Back Handed

June 20, 2015:

Some heroes encounter THE HAND!



NPCs: Quantum, The Hand



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Fade In…

As night falls upon the city, the last smoky traces of a few early summer cookouts fill the air. There are a small group of teenagers and kids that standings in front of one 10 story apartment, when a group of adults coming running from an apartment. As each passing moment, the crowd in front of the apartment starts to grow. Some making phone calls to the police, while others are holding their cell phones to the fifth floor window. The crowd quickly starts to disperse, when two couches come crashing through the window and down to the street. Several stray plasma blasts soon follow.

One of the bystanders… one who wasn't holding a camera to film stuff.. is Wendell. He's in civilian clothing of course, and had his own phone out to call emergency personnel. He had no idea what was going on, but… then high yield energy readings flicker in his senses… and he hangs up his phone, tucking it in a pocket as he looks upward, mentally telling his computerized Quantum Bands to scan more closely, analyzing the energy types, sources, and any other trace energies in the area.
Then, sofa and plasma. He lifts both hands, and a catcher's mitt made of golden yellow energy grows right in the path of each sofa….

And here Clarissa was just trying to get back into Manhattan. Having trucked herself out to the far borrough for one of her classmate's soires - mostly involving meats and beers - the blonde now walks back through the overly hot streets of Brooklyn towards the subway. She's dressed for the weather, shorts and sneakers and a t-shirt with the sleeves sewn up, bearing a big 'Columbia Architecture' seal on it. Not a bad day for a walk,d espite the heat. Yet…the crowd puts a stop to that. She edges up closer to see what's going on, and lets out a faint gasp as plasma bolts sizzle over head. One of them smashes against some kind of force field, sizzling away and fading.

Black Canary had been in the area meeting with an informant discreetly as she cleaned up a few loose ends on an old Justice Society matter when the attack broke out.

Raising a hand to her forehead she groaned and said, "Never a quiet night, is it."

15 minutes before the couches went through the window, Ozymandias had come to this apartment trying to track down the whereabouts of a person know as Aquarius. He had heard Aquarius visited a person here, and he kinda stood out from everyone in this neighborhood. Well, he heard through his contacts that Aquarius stood out everywhere. He look like an European picture of Jesus. He was just hoping Aquarius wasn't a weirdo and could help him find the tome of Dreams of the First Pharoah if Loki wouldn't help him.

He descended from the rooftop via his grappling hook and entered the fifth floor staircase. When he steps out on to the fifth floor, the lights on the floor immediately go out.

By the time, he turns on his thermal vision, several arrows are heading towards him. He quickly dodges them. The Hand has come back to made another attack on Ozymandias. "Surrender Undying One!" Ozymandias rolls his eyes behind his mask, "You really do…

Before he can finished his statement, Quantum bursts through from the third flood, "Where is Aquarius!" His presence shocks the Hand Ninja and Ozymandias momentarily. The Hand Ninjas point to Ozymandias, "He is here to meet with him." Ozymandias smirks, "I think they are protecting him. Obviously, Quantum is not a patient being and he begins to attack everyone, lucky for Ozymandias, Quantum goes for the Hand members first.

As the battle continues between The Hand, Quantum, and Ozymandias. Quantum throws two couchs out of the window. Ozymandias jumps out with window as Hand's members fire arrows at his back. They shoot several arrows at his back, until Quantum knocks them over as he flies out of the window.

Quasar may have thought that the plasma was from the enemy, but the source of it is on someone trying to evade ninjas and… Quantum. He inclines his head, scans -that- guy, and slowly nods to himself. He looks about, and hopes the crowd provides enough cover for him. So after a moment, he's clad in golden yellow robes.. well, to be specific, it looks like a traditional Ninja outfit, just golden glowing yellow. He even appears to have a sword on his back. But.. he soars upward and in the mean time, the catchers' mitts just hold those sofas safely off the ground, "What's going on here?!" he calls out… of course a bit muffled through the mouth/face covering.

Couch attack! ACK! Clarissa is just an average citizen…well, if one put aside the obvious differences. But that doesn't mean she has powers, does it? Yet some might notice a faint glow about her, and a look of concentration, as one of those sofas goes careening off away from the crowd - having made a rather sudden right-hand turn in mid air.

Black Canary had heard of these guys before and she knew they were trouble. Removing a small hand-held crossbow from her hip, she fired off a series of arrows as quick as she could into the nearest members of the Hand; covering Ozymandias before determining her best course of attack.

Clarissa is able to catch one of the couches that fell out of the glove. Ozymandias flips his way to the ground, but still suffers an arrow to the back of his knee. He pulls out of the arrow, the wound closing immediately. Black Canary arrows hit the first Hand members that land on the ground. Their bodies quickly turning to dust.

Ozymandias turns his attention to the golden yellow robed Ninja that is soaring upward. "Very long story. Short version is I am Ozymandias of the Justice League, the Ninjas have no problem killing everyone here to get to me…Ozymandias points to Quantum, "And that guy is amazingly strong and I somehow missed him, and that rarely happens.

Quantum shows why it is so hard to hit him as he moves so fast that appears that he is several locations at once. Quantum shouts, "Where is Aquarius?!"

The couch lands with a thunk, as the blonde winces in sympathy pain at the removal of that arrow. She's been shot before, not something she'd care to repeat. "But the…uh…police can just….tase them or something….right?" She asks,w ith an increasingly skeptical look on her face.

GAME: Ozymandias has set the pose order to Clarissa Wendell Black Canary Oz

"Eon…." mutters Quasar softly, "Justice League Roster. Ozymandias…" And then he blinks as Oz moves stupid fast. "Alright. That's enough of that." he states. He gestures to the ninjas… waves a hand about and a second or so later, he speaks. (Dubbed apparently!) "Stand down. Or Ninja Vanish. Your call!" Then.. he drifts between Quantum and Ozy… before turning to look at the guy.. and the guy is charging. "Aquarian? Who?" he asks just before he's slammed into by the big guy. "Damn you're strong!" he mutters, "I felt that!" But.. from his golden robes, energy tendrils are flowing outward, wrapping about both Quasar and Quantum. "You have some interesting energy in your atomic structure. Let's see if we can't calm you down a bit." he mutters… and soon he and Quantum are in a 10 foot diameter energy globe, hopefully to contain the violence and prevent harm to bystanders.

Black Canary leaned back on the side of an air conditioning unit on the rooftop she was on and continued to observe the fight. At the moment, the others seemed to have matters firmly in hand; did she really need to intervene further?

Sighing softly to herself, she began to move from the rooftop of the building; climbing down a fire access ladder so that she could lend her aid on the ground level.

At this point, THe Hand have become are not sure who they want to kill more the Undying Kuwo or the Gai-jins that continue to interrupted them from killing him. As the Hand begin to regroup and analyze the capabilites of their enemies, they notice Black Canary climbing down the fire escape and begin to joins her there.

Ozymandias pulls his assegai and shield out, letting out a war cry as he charges into the ninjas that approach him. "Come and face, The Undying One." Quantum continues to struggle with Quasar, but he is contained with the globe. Quantum begins to muster all his power to try to lift the globe higher in the sky in attempt escape.

"What? Not feeling talkative tonight?" Quasar asks Quantum. Eon loads up Oz's generally known info profile on one of Quasar's jewel screens for when he has a chance to look at it… but that chance is not right now. "Seriously, I'm not trying to hurt you here.." And Quantum does one of his Quantum tricks.. vanishing, teleporting out of the globe when he realizes he can't move it. "Oh, now that's just cheating." remarks Quasar.
See, Quasar has a 3 step process for fighting supervillains. Step 1… contain. If that doens't work, step 2. So… on to Step 2… he lifts both hands, dismisses the globe, and starts draining that unique Quantum energy out of Quantum's atomic structure.
This.. earns retaliation. Quantum -was- going to try to retreat, but now.. he turns and charges Quasar, slamming into him and blasting him back and down into the ground where he makes a crater in the street. "Ow. Okay, so that wasn't the shining moment of my career there." mutters Quasar as he looks up to the strong enemy who is quite literally charging him with a superman style two-fisted approach. "Shit." he mutters… lifting both hands and forming a large Kite-Shield of energy that the guy slams into at top speed…

Frank Castle comes into Eastern Brooklyn from Brooklyn.

+MEET: Lunair has arrived via +meet.

Thankfully, Black Canary didn't have to worry about which Quantum/Quasar was the good and bad guy; they seemed busy enough fighting each other. As the members of The Hand attempt to pursue her she drop kicks a pair of them and then uses another to cushion her fall as she leaps towards the ground.

Looking towards Ozymandias she asks, "What the hell is going on here exactly?"

Black Canaryppl

Quantum continues to smash into Quasar as they both try to game an upper hand. Black Canary quickly dispatches two Hand Ninjas, and finishes off the third by landing on him. Ozymandias quickly answers her as he continues to block several incoming Ninjas attack in attempt to get them away from the crowd of people that are trying to run away from the scene. "You know people are doing bad things, and innocent people are in the crossfire."

Ozymandias points to Quantum, "I have no idea who that guy is. Ozymandias blocks another attack from a Hand Ninja. "I suggest that you do not hold back. The Hand are trained killers. They either kill you or worse they kill you and resurrect you to serve them.

Frank has had some bad luck this week. He was just looking to pass through this area, on his way to the nearest bed or motel room. Tied up in the back of his van is his date for the evening; a big, burly sonuva with a bloody white t-shirt and jeans. A contact and a lead to a bigger mystery. The very last thing he was expecting was for his van to backfire, and the rumbling of its engines to start and choke. He cusses, and gently drives off into the neighborhood just as a ninja jumps on his front hood and then uses it as a trampoline to flip toward the rest of the fight.

He slams on the brake, stepping out with a scowl, trying to make sense of the insane.

Lunair is definitely not in a van and not having a tied up person with her. But what she IS is riding a purple scooter, in sleek purple riding gear. She's actually behind Frank's van. It's coincidental, as college students keep odd hours. Lunair is both a student and a mutant and business often keeps her busy. But suddenly Frank slams on the brakes and Lunair has to slam on hers. "Oh god, ninja! THey are the WORST roommates, I tell you what." Because you never see them!

Black Canary continues to deal with the members of The Hand; matching their martial arts moves with counters of her own. The woman seems almost bored dealing with them, until one of them nearly cuts her face.

She steps it up a notch and unleashes a sonic, "SKREEEEEEE!" Towards the nearest group to incapacitate them.

Ozymandias puts his shield in front of him and holds his assegai above his head with the point of the spear sticking out. "You should be prepared to fight to death. He blocks the incoming attack with his enhanced reflexes, while spinning his assegai and slamming the flat part of his spear against their heads.

Black Canary's martial arts keeps her competing against the Hand, and when she unleashes her sonic scream attack against the group, they quickly are incapacitated by the attack. Her attack causes the other members to focus more attention on her and several of their archers pull back their bows to fire arrows at the group.

The ninjas started to form around Black Canary and Ozymandias in attempt to cut off their flanks, and eliminate any possibility of escape or survival.

Punisher grabs at his ears as Canary unleases her voice, grunting. Even not as the main target of the directed scream, he can feel its power. He ducks back into the van, slamming the door closed, reaching under his passenger seat and drawing out his hidden pistol. He pulls back the chamber, checks it, then steps out of his vehicle again as he puts in earbuds.

The weapon is slid behind his back as he rolls through and around parked cars, away from the immediate fight. After all, he's not entirely sure who and what is involved in this. Clarify. Then act.

Fortunately, Lunair's been flash banged enough to soundproof her helmet. She's also been a little brat and chucked plenty of flash bangs at other people when bored. But she stops her scooter behind Punisher's Van, watching the goings on. Vespa. PARKED. The riding suit disintegrates and becomes full fledge power armor and she's flying up and over to see wtf is going on. What? Is that a ninja. Infinite portal loop time! One portal above, one below.

Out in the street…well that's where it started. There was an impact shockwave when Quantum struck Quasar's shield. The shield actually cracked, and that may have caused a bit of a traffic disruption. But… Quasar is looking like a golden-robe-wrapped Ninja himself and he continues defending… repairing damage to his shield and lifting up and away from Quantum, "Seriously. There's no need to keep fighting." he states. But Quantum is enraged at the feeling of energy draining that came from Quasar.
He flies right after the Cosmic Avenger (wannabe!), who is blocking blows with that shield… each of the blows damaging a shield, but he keeps repairing them as he continues draining the power from the odd atomic structure of Quantum. "IF you would just stop fighting, there would be no need for this to continue…" he says, -trying- to be reasonable as the two of them raise even higher over the street.

Black Canary finds herself back to back with Ozymandias fighting against the hand and she recalls a familiarity about the man before asking curiously and almost out of nowhere, "Kush Dynasty right? Ghana? Like four years ago?" It was a hunch, but she had to ask!

While she waits for a reply, she dodges arrows and uses Ozymandias for leverage to attack some of The Hand assassins, leaping off of his shield.

Lunair sent a ninja flying with her portal. She has no idea what's going on besides hearing a familiar SKREE and also there is a Frank-en-van and ninja. There's also a bling-ninja (Xerxes from 300 is a fashion inspiration?). So with that, Lunair runs over to Frank, "Hey, hey, coming up behind you." And knows better than to startle a well armed vet. "What's going on? Just dropped a ninja into a car."

The battle between Quantum and Quasar take the Avengers high above the street away from any civilians that are still gathered in the street. By this time in the battle only a few people are still hanging around to scared to leave. One of them is a little girl holding up to a teddy bear near a car that is close by the Punisher.

When Black Canary mentions Ghana, he recalls acquiring a Kush dynasty trinket during a party there. As Black Canary bounces off his shield for more leverage, he glances at and quickly remembers her from the party. She was hard to miss. The increasing pressure from the Hand's attack prevents any reminiscing, and seems that more reinforcements are arriving from the direction of Lunair and Punisher as they attempt to bottle neck the entire area.

Ozymandias grinds his teeth behind mask and place his shield on his back in favor of his sickle sword. He covers theirs backs slicing and stabbing at The Hand as swarmed. One Hand Ninja that was jumping in the air quickly is portal away and lands flat into a car. The Hand would have stopped to see where this new danger was coming from, but they are quickly brought down by some more attacks from Black Canary.

GAME: Ozymandias has set the pose order to Wendell Black Canary Lunair Frank

Up above the people, Quasar and Quantum are going at it. Punches and kicks and shields and such. Quasar is draining Quantum's power slowly… and eventually Quantum realizes that this is a losing battle for the moment. So… he turns to depart… flickering as he vanishes.
Quasar pauses, looking upward as he scans for the signature. "Well, that's that." he says, looking down towards the street now as the ninja outfit vanishes. Now he's in his cape and costume… "Well, that was… different." he states.

Lunair blinks. "Whoa, hey, civilian." Ack. Wait. Small human. What does she do? When she was young, she was in a hospital room. She doesn't really know. She looks to Frank. He's looking ready to shoot. Lunair takes a deep breath, and runs over to the little girl, at least being able to keep herself between girl and ninja.

Black Canary dove straight into the mass of The Hand assassins, using their own weapons against them as the lithe woman moved between her targets; even at times causing them to attack each other in an attempt to get to her.

She wasn't concerned with taking lives, she didn't even think people who turned to dust were alive.

A pair of sais taken from an assassin are thrown at two more, impaling them in the chest before she punches another man in the face and takes his sword.

Ozymandias continues to make his ways through THe Hand without mercy and ignoring their attacks. Some of the wounds healing only to be reopened as he presses the attack. The combine efforts of Black Canary and Ozymandias are turning the tide, but the reinforcements had just decided to end this quickly and pull back their bows and prepare to launch their arrows on friends and foe alike. "Death to the Gai-Jin and Koku-jin dogs!

In the heat of the battle, they have forgotten that Quantum, and even more importantly Quasar. They still haven't seen Lunair yet.

The little girl reaches out for Lunair just as one of the ninja notices the little girl. He begins to advance on her.

Lunair is armored up. Time to grab the little girl and hang on. This leaves the ninja open to Wendell, even if she doesn't see the fellow. Lunair is mostly trying to take the girl up and out of the way. "Umm. Sorry. I'm not good at this. But I'll keep you safe and your teddy, too, okay?" She's trying. Lunair takes a deep breath and bolts.

Quantum has departed now, and Quasar drifts downward… landing near the fight. For now.. he watches what's going on with all of the combatants. He looks at the readout on Oz's file and nods to himself. So… he focuses on things like… well, "Guys. Incoming support." he says, and then golden energy flows outward. Those who are opposing The Hand… will get glowing golden armor plates growing over them. After all, injuries to friendlies are to be avoided, right?

Black Canary is having none of this bow and arrows fired at them. She was capable of breaking steel with her sonic scream, bows and arrows? They wouldn't last.

"Cover your ears!" She yells to her comrades.


A sonic scream erupts from her lungs towards the members of the hand with force enough to shatter metal.

The little girl holds on to Lunair's neck and whispers in her ear, "Are you the Knight Princess? Ozymandias closes his ear, but not before he kicks a member in the Hand in the groin a few times. The Hand does use metal arrows so the sonic scream does destroy majority of them and any that she missed fall harmlessly against them do to already being weaken by her blast and the added protection of Quasar's armor.

After the futility of this act, the remaining Hand eyes begin to glow bright red as they speak in a dark demonic voice, "The Beast has called an end to this battle, but know this Undying One: You cannot hide forever. You will not always be with allies. You will fall to the Beast one day. Centuries from now, decades from now, or perhaps even tomorrow. You will end up serving the Beast or will be destroyed by him! After this statement a swirl of red smoke engulfs the remaining ninjas and all that is left is piles of dusts of their fallen comrades.

Ozymandias puts his sickle sword back in his sheath. "Is everyone all right?"

Watching all of this… Quasar waves a hand, dismissing all of his constructs at once. "Are any civilians injured?" he asks as he strides forward. He's more concerned with saving lives.. than with fighting bad guys apparently.

Blinkblink beneath the black visor. "Ummm…" How should Lunair answer that? She doesn't really want to lie. "She said you were in trouble, so I came to help. She hopes you're doing okay," Lunair compromises. Why not? Either way, she moves the girl to safety. "Where are your parents? Should I take you home?" She asks. Things seem to be wrapping up okay.

Black Canary nods to Ozymandias and the others, "I'm fine. I have to be somewhere, so good luck with the cleanup or whatever follows next." The woman scrambles back up the fire ladder she had initially came from and is soon out of sight.

There are no civilian injures, but entire fifth floor is going to need a lot of renovations. The little sports a huge chesire cat grin minus a couple of her front teeth and kisses Lunair on her visor. "Tell her I wasn't scared. The little girl might not have been scared, but her parents were. They both rushed to embrace her daughter and try to drag Lunair in their family embrace.

Ozymandias raises his right eyebrow at Black Canary and chuckles, "Thanks, I guess I owe you one. Perhaps, two for not ratting me out in Ghana." He peers over at Quasar, "Thank you too. Cool powers. Send your contact information to the Justice League. Ozymandias turns from Quasar and lifts his grappling hook in the air and fires it to nearby rooftop and swings away.

Within a matter of 4 hours, Umoja Unlimited will graciously donate some money to cover all the renovations for the apartment and will pay for room and board for the occupants at a hotel of their choice until the renovations. Within 48 hours latter, Morien Washington, CEO of Umoja Unlimited, inspects the work his people are doing on the fifth floor. He walks into one of the apartments that used to be right by the stairs and places his hard hat on the floor. He walks around the room for a few times, then goes to an oddly warped plank on the floor. He peeks around to make sure no one is looking and finds a small gold box with ancient Egyptian writing on it.

Ozymandias puts his helmet back on head, "I guess I didn't need that Aquarian guy after all." He leaves the building, "Good work everyone. I notice a warped plank in the other room. Let's fix it. Someone might get hurt messing around in there."

"Okay," Lunair smiles. She smiles and gently ruffles the girl's hair. "I'll be sure to tell her," She promises. Then a soft squeak as she gets nabbed in the embrace. She'll wish them well and wander off, hopefully without running into cops.

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