Hail fucking HYDRA

June 19, 2015:

Shift confesses his deep cover operation to Lunair, and swears her to secrecy, proving that the man does have feelings.

Hoboken - New Jersey


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Hoboken, New Jersey. It's just on the other side of the Hudson, and it's not a pretty place. Gentrification doesn't even have a definition here yet, and most New Yorkers avoid it unless they're taking the PATH train to the Newark Airport connecting bus.

For whatever reason, it isn't until Lunair has found herself in Hoboken when her phone chirps with an incoming SMS.

It reads: Don't scream.


Lunair normally avoids the HELL out of it. It sounds like a fighting game move, plus there's been video games and well, it's… just not her thing. But she's exploring the trains, learning the connecting buses. She has a backpack on, and was reading something on a tablet when her phone chirps. It's some witty little tone, and she pauses to read it. A blink. Don't… scream…

Panic sinks in and she looks around, glancing up, over her shoulder… Tension starts creeping, creeping in.


Next to Lunair, black smoke begins to form out of thin air some few moments later. As soon as it's visible, the smoke rapidly forms up and solidifies, revealing Shift.

"No sudden movements," he quietly demands. "Can't stay long. Who have you told about me?" He hasn't even turned to look at her, instead, his silver eyes are watchful of the quiet streets.


Lunair is on full alert. Her eyes move quickly, her body tense. She stifles a squeak when Shift appears. "Only my friend Jeri— maybe Bobby. I was worried," She admits. "I kept it quiet, but I've been really worried. What are you even-" Lunair doesn't know what to make of this. "Are you okay?"

She adores Shift and remembers how he hated Smooth and HYDRA and…


"Den everything I'm about to tell you needs to stay between you and me," Shift is quick to interject. "Jericho, Bobby, anyone else - dey must continue to believe dat I am a membah of HYDRA."

The Ghanain draws in a deep breath, then let's it out slowly. "Lunair, I am on what you might call a 'deep covah' operation. You are one of three peopah who know about dis, which is why it must remain a secret. I've infiltrated HYDRA, and I am getting close. Close to something big. Dat's why I came aftah you. Dey know of our friendship. Dey were testing me. I am sorry if I hurt you."

He still makes a point not to make eye contact, though it's damned difficult.


Wait what. One of her eyes narrows, the other is a bit widened. That's one hell of an info dump. Her mouth opens. Her mouth closes and her eyebrows furrow. "Well, that and once I got free, I promptly turned around and started murdering HYDRA," She admits. "I think I understand. Be careful, okay?" She looks worried, more than stunned after a moment. She manages to emote fairly well, feeling genuinely worried and upset. Betrayal cut deeply.

She takes a deep breath. "I will keep your secret," She promises. "And thanks to you, I found out that odd, time hopping gunslinger is one of my great ancestors. So that'll be cool."


That bit of news draws a rueful grin to Kwabena's face. "For what it's worth, I had every intention of botching de op to save your ass. Glad your great grandpa did it for me. Made my web of lies a hell of a lot more convincing."

Only then does Kwabena turn to look her in the eyes. There is genuine apology and appreciation there, something he rarely shows. This deep cover mission has changed him in ways he hadn't even expected. His gratitude for her promise goes unspoken. Instead he murmurs to her, "Hail fucking HYDRA." Then, with a wink of the eye, he transforms into smoke again, and goes vaulting up into the air.


Lunair tilts her head. She smiles. "Yeah. I had no idea we were related. I just know what it feels like to not know much about things," She admits. "But grandpa's been so busy…" She shakes her head. It'll be nice for her to have a relative to hang out with.

"Thanks. I'll keep it in mind," Lunair pauses. Then she nods. A wave into the air. She is concerned, even if she's godawful at anything remotely social. "Something like that. Hail freaking HYDRA, man," A soft sigh. She's relieved he's not really drank the koolaid, but… either way. He didn't mean it and that means a lot. A wave, as he disappears. "Bye, smokebuddy."

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