Frosty the Snowmen

June 19, 2015:

A trio of frost giants try to annex New York, only to be stopped by a crew of heroes.

New York

The southern end of the island of Manhattan is the seat of Wall Street and
City Hall. Bounded by the Hudson on the west, the East River on the east,
and the harbor to the south, it's a veritable mosaic of smaller, storied
neighborhoods that fill in the patchwork south of 14th street. From the
arts-friendly, boutique-laden, gentrified areas of Greenwich Village, SoHo,
and TriBeCa, to the tenement dwelling, immigrant-filled, working class
districts in the Lower East Side, Bowery, Little Italy, Lower Manhattan is
one of the most diverse places in the city. Just about anything can be found
here, and often is.


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Fade In…

It's finally summer, or close enough as makes no difference in New York. People are out on the streets, enjoying the sun, and generally going about their lives before the worst, muggy heat of the depths of summer hit. Generally, that's a good thing. At the moment, though, it's something of a complication.

Somehow, a trio of frost giants has made it from Jotunheim to Midgard, and the center of New York city is a very bad place for their hijinks. The call went out to the JL:A, sending any members available to the front, but it's not the sort of thing that anyone in the area can just ignore and wait for them to arrive. People are fleeing from coffee shop to apartment building, while the giants themselves have taken over a - thankfully empty - school yard, kicking a car across the basketball court in the playground.

Thor flies up and over the city. He lands with a loud lightning bolt on the ground around him, careful not to hurt the folka. "The three of you are where you do not belong. If you come with me peacefully, we can get you home safe and without incident…." He begins to swing his hammer in a circle…they know that hammer…and what it can do…

Because they also know what the giants are likely to say.

Caitlin's not having a great week. First the attack on Horizon Labs. Then a bunch of legal threats. Then a confusing meeting with Jennifer Walters, and then a /humiliating/ misunderstanding with Matt Murdock.

And then, just now, on her way back from Starbucks with the coffee order in hand, a bunch of fleeing civilians had knocked the coffee out of her fingers. And so she stares at the sidewalk, crestfallen and furious at once, hands slowly clenching into fists.

With precise and purposeful motions, she sheds out of her t-shirt, setting it side to reveal a body-hugging leotard under it. Shoes and pants go, too, until she's wearing a fitted purple and green number that leaves her legs exposed. Tolling the sleeves down to her wrists, she starts walking towards the giants, jaw set.

"HEY. Stop kicking that car around!" she shouts, moving with a long-legged step. "That's not yours, and it's rude to break people's stuff!"

Rain is out and about in New York. It's home, and she is grateful to have a home. Being homeless leaves rough habits sometimes. But she and Captain are riding broomstick tonight. The witch has on her goggles and bandana. A light, long spring coat keeps the cool down, when the duo comes over the park. "Uh. We should tell the boss some of his bros are causing trouble," The cat comments. His voice is rich and deep, a smooth baritone.

Rain blinks, looking down. The two start a slow, steady descent. "Hey! Uh." Right, Rain is not the most assertive.

Frost giants in Manhattan? Not subtle. The very definition of not subtle. And when something like this shows up, even fast-flying Captain Marvel takes a few moments out of her flight plan to circle and get a look at what the HECK is going on here. Then her hand raises to her ear. "Hey, Jimmy? I'm going to be late. Start the staff meeting without me, I'll get there as soon as I can. Hey, tell Kent and Lane to get on that giants in Manhattan story, will you?"

That said, the sparkling blue, red and gold clad woman floats down into view from the light, hazy cloud cover overhead, before it starts all swirling around with Asgardian wonderment. "Boys, the lady asked really nicely. So why don't you leave the poor Hyundai alone. It's had enough." Captain Marvel, tact personified. Seriously!

"ODINSON!" One of the giants declares, spreading his arms wide and turning in a slow circle. "Who are you to say where we belong? We like this place."

"The buildings are a bit too tall," another says, looking up at the nearest apartment building. "But we could do something about that."

"And the weather," says the third. "This will not do."

He gets a chorus of agreement from the other two, who turn toothy grins on the heroes who've assembled so far. "We'll show you." Icy blades start to form in their hands, while the temperature around them drops twenty degrees in a few seconds, causing a sharp wind to start to swirl around them.

Over the JL:A comms, Kate's trying to check in. "Guys? Guys, is anyone on the scene with the giant thing?" New York traffic or no, she's zipping around cars in her little purple mustang, trying to get there as quickly as possible.

Thor is, amazingly enough not actually in the JLA and does not get Kate's comm. He does, however shake his head sadly and says,"The hard way it is then…" he slams Mjolnir right at the face of the first giant, and says,"FOR ASGARD!"

"Oh, okay, it's THAT sort of fight," Cailtin says. She starts running, then sprinting, feet tearing up the asphalt. She's easily overlooked- tall for a human, yes, but to a frost giant, barely one more mortal underfoot. And perhaps that's a poor piece of underestimation on their part, as she dashes forward. She doesn't leap or kick or do anything so fancy- she just drops a foot into the ground, ducks low, and throws an uppercut from her hip with the sort of force that leaves a Caitlin-foot-sized dent in the asphalt, fist a blur of green and purple.

Her boss is like, 50% frost giant. So these are likely his peeps? But how much contact does Loki have? From the sounds of it, probably not his folks. Rain blinks, seeing Thor. She's met him in passing, at least, due to her apprenticeship. She's not in JL:A, though, so there's a moment of quiet as the temperature starts dropping. "Aw, snap." Rain sighs. The witch and cat are still on their broomstick, looking down and watching with no small amount of concern.

Time to go quiet and concentrate. Then set the giant's pants or loincloth on fire. Yes, Rain is truly a masterful magician. Though, to her credit, her magic needs no gesture or speech.

OK. The giants left the car alone. But now they're trying to create a freaking ice age in the heart of Manhattan in summer. That's just not going to do! Not being a member of the JL:A - hey, no one asked! - Carol doesn't get Kate's communication either. But she's already on scene, and she's not going anywhere. She has no intention of letting these massive morons take swings at buildings or people. But if the guy with the hammer and the accent is serious, this is going to turn into a fight. Princess Sparklefists is OK with that; she hasn't hauled off and smacked someone in weeks.

Glowing like she is, she's not as easily ignored as the leaping redhead. Instead, Captain Marvel is streaking right for another giant's pointy chin, leading with glowing, sparkling fists!

"So just me, huh? No, it's cool. I got this." Kate revs around a line of cabs, turning hard in front of a delivery truck until she gets to the parking lot behind the school. "Looks like there's independents on scene," she reports to…Well. Someone's probably keeping track in the Watchtower, right? Theoretically. In the meantime, she starts running, climbing, and hurrying her way to the roof.

The first giant steps aside as Mjolnir and Thor come flying - they have a healthy respect for the Odinson and his hammer. The giants under attach from Caitlyn and Carol, on the other hand, are less impressed. At least, Carol's giant is less impressed until he takes a sparklefist to the chin, stumbling back into the gym wall with a crack of brick.

Caitlyn's might have recovered from the punch, except his pants are on fire, thanks to Rain. Which is a problem. His attack turns mostly to flailing and spinning in circles.

Thor nods and tag teams with his hammer, calling it back to him as he leaps up and kicks it in the shin while the hammer comes back to him but instead of his out stretched hand hopefully hits the giant on the backside of the head while he kicks.

"Aww, does a little fire burn?"

Caitlin isn't exactly a martial expert. But she's scrappy as /hell/. When he spins, she ducks and then lunges at his exposed back. One hand grabs the scruff of his neck and the other slaps up between his legs, grabbing…. something most gentlemen don't like having grabbed. Caitlin steps and twists her hips and /piledrives/ the frost giant into the asphalt, with enough force that even her 300-pound body come off the ground- and he's stick with his head, shoulders and upper arms jammed into the asphalt. Caitlin tilts her head sideways, admiring her handiwork until the leotard falls off.

"Augh! Frost giant wang! No thanks!" She grabs the giant by the ankle and with another huge twist of her hips, starts smashing him into the ground like she's threshing wheath, sending up huge chunks of asphalt as she swings him around like a kid throwing a tantrum with a stuff animal in hand.

Rain is strategic! But even in bear form, she lacks super strength. And Captain is a housecat. With the proportional strength of a housecat. Yeah. She blinks as the giant gets swung around. Her and Captain simultaneously wince. "We have really got to rethink that strategy." The one giant who doesn't have someone on him? It's time for the HOT FOOT in order to spare people nudist frost giants. Rain has nothing against nudity - indeed, mom and the coven were pretty Tarot-esque (no haunted bajingos, thank the gods and godesses) and having to deal with the cops on their behalf made life as a kid rough.

So she'll just respect the retinas of others, looking completely zen atop her broomstick as one of the giants gets flaming toeses.

Determined, Captain Marvel doesn't let up. She keeps right on following the giant, fists landing in rapid succession as she flies right at that chin, glowing and sparkling for all she's worth, photonic little bursts of BOOM with each strike. But she is pretty damned impressed by the redhead's ability to hoist, twist and PILE DRIVE a full-on Frost Giant. Damn. Got to hand it to the girl. Oh. Pooh.

And that's when the Giant gets in a counter-swing, and Princess Sparklefists goes for an unscheduled flight out over the East River. Going, going gooooone!

Kate makes it to the roof of the school just in time to see one giant driven into the pavement and two more under full attack. "Yeah, no. That's cool," she pants a bit, pulling her bow off her back and trying to pick a target out of the melee. "You guys've totally got this."

Caitlyn's giant is down. He's not getting back up. Because that all hurts in all kinds of way. But that still leaves two others. Captain Marvel has the second giant on his heels, but now that he's got a little bit more respect for what she can do, he's fighting back smarter. A lucky backhand sends her flying, which gives him a chance to turn his attention to Caitlyn. "Asgard has been busy on Midgard, it seems," the giant rumbles, starting toward her.

The other giant still standing does the hotfoot dance thanks to Rain's intervention, though as soon as his foot is up, Thor's kick has it stumbling back down, right into the worst of the heat. He howls, and his brother on the ground shoots ice from his hand, turning the basketball court into an ice rink.

Thor grins. That might work on someone else, but he's Asgardian, as comfortable on Ice as he is on the most sturdy of land. He doesn't want to HURT these fellows too badly, no matter how dumb they are…he leaps up into the air and begins a series of rapid punches towards his chest and face, nodding toward Rain in acknowledgement of her efforts.

Caitlyn smacks a fist into her palm with a resounding *THWACK*, grinning fearlessly at the giant that stomps towards her. "You are /ugly/," she says in a tone of of savage deprecation, a happily fiesty glint in her green eyes. She ignores the smouldering embers attacking her leotard, the garment already torn in several spots. "And that /smell/. Holy crap, it's like you were rolling in a Boston fish market this morning. Didn't your mother ever tell you how to brush your teeth?"

Caitlin fakes a juke and a punch, then swiftly crouches and launches herself at the giant's knees, trying to sack him like a linebacker taking down a quarterback while the ref's not looking.

Rain is airborne. She ain't gettin' on the ground when she's eminently splattable. Plus, she has Captain with her and a bit of fire is probably something the giants can handle, yes? She'll help Thor, making it uncomfortable for the giants to stand but nothing that would kill them. She'd ned a LOT more fire for that. She is in awe of the people able to go toe to toe with these.

Thankfully, Cheeseburger knows how to pull out of a crash dive, and she does NOT go splat into a building. OK, OK. She goes 'bounce, skid' across the face of a building instead. But it's a lot less property damage this way, And then she's streaking back, glowing, winding up … and staying /just/ beneath the speed of sound at sea level, aimed for the back of the giant's neck, a vicious stunning blow. And no warning, either. They deserve the surprise!

Kate eyes the fight, then aims a trio of taser arrows as the giant who's already down. "No messing with the field, buddy," she murmurs, as the giant writhes in her own version of lightning. There won't be any more trouble coming from him.

"Tiny human," the one giant chuckles at Caitlyn. "I will enjoy the feel of your bones splintering between my teeth!" Fee fi fo fum and all that, apparently. Caitlyn hits him hard at the knees, but he's a trained fighter, and now that he knows what she's capable of, he's braced for it, reaching down to try to grab the back of her leotard and pull her off. Before he gets the chance, though, Carol is rocketing into the back of his head. He careens forward with the force of the strike, sliding across the ice toward the last giant.

That last giant is already in trouble, too big to keep up with Thor's rapid fire blows. And in a minute, there's about to be a 3-giant pile-up on the court…

"GAAAH!" Caitlin screams as the giant rips away half of her leotard, leaving bare scraps of fabric that do more to suggest at modesty than preserve it. When Carol hits the giant, Caitlin has a death grip around his knees, so the redhead goes flying with the giant like a fish caught on a whipcracking line. She struggles, recovering quickly, and before the giant can recover she's straddling his stomach and bringing a beatdown on him that slams his skull two feet deep into the asphalt, his shoulders starting to get wedged into it as well.

Caitlin gets up, her substantial chest rising and falling, and ignores the dark blue blood spattered on her knuckles. She tugs at the remains of her leotard, arranging it into something that at least won't get her arrested, and stalks towards Thor's position, the glint in her eyes clearly indicating a willingness to put down Big #3 if Thor doesn't (literally) beat him down first.

Rain doesn't want to kill the giants, not really. She hangs with Asgardian peeps. She just has no idea how to get them home. Though, she looks thoughtful. "Hey! Will you guys go home if we stop the beatings or something? How did you even get here?" She asks. It's not usual for Asgardian critters to just turn up here, after all.
Thor finishes the job with no hesitation though immediately after hitting him in the jaw he is briefly …distracted by Caitlin's state of attire allowing her to really REALLY finish the blow. He blinks a moment and wipes his eyes then says,"Er…Yes, I can take these three back to their realm. Why must they always do it the hardway…" he laughs,"Because they are Jotenheim….

Captain Marvel floats down by the stalking redhead. Then she tugs her sash off from around her hips and it billows out into a huge blanket, which she then drapes around the young woman. "I hate when I get costume malfunctions mid-fight. Nice work, though. Really." Then she glances at Thor. "You need any help there?" Hey, might as well ask, right?

Thor totally has this covered. Which means Kate is - once again - standing on the rooftop peering down at the end of the fight. Which, in hindsight, is probably for the best. She definitely didn't pack to take on three frost giants all by herself.

Giant number two is down, thanks to the combined work of Caitlyn and Carol, and giant the last goes down hard with Thor's final blow. The parking lot is still half iced over, but Rain's heat is helping to melt some of it in spots.

"God, I know," Caitlin grouses, the battle-light leaving her eyes as she takes the sash gratefully from Carol, wrapping it around her several times. She's not nude (AHEM, THOR), but she'd probably get a sternly worded letter from the Comic Code Convention.

"They /tell/ me it's supposed to be, like, tear resistant, but it keeps…" she looks at Carol, eyes widening, "getting, like…"

Her mouth works and works but she can't make any sounds.

"ohmygodyou'recaptainmarvel," she squeaks in a reedy whisper, immediately flushing red from nose to toes, knees and toes turning in as she comes face to face with one of her biggest heroines. "hiimcaitlin," she says in that same whisper-y squeak.

Thor is enough of a gentleman not to look…but he does spend a lot of time inspecting the frost giants, taking a leather cord from his belt tying them together slowly,"I'll return these idiots, I think I can lift them though you are welcome to aid if thou dost so desire….."

Rain blinks owlishly. She stays up on her broom, not getting too close. Besides, she's helping deal with the ice. "Yo!" Captain greets the thers. The two look a bit surprised. "I'll have to ask the boss, I guess," She remarks quietly.

"It's a city export rule. Pretty sure it's a union requirement." Carol mentions to Thor with a grin as she helps hoist up one of the giants. But she pauses to look at the blushed-red-to-match-her-sash redhead. "Uhm. Hi." She parses a bit. "Caitlin? Nice to meet you." She extends a gloved hand. "Yep, I'm Captain Marvel. Want to help out? We need to hoist these jerks on their own petards."

The giants are beaten, and the people of the city start to sneak out of their hiding places, cautious. Kate, meanwhile, takes a seat on the edge of the roof, watching the heroes down below and raising a hand. "Nice job, guys!" she calls down with a wave.

Caitlin nodnods vigorously at Carol, chin wagging. "Wow. Yeah, sure, Car- Captain. Marvel. Ma'am. Captain Marvel, ma'am," she says. She follows along behind Carol eagerly, clearly starstruck. "I don't know what a petard is. I'm not touching their junk again, though," she says, wrinkling her nose girlishly. She looks at the two hulking frost giants, kneels and works one on a shoulder, then wraps her arm partially around the other's waist and stands up like she's moving a couple of pillows. "Where are we putting them? I can't fly," she tells Carol.

Thor waves and nods to each. "Hail and well met. I am Thor of Asguard." As if thegiant hammer didn't give it away. "I will open a gate to Jotenheim and carry them…if you can throw one I can catch once this one has been set down….."

Carol looks at Caitlin, and then looks at Thor. "See? Just like he said. Portal thingy, then toss the ugly, smelly frost giants through like the sad sacks they are." Captain Marvel smirks at her little joke. She has noticed Caitlin's eager fangirlishness - it would be hard NOT to notice - but she's trying to play it calm and easy. Help the young woman ease out of it into something approaching normalcy. She does take a moment to turn and wave towards the dark-haired girl on the roof. Introductions later, maybe?

Rain moves to jin the others. Captain looks amused, hearing Captain Marvel. "I'm just Captain," The cat offers. The two lower themselves down. She seems quietly amused. "That'd be helpful. I'll ask your brother if he knows how they got here," Rain promises Thor. "Hopefully things are okay," She remarks. And Caitlin and Carol warrant an inward awww.

Thor begins to swing his hammer in a circle around his head, opening up a portal in the sky to Jotenheim. He blinks at mention of his brother. Small world indeed. "Please do. Hopefully,he had no hand in it…."

"Ohhhmy god that's Thor!" Caitlin whispers under her breath, eyes wide. She looks at Rain, then backs up to the witch and her familiar, leaning sideways and staring wide-eyed at Captain Marvel and the Asgardian. "It's Thor! And Captain Marvel!" she squeaks.

"Oh, I'm Caitlin," she says, suddenly shy, looking at Rain apologetically. "Sorry. I'd shake your hand, but-" she shakes the two frost giants she's carting around on her thick arms.

"Toss first, greet later." Captain Marvel admonishes Caitlin gently, grinning, as she grunts and twists, hurling her particular giant through the opened portal. Damned huge bastards, and with Asgardian mass to volume ratios to boot. So inconvenient.

"That's alright. We can dig it," Captain offers. The two smile politely at Caitlin. The cat seems to be more extroverted. The two are hovering on their broomstick. Rain nods at Thor. "I doubt it, but…" As much as she respects her boss, a prank is not above him. They stay out of the way of the lifting crew, but she is a bit in awe.

Speaking of boot, he literally kicks one of them through the portal when he was considering flying him through. He nods and waits forCaitlin to toss the third before closing.

"Oh. Right, sorry, Captain ma'am. Marvel Captain. Ma'am," Caitlin says, hustling to the portal. She looks up at the portal, dropping one giant, and then juggles the other one around so her hand is resting on its center of mass, and then she squats and with a grunt, throws it into the portal.

Okay, she might have been showing off a /little/ bit- the giant's on a trajectory course that would threaten low-flying commercial traffic if there's any on the other side of that portal.

Thor froms a little and flies through the portal, grabbing the giant to close the portal behind him to keep it from splattering some harmless forest animal.

After they are giant-free, Carol turns to Caitlin and smiles, then waves to Rain. "Thanks for the help." Talking cat. Right. This job never gets boring. "So. Your name is Caitlin. Right? Going to ome up with a codename thing, do you think?" Carol wasn't born Captain Marvel, after all.

Rain smiles, waving. "You're welcome," The cat offers. "Yeah," Rain follows up. The cat seems to be the more outgoing of the two. There's a blink as the last giant gets hucked in. "Wow. Um. Well. IF anyone needs healing or general magic, let me know. Otherwise, we're going to go back to delivering stuff."

"Umm…. no," Caitlin says, shaking her head slowly, looking nervously from Rain to Carol and back, then back to Carol. "I… well my change was all over the news," she says, rolling a toned shoulder in a shrug. "Everyone on campus knew who I was- I was literally inside a student lab when it happened. In ten minutes I was on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, running around half naked. Thank god I was wearing a sports bra," she says with a muttered eyeroll,

"Well, that has to suck. Sorry." Carol offers Caitlin. Poor young woman. That's pretty awful. "I hope you've learned your lesson, and you keep spare clothes around somewhere handy?" Not everyone apparently has Carol's little quickchange benefit. And what a handy benefit it is! Carol waves to Rain as the broomrider heads off. Hey, who is she to say anything? She doesn't even us a /broom/, damnit.

Rain smiles and waves back. "Let us know if you need your clothes blessed. I found out the hard way I can turn into a bear," The witch comments wryly. "But 'm sorry that happened. It's rough. Be well." And she will fly off, cat and self in tow.

"It was really nice meeting you," Caitlin tells Rain with an awkward smile for the other woman. "You were great, with the fire and stuff," she tells her with a tone of admiration.

"Umm… yeah, I have my clothes back over at that cafe," Caitlin says, gesturing. "I… think I'll go get dressed. It was really, great, meeting you, Captain Marvel," she says, backing away with a goofy hero-worshipping grin on her face. "Like just… so great."

"Bye!" And she starts scurrying across the street with something just on this side of super-speed.

Carol could chase after Caitlin for her sash. She should, maybe. But she doesn't. Somehow, she's sure she'll get it back eventually. And she wouldn't want to take it from the other woman /before/ she got those clothes. That'd just be mean. Now, where was she? Oh right! Staff meeting! And with a muffled BOOM, Cheeseburger is off to Metropolis.

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