Sins of the Future #12: The End of Time (Epilogue)

March 21, 2015:

After the disappearance of his sister Rachel Summers; Cable was transported to the future where he faced a nemesis not unlike himself and rescued his sister. (Emits by Rachel)

//The End of Time//

A Conflux of Realities at The End of Time


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Fade In…

A familiar psychic presence had reached out to Cable through time and space, that of his sisters; a woman he had not seen for many years. It was likely a shock at first, to feel the psi-bond that had been created when he was but an infant so strongly once again; it was Rachel calling to him for help.

Despite the fact that Greymalkin was not currently repaired and able to allow Cable to time slide through the main timestream; he suddenly found himself travelling through time and space; likely a familiar sensation since he had done it so many times before.

The End of Time

Cable had found himself emerging from the forced time slide into a strange reality, a place billions of years in the future; an Earth that served as a conflux of sorts on the border of realities.

Thunder clapped in the skies loudly and lightning struck the ground at regular intervals with surprising force.

Ruins of impossible shapes and sizes could be seen mashed together in strange shapes and patterns, the remnants of lost timestreams piling together like junk. Strange sounds and echoes could be heard, coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once; the final moments of untold number of beings ripped from their timestreams and made non-existent except as echoes.

A gleaming black citadel, unlike anything else in the landscape stands before Cable; the gates wide open.

The bond.

It begins as a warmth, and then a pulse. There's a familiarity to it and a strangeness all at the same time. It's always been, and yet, never been quite like this. It increases in intensity to the point where it's almost a full on migraine with its insistance. The need. And the message it bears?

Help. Me.

Graymalkin isn't fully operational in terms of time slides; he's usually a 'give or take a year', but here and now, it's amazingly accurate as there is no time. It's a confluence of all worlds, and it's an alien sight to say the least.

The moment Cable lands, he's got his TK up and running; pulling oxygen from the air should he require it. "What the hell is this place?" Okay, 'when' the hell works too! There comes up something of a shield, and with each heavy booted step twards the citadel, he reaches out with his telepathy, tracking. With each heavy booted step, the arm that is weighed down with the deadly TO virus begins to shape itself, reforming from arm to something a great deal more deadly; one of his favorite weapons. A large, part projectile, part energy pulse rifle. The drover's coat billows behind him, more for effect than anything else, but he's coming. Step by step.

Lightning strikes directly in front of Cable, leaving a searing crater in front of him on the ground that seems to phase between the barren ground it was before and the crater in front of his very eyes.

The air is sparse but breathable, filled with numerous other elements and radiation that he is able to identify; but it was nothing that would kill someone like him.

As he nears the Citadel, he feels the psychic emanations growing stronger. Rachel was in great pain and fighting to hold on with every passing moment; time was fluid though and Cable had been brought to the very spot he needed to be.

Inside of the open gates he can see what looks to be a large open amphitheater, a diminutive solitary figure chained up in the center.

Cable leaps left, rolls out of the way and comes up quickly before he pushes a couple of steps further forward before zagging right again. He can feel the electrical charge from the lightning, though he's got to fight the distinct impression that it's not just an electrical charge. It's unworldly, even on this world.

At least he can drop a little of his TK and save the energy for what he knows is going to be a difficult immediate future. Steps continue on, though the moment he catches the figure in the middle distance, he hurries his pace, boots hitting the ground a little faster. His gun is up, and he's searching for minds. For presences. He doesn't rely upon it, however. Never has. He's a soldier first, battle tested. Look high, look low.


Cable's mind reaches out; a touch, and it's all that's needed for communication. She lives; he'd know it if she didn't.

«I'm coming.»


The telepathic response from Rachel is joyous. She had been unsure if the last vestiges of the Phoenix within her would have been enough to bring him here, in her hour of need. Her brother feels the pain through the link, they've drained her of most if not all of her power.

«He's waiting for you.»

It's all she can manage to send out before her head hangs low once more as she drifts out of consciousness; the claw like tattoos on her face visible. She had no idea this trap was intended to lure her brother, if she knew before; she would have never tried to bring him here.

Inside of the amphitheatre is an open air ceiling that looks up into a swirling vortex of a sky; distinctly different than it looked from the outside.

Cable is able to sense several shadowy figures somewhere in the amphitheatre but he doesn't get a solid lock on them or what they are. He doesn't have to look very high or low though to see who was waiting for him.

A cyborg with a strangely familiar but scarred face stands waiting for him. The man has metallic armor grated to his body, if he even had much of a body left anymore. His history and identify were unknown, but he had waited a long time for a chance at freedom.

"Nathan Summers. I've waited for you a very long time. With your death, I will be free once more. No longer imprisoned in this timeless hell."

There's a reach, telekenetically, to softly brush against her face before the 'presence' is gone once again. The second her warning comes, Cable shores up and pulls everything in to him. She's spent; and unconsciousness is a blessing for her in his mind. The message has been received, and in time. The rubble and dirt on the ground rise into the air, lingering and hanging as if waiting on a command from the mutant.

"You should have made the best of it, then. Do a little decorating." Not a whole lot could be done with this, the end of the world. "Let Rachel go. You've got my attention." Cable stands, the weaponized version of his hand up and pointing directly at this … being. Eyes narrow at the figure; there are no illusions cast, giving Nathan a little more power to work with. In all his half-metallic glory, the soldier stands. "I'll be happy to end your existance for you," is snarled.

There is no humor from the cyborg, "She has served her purpose, what little life remains in her shall be crushed when I am finished with you anomaly." The man's left arm re-shapes itself into a large sword of gleaming organic metal.

Nathan is able to sense that this man is also infected with the Techno-Organic Virus, just a far milder and more benevolent version of the same one that he keeps at bay daily.

There are figures noticeable, watching from above; clad in dark robes. Whether illusion or some trick of time, Cable begins to see the seats in the amphitheatre fill with the ghosts of the dead; people he had killed, lost or seen killed in a multitude of timelines. It was enough to be distracting, whether it was real or not.

Without warning, the cyborg charges towards Cable his sword swinging high even as he uses his own telekinesis powers to try and knock back the dirt and rubble Cable had lifted back into him.

It's an 'easier' version, yes. And Cable's aware of the different strains. Some less malevolent than others, absolutely. His luck, he's got a 'bad' version.

As those figures begin to *pop* into view, serving as distraction, Cable releases the detritus hanging in the air, pushing it out and away, only to find that his opponent is trying to push it back into him. The gun lowers and bears down on the approaching figure, and a shot is fired just to try and push him back (if not test the shielding TK of his opponent) before Cable swings around to the side in an attempt to dodge the sword.

With the telepathic conversation shut down, Nate has some extra energies, but is it enough to protect him from someone who has a fuller use of abilities? Some of the dirt and rubble smash into him, or rather that extra shield. It's a press of his abilities, however, and he's settling into a battle where he knows that most of this is going to come down to experience. "Same can be said for you when I'm done with you."

The sword skims along the edge of the telekinetic shield, barely missing Cable. He could tell, this man had millennia of experience and practice; but had he ever faced someone like Nathan Summers?

"I will savor this, after-all there is no meaning to time in this place." The cyborg taunts back at Cable even as he deflects the energy blast with ease, "That might have been impressive a billion years ago."

The man's chest forms into a massive energy cannon that fires abruptly at Cable, the force of the blast would strain even his abilities to the limit. Lucky for Cable, he had help; he felt a lingering spark of consciousness from Rachel, the young woman able to use her weakened powers to reinforce his TK shield.

If Cable had a way to infect this man with his own version of the Techno-Organic Virus, there was a possibility he might not be able to control it like he had.

"A billion?" Damn. Need to upgrade. "Was all the rage only yesterday."

Cable can almost feel the blade skitter across his telekenetic shield, the dig of Organic Metal against his own mental energies. It's not a good feeling; he could hold off attacks like that with glancing blows, but eventually-


The energy cannon that forms is met with that self-same shield, and he's thrown backwards through the air, landing on the ground with a *thump*. If he felt it, he's not saying so, but his expression looks grim. The gun in hand goes off once, twice, but this time, Cable's got a clue. It -feels- like he's fighting an alternate version of himself, TO and all. Sword. Cannon. But there's a difference. Nate has to expend more energy than he does-


Cable begins to run forward; the best defense is a good offense, and the best way to fight a sword is to get in too close so the sword is useless as a weapon.

Push, push forward, and that hand that once hand a TO-created weapon is 'just' a hand. With each rapid step forward, the hand is becoming less and less cohesive. How good is that TK shield? How small of matter can it defend against?

The Cyborg seems startled that Cable manages to get back up after that blast, it dawns upon him too late that Rachel had some reserves of strength left; enough to help her brother.

The sword is swung towards Cable as he charges, the size diminishing to that of a knife as the man attempts to defend himself from one of the greatest fighters in history. He had lifetimes to train, but Cable had lifetimes of experience backing him.

Cable can feel the shield of his opponent weakening as he puts him on the defensive, the cyborg who could even be some twisted alternate version of him grunting as his shields begin to fail, "I'm invulnerable and immortal. You're only just a man."

There's a small weak point in the TK shield, a spot large enough for Cable to hit with his fist and penetrate to the metallic flesh beneath.

Cable pushes.. and pushes. A grunt rises as his non-metallic arm lifts in order to keep one of the cyborg's hands from catching him from the side. He's not going to rely on Rachel's reserves; it might kill her, and he wouldn't put it past her to do something self-sacrificing. (Again.)

The shield begins to give under his push, and Nate is ready to push it home. This means he has to give up -control- of the Virus for it to begin to spread, looking for flesh to infect.




The moment Nate gives up control, he can feel the disease get ready to ravage his own body, seeking new flesh to infect. It courses through his body, but it also gives him that push, that extra edge where he can manifest his powers into something -more-. His hand dissociates, effectively fusing with the cyborg such that they are one. Now, the tk comes up again, though the TO has gained that extra inch or so in the interim.

Question is now- does the cyborg have the ability to shield itself from the incursion?

The milder version of the Techno-Organic Virus infecting the Cyborg acts as a catalyst that speeds up the effects of Cable's version. One version of the virus begins to rapidly attack the other, benevolent systems becoming inert and shutting down.

In front of Cable's eyes, the illusions begin to disappear in the amphitheatre, the Cyborg standing still like a statue as the virus works its way through his body.

"You're a better m—-" The Cyborg doesn't get a chance to finish his words as his systems freeze up. His eyes remain open, he was likely not dead either; but frozen in this moment of horror until the Virus fully consumed him. It was unlikely he would ever reactivate.

Rachel head rises slightly, her powers not even enough to mask the hated Tattoos that had marked her as a hound in her period. Her voice just above a whisper as she calls out, "Nathan, we need to go."

Cable can feel the ground shaking, the Citadel slowly fading in and out of existence around him. Whether it was Greymalkin or something else, he had a lock to teleport directly back to the present and proper timestream.

Cable retakes his hand, reforms it from the organic metal. It's not a bionic hand; he needs tk in order to move it, to manipulate objects. He has to force it to move for him.

Precious seconds can be lost to watch a foe drop, or in this case, remain standing. Stepping to the side, Nate begins to run towards the center, tearing off the chains and sending them flying through the air. "Rach.. we gotta go," echoes her own words to him. "Come on." Gently reaching over, he's ready to pick her up and call out to that which lies both within him, and seemingly in all times. "Time slide by two!"

Rachel smiles as Nate frees her, grabbing on to him in tight hug, words could not express her gratitude.

The pair blink out of existence, appearing moments after Cable had originally left; back in the present, back home.

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