A More Dangerous Room

June 21, 2015:

Jean and Nate try the new improvements of the Danger Room. Everything goes wrong.

The Danger Room of the X-Men complex



NPCs: Danger Room holograms


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Fade In…

The Danger Room, where almost everyone goes to have a little unsanctioned fun in the 'sun' or to blow off a little steam. It's many programs, level from different ranges on a setting of one to ten, ten being the most dangerous, sometimes amped up to eleven with hidden settings that some jack-ass stuck in there to prove a point. Uses that have been recently common was a gym, often times tatami mats litter the floor as the wing-chun dummy remains in the center, sometimes bo staffs and katanas (wood) were hung upon the wall and speed bags and boxing bags alike hang from a hidden ceiling.
All it needed was to be programmed and whatever the controller wished, it's desires would come true. And sometimes? People wish for a good ol' upgrade just to keep things new and shiny. And up to date.
That wasn't what Jean was doing right then and there, she was dressed in her X best, remaining within the chair, curled up with boots hung along the back as she idly plays with her toes. So what, it's comforting.
"I wonder who else is going to join. Not too many people like testing out the kinks."

Beast isn't dressed to fight — he's dressed to observe. He doesn't often join in the Danger Room sessions with others — he hasn't felt in a very team-like mood of late. But for now, he still has responsibilities and with the end of school, it's less likely that the students would stumble into something that could harm them. Like testing out a new program or upgrade.
He's in one of the other seats to observe and he glances over at the other, "You going to join in as well?"

It is Sunday and Nate has nothing better to do than playing with the Danger Room, so guess who volunteered? The young man uses the Danger Room often enough, but usually for late night training session with Rose or alone. He probably should train more with the rest of the team. “Hey Jean, McCoy, who else is joining?” He greets on arrival, “and what has been added to the room capabilities?”

Jean grasps her toes and bends them back, then releases them with a wiggle of each digit. Feeling satisfied, she finally grabs her boots to slip them on, zipping them upright, ankles rotating just enough to ensure that the shoes fit and were soon planted hard upon the ground. "Don't know if anyone else is joining." Jean admits, hands pressed against her knees as she draws herself to a stand, body twisting left and right to snap errant bones into flexibility. She even draws her hands over her head, reaching for the sky upon the tips of her toes to stretch.
"Shouldn't take too long anyways. Between me and you, we should have everything covered." She glances to Hank then, dropping her arms which soon hitch into a running position as she jogs into place. "Unless we need more? Your show, Doc."

"Just some upgrades, Mr. Grey…" he's not even going to try and figure out the family tree. Too many kids coming in from Alternate Realities as it is and if he thinks too hard on it he has to wonder if he has any hids. Frightening thought, really…and he'd feel sorry for the kid. "If I told you everything, then how would we be able to accurately judge if it took as you'd be expecting things?" There's a sight smirk then before Beast looks to Jean, "The two of you should be fine, certainly. I may even need to adjust the level…" since he knows, mostly, what they're both capable of.

Nate smirks, "maybe folks are afraid of your testing, hmm?" But he is alright with having to face surprises, really. More realistic. Not as alright as having to train with Jean, he needs to keep his mind-shields up and strong to avoid accidental telepathic contract with the redhead. But that is also something he need to practice. "Not much variety power-wise, though. But whatever. Hit us with the sim, Doc." He hovers a couple feet from the floor, and his left eye pulses with golden light as he raises a telekinetic field around his body.

Over-prepared. Jean stretches the life out of herself with a few knee lifts and waist twists. She claps her hands briefly, then lightly smacks herself repeatedly in the face, blowing in and out as she heads to the door that would lead her nearer to Nate. Why, she even pinches and spreads her cheeks a little in preparation of getting hit in the face with some random, errant object.
"Fine fine Hank." Jean mutters, mildly annoyed. She hates surprises. "I did hear that there was a level twenty built in there. You know, super-massive killer type level. Feel free to crank it up to that for a few minutes if you need."
Now she was rolling her shoulders, glancing up towards Nate as he begins to hover within the air, her head shaking a little as she curls her gloved fingers so tightly that her knuckles crack. "Relax Nathaniel. You should be used to this by now."

Beast gives a soft grunt, "Please, Mr. Grey. Between you and Jean, I'm sure you could level a large city if you really wanted to. Power is power." Maybe it's another reason why he's not involved in the testing. One, he's tested enough on himself, and two, he's clearly out-powered.
"Are you expecting an advanced yoga class, Jean?" Hank muses before he starts the program.
"Finding something that can deal with those who are able to fight on other levels than the physical has been interesting, but I think that this might help." He won't admit that he's that good at dealing with gadgets, but on occasion, his imagination manages to peek through all the logic. It starts at a fairly low level…nothing meant to harm, but there's first a scan of who is in the room and a brief readout given on the monitors. Hank then enters the command for the new code to get going.
It's a city-scape…possibly recognizable, possibly a conglomeration of different cities around the world. There are people milling about, doing their things. And then things start to appear among the crowds.
The new program has taken the fact that Jean and Nate are telepathic and is creating adversaries geared specifically towards them.

"I am relaxed," replies Nate. Mostly relaxed. "Wait, a level twenty? How do you access that?" Pure academic curiosity, of course. Not that he is addicted to running and getting trounced by sims that are too difficult to him or anything. (Yes. He is).
That is a question that goes unanswered as the simulation starts. Big city and big crowd, not the best place to cut loose. He sighs, and gets higher, expecting to see the problems before they reach them. He shouldn't have bothered. "You see that? What the hell?" He hovers closer to one of the 'things'.

City scape. Fairly modern. 'Innocents' abound. It's almost like an every day simulation, especially when the things begin to appear in the crowd. "If there was, Hank wouldn't tell us." She grins at that, calling out to the Doctor of Science. "You know the saying, 'Loose body.'" That's right. Loosen up, and it wouldn't hurt as much. As Nate rises, Jean takes a stance atop of a car, carefully stepping upon the bumper and then the hood of the trunk, foot pressed against the top of the back glass window to lean forward.
Even though it was a simulation, there was a need for her to tell Nathaniel to back away, but she doesn't. She just reaches out with a hand, and grunts, her fingers soon pressing against her lips as she waits for the 'thing' to clobber itself upon X-Man's shield. Or.. maybe…
"Pick it up."

Attacking aliens, HYDRA soldiers, and opposing mutant 'enemies' have all been done. Hank wanted to make it possible for people to really be challenged — maybe it's another reason why he's not in there with them? But it's been done and if they learn to fight things that are of equal or stronger than they are, they'll be ready for when it really happens.
When Jean gives the order to kick up the level, he merely shrugs. The safeties -are- on, so hopefully they won't get too tossed around in the simulation. Typing in a couple of things, the levels are kicked up a couple of notches.
Now, not only do they have their own 'things' to fight…things which are now more aggressive and powerful, but the crowd is also beginning to turn on them. Seeing them. Not seeming to want their presence despite what else is attacking.

Nate loses his good mood as he approaches the 'thing' and it resolves, for him, into the image of someone he hates more than anything else. Someone he should be afraid to, but he is not really afraid of anyone, not even those beings he should be afraid of.
Whatever it was, it blinds him with rage and he leashes with his full power, forgetting the environment where they are, and ignoring the crowds that are suddenly turning on him. "DIE MONSTER!" The force blast hits like a cannon shell, the street cracks and the shockwave breaks windows a city block around.

The car that Jean remains upon begins to rock as she watches the back of Nathaniel, a slight grimace drawn upon her features as she takes a step upright. Those things.. within the crowd do nothing for her for the moment. For her attention is upon her not-quite-son, her shields imediately slam upright, until a hand reaches out to grab her foot.
She looks down, her teeth at a clench, the fingers long and seemingly curling around her ankles, the red hair flowing like fire as the eyes burn an inhuman red. Soon, her ankle begins to burn, and her foot strikes out to kick the face of the apparition, her own face, drawing it back and away from her person as Jean herself stumbles back. "What the hell.."
The figures that surround her are pure dopplegangers, each with varying degrees and symbols of the Phoenix.
However, the humans themselves begin to chant. 'MURDERER!' 'PICK A SIDE!' 'KILL HER BEFORE SHE DESTROYS US!' While others chant.. 'SAVIOR', 'ALL HAIL PHOENIX!' 'PHOENIX RISES FROM THE ASHES!'
She whips around in every direction, her pedestal rocked back and forth as she crouches to try to get a handle upon her balance, until the blow back from Nate's power thrusts her into the sea of faces just like hers, and others with a hail of glass surrounding them.

There are screams as the force blast cracks the street and blows out windows. A few cars have flipped over and there are some bloody and broken bodies in the wake of the shockwave. "Get him!" is shouted, "He's gonna kill everyone!" While some in the crowd do run away, the majority go to rush Nate to try to bring him down…even as the monster recovers and moves back forward to attack.
Jean, in the meanwhile, is having her own 'Being John Malkovich' moment , surrounded by those who both worship and despise her.
The blows raining down the two X-Men do feel real and the sounds, smells, and sights of the attack seem likewise realistic. The bruises and cuts will bleed and purple.
No one has called it yet so Beast merely watches from the observation deck. Another couple of levels are then added.

Whatever monster is Nate seeing, it is a very tough one and he is not surprised it took his blast and came back for more. What he didn't expect is the crowd of suicidal citizens trying to get him. Since he is flying some yards over the street, there is not much they can do besides throwing stones and shoes, which does little against his forcefield.
But they stand on the way of him cutting lose, Nate hesitates and the 'thing' hits back, sending him flying against an office building, directly through the wall. He curses and flies out, spotting Jean being attacked by, well, evil Jeans.

It was total mayhem on Jean's end. There were people actively attempting to kill her. Her attempting to kill her. Yet a few of them attempting to save her. It was like a riot with Jean trapped in the middle, curled up into a ball, occasionally fielding hits and kicks to her arms, legs and body. She even rolls a little, hands pressed against the ground, one arm looping over hers to hoist her up, another pair of arms attempting to shield her from the blows, while hands grasp her own hair to tug backwards into the fray.
Even though these people weren't real, every stitch of pain was felt, the pooling of blood beneath bruised skin set off a certain numbness. She still shielded herself from above, arms covering her head to draw back the hits, shields drawn up to stop the burst of flames from the evil Jean's that pour from their lips. She wanted to exercise control, total control in the face of madness.. and those people aren't real.. they're not real.. they're not..
"GODDAMN IT HANK!" She shouts out, drawing her power inside, then flexes it out with a force of telekinetic blasts that sends the rests flying like bowling pins.
The ground beneath her seemingly begins to pit and crack, a deep groove working itself into the concrete as her hair begins to raise, her fingers lit aflame with fire as her hair slowly snaps and curls, their own flames manifesting. Whilst her and Nathaniel nearly share the same power, theirs are manifested in different ways. And she felt it. Nathaniel did not hold back..
"Reign it in Kid." She calls out, her lip bloodied. She still had worry for him, and remembered that he held himself back for good reason.

Hank says nothing from the booth but he does begin to type at the console. And type. Something's not responding. This…isn't good. "Jean…" is offered before he moves to another console to see if just something on that one is broken. "Dammit…" is murmured as he continues to type. "Jean, try to turn it off from inside. I can't get the Safety back on. I'll keep trying from out here…" she does know where the switch is though, right? There's always an internal switch in the room…it's just usually hidden behind everything.

Looks like Jean got her shit together just in time. Nate was going to help, but they have other problems. The 'thing' he was fighting manifests more clearly, he is a large man, easily seven foot tall, grey-skinned and with a massive build, almost Hulk-like. And he is wearing a dull blue and grey armor of alien design.
Nate's hatred for that man is almost a physical thing for another psychic. Nate flies at him at near super-sonic speed and hits him with a telekinetic ram. But the creature barely slides back a few feet, and he punches the young man with devastating strength, this time sending him flying to crash against a parked truck, crushing it.

A hand presses to her temple as the other raises, fingers gesturing towards the space of where the people flew and begin to fly, her TK levitating them and effectively immobilizing them all at once. "What? Hank.." Shit. She glances around, and Nate was off, locked in the battle of something that only his mind could see. It was then that she finally shoots up into the air like a rocket, slamming those she held with her force down hard enough to create pits within the street below.
"Tell me you didn't give us city blocks.." She calls out, her eyes downward as fire begins to billow within the street, shooting up in that similar manner just as she did. "This is going to get reaaaallly ugly Hank.."
The button.. where was the button..

"I'm trying, Jean…we knew this could happen…" Hank is furiously typing, his claws clicking on the keys as he tries to gain control of the simulation. "Of course I did…I know how your's and Nate's powers work and a block wouldn't have done it…" Damn! It's still not working. He looks around, a hand scrubbing through his mane of hair before he moves over to the console and begins to pry it open. There has to be a power source, right?

Nate has heard of the panic button, yes. Never used it, because he can usually stop the program with a verbal command. The Danger Room going haywire is a new one. Fun times. "I'll give you some space," he tells Jean. With a gesture, he throws the remains of the smashed truck to his armored enemy, and takes the second of pauses to sweep the streets with a broad telekinetic blast to try to clear it from fake Jeans. "But hurry up, willya?"

"Yes, we knew it could happen but not this bad!" Jean wasn't complaining. Sure, she's going to have knots and lumps for days, and a busted lip. At least no one would guess at how bad they messed up. Hopefully. She begins to fly upward as Nate gives her space, only looking down to give him a thumbs up as she heads for the ceiling, "Just hold the lines for a few more seconds, I have to find the apex of the.. "
One Jean manages to escape the onslaught that Nate puts upon them, snagging her ankle yet again to swing her into a building, the blow hard enough to shake the similator as she delivers a blast on her own. She doesn't stop to fight, her feet planted against the ground to launch her off into the air again, forming an 'L' shape in fire as she heads straight for the makeshift sky. The 'Other Jean' was still close upon her heels, drawing 'her' fist back to punch fireball after fireball, which was dodged in a series of aerial manuvers only Warren could teach. But she was there, one hand drawn back to press hard against a formless cloud, the button was pressed and…
Nothing… "Haank…"
…more nothing..
"PHOENIXXXX!" The 'Other Jean' hisses out, drawing back fire large enough to envelope them both, crashing into the ceiling where Jean was placed to create a fiery egg that protects them both from the sky that falls..

Golden eyes widen as the Danger Room scenario just seems to get worse and worse. Well, whatever he breaks he can fix. Maybe. The console cover is forcibly ripped off and clawed hands beging to rip apart the insides in the hopes of severing the connection between the computer and the actual room simulation. The problem is, he's not entirely sure where the program is hiding. The console isn't tiny.

Nate is a bit too busy to reply Jean's cry. He has a number of fake Jeans with Jean's powers plus the big grey-blue monster hammering at him. He sure hopes the safeties are still on in the room, because while he kicks one 'Jean' away, he gets punched on the side and he can feel a rib crack. A hastily raised TK shield protects him from a flying tree someone tosses his way. But then a gas pipe explodes and he staggers back, trying to ward off the heat and flames. "Yeah… still alive. Hurry up!"

The ceiling of the simulator begins to slowly crack, the ball of fire pressing itself against the surface, creating a bubble like apparatus to form. Any further, the roof would collapse upon itself, and the entire headquarters would be in danger of collapsing.
Inside that bubble? There was a battle. Two fiery beings clashing against each other, causing the room to thunder and shake as blows were traded and some rejected. Both of the women were soon drawing their near limits, and even though one was completely real, they both were showing the wear and tear to the point the cracks within both of their skin begin to peel. It was like the Negative Zone all over again.
"Give in!"
"I will not."
"It is only a matter of time.."
"..before you kill us all!"
The fire that surrounds the egg they're trapped within begins to eject, shooting a fire raptor Phoenix cannon towards all of the other projected Jean's within the area with the intent to lend aid to the 'not-so-struggling' Nate. But it all was a doozy to begin with.

This was not what they intended! Hank rips apart the console, wires and sparks flying until eventually, enough wires are slices through and ripped away that the Danger Room just shuts off. All created threats are gone, lights are out, and it's just a big, empty room. After just a moment's pause, he grabs the first-aid kit in the destroyed observation room and darts down to pry open the door and burst in, his eyes giving a cat-like glow in the dim room, "Jean, Nate? Are you two all right?" Please be all right? "This didn't happen in any of the computer tests we ran…"

Nate is certainly struggling, but he is relatively comfortable in the middle of a desperate battle. Familiar grounds, and he doesn't need to restrain himself. The problem will come later, when the technovirus spreads after soaking so much psychic energy.
Right now, he is almost fine. And then Jean drops a firebomb on him. There is a long line of creative curses as he tries to shield himself and get out of the firestorm range. Unsurprisingly, he ends up flying into yet another building. Which gives him some cover.
Briefly! As Hank finally turns off the Danger Room, which leaves him with a very real Phoenix-fire inferno. "I hate that space firebird," he grumbles, not for the first time. Not for the last, he is sure.

A red gaze goes to the sky, the sky which soon disappears before her. There were no longer any hands upon her neck, no fire that licked her skin that wasn't her own. It was just her, left within that telekinetic egg that she created, a deep inhale of her breath taken as the phoenix raptor rockets slowly subside. Sorry Nathaniel.
The dim room was momentarily lit by that bubble, which soon fades from existence, Jean soon floating down towards the ground of the Danger room slowly, landing upon her feet as her hands draw back to smooth away the blood that gathered at the corner of her lip and the tip of her nose. It's all going to leave a mark. Every bit of it.
'I'm fine.' She heard herself say. But did she really say it? She felt herself dragging her feet towards where Nate presumably hid and Hank stood, but her legs were like jelly. 'Did you hear me? I said I'm fine.' She was still walking, her arms soon hung limp, the left arm twitching almost erratically as fingers clench, relax, clench. 'Put that kit away, we're used to it by now.'
Her hands soon shoot up to grasp her head, a headache erupting right within the middle of her forehead that gives enough force to nearly bend her body back with the threat to snap bones.. then.. *THUD*.
No one ever said that being like her and Nate was painfree.

"I am so sorry…this wasn't meant to happen…" is offered as Hank looks to Nate and then to Jean. "Are you…" he starts but then she collapses. There's a sigh — not like he can feel any worse now, but that'll pretty much do it. "Help me take her to Medbay please…I'll…we'll get you patched up too and I'll get to working on this mess. I am -so- sorry…"

Nate has burnt hair (but he needed a haircut anyway) and the skin of his face and hands reddened. Otherwise he seems fine. Ah, some nose bleeding. But that is normal. "It is okay, I'll be fine oops." Not okay. He catches Jean and follows Hank to the medbay. "The DR has some real juice, though. And some things I didn't know where there programmed." He is pretty sure it picked up something Cable programmed to throw at him. But who programmed the evil Jeans? Ah, mysteries.

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