Lost and Under the Weather

June 17, 2015:

Lywen gets lost and Ryden forgets what he was doing. A meeting of strangers prevents an angry mob from forming on the street.

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The sun is high and clouds float in the summer sky like rafts in a pool. It is hot and it is so humid you can cut the air. The city itself is odiferous, with that unique scent that no perfumer in their right mind would want to recreate. Heat radiates off the asphalt, concrete and glass, making it almost unbearable. The population boasts of corporate America here and they dart from one cool spot to another seeking refuge from the summer weather, most are dressed nicely and look like they are positively melting.

One lady stands in the sea of suits, she has a curious look on her face as she moves through crows. A waxy pallor touches her cheeks. Her blonde curly hair has been bound up and hidden beneath a pink bandana. She is dressed in khaki shorts and black t-shirt. Around her neck she wears a gold torque and gracing her arms are gold armbands.

Ryden is tall and lean with the looks of a rakish sort of rogue that many women and men find pleasing enough to look on that they are usually willing to over look the strange ways in which he dresses himself. Today the man is wearing cut off jean shorts and a white woman's tank top. He has plain leather sandals for shoes and what looks like a very heavy leather traveling pack hanging from his back. He looks even more miserable than most. The heat and humidity are making it a lot harder to get over the funky fuzzy feeling left from the near overdose of narcotics he'd taken recently. "Time to go out into the world I said. Time to see what's changed. Look my old good friends. God, this was the worst fucking idea I've had in…" Well, probably not that long really but.. "It's new york. Not the freaking jungle dammit. Ryden sighs and drops his pack and leans against the wall of a building beneath its awning.
Frank is stuck in traffic. Frank hates traffic.

The man is behind the wheel of an old green van, paint fading along the side, clasping at the leather with tightly clenched fists. The ac inside the vehicle is broken, and sweat has his shirt sticking in all the worse places. He listens the chatter of the city with one ear, and his radio with the other, a news feed about an attack on Horizon Labs that he has playing through earbuds connected to aux out on his radio.

He scowls as someone leans into his horn behind him, jaw jutting forward, but calms himself with a long drink from his bottle of water that sweats almost as much as he does. He glances out his window toward the sidewalk, seeing the suits and the pink bandanna as they scurry past.

Lost the woman takes refuge near the green Van that near the Awning that Ryden has taken refuge at. She calls out, her accent is thick and sounds like a strange combination of Scandinavian and British. Her voice is loud and clear when she calls out. "Any one know where 1st and 5th is?" Her words where carefully chosen showing that English is not he first language. The suites just stare at her but do not respond to her as they pass by.

Ryden's eyes open, startlingly sky blue and he focuses on the strange woman and the van. Shit, he still needs to get a car and driver. "Bloody heat. Uh, where you said?" Ryden looks around, appearing slightly puzzled. He'd forgotten to pay attention as he walked. "Where are we?" He sighs. He's also forgotten where he was going. Great. "I'm sorry. I'm afraid I'm not at my best today.." He tries to focus on the nearest street sign but the letters swarm and he sways and pales. "Whoa. Okay! no reading just yet." Ryden looks back up and frowns slightly at the beat up van. Why is that guy looking at them? It must be his clothes again. He frowns down at himself. "Well, it's hot!" the man mutters defensively. He isn't actually crazy, he's just a very easily distracted man with the habit of talking to himself or thinking aloud that people who spend a lot of time alone develop.

Frank gaze shifts to the man in a woman's shirt as he drinks from the bottle, and is brought into conversation with the two. Rather unwillingly. The temptation to ignore them is clear, as he sets the bottle back down, gritting his teeth as he reaches for the radio. His fingers dangle above the dial for a second, before he leans back in his seat with a hard exhale. When he finally rocks back forward, he rolls the passenger side's window all the way. "Hey, C'mere." Ryden isn't directly invited, even though he's close enough to eavesdrop. Maybe because she fills out her shirt better, or maybe just because he didn't actually ask a question. "What are you looking for?"

"That is good question, 1st and 5th near." The woman pauses searching for the right word. "School, aww un I vers ity." She says. "I am learning English, not best?" Her moss green eyes study Ryden. When Frank speaks she turns her head in his direction. "Good day, I am looking for 1st and 5th." She takes a deep breath and lets it out. Her accent remains heavy thick. "It is near the un I vers ity." She repeats. "I am lost."

Ryden moves a bit closer, only because the van is kinda shady looking and that guy looks like he could be trouble. Although in his current condition any help Ryden can give is going to make a rather large mess. He leans back against a signpost and nearly closes his eyes. "University. Yeah, that sounds right." Maybe that's where he'd been going. He looks like the only place he should be getting to is a bed, somewhere nice and cool. "I think I remember where it is, a few blocks that way." He gestures vaguely towards the east. A moment and then, "Your english isn't bad at all." Ryden adds.

"It's t-" Frank might have been about to say terrible. He has enough of a soul to not be pointlessly antagonizing to a lost woman though. "It's a few blocks back the way you came, up Houston, you're pretty close." He is about to say more when he is interrupted by more horn blaring, glancing in his rear view mirror as a man in a pickup truck opens his door and steps out. The perp here is a taxi, driven by a young black man. Two angry men, stuck in traffic. Uh oh.

"My friend, teaches me." She says with a cheerfully with a smile. "You are kind to say, I am Lynwen." She says to Ryden and nods her head. Her eyes move to back to Frank. "blocks? Huston," she nods her head and points in the direction where she came, making sure it is the right direction. Traffic got to love it! Lynwen frowns and then glares at the two men in that other car as the horn is blaring. She turns back to Frank. "It will not make go faster, they should calm."

Her glare draws Ryden's attention towards the two men. Usually he'd take full advantage of playing the hero for a pretty lady. Or man. He's tired and aching and its so hot and the air so thick. "Go away." Ryden says flatly to the men. His pack is back on his shoulders. It'll take too long to find the right book and in anycase drawing something out would only make his situation worse right now. He is however leaning against a sign post. Ryden glances up. One with words on it. Yes, that will do. "Your only chance dudes. Go now."

"People should do alot of things." Frank says, watching the conflict as it escalates. He reaches down between the console, drawing out a second bottle of water. The first is tossed into the back of the van to join a pile of clutter. He pries open his drink, taking another extended sip.

The two men come face to face, sharing angry words that drown out both Ryden's promise and Lynwen's words of wisdom. Other cars are rolling up their window, sensing the storm of emotions and unsure where it'll lead. Which is wise, for the white man grabs at the taxi driver's shirt, bringing him in closer only to be shoved hard into Frank's van. The man spills his water forward onto the dash, and his own language turns out to be as colorful as the two who just put a dent on his very nice junker.

Lwynwen takes a step back she is looking between Frank and Ryden. Her gaze goes to the two men exchanging blows. She mutters something under her breath that sounds odd. With another shake of her head she waits for a few more heartbeats to see if the men will be pulled apart. With others rolling up their windows, she shakes her head and takes a few steps towards with the intent of breaking the fight apart.

Ryden frowns. If he weren't so miserable he'd realize what Lyn is, and maybe even who. He's not looking though, not very focused. He eyes the men a second longer. This is going to break some rules. Mainly, don't do magic in front of mortals. He hasn't really cared about the rules for a couple of centuries now but that doesn't mean he goes out of his way to break them either. "Aw fuck it. It's New York. They might not even notice." While it won't take much power for this, it does take focus which he doesn't have at the moment, so Ryden sighs and takes a short cut. There's a jagged piece of rusty metal on the crappy van's door and Ryden steps forward and slices his palm open then raises his hand and plasters the blood onto the sign. His gaze remains on the men. There's a sudden flare of power that anyone sensitive to such things will feel and the two men are suddenly and simply, gone. If anyone looks up at the sign Ryden's removing his hand from and wiping off the blood with a dirty looking hankerchief, they'll see its now illustrated with two angry, familiar looking men.

Frank was reaching for the bat under his chair, coming only to see that both men are gone. His brow furrows, trying to make sense of the world, looking to their vehicles that remain, both doors still open and drivers most certainly not inside. He looks back to the two with a suspicion, not noticing their roadsign fate. Instead, he puts his van into gear, and with a quick press of his foot cuts off into traffic to get out of a situation that might demand investigation. The very last thing he needs is any law enforcement investigating any involvement with the two disappearing men trick that Ryden just pulled.

She does it and her eyes narrow. "You should break sp spell." Lynwen says softly to him. She too is little out of it today hence her not noticing him until he casted a spell or two. She shakes her head. "If you take signs no, wonder I am lost." She points out to him with a shake of her head. She is looking like a disapproving mother at him.

"I will, eventually. I'm a bit short on power right now." Ryden sighs but his sky blue eyes are studying Lynwen intently. His head hurts and he can't really read her. A mutant wouldn't have said spell. At least most of them wouldn't. "I don't usually take signs." He grins a bit. "Wasn't gonna leave my blood up there for anyone to use though. And look, the mobs all gone." Which had been the goal. If anyone had actually noticed what he did, well, most mortals don't want to see that sort of thing and would probably blame it on the heat as they hurried away.

The woman nods her head. "Water would have helped." She offers since she is captain obvious. "Blood is bad to leave." She says in complete agreement with him. "I not understand what they use for blood days here." She says very frankly. Her accent is thick. She pauses for a moment thinking of the next thing she is going to say. "Here they come and go like tide." She shakes her head, though she does crack a smile and her smile is as bright as the sun. "What your name?"

Just after the two men disappear, a man in his mid-20s rounds the corner, coming from the east. He is wearing blue jeans, a loose T-Shirt, and worn, scuffed tennis shoes. Dark straps that circle his shoulders in front suggest that he is carrying a small backpack of the kind that students often carry. His dark brown hair and gray eyes. Like most people on the sweltering streets today, he is carrying a large bottle of water. When he sees the snarl of traffic, he stops for a moment. His eyes survey the area. Then he continues to walk to the corner, where he uncaps his bottle and takes a sip of water while he waits for the signal at the crosswalk to change.

Ryden has knowledge of more languages than he can remember off hand locked in his mind. Being able to speak them, isn't nearly as easy as understanding. Being so muddle headed though he is having slight trouble following her speech, that's his fault though and not hers. He does think she speaks pretty well. "I'm Ryden. Ryden Sable." He tucks a length of dusky blonde hair behind one ear. He hasn't noticed the approaching man yet. "You..there's something about you..I'm sorry. I'm not feeling so well." He's just realized he's been staring at her rather hard. It might not have been one of his more brilliant ideas leaving the hotel in this state but if he just lays around he'll never get back into shape. He shakes his head and smiles, offering his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you,…" He trails off awaiting her name.

"I not feeling well either, hot and just sick." Her words are carefully chosen that accent still thick. "Pleasure to meet you, I am Lynwen." Her own bandana that is hiding her blond hair is sweat soaked. "I learned long ago less is better." She says. "Why not feeling well? Heat?" She asks him gently. "You should get cool." As she says that the air stirs and a cool breeze seems to wrap itself around them.

Something catches her attention when the wind blows. She then turns and looks over her shoulder. She can pick him out of any crowd even with him standing at the intersection, she calls out and the language is a strange dialect of welsh. «Sunstone! Over here! I wanted to surprise you. I know I should have stayed in bed.»

When the light finally changes, the young man moves with the crowd. Halfway across the street, he hears the shout and looks toward Lynwen. A broad, warm smile spreads over his face. He raises his hand to wave it and the bottle of water while he continues to walk. Once he reaches the curb, he looks at the line of cars waiting at the intersection. As soon as the light changes again, he jogs across the street and heads toward the blonde and the stranger with her. He looks to Lynwen and speaks in the same odd language. «"I couldn't quite hear you, love. What are you doing here in the first place? I thought that we agreed. You should be home, resting."» He sighs. He shrugs one shoulder and pulls his arm free from the backpack. Then he lowers it to the ground. He unzips it and hands her a bottle of water. "Here," he says, shifting to English. He stands and peers at the man. "You don't look well, either." He stoops to rummage in the backpack again, and produces a second bottle of water that he offers to Ryden.

Ryden looks around with a frown at the sudden cool wind. It takes a moment for Lynwen's switch of language to register and then Joshua is there and replying in the same and Ryden is staring again. He's beginning to wonder if the drugs hadn't worn off. Or if he's having heatstroke. Or both. "That's..not a common language anymore." He comments as he takes the water with a nod of thanks and begins to slowly sip it. Too fast and he'll be hurling his guts out. So far this hasn't been bad compared to his usual bang up job at first impressions. He'd like to keep it that way if he can. "I'm Ryden. Nice to meet you." Then he looks back to Lynwen. "I'm not, ill exactly. I over extended myself with power the other night. There are…side effects when that happens." He sighs softly.

«Thank you!» She takes the offered water bottle. «I tried, my love. I just could not, I thought I would surprise you.» She leans over and kisses him on the cheek. «I got tired of waiting and thought that I could go dress shopping.» She is still talking in that old dialect of welsh.

She switches to English. "Hrm, he explains better. Joshua Cornwall meet Rye n" She tries to say. Her eyes are bright. "Does, drink tea, stay inside and eat. Worse is when there is backlash." This is said very quietly. "Taint makes worse, you no taint. Should rest, not be in
Joshua inclines his head to Lynwen. When she kisses his cheek, be blushes slightly, but he smiles as well. He nods to Ryden and answers, "You're welcome." Then he questions the man, "You … overextended yourself?" He nods to Lynwen and then urges, "She is right. "Theses streets are certainly not the place to be if you need rest." His attention shifts back to Lynwen. "You should be home," he repeats, "but I'm glad that you're here, love."
Joshua inclines his head to Lynwen. When she kisses his cheek, be blushes slightly, but he smiles as well. He nods to Ryden and answers, "You're welcome." Then he questions the man, "You … overextended yourself?" He nods to Lynwen and then urges, "She is right. "Theses streets are certainly not the place to be if you need rest." His attention shifts back to Lynwen. "You should be home," he repeats, "but I'm glad that you're here, love."

Ryden smiles a bit. They look cute together and he's tired enough to notice and think so. "I've gotten rather..out of practice with my abilities of late. I drew more power than I had to spare." He answers. Ryden wouldn't normally be so forthcoming but the woman at least has an idea what he's talking about. His eyes narrow. "Taint? It isn't just the heat making you ill is it? Shit, I'm not a healer, I can't really help with that but yeah, you should be resting. I'll be alright, I just need to get the rest of the drugs I took out of my system and hey, the sweats good for that yeah?" "Besides the cab I was in didn't have air conditioning and good gods it stunk."

"No, heal self, many blessings." Lynwen says softly, "I do not do well darkness. Darkness does not like me. It is a win, win?" She looks to Joshua as she switches to Welsh, «Did I say that right? I wanted to have lunch with you, but I think I have lost my appetite it is hot. » She says softly.

She looks at both of them. "Cab? Or oh the cold air, how come not open glass?" She asks Ryden. "No need help, I have Sunstone." She smiles. "You need a Sunstone, what did you do to drain? Did you have no other for circle?"

Ryden takes a few moments to sort that out. "A circle? No. I work alone usually. My magic isn't really, lendable. It doesn't mesh well with others. I wasn't alone this time but.." He shrugs. "I'm horribly out of shape. I haven't used my abilities much in a long time. Certainly not in battle like the other night. When I use too much power for too long I get these horrible headaches. There really isn't any words to describe that kind of pain, so I have to drug myself silly and it takes a few days to recover. It'll pass though." He shakes his head and grins. "I had allll th ewindows open. I can't fathom what that guy had in his car that made it smell like that." He studies Joshua for a moment. His people reading skills are working a little, that has nothing to do with magic, its just experience. "It's good you have someone to help you." He glances around. "Things seem to have gotten more dangerous while I was away."

Joshua smiles. «"That's fine,"» he confirms, returning to the Welsh dialect easily. «"I don't blame you for wanting to skip lunch. We'll have dinner later, after sunset, when things are cool,"» he assures her. Then he looks to Ryden and frowns. Returning to English, he notes, in his noticeable British accent, "Twice you've mentioned some big battle. What happened? Were others involved?" He glances to Lynwen and then returns his gaze to the man. "Is there something that we should know, or some warning that we should pass along to others? We have a few contacts who help in the fight against … darkness."

"Mine, it is it is raw and old." Lynwen tries to explain. "Battle? You want healing? I can do." She asks, "only with taint." she shakes her head. "Away?" She asks him. Her eyes are bright. "It could be the food or that strange smoke." She tells him. "What are you?" She asks him.

Then she turns her attention to Joshua. «I would like that and a swim, dinner and a swim, I think he needs to a ride home? Can we take him to our house? He seems lost.» Then she says tries her hand at English some more. "What he said." She smiles brightly and then opens the bottle and takes a drink.

Ryden smiles again. He can follow their language even if he can't speak it. Lost huh? In more ways than one. "It's a long story and I don't know the whole of it. Just that there is a bad person out there sending his minions to do bad things. My old friend's daughter. I came here to look in on her. She's who I was with the other night. Her name is Zatanna. We fought some, cultists? I think they are calling them." There is a brief flash of anger in his eyes. "Horrible thing they were doing. I wish we had got there sooner." Ryden looks down and studies his feet for a moment. When he gazes up again there's a strange mixture of emotion on his face. Guilt perhaps, and sorrow for sure. A bit of uncertainity. "I'm…I'm a homi magi." It's the truth, if not the whole of it and the simplest explanation.

"Zatanna?" Joshua repeats the name. "Is that why you are here on the streets?" he questions. "If so, we might be able to help you. We know her, not intimately, but enough to help you to find her, if that is your need." Reading people is a skill that many have, and Joshua has honed it as part of his work. "Can you tell us more about this 'bad person' or his minions? If you feel that it is best not to say, we will understand. Still, as I've said, we do have some small contacts."

"Ard-Draoi" she points to herself. She tells him. "Our magic not same." She points out. "I know Zee. No, blame yourself." She looks to Joshua, «Please tell my love tell him that he should not blame himself. He is not a seer and even if he can divine the future there are too many different paths. He also cannot be everywhere at once. He needs to understand that what he is dealing with he will need other with him to hold back the tide. They are working with numbers; we cannot be on our own little islands. I can offer healing.» She switches back to English. "See he agrees we take you home Joshua will feed you. He will translate." She beams as she takes another drink of water.

Ryden blinks a bit and his mouth drops open. "Ard-Draoi?" "I..cannot remember the last time I saw a druid. He looks completely surprised and then chagrined. "Oh man, if I missed that standing here all this time, I probably really shouldn't be out here…I.." He glances around. "I don't even remember why I'm here. The University maybe? Or was I looking for a new hotel?" Ryden scracthes his nose. "I know where Zee is, but thank you." He seems to consider for a moment. "There is a man, or someone who was a man once seeking to steal the lives and power of every god or supernatural touched person he can find. He desires to evolve, become a god himself I think. I don't believe he'll stop until he does so and he's already far too powerful." Again the flash of guilt. "I thank you for your words Lady." Ryden bows his head respectfully. "The truth is I should have seen this coming and I might have been able to stop it before it got this bad. I didn't, and now I have to live with that and do what I can to make it right." He smiles. "I wouldn't want to impose upon you, you sound as if you need to rest."

Joshua nods to Ryden. "She does need rest, but from what I see and hear, you need rest as well. If you have made arrangements to meet with someone, then we should not detain you. If you are meeting someone at the university, we can accompany you there. However, you are welcome to come to our home, if you wish. The choice is yours, but know that if you are fighting darkness, you have allies here." He stoops again to rummage in his backpack, and when he straightens, he is holding a business card.

«The future has too many paths each choice can causes infinite possibilities, when we see the future we see one of many possibilities. They also will use your guilt against you, I have seen a little but none have truly explained, you need help my Sunstone knows how to reach me. As for not hearing it, the Romans did a good job of hunting us down, then there was the Saxons. I know how to heal and cleanse. » She reminds him. She looks to her Joshua and grins. "I think he know what I say." She is excited over that, it can be heard in her voice and her eyes are bright. "Sunstone cooks, you need rest and no heat." She holds hand out to Joshua. She is starting to wilt, her eyes are looking tired.

Ryden takes the card, watching Lynwen with concern. "You've certainly given me some things to think about. I'll get in touch with you soon. I think we both need to rest now and I've enough energy left to hail a cab." He smiles at her excitement and nods. "Yes, I can understand, not speak it so much but understand for sure. I think today was a good day after all." He grins and settles his pack on his shoulders. "Meeting the two of you was a good thing." He is very tempted by their offer but he's about to fall asleep and that isn't good company or manners. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Joshua answers Ryden while giving him the card. "If you'd like, I'll hail one for you, see that the driver is safer than the last one that you had, and make a note of his hack license in case something goes wrong," he offers. "If you find trouble, contact us. If you feel that others should know about this danger that is pursuing you, we should be able to help you with alerting people." He reaches for Lynwen's hand and gently pulls her toward him, encouraging her to lean against him if necessary. "Drink more of your water, love," he tells her in English.

«I am glad; guilt will be used against you, that is how the darkness works. It will also use self-doubt against, anything it can feed off of it will.» Lynwen says gently to Ryden. «It was, remember to free the road warriors and rest, you will heal. Also sometimes when we try and see the future the Darkness will hide paths from us. Also the light can hide paths from it.» She adds. She looks to Joshua, «Time to rest and go home.» She nods her head and when Joshua pulls her to him, she does lean against and she drinks more water. «Next time, I will follow through with the promise of staying in bed. The fish will be happy to see you and I think our bed will be happy to see me.»

Ryden nods. She's right really, but it's going to take him some time to work through. He smiles again and waves a bit before half hopping, half crawling into the cab he's flagged. "I'll be in touch soon. Rest well, the both of you."

"Fair enough!" Joshua calls after Ryden before the man climbed into the taxi. Then he looks to Lynwen and urges, "We should go home, and you should rest. We have a few busy days ahead." He squeezes her hand while he hoists the backpack onto his shoulders.

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