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June 19, 2015:

An evening at Xavier's

Xavier's Institute

The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning


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So Jubilee had been quiet for the past long time. That was… so not like her.

But whatever caused the quiet was gone now - and she was back! Back on the front steps of the Xavier Institute, her hands up in the air, neon bracelets clicking and clacking as she shakes her hips. A Bluetooth speaker set up near her was blaring hip new tunes, and Jubilation herself was dancing on the front patio of Xavier's mansion.

Along with a collection of the other Xavier kids (mostly the young ones). "Baby you're a fireworrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~" she warbles. Mostly in tune - but there was intermittent singing along with her from the kids. All in all, it sounded super happy, but super bad.

Rachel had been adjusting to being back at the Institute; she had disappeared months ago still a girl and she had quite literally returned a woman having aged several years since then, the fun of time travel.

While her first priority was reuniting with her family, she also had many friends among the Institute she wanted to see and her priority became reuniting with whoever she saw first after she unpacked her belongings.

She was sure Jubilee, her old roommate would be surprised to see her.

Approaching the yellow-clad girl from behind, at the top of the steps she smiles and asks in a soft voice, "Hey Jubilee, is that a new jacket?"

The rumours may or may not be passing around the kids, or even the teachers of the one of the new arrivals. Billy has been staying in his room for the past few days getting the rest he needed. His roommate trying to get the 411 on him, but he can only get that he is not from New York. However, some of the teachers might have been over heard talking about a boy from another dimension. A lot of the students seem to be connecting the dots.

Billy has decided he needs to get some air today but does not want to face the kids in the hallway. He moves to his window and opens it as he begins to float out the window and gracefully down to the ground. The sound of Jubilee's singing catches his ear and he flies up over the mansion and down the front of the house. He floats upside his hair hanging towards the ground as he watches her a moment. He can't help but smirk at the girl. When Rachel appears he stays silent for a moment and floats down to their level. He is still upside down and waits for them to turn around and gives them a wave.

Jubilee, of course, noticed Rachel approaching - and she gives the other young woman a wink. And Billy too - she gives a wave. Which the gathered young ones take as a need to start lifting their voices higher. "Oh oh oh! UH… MAGGIE!" she calls, "You're in charge of the phone and the speaker, ok?!"

Ok. She hands it off to the little mutant girl, and steps aside from them, bringing up a hand to the pink sunglasses in her hair. "So uh… hi you two," she says. "Where you been, Rachel! It's been a while since I had someone to clean up my room for me - you movin' back into my dorm?" she asks, grinning brightly.

As for Wiccan - she turns towards him, and kinda tilts her head a bit to one side. "Annnnnnnd…. I've seen you around, blanking on a name, so we must notta talked a loooooot…" she says, sticking out a hand. Jubes was dressed in a black tank top, jeans, and sneakers. "Jubilee, you've probably heard of me," she says, grinning roguishly.

Still unsure of what he wants to do, Logan has kept a room at the mansion, but not spent much time there. It seems to be the worst of both worlds, but it's working, so why fix it? He's just coming out of the kitchen, can of Molson in one hand, and a plate of sushi in the other. Yeah, he's a weird one, but he ain't broke.

He recently came back from Vancouver, ever the globetrotter, but at least this time he brought back some souvenirs for the youngsters, a couple of Women's World Cup t-shirts, hats, and things like that. Where'd he get the money for it? Or is he just generous. Hard to say. But he's wearing his usual attire, which means blue jeans, a t-shirt, and something flannel over top of it. This time, it's a red and black chequered thing, like what you'd expect to see a lumberjack wear.

As he turns himself right side up, Billy's continues to float to the ground. As he feet touch the ground he cocks his head to the side looking Jubilee up and down and says, "My name is Wiccan….or Billy. I am…new to the school." He chuckles softly running a hand through his floppy hair, "In a sense." As he looks Rachel up and down he does not know who she is but the moment his eyes fall on Logan, he grins softly as he says in a near whisper as if knowing the man might hear him, "Logan." He blinks and takes a step back not knowing this dimensions Logan. Wiccan seems to be staring at Logan intently looking him up and down thinking, ((He doesn't look like the Logan I knew. I wonder if he is the dance teacher here?))

Nate just heard Rachel was back, so he flew back to the school as soon as he could. Telepathic contact wasn't an option because, well, those years for Rachel means her mental signature has changed too much for Nate to find her.

So he asked around, and got directed here. "Ray!" He greets. "Great you are back… uhhmm? Are you?" Because she looks different. Maybe a couple years older? "Where have you been? Are you alright?" Unvoiced: This has something to do with the stupid space firebird, right?

"I've been here and there and some other places." Rachel winks back at her friend, the story of her travels were probably best left for another time; the important thing was that she was back.

Wrapping her arm around Jubilee's shoulder to give her a hug she waves back to Wiccan, "Hey. Nice to meet you Billy. I'm Rachel and this is Jubilee."

The arrival of Nate causes her smile to brighten and she removes her arm from Jubilee and approaches her brother, "Nate. It's good to see you."

She steps forward more, placing her hands on Nate's shoulders and looking him over as if she hasn't seen him in ages, "Yes to all of the questions and I've been away."

She responds telepathically to Nate, "~Yes but it's over now.~" Whatever it was.

Jubilation Lee ruffles the hair of said mutant girl. Okay, so it was hard not to notice Logan running around in the background - but Jubilee doesn't give him too much mind just yet. Jaw working in a circular motion, she kinda sets her hands on her hips, smacking her gum a bit.

Of course, though, hands on hippiness gives way to hugs, and Jubes returns the hug with like a squeeze and stuff.

Moving on. "You're new to the school! Right on, welcome! Are you taking classes yet, or just kinda… hanging out, and enjoying a little chill from where you moved from?" she asks, smiling bright to Billy. "Uh… where /are/ you from? I'm totally a Cali girl, like, ohmaigawd," she says, rolling her eyes, holding up a limpwristed hand and waving it at Billy.

"So… you're moving in again, right, Rachel?" she asks. "Right?"

Jubilee gives Nate a grin too, but… him and Rach seemed to be friends, so yes.

It's not too surprising for students to know Logan's name and for him not to know theirs. It's a big school. He makes an impression. Most of them don't. But Logan does know scents, and he has not smelled Wiccan before. Still, that alone isn't enough to raise an alarm. Presumably, Wiccan is new to the school and someone mentioned Logan. All he does for the moment is reply with, "kid."

Seeing Rachel Summers kind of hits him where it hurts. He knows Jean can do better than Scott, she deserves better, but a girl like Rachel, as amazing as she is, it just hits him, right in the gut. Scott really hit the jackpot with that one. Maybe it's the Nightingale effect. Yeah, Wolverine can be deep.

Taking a seat in a nice comfy recliner, he sets his beer on a nearby table, and takes a bite out of his sushi. Looks like he rolled it himself. When did Logan learn to make sushi? When did he learn so many things. There's some more in the fridge. He figured someone would appreciate it.

People come and people go. Sometimes this mansion feels like a revolving door. It's hard to keep up. Maybe that's why the history teacher sticks around. It's never dull. After he finishes his sushi, he was quite hungry it seems, he gets up, and walks towards Rachel and the group, extending a firm hand, "welcome back."

Nate pulls Rachel close to him for an almost ferocious hug. "Missed you, Ray. Next time take a cell phone with you, hmm?" He grumbles, half-joking. What is he supposed to do when cosmic entities keep messing up with his not-family. "You are staying here, right? We gotta celebrate your return." Last party was spoiled by McCoy, though. No drinking on the grounds or something. "And tell me your adventures. Soon." He lets her go reluctantly.

Also, there are some new folks. Jubilee he vaguely remembers. Gets a grin and a wave. Billy not so much, but he offers his hand for a firm handshake.

As he chuckles softly, "I am not sure what Charles…I mean the Professor has decided to do with me yet. If I join the school. I would be finishing up my senior year. I think the senior team…I mean teachers are discussing that right now. So until then I am kind just hanging out." His eyes fall on Nate. "It's good to see you again Nate. Yet your hair is way different." He blinks and begins to blush slightly, "Ummm sorry." He takes the man hand and gives it a shake.

Rachel returned the hug without hesitation, whispering into her brother's ear, "Don't worry, I won't go away again." Letting go just as reluctantly as Nate so that Wiccan and him can shake hands she continues to smile, "A party would be good. I'll catch you up on my adventures and you can catch me up on yours since I was gone, deal?"

Looking back to Jubilee she purses her lips for a moment, "We'll see. I'm definitely moving back in though, but you might have to find a new roomie kiddo." She was older then Jubilee and could totally tease her.

The arrival of the canucklehead Wolverine has her glancing in that direction, teasing the Canadian, "Seriously, no beer for me Logan?"

Nate nods at Billy, assuming he is confusing him with Cable. Happens sometimes. Also, he is not supposed to talk about him, oh well. "Again? You gotta explain that. But not now. I need to talk with Ray, and then meet a couple senior… teachers." Yes. Teachers. Because he is not sure Billy knows about the X-Men. "Are you going to be around, Ray? We can go to Salem Centre to grab something to eat in, say, forty minutes?"

Jubilee just gives a brilliant grin towards Logan. What he meant to say is there might be /a little bit/ more in the fridge, not 'some' more. At least the unagi was all gone. If he made unagi. If not. Random tunas. Where did it go? It's a mystery! Jubilee gives a little salute to Nate when he waves in her direction.

But Jubes turns to Wiccan next. "Hanging out is cool - I try to do that as much as possible, except when I can't get away with it anymore," she says, crinkling her nose and features up in an expression of disgust.

"Kiddo!" she says, sounding affronted. Pursing her lips, she peers at Rachel. She did look… a /little/ older. A little rougher. A little meaner.

"Hey hey hey, bad example for the kids, /Rach/," she says, gesturing back to the now dancing kids around the cell phone.

As he nods and smiles, Billy gives Nate a wave as he looks over at Rachel. He hears her request and brings a hand up and takes a deep breath, "Bring Rachel a beer." He takes a second breath, "Bring Rachel a beer." He says it a third time with some conviction, "Bring Rachel a beer." And in a flash of blue light a giant 8 foot oversized teddy bear is suddenly sitting next Rachel. The young man grumbles as he rolls his eyes, "beer you moron…not bear." He sighs and looks at Rachel. "Ummm sorry. I am still not perfect in my spells."

"Salem Centre sounds good." Rachel waves to Nate as he departs and crosses her arms a little at Jubilee, "You're the Queen of bad examples Ms. Mallrat." Rachel winked at her friend before moving up to sit on the stairs.

The bear that appears beside her, has her eyebrows raised before she laughs, "Cute Billy." She looks up at the towering teddy bear, "At least it's not alive."

"You weren't legal the last time I saw you, Ray." And it seems he did have a second can of beer, hidden in his back pocket perhaps? It's tough to say, but he does produce it and tosses it to Jean's daughter, "enjoy." He knows that Jubilee has already enjoyed the sushi. Damn, she works fast. He just made it, but he can smell it on her. And he gives an odd look to the person who had the peanut butter and waffles. What an odd combination. He takes a sip of his own beer, remaining quiet. You'd almost think he had other things on his mind. Still waters run deep and all that.

One of the little kids - upon seeing the flying bear - squeals - a young girl with big blue eyes and octupus arms for hands. Jubilee watches as she kinda moves over, and starts reaching for the bear. There was a bit of… suddenness to the movement.

She was gonna have the bear, dammit - and Rachel better not want it too. Or Wiccan - or /anyone/.

Moving on from that brief paws…

"I'm the best example in the world! I mean… lookit! I was teaching dance and exercise and stuff!" she says, gesturing wildly back at the children. "And I'm not even a teacher!" Glancing over her shoulder, she makes a little shriek - one of the kids drops her phone, and it gets a bit of a crack in it. "Hey - uh, it's okay it's okay. But maybe we all should go back inside, right? Breaks almost over?" she says, scooting away from the group to grab her phone again, and peer down at it, biting her lower lip.

"Besides if Rachel and Billy and Logan are going to be /terrible examples/…" she says, glancing back to Nate. "Hey, am I invited along? To the food?" she says, grinning brightly.

Wiccan chuckles softly, "No I think I am going to get some air. I have been stuck in my room for the last few days getting some much needed rest." As he begins to float off the ground, "I will be back in time for curfew." He looks over at Jubilee, "The teddy is all yours Jubilee." A slight sadness in his eyes that his powers aren't right just yet as he gives Rachel a wave and gives Logan a nod. He flies off and out into the air up into a clouds with lightning speed. A little trail of electricity trailing off behind him.

Scott's voice whip cracks around the room. "Who brought BEER into the Institute?"

It comes from the top of the stairs, behind Rachel, but when people turn to look, Betsy takes that moment to slip out of a psychic shadow and nimbly relieve Logan of his beer, stepping prudently out of grabbing range and emptying the can with a backwards toss of her head. She crumples the canister up in her hand, then hiccoughs once, putting fingertips to her dark cherry lips. "If we're going to sit around and start drinking," she says, archly, "then my first recommendation is to do it somewhere that the Professor isn't going to possibly discover us. I'd recommend the upstairs library," she says, hands clasped behind her back. Dressed in black and yellow, she looks like either an Amazonian wasp or a very tall flower. "Away from the children and where I know someone has some decent liquor stashed," she adds, examining her nails critically.

That can of beer Logan tossed Rachel's way?

It floats far out of sight and settles onto a ledge near a window on the second floor. She definitely had no part in all of this.

She waves to the departing Wiccan, wondering exactly who the young man was but she imagined there would be a time and a place to ask.

Looking towards Jubilee she gives her a little wink before glancing between Logan and Betsy and whispering to Jubilee, "The Wolverine from the future, could never have been disarmed so easily."

There are few people who could do that to Logan, but Betsy is one of them. Most people would also see the Wolverine for doing it, but not Betsy. She's a friend. "I'd argue with you Bets, if I didn't know you had the good stuff." He's happy to take a fine whiskey, vodka, or whatever she has in store. Though he does like the taste of a simple Molson's Canadian. "An what's with the Queen Bee getup?"

Of course, he hears what Rachel whispers to Jubilee, "try it with something I care about and it'd be a whole different ball game." The way he says it, the flash of light in his eye, the way his teeth clash together as he finishes his words. This is Logan on good behaviour. There are youth around. He's going easy on them.

Jubilee lifts her voice, calling back to Scott. "BEAR! THEY SAID BEAR!"


Rolling her eyes, and kinda waving a finger in a circle at the side of her head, Jubilee just watches as Betsy stomps on over, and tosses beer cans around. "Thanks for the teddy though, Billy! Let's hang out sometime, yeah?" she calls after him.

Quirking her brow at what Betsy says, she kinda sets her hands on her hips. "…ok that's even worse. Seriously, guys - kids around? Please! At least /Logan/ is being good," she says, gesturing to him. A beat.

She looks at him intensely, with that 'i'm so covering for you right now don't blow it'.

"He's not here," the leggy Asian woman says wryly to the girl in the coat. "It was a little bit of telepathic misdirection. Still, I'm gratified it worked so well."

Betsy glances at Logan and lifts an imperious eyebrow, then quirks one corer of her mouth in a smile and pats her cheek, perhaps a bit less gently than a proper lady would. "High fashion, Logan dear. Look like a queen, be treated like a queen," she says, amethyst eyes flashing with good humor at his jab.

"Jubilee, wonderful to see you, darling," Betsy notes, walking past the girls and moving up the stairs like she isn't wearing 4" heels. "I see you're sticking to 'a look' still. The raincoat is /very/ you. Logan, shall we, darling?" she invites the brusque Canadian. She bumps Rachel's shoulder with a swaying hip on the way up, bringing her beer can floating to her manicured nails with an effortless burst of telekinesis. "You, too, trouble," she says, tone mirthful. "I promised your mother I'd keep an eye on you, so if I'm drinking, you might as well keep me company."

"High Fashion?" Rachel grins a little bit and suddenly her outfit morphs from the black sweater dress she was wearing into a piece of high-fashion that may as well been worn by a Queen in the 1800s; from France, "Let them eat cake."

She gestures towards the interior for Betsy to lead the way before her clothing changes back.

"I'm always good, 'cept when I'm bad," Logan replies to Jubilee. He's come a long way. Once, he was a berserker. Now, he's downright civil. Even a good role model, of a sorts. As Betsy's fingertips cross the stubble of his cheek, "Queen or commoner, we're all the same on the inside." He's not big on labels or titles. Hell, he doesn't even have a second name. Not anymore. He's Logan. Just Logan. And that's all that he needs.

Not that it means he'd turn down some good hooch. "Sure, Bets, sure," he says as he follows the purple haired one. "You sure that's wise. Her parents don't hold their alcohol too well," and dropping his voice a little, he adds, "especially her father. Think he might be allergic to the stuff." Yeah, any chance to put down Scott, he'll go for it. But threaten his life and Logan would save him. They have a funny relationship, but it's worked out so far… for Scott.

He smiles at Rachel's performance, a rarity for Logan, but the sight of her in that getup makes him crack. "Nice one, red." And looking to Jubilee, he asks, "you old enough?" Meaning, can she drink. But he's not checking for IDs. It's a subtle difference. But he's asking if she's mature enough to drink. That's not so much about dates as a sense of personal responsibility. For example, Scott's in his 30's, but he's still not old enough.

"Oh god, are you one of those kinda people?" says Jubilee to Psylocke, bringing up a hand and touching her temple.

"Yeah, it's great to see you as well, uh… thanks?" Jubilee wasn't currently wearing the raincoat, but a black tanktop, jeans, sneakers, and a pair of pink sunglasses.

As Betsy kinda takes over, and starts leading the group inside, the teen bounces down and picks up her bluetooth speakers, now abandoned by the children who wandered off to do more kid things. Kids.

"Yeah, I've drunk before," she says, rolling her shoulder with a shrug towards Logan.

Betsy glances at Rachel, then over her shoulder at Logan, one hand tracing the bannister wood as she walks up the steps. She bites her lower lip at Rachel's garb, shaking her head with a toss of purple hair. "Very cute, Rachel. You didn't tell her?" she asks with an upticked eyebrow. She looks down at Jubilee. "It's me, Jubilee. Betsy. …Elizabeth? Braddock?" she says. She certainly doesn't /look/ like Psylocke, though the hair is about right.

It's a short turn to a little-used spare library, which usually stays locked to keep teenagers from snogging in it. Betsy unlocks the keypad with a couple pokes of her thumb and bumps the stuck door open with a swing of her hip and shoulder. "Bloody maintenance," she grumbles, leading the way. She moves to a cabinet labelled 'Archival Botany Records' and drops her rear onto her heels in front of it, swingin the door open and coming out with a picnic basket full of clinking glassware that gets lifted to a tabletop.

As the group heads up to the library, Rachel gulped a little. She wasn't a great drinker, like the rest of her family. The last thing she wanted to do was return to the Institute, get drunk and not even see one of her parents.

Scott Summers would receive a telepathic message from a very familiar presence, that filled his mind with warmth, "~Dad, please help me.~"

"~Betsy and Logan are trying to get me drunk in the library.~"

She followed along quietly hoping her father would recognize her psychic presence, despite the years she had aged and SAVE her.

Logan probably had the best reaction to learning of Betsy's transformation. He just glanced at her, not moving a facial muscle, and said 'hello Betsy'. Nice, simple, and quick. He knew it was her. He could read her body language. He could smell her scent. People, unless they're especially trained, and shapeshifters, have difficulty fooling someone with Logan's eyes and especially his nose.

Following the group towards the Library, Logan moves towards the side, picking out a book. He'd been meaning to read it. After running a finger along the spine, he put it back, with the intention of retrieving it later. Not very good for his image to be picking out dusty old books, though technically, it's not as old as he is.

"So Ray, the folks seen you yet, adjusted to the changes? And what's yer friends name?" He offers a hand to Jubilee, "Logan."

"Right - I shoulda remembered," says Jubilee to Betsy, kinda pointing a finger at her with a snap of her fingers and her gum.

Noticing Rachel's nervousness, Jubilee bumps the other young woman with an elbow, giving her a smile - not one of her impish ones either, but a gentler one. And a wink, of course.

Once they hit the library - the place Jubilee tends to use the least - she extends a hand, giving Logan a smile and taking his hand in her own gloved one. "Jubilee. Been around a while - but… tend to keep to myself. You've probably heard of me," she says. "I was being a pain in the rump before it was cool," she says, kinda sniffing the air, and taking on a haughtier tone. Mock, of course.

"You a teacher here, Logan?"

"Good heavens, no. This reprobate, teaching?" Betsy says, giving Logan a playfully fond smile. She fishes out a few little bottles and scatters them where Rachel and Jubilee can pick one or two out, if they wish. Logan gets passed a little bottle of Macallan, and Betsy picks up some Grey Goose. "If we let him teach, we'd have to let /anyone/ teach, and then who knows where this place would end up?" She tilts the bottle to Logan for a toast, offering to clink bottle mouths, and then tilts hers back to take a long sip.

She finds a table's edge and lifts her hips up two inches and sits easily on it, sliding back until her knees hang off the edge of the sturdy old draft table. She crosses her legs at the knee, one foot bobbing aimlessly, and leans back on her other hand for support, somehow maintaining a perfectly poised posture while looking relaxed.

It isn't long when Scott Summers rears his proverbial ugly head. His footfalls precede him, moving down the hallway and toward the library. They're coming fast, and they're coming with a clomping that is usually not his style, unless someone is in trouble.

His voice can be heard before he appears in the doorway.

"Are you people drinking alcohol in here?"

He looks from face to face as he walks in, positively glaring at those who have booze in hand. Rachel's telepathic message was a surprise, to be certain, but at word that 'drunk' and 'institute' were combined, all surprise went out the window in favor of discipline.

"~Jubilee, don't. You don't want to get in trouble.~" Rachel sends the telepathic message to her friend, one she was the same age as not too long ago.

When Scott enters, she is of course, alcohol free; having not touched a drop. She stands a little and smiles at him, biting her lower lip nervously before saying, "Awww come on Dad, give them a break."

Logan's familiar with wearing gloves, though he's not sure why Jubilee needs them. Probably something to do with her powers. She wasn't the first, and she won't be the last. "Ah, girl after my own heart. We're gonna get on just fine." And with a glance in Betsy's direction, he nods to Jubilee's question, "yeah, history."

It was the best subject. He lived through it. Even if he doesn't remember it all, he has textbooks to fill in the blank, and what he does remember, is genuine. Logan uses his claw to open the bottle of Macallan. Neat trick. The wound heals pretty fast too. He'll repeat it for anyone that needs it. "Ha ha," he says to Betsy, very slowly, and very drawn out. "

There ain't nothing proverbial about Scott's head being ugly, at least as far as Logan was concerned. Just something about that guy that rubbed him the wrong way. "Yup," he answers as he takes a swig of the bottle as he moves to sit on the table next to Betsy. "Away from the little ones, and yer daughter hasn't had a drop."

"I dunno, Princess Starchypants," says Jubilee, giving Betsy a bit of a wry grin. "He looks like he's seen some stuff. I bet he could teach us all a thing or three," says the young Californian with a snap of her gum towards the purple-haired model. Likewise, Jubilee doesn't grab one of the drinks herself, kinda finding a place to slouch against and cross her arms, kinda jolting up a bit at the voice in her head, her eyes wide and blinking.

And slowly, she bites her lower lip, glancing back and forth. Closing her eyes tight, bottom lip still bit, she thinks. Really, really loud. ~HEY. HEY RACHEL. CAN YOU READ MY MIND? ARE YOU READING IT RIGHT NOW?.~

Snap pointing at Logan, she lifts her eyebrows. "See? History. Cuz he's really pretty… uh… … …" she lets her hand drop. "… …" Clears her throat awkwardly. "… well-read."

Lifting up her hands as if surrendering when Scott storms in though, Jubilee puts on her most innocent expression in the world. "…wow, alcohol! Is that what that smell was?!"

Betsy gives Jubilee a cool look. "I'm not a princess, Jubilee," she corrects the girl in a slightly less amused tone. "My name's Betsy- my face has changed," she says, gesturing vaguely at her harshly beautiful Asiatic features, "but all those memories are still in here."

She sips her vodka and before Scott's footsteps even start to really bang, she's looking expectantly at the door. She glances at Logan with an up-ticked eyebrow, corner of her mouth tugging in a suggestion of a smile, and she drinks down half of the little single-serve bottle right when Scott bursts in.

Logan takes the lead, and when he stops, she picks up the train of thought. "Behind closed /and locked/ doors in a room no one ever uses, with… well, Logan is the most adult 'adult' in this school," she points out, "to share a beverage and a moment with a dearly returned friend." A bit pointedly, she leans against Logan's thick shoulder and finishes the rest of the vodka, giving Scott an unreadable look.

~You two are /incredibly/ loud, dears. Please stop yelling at one another,~ she projects at Rachel and Jubilee, not changing her expression one iota.

First, Scott looks to Rachel. He finds himself urged to run over and embrace her, but then there is booze being consumed in the Xavier Institute. It's a very serious situation. Then there's Logan, whom he hasn't seen around in a while, sitting next to Betsy, with whom he has a complicated history.

His ruby glasses turn next toward Jubilee. There's disappointment in his expression, not because she isn't drinking, because that would be a good move on her part, but because she is here, and making such a terrible excuse.

"There is absolutely no drinking in the school." He turns his face back toward Logan, speaking with a certain mixture of sternness and disappointment. "We can all go to Charles' estate if we must-"

He cuts himself off at Betsy's word. "Elizabeth. You, of anyone here, know the rules. She is underage." He shoves a thumb in Jubilee's direction. "Close 'em up and move out. Now."

An apologetic look is given to Rachel. "Welcome home, Rachel."

"~Seriously Betsy, stop listening in!~"

Rachel responds to Jubilee with a psi-shield over their conversation, "~Yes, I was. I mean, I'm not, I wouldn't ever, read anyone’s thoughts without permission Jubilee. Except all those times when we were roommates and..on the bright side, I know what you want for dinner.~"

Rachel steps forward towards her father, looking a little nervous still before moving to embrace him in a hug, "Thanks Dad."

She whispers softly in his ear, "I'm sorry."

Logan's got a lot of knowledge and skill, but he might not be the best teacher. He's good, but it takes a lot of patience to deal with problem students, and every class has at least one. It looks like Jubilee's going to be one, but she's Logan's kind or problem. She takes after him a little bit. At her verbal gymnastics, Logan comments, "you walked that tightrope pretty well."

"You sure about that?" He asks Betsy when she insists that she isn't a Princess. "Aren't you in line fer the throne, like seventh or eighth?" Probably closer to 48th, but Logan's giving her what she gave him earlier.

As Betsy leans against Logan's shoulder, he quietly takes her now empty vodka, and secrets it behind him. Out of sight, out of Scott's mind. It's a simple trick, but worth a shot.

"No drinking huh?" Logan finishes his bottle. He chugs it. Damn, that's expensive stuff too. He empties the bottle. His eyes not moving from Scott as he does so. "There, now there's no drinking." The man drank that much alcohol. He should be flat on his back. He should be drunk. But Logan, he looks stone cold sober.

"An' you sure about that, Cyclops? Last I checked, she hadn't even been born yet. Can't be underage if she doesn't exist, now can she?"

"It was either Princess or Dork Lord of the Sith. I went for the diplomatic option," says Jubilee, using the moment to blow a bubble from the bubble gum she was constantly chewing, /and/ flip her pink sunglasses down over her eyes. After the 'pop' of the bubble popping, she draws it all back in, grinning like a boss. Of level 1-1 maybe, but whatev.

Glancing back towards Rachel at the voice in her brain - joined by Psylocke's, she grins. She can even feel the conversation kinda quiet a bit as she puts the psi-shields up.

~OH YOU READ MY MIND AND SAW I WANTED A CHEESEBURGER TONIGHT, HUH?~ A pause. "Wait, if you can see that…" she murmurs with her voice. Jubilee locks eyes with Rachel, and her grin just widens. Closing her eyes, she looks like she was fit to burst when…

~A neon explosion of all kinds of colours, and there was the image of a T-Rex - wearing shades and a raincoat just like Jubes', treading across a field of singing daises~

Of course she has to abandon such things when Scooter comes in here.

The disappointed look is returned with a wide smile. "Wasn't drinking! I'm here for learning! Like… with books!"

She gives Logan a wink.

"It's all up in the air, darling," Betsy says with a flip wave of her hand. "Some pretender to the throne, claiming to be a long-lost cousin… god forbid they actually /pass/ me the seat," she says with an eloquent, long-suffering sigh. "I'd make a terrible monarch."

When Rachel and Scott go to embrace, her hands move with quick assurance- well aware of the limits of Scott's peripheral vision- and the evidence of their debacle vanishes behind a planter, thoroughly out of sight and without a whisper of sound.

"Come along," she invites Logan, sliding off the table and giving his knee a pat. "I think they have some catching up to do. You- Her Hipsterness," she says, crooking a finger at Jubilee. "You too. And keep baiting me," she suggests with a level gaze at Jubilee. "It'd be just awful if you came down with a terrible case of sleepwalking."

Head high, she walks out of the room with a queenly stride, hair bobbing behind her.

Rachel's approach has Scott's shoulders slumping, a suggestion that he might be susceptible to surrender. He relents in the disciplinary onslaught long enough to embrace her, brow furrowing at her apology. He leans out of the hug long enough to look her in the eye; they can talk later, in privacy.

Logan receives a long and empty stare, which eventually morphs into a smirk. "We can drink at the estate. It's a short walk." And with Betsy departing, his smirk becomes an open mouthed expression of disbelief. For a snubbing, that one was particularly eloquent. He's about to protest at not being invited. He does drink, but never within the walls of the institute.

He closes his mouth and plants one hand on his waist, the other gesturing after Elizabeth in distaste. "Don't let it go to your purple head, Your Regalness," he calls after her.

Logan knows a sentimental moment when he sees one. He hasn't experienced many of them himself, but he appreciates them all the same. Scott and Rachel need some alone time. No doubt Jean will be joining them soon enough. He goes with Betsy, and moves to put a hand on Jubilee's shoulder, silently ushering her to come with them. "You go right on baiting her. She ain't so bad, once you get to know her."

But whether Jubilee follows or not, he's going to give the Summers' some space. Not his place. He's still a bit sad, especially given how much he cares for Jean, but he ain't going to go break up any family, even if he does see it as a mistake. He has too much honour to do that to a person. Which is just one more reason he doesn't think they're right together.

"Nice seeing you again, Slim," his voice is hard, "and you too, Ray," but it softens for her.

Rachel seems a bit confused at Betsy's departure, calling out psychically, "~I don't think it was meant like that Betsy.~"

She meets her father's gaze and nods, they had a lot to talk about but most of it was better left to a private discussion for many reasons. She smiles over at Jubilee, sending a mental image of a cheeseburger with rainbows coming out of it and fireworks in response to her whacky cute image.

Otherwise, she's rather silent. It was good to be home, Days of Our Lives: X-Men edition.

"Don't start none - won't be none, Betsy," says Jubilee, sunglasses still hiding her eyes - but she grins widely regardless. Rolling her shoulders a little bit, she snaps fingers over her head, and then crosses her arms over her front, kinda canting her head to one side and looking up at Betsy.

Mad. Swag.

Bringing up her hand to her sunglasses, though, she pulls them back up, her goofy earrings bobbing with her motions as she looks back towards Logan. As she starts to walk after Logan, she gives the man a grin at his advice. "Yeah, well. Sure then. I'm sure I'll grow on her, right?" she says.

Warts grow on people too though.

Rachel was given a wink and a finger gun, but at the same motion, when she looks towards Scott - it's with the wide-eyed innocent look again, lips slightly open, shoulders shrugging.

Not involved in this at all.






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