Challenge Accepted

June 21, 2015:

Blackstone tries to get a little attention in Metropolis. Scarlet Spider and Starfire are there to give it to him.




NPCs: Blackstone


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"C'mon and fight me!" The yell is ferocious, loud and challenging. "Where is Superman? Where is a challenge!?! The Justice League: Avengers!? Come AVENGE ME!" Blast. Blast. Sirens sound out as a section of historic and artistic Metropolis is sanctioned off. The police and an SRD transport are situated in a horseshoe like formation around the immediate area where dust is billowing up something just toppled and a black beam of energy rips through the sky. "I will take you all out." The abrupt sounds of a siren being cut off are head. That obnoxious beeeowwwwwp CRASH followed by a small explosion.
The source of the disturbance is a man who stands in the middle of a wrecked battlefield of downed statues, headless, ruined and wrecked. The statues? Superheroes. Or they were. Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Batman, the Flash, Aquaman, Hawkgirl, Hawkeye and even Booster Gold. Demolished. There likes several others who have been toppled that looked like they were still in the making, JL:A one and all. Heroes of Metropolis and the world. This man is muscular, shirtless and bald with a snarl set to his features as he yells and fires black beams of energy out in destructive swipes. No costume the only outstanding points of notice on him are the glowing aura and that purple-black stone embedded in the center of his chest. "I've got the power now. I can take down anyone!" He is loud and showing an impressive display of power. Police have already fired shots and smoke canisters to keep him in the location he is in, the shots from the cops seem to do little to nothing and the smokescreen is at least keeping him distracted, he doesn't appear to be able to see through it. Unfortunately the MPD and the SRD are only irritating the metahuman.

Starfire was… Shopping. Coming from one of the stores with an over sized white sunhat on, it left it hard tell the alien features beneath. The large floppy brim is being wrestled from her face, the back of palm holding it up out of pupil less emerald gaze when the sirens and vehicles owning them go speeding by.

One bag is hooked over her arm, golden cuffs capturing around honed upper arms, left bare in the strapping of an airy fypsyesque sundress. The man said it looked 'faboo' on her, and Starfire took the compliment…and the dress. The back is left open, dropping down to cusp at the small of her back and hang in strips around legs, moving aside with each step, as for a few paces she follows the direction and then dips into a small enclave just before rocketing into the sky in a tail of flaming comets light.

No phone boots for her, just a space so as not to singe the pedestrians.

Just beside the man firing off his own powered blasts the ground erupts and smokes, shattering the statues fragments even more so, but a warning from the sky as her silhouette is caused by the back lighting of the sun that captures the flow of gauzy fabric and the tentacled flare of flame huen tresses, the perse glow emanating from palms out lain in purple armor that ripples and flows upward to form gauntlets. "Though I fail to see the point in Avenging false idols, I will give you your challenge!"

Just beside his feet that floppy sunhat floats to the ground. It'd only hinder her movements. Faboo wasn't going to cut it.

"Who are you? We are not wanting to fight a nobody. We want challengers. An actual threat!" The man's skin at this range is obviously a darkened hue, source of his powers is hard to say at a first glance. Glaring at Starfire the man sneers, lips twist in to a menacing rictus. "Mutant freak? Alien trash? What are you, flying slut? ANSWER US!" Both of the man's firsts come together to combine a double-blast in to one large dark beam that blares out at the flying Outsider.

A second figure joins the confusion sailing through police created smokescreen to plant both feet in a hard kick square center of the bad guy's shoulder blades.
"Ugh! Not alone!? Good." The comment is muffled as he picks himself up out of the dirt to look at his attacker, "Spider-Man?"
"Uhm, no. Spider-Mans in New York right now, I'm the guy who just knocked you on your ugly mug. I'm the Scarlet Spider."
The bald man scoffs, "Another nobody! You freaks are mocking us!"
"Us? Someone else around here." The Spider-Man clone takes a moment to look left and right, nope, no Spidey-Senses going ape.

The aimed fire has Starfire moving swiftly aside, a banking motion that has her pivoting in the air and when she spins back to return fire another attacker brings her to a halt in the sudden blur of motion.

No Starbolt just in case, but right as the proclaimed Scarlet Spider is clear that flaming tail leaves a tracer from the sky to the ground, and just as her body collides with the darker hued being her fist seeks to collide upon his jaw. "I don't like your tone!" Words? Nah, half of what he said needs translated and defined before Kori will take offense, but his tone..

If impact is made and a moment is had, Starfire is picking up a broken arm from one of his massacred statues, bearing a broken sigil of some sort in its hand at one point, none the less she is winding up like it's a Louisville. "You get only what you deserve." Pause and a glance to Scarlet Spider. "Did he say we?"

"No, you will get what you des-KRAK" The bald crook spins but doesn't drop he kind of spins around in a full circle with his arms flailing out wide only to stumble in to a full on haymaker from Scarlet Spider which flips him back around, "You're weak little man. Your hits are nothin-SMASH!" The stone arm explodes as the villain lifts up off of his feet and sails through the air an entire city block only to crash down somewhere out of sight. Energy beams shooting off in to the sky and lancing through structures says he isn't down. "He did say us, I don't think he is quite right in the head though." A quirk of his masks eye as one squints and one goes large, "Who are you? I've never seen you before. Like, damn, wow. I thought Captain Marvel could fill out a skintight outfit…" Creepy Ben, tone it down a notch. "I mean, hello, I'm the Scarlet Spider, your friendly Metropolis neighborhood Spider. I mean, I was in New York like my co-hero-pal but I figured what the heck, lets outsource a bit. A spider for every major city in the world!"
An energy blast rips through the air at where the Scarlet Spider is standing and talking, a large pit appears in the ground and there is no red costumed hero to be found. Did he just get vaporized? The crater would appear so.
"Ehh that was close." Hanging upside down from one of the half toppled statues is the Webhead, "I think you taught Mr.Clean's broken twin a new trick." The finger point from Scarlet is showing the floating menace she had just clocked. Hovering there with a nimbus of black energy around him. "What a pretty butterfly he has become."
"We'll make an example of you weaklings!"
"Uh oh, you made him mad." Scarlet Spider quips.

Starfire stands there in perfect pose, the only thing left of the stone arm is the hand she clutches, spine arched lightly, one leg back in a point of baseball ballet, one hand shielding her eyes unnecessarily from the sun as she watches her 'ball' go sailing. Then the veiling hand rises to a point, calling the home run a bit too late, but hey, she kinda gets it!

Ben's words have her looking his way with a brow risen, the stone hand dropped to the ground as she offers him a glimmer of a smile, approaching him and about to say something when she is interrupted by the dark villains return and vaporizing blast, one that sends her back and singes her dress.


From right to left and then up he is dangling from above while the enemy floats overhead with his nimbus of dark energy emanating around him. Slowly Starfire starts to rise as well, getting back to her feet that go from sandal-led to coated in that purple metallic armoring, the ends of her hair becoming the radiant heat and burst of flame tongues that lash around her feet. "Let's keep him grounded and away from the people… Scarlet Spider." She's the only butterfly allowed in these skies!

"I just bought this!" Rocketing up Starfire tries to gain sky on the villain and strike at him with Starbolts from above to blast him back to Scarlet's level.

Oh that smile! The grin behind Scarlet Spider's mask is evident by the way it tightens and he pauses. Then she is off! "I uh still didn't get your name." Ben says quietly before webshots are fired off, "You know Fester, Gomez is really not going to be happy with you." As the starbolts hit their adversary he pauses and seems to be observing himself as the attacks seem to do very little. Energy crackles over him and seems to torrent in ripples towards that gem in the center of his chest.

"We… we are stronger. MORE! We want more power!"

Webbing now hits the villain on the forehead and mouth which causes whatever else he is saying next to come out in muffled gibberish. "Stronger? What did you do?" A teasing yet accusing question is directed at the Tamaranean. "The gem, if its not obvious by now that is definitely something important. Quite possibly his source of power. Maybe we should try to rip it off of him."

Well, the best laid plans…

Slowly that glow eminating from Starfire's hands dwindles and disappears, fingers flexing out into a splay and then curling into fists. Old fashioned she can definitely do. Her hover above the one Scarlet called 'Fester' is only momentary, responding as she plummets downward now, seeking to put this Fester into a headlock just before she speaks back to the chatty Spider.

"I hit him with my Starbolts, but he's absorbing them!" Starfire states, and if she has a hold on him she is nosediving for the ground with Fester in tow, stopping just a yard above the melee and Scarlet Spider to release him with a toss up and over her head that will hopefully end in him slamming into the pavement below.

"Starbolts, cool. That is just fun to say." Scarlet Spider replies as the orange woman is once again battering their opponent in to a stunned mess. It is fast. Enough so Spidey is thankful for his enhanced senses so he can watch and manage to keep up. The loud KRA-KOOM of pavement erupting with the bodily impact is a resounding and painful sounding noise.

"Alley oop!" Not that there is a basket nor is the badguy a ball it still sounded good to Scarlet. Immediately after Starfire plants their daisy in its new Earthy embrace the Spider is webbing to him at rapid speed and bringing both heels down on the back of the downed man's head. "Stay down, Peanut!" Only because he knows this guy can take it. He can apparently take a lot. The ground con-caving beneath Blackstone's body and lines crack outwards, the man is now unmoving.
"Is he down? Hah! Eat that Kojak." A hand is lifted in the air and Ben tries to high-five Starfire.

When it worked and he went down and stayed down, Starfire hovered above, the split openings of that gypsy skirt flowing around tawny legs, showing the rise of the purple metal armor to mid thigh, tawny skin until the straps of purple return, arching over hips, a red gem inlaid upon the central point where straps converge. One hand plucks at a ribbon of fabric, the singed blackened edge making lips twist in a moment of dismay while her hover begins to lower, bringing her to touch down upon the ground just beside Scarlet Spider as he does what seems to be a small victory boogey on 'Festers' bald dome.

"Starfire. Codename for codename." Though she truly wears no mask and one or the other is of no difference for her, his high five is met with her own, as well as the smile returning - singed dress forgotten.

Once the high five resonates and her hand descends it falls into her hair, sweeping the mane to the side as she lowers to poke a finger at his webbing that criss-crosses over Purple Fester. The tacitness making her nose wrinkle while she withdraws ad then…

Pokes again. Snaps back. Pokes again…

"It's like tastee bubble, but…And you /shoot/ this?"

"Starfire with the Starbolts. Got it. Hrm, you weren't in Space Trek:2020 were you? HeroTab Swimsuit edition? You look very familiar." Damn Parker genes and their fixation on redheads. A mutant redhead even more to it! "My webbing? It is kind of a chemically broken down super malleable mixture of carbon nanotube, nylon rope and actual spider-silk that uhm, well, you probably don't want to know the specifics, we'll just stick to SCIENCE!" Scarlet Spider's hands wave out like a magician who just performed a card trick.
A pause to watch her reaction and Ben clears his throat, "Anyways, the clean up crew should probably sweep in and handle this." A kick to their victim followed by another and Scarlet Spider is rolling the man over on to his back where he then proceeds to peel that stone off his chest. Upon doing so the man's skin changes from its darker to purple hue back to a Brazil worthy tan. Scarlet Spider holds the dark alien stone aloft and whispers, "We… my precious… one stone to rule them all." A sound escapes Scarlet Spider and suddenly that webbing flicks up out of his wrist and binds around the void rock. "Bad stone, bad! I will NOT be your Frodo." Yeah, that was a battle of wills, a very brief one.
Once the stone is fully wrapped up in the webbing he slings it over his shoulder. "Need to get this to like SHIELD or someone in a lab coat asap that looks smart, preferably Horizon Labs." A dash past Starfire and Scarlet Spider zips past her towards a rooftop, "Beat you to the top of that building." The cheater is already in motion and he didn't indicate which building. Double hax.

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