well. It looks good though right. Anyhow meanwhile Charlie keeps one arm around Amy and the other hand fills up with throwing batarangs she starts winging sharp side out into the dark soldiers. She can't teleport with Amy and Fenris knows this.

Fenris knows that. Which is why he tears open a Way and points with a paw. "In, you three. I'll hold them until you get there." On the other side? Fenris' and Charlie's house of course. Nice and safe and warded.

Ryden probably realized that iron wasnt a threat to those guys but a sword is still a sword and he can use it. It also already existed and he's still powering the cloaks and had used a bit of magic to actually get here. He shoots a look back the way the came, the car, aw well then turns and tumbles through after Charlie and her friend. he gets to his knees and fishes out another grenade as soon as Fen turns and heads through he's throwing the damn thing. Then probably falling on his face. He's drenched in sweat and the headache is really buidling. He lets the power holding his and Charlie's cloaks go and they fade away. Too late to stop the migraine but at least he won't be heading into coma territory.

Charlie totally fishes out two chaos runes, and flings them right onto the closest two soldiers. That will end so poorly for them, unluck stones. Then she puts both arms around Amy and hustles the purple clad lord of order through the WAY and to earth… yeah what could go wrong right.

Well… several things but probably not the thing that Charlie expects. As they all get through the portal and Fenris closes it with some force and reverts to human form, the purple clad girl shrinks. It takes a moment to realize that she's getting younger. In rather short order the twenty something woman is… well, she can't be older than 15 or so. Maybe 16. "Um… what the hell?"

Ryden manages to turn around before falling on all fours. He glances over and squints. Getting hard to see but he can make it out after a moment. "Oh. That. Yeah, time is..different and shit." He manages to shrug his pack off and pull a small device from a side pocket. Ryden puts it to the side of his neck and pushes a button to inject the drugs. He slumps over and flops onto his back with his eyes closed. "I'm gonna be pretty useless til tomorrow night..or the next morning…sorry." Did he explain about the girl? "Staying at the hilton in Chelsea.." in case they want to shove him into a cab. he sure isn't going to manage it. But there was something else..something..Ryden sighs in relief, the drugs working. "She deaged. She'll go back to normal when she goes home. No biggie."

Charlie is surprised "Woah…" but she keeps her arms around the girl. She hustles her towards a touch now and ohs "De-aged… that is so wierd…. Amy…. um… Fenris I think she is drugged you need to give her a jolt of healing if you have it in you?"

"Set her down on the couch. I do but…" Ryden's going to pass out in a minute. He can tell. "You need to sit. And maybe hydrate. Also change." Because seriously? That getup… okay.

Fenris' hands glow and the drugs seem to pass from her system, leaving Amy merely asleep. "We'll have to talk to her when she wakes up, I suppose."

"Buh..s'comfortable.." Ryden murmurs. Its just clothes, people pay way too much attention to this stuff. Really, he thought that one lady was going to burst a vein in her forehead when he'd said he didn't have time or energy to spare for clothes. Like he'd just said he murdered and ate babies for breakfast.. he sighs softly. Purple hair though, that had been rather lovely… wait what was he suppsoed to do? Ryden shrugs his cloak off while still lying flat and manages to get the orange woman's top half over his head before forgetting and going still again. Clearly he thought Fenris was talking to him.

Misfit looks down at her costume and and then she looks around and then to drugged up Ryden. She sighs and looks over to Fenris "He is seriously wierd… I hope Amy will be okay…." she looks down to her sleeping friend.

"I do too… let her rest. We'll talk to her in the morning." Fenris murmurs softly. "Presumably after Ryden has gone to find clothes. That match."

He's snoring softly but Fenris's voice wakes him. He struggles out of the shift and pulls an old men's night dress from inside his pack and puts it over his head before ditching his jeans and curling up on the floor, snoring again a few seconds later. They did it and all got back in one piece, more or less. Maybe he'll even remember what he was doing before he ended up in faerie, later though.

Misfit looks bemused and then looks to Fenris "We should try to be here when she wakes.. or leave a note.. or something so she doesn't flip out and fireball Ryden."

"I'll… stay here, in case you need to go." Fenris would of course be very happy to have Charlie stay as well but they both have committments and he knows that. "Are you needed anywhere right now?"

Ryden mutters something in his sleep and flops onto his back, the snoring gets louder for a moment and then his eyes open. Yes, he just woke himself up with it. Sky blue eyes blink in confusion at Charlie and Fen's feet. "…." He sits up and pulls his pack into his lap then slumps over it and falls asleep again, his chin disappearing into the open black pit.

Misfit shakes her head watching Ryden "So wierd..and no I will stay too I just planned to use the bed not the chair or something." she pulls her goggles up. "Which .. is where I am going."

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