Sins of the Future #09: Endgame

March 15, 2015:

???? ?? ??: Rachel Summers convinces a small group of X-Men including Lunair, Audrey & Nate Grey to accompany her on a 'sanctioned' mission. The mutant mercenary Shift is also hired to accompany them as backup.

//Secret Military Installation//

The top secret military base housing Project: Centurion.


NPCs: None.



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Fade In…

Several Undetermined Days ago

Rachel Summers had approached you on a matter of the utmost importance and secrecy, the recent 'Centurion Base' that had everyone talking had been given the go-ahead for a secret mission with the intent to destroy it.

It wasn't a regular mission an X-Man would go on given Rachel's parameters that they had to wipe the place off the map and that's why Rachel had to use everything she could to sell the mission as 'sanctioned' but off the record.

In a way, it made a great deal of sense since many X-Men would rather a diplomatic solution. Maybe you didn't believe Rachel, but one thing was for certain and it was this place had to be destroyed without time wasted.

A particularly vicious mutant mercenary named Shift had been paid by Rachel to accompany the team, she had a feeling they would need his brutality on this mission.

The 'team' had travelled to an airfield outside of New York City where a private plane was waiting to take them to Taiwan. It was all part of keeping the cover of this mission secure.

After arriving in Taiwan, the team was given black Kevlar uniforms with face masks and assault weaponry if they wished it; not that many of them needed it. Secrecy was of the utmost importance.

Using her psychic powers, Rachel had convinced a Black Market dealer to hand over a near-mint condition Russian Mil Mi-24 'Hind' gunship which had just enough carrying capacity to fit the team onboard.

Sitting in the pilot's seat Rachel was casting a telepathic shield over the chopper, hopefully assisted by others as they flew over the Pacific Ocean towards the military base.

Speaking into her headset she re-iterates the plan, "We go in hard and fast. If you don't want to kill, don't but we can't leave any survivors." That may have been why she had Shift here, not that she had any issues with killing these people.

"We've got enough explosives to take care of the Centurions they're building and we can improvise to take out the rest of the island. No witnesses, means this can never come back to any of us." She seemed scary determined and focussed on the situation.

Nate jumped happily to the chance to erase that military base off the map. But now he is having second thoughts. 'Kill everyone' is not something he does, even in his home Earth where deadly force was used without hesitation, that kind of ruthlessness was beyond him. « Couldn't we just mind-wipe folks that surrender? » He suggests to Rachel.

He doesn't believe for a second that Cyclops or Xavier have authorized a no-survivors operation (well… maybe Scott would under extreme circumstances, but not right now) but that is not something that worries him too much.

Shift presence, though, amuses him to no end, for reasons he is not going to explain anyone until this is over. But apparently he has met him before, somewhere in other reality.

Audrey didn't take much convincing. Actually, she seemed a little bit relieved by the invitation. She's been afraid lately, worried that there may not be a place among the X-Men for someone with her history, with her skills. Does she entirely believe that this was sanctioned? Maybe. Maybe not. Supposedly the unit she was raised in is sanctioned, not that the army would ever admit it. Who's to say the X-Men are any more transparent??

She sits quietly on the transport, weapons already checked, double-checked, and triple-checked. "How many people are we looking at?" she asks at Rachel's explanation.

The mercenary known as Shift quietly turned down the black Kevlar; packed in his luggage was the gunmetal gray he always wears when secrecy is important. Besides, Kevlar doesn't compare to the unstable molecule weave his uniform is made of. Don't ask him where he acquired such tech. It's not a pretty story.

Aside from Lunair, the others are by and large unrecognizable to him.

"You said dere was some dangahrous weapon in dere. Any idea what it does, what it looks like?" The Ghanaian is suited up, sans mask, with an arm raised to hold one of the chopper's standing rings. Silver eyes briefly pass by Audrey, before skirting to Lunair. Armory gets a nod, before his eyes finally fall upon Nate. Eyebrows furrow. In another moment, he may have given the guy a hard time for looking at him strangely, but this whole ordeal was all business. He was getting paid, that's enough for him to deal with a fair bit of bullshit.

Lunair knows Shift. He's a friend of sorts! She seems uncertain. On one hand, she really doesn't have a problem with wiping the base and its people off the map to a point. On the other, she can almost feeeeeeeeeeeel the disapproving frowns now. But she doesn't say much. She's often uncertain about her place with X-peeps, given what she is and does. Her very purpose. On the other other hand, well, there's a lot of hands and she's gonna need a debating octopus to hold all the sticking points. But she's in dark green and black armor, looking like a super soldier who crawled out of a video game.

She looks to Shift, nodding back. She knows two Nates, too. One shinier than the other. But they both are pretty cool, so she rolls with it. If she's armed, it's not apparent. But there's a quiet, solemn air to her for now. "If you have any requests for something, just let me know." Because burlesque dancing robots are the best.

The helicopter's approach was shielded from detection and those of you who had been here before recognized the island facility on your approach, Rachel bringing the gunship down to hover just below the water.

"The truth is, nobody sanctioned this mission. I'll be taking full responsibility when we get back. It just needed to be done." The Helicopter is guided to a spot on the shore, the cover of night along with the telepathy shielding the landing from any detection.

"I've gone over the data every day since that attack, we came to help and they wouldn't even reply to us. Instead, they attacked us. Even the US Military isn't so bold. Whatever this place is, it has to be destroyed." She pauses.

"I'm sorry for dragging all of you into this. Except you." She looks at Shift, "You've been paid, well enough. It's time I answered your question though, "This base is attempting to produce a weapon that is aimed at killing mutants. This is a PRIVATE outfit."

She looks to Lunair and Audrey, "I'm detecting at least 40 soldiers and about that many support staff." She looks worried, "They're preparing to evacuate the base in the next 12 hours thanks to that attack we helped botch."

"Funny everyone assumed it was a US Army operation," points out Nate. "For all we know, this is another Hydra mutant-killing operation. Still, killing everyone seems excessive," he is not going to say he won't right now. But if some of the soldiers try to surrender, there is going to be a sibling conflict (seek cover!).

Audrey grimaces as Rachel comes clean, glancing down at her weapons again. "What's the objective?" she finally asks. "Plan of attack? What's our goal, and how are we going to accomplish it?" If she focuses on the task at hand, then maybe she won't have to think about what happens after.

A rueful smirk is given to Rachel. Not that he cares too terribly about the 'team' knowing that he's only here because he's being paid, but it's a bit of a dick move to out him like that. "Should have just told me," he quips. Anti mutant agendas and Odame aren't good friends, and he's done worse for less or nothing. There are also a handful of people he knows who would love to put the hurt on a private outfit like this, designing anti-mutant weapons, whether it be on or off the books. One thing's for certain; Shift does not trust this government or any others.

"You've already seen what dese weapons do?" asks the Ghanaian. He may be pretty powerful in his own right, but as far as he's aware, every state of matter he can attain still could be defined as biomaterial. It's the only way to explain how a cloud of smoke or pool of liquid can maintain conscious thought. He's definitely not interested in becoming a lump of dead something, regardless of how well he's been paid.

A look is given to Nate, an approving one. Now we're talking. Man's got a good head on his shoulders, there, and Shift seems to approve.

Wait. What? Lunair blinks owlishly at Rachel. "… well, it's okay. I don't mind being in trouble." Really, she probably should've exercised critical thinking a bit more. So it's not all on Rachel. Not really. Lunair looks to Shift, somehow amused by this. "If it's HYDRA, we might earn brownie points or something." Lunair certainly isn't a naughty girl who periodically raids HYDRA hideouts and gets dumpsters flipped on her by weird Russian assassins. NOT AT ALL. You can almost see the halo, really.

"I see." She goes quiet as Audrey speaks. "I think it was assumed due to location and staff, as well as the amount of armament and um, stuff." She explains. "I can't really imagine the US government sponsoring something like that when so many super soldier programs… I dunno." She shrugs. "It seems kinda convenient." Oh well. She looks a little sympathetic towards Shift, but she kinda figured he had a day job and doing demos with vacuums was probably not it. "Then again, I guess it wouldn't be shocking, either." After all, mutants can really do a number in combat depending.

The base itself seems to be in a state of dis-array as soldiers are moving crates and computers out onto a landing strip for loading into a large Hercules transport plane. You had all arrived just in time, even if the evacuation had not begun you were here for them starting to move out the sensitive materials.

"Nate, you should understand better than I do. Even the X-Men having this knowledge, could lead to others getting their hands on it. We can't allow any of that tech to be moved out of here."

There are a few watch-towers with spotlights moving around the perimeter and you can see the evidence of your prior battle with the damaged buildings not yet being repaired.

The wreckage of tanks and Humvees is also littered through the area, but at least the bodies were moved away after the former attack.

A communications satellite dish was not far from your position and would likely make a good first target as well.

Rachel lifts a backpack full of explosives and says grimly, "I'm headed for the centurion facility. The one with the big hole in it thanks to Juggernaut." She opens the backpack and says, "Explosives are on a thirty minute timer."

Nate with his telekinesis could confirm this potentially, "The entire island is artificial, the force of the blast underground should be enough to collapse the island. Don't wait for me if I'm not back. Just go."

Nate, on the other hand, can easily imagine the US sponsoring a mutant-killing project. There are many powerful groups lobbying for 'mutant control' in Washington and the US Gov has a well-deserved reputation on doing underhanded things in secret whenever they can get away with it. Still, this time they seem innocent.

But the time for pondering is over, the island is just ahead. "Cat's out of the bag, but we can make sure no killer robots are built here, ever. And… damnit, I hope we have caught the airplanes before any could take off. In fact, I will make sure this one doesn't." Then he phases through the hull of the Hind, making the metal ripple like water as he forces the molecules in phase with his body. « I will also try to cause enough a ruckus no one can spare a minute to try shooting this chopper down » he adds telepathically as he rushes to the landing field like a golden meteor.

He impacts the Hercules like a cannon ball, and the subsequent fireball fills the landing pad with burning fuel. Definitely drawing a good deal of attention.

"That's not a plan, that's-" Audrey sighs, checking her straps and making sure everything is in place. "Fine. Destroy everything in reach." Which is when she functionally disappears, going invisible in her seat. As soon as she's able to disembark, she hits the pavement down below, jogging to a spot where she can find reasonable cover and starting to pick off personnel with her rifle. It's certainly the sort of thing that could contribute to chaos, considering she's invisible. Bullets from nowhere!

And she's an excellent shot.

Silver eyes look over toward Audrey, paired by a frown. The girl asked one of the more pertinent questions and she's… how old? A frown forms on the mercenary's face. It's true, he's brutal, but only when he needs to be. He has a heart, after all. Shaking his head, he pulls the mask up to stretch it over his face, leaving only his nose to chin exposed. "Lunair, I need two grenade launchahs and as many grenades you can fit on me."

A strange sound comes next. It can best be described as bones popping and flesh stretching, which seems to be exactly what is happening. Shift's size literally increases until he's nearly twice his size and height.

Explains why he's asking for two launchers. Once free of the chopper, he hefts each launcher upon his shoulders and strings the grenades around his neck. The weapons are cocked and loaded, though he spares a wince at the telepathic voice. He really, really dislikes telepaths, which is a shame, because looking on as Nate does his thing, Shift finds that he really kind of likes the guy.

Bootsteps take him toward the base. The first target is that comm satellite. Two grenades go bolting through the air, bringing the satellite down in a blaze of glory. This happens approximately one and a half seconds after the Hercules goes up.

There's a slight twinge of guilt. She did totally doubletap a guy with a rocket launcher down there. Lunair is uncertain. Why did that feel bad? She generally has no problem reducing people to smoldering husks of Monty Python jokes. Then again, Lunair seems more dubious about them being able to /keep/ the secret. She watches Nate do his thing. There's a moment of 'dude, I wish I had powers like that…'. Seriously, dude. Just. Dude. POWERS LIKE THAT.

It's entirely possible Lunair's used to working by herself or is perfectly content just to destroy something. She'll figure it out. Which adds a disturbing new layer to just how damn cheerful she is in general. She'll probably linger closely enough to chuck things to people, but if anyone is watching, they might notice a couple of vehicles filling with various explosives, then going up like it's gambling night in Vegas. Who says she needs to make things in her hands? Also, despite launching herself into a portapotty, she is totally glad she's figured out armor with rocket boots. She can kiiiiinda fly. At least she's not plummeting like an overweight platypus soaring gracefully through the air. Also, a rocket launcher.

The explosion of the Hercules thanks to Nate Grey draws the attention of several soldiers on the air strip who immediately begin opening fire on the man. Moments later they begin to shoot on each other in addition to Nate and Rachel replies to him, «Do what you have to. The future itself is at stake.»

Soldiers are firing into the air trying to get a lock on where Audrey might be, but she was the ultimate marksman while invisible and it was hard for them to do anything but blind fire, a man screaming, "They must be everywhere! Damn mutie scum!" A shot whizzes by Audrey's ear.

"I'm going in. Remind me to thank Juggernaught for the easy entrance." The voice of Rachel can be heard over the headsets. Her path was hard to miss, Soldiers and personnel who had been in her way are on the ground writhing in agony.

The explosion of the satellite by Shift causes the building beneath it to start crumbling down, a handful of soldiers running outside of the door and presenting an easy target. A pair of anti-mutant commandos streak down the building near Shift and open fire on him with incendiary rounds, "DIE!!!!!"

As a group of soldiers goes down to Lunair, a net is fired from a shoulder-held launcher over her, hitting her with electrifying force as a pair of commandos call out, "Target acquired, take her down!"

There was 15 minutes left until the explosives detonated.

Nate is pretty much bulletproof, although he needs to get out of the fireball quickly. His telekinetic shields are not as perfect as those of other members of his family, and heat (and cold) get through quickly.

That is fine; he is a big, glowing target and that good to keep the attention of the enemy troops. Floating a few yards over the battlefield, he crushes trucks and stacks of crates, trying to make sure all the anti-mutant stuff is obliterated. And seeing the satellite dish is still standing, he grabs an armored vehicle and throws it to the communications array.

As the shot screams past her, Audrey lifts her rifle, jogging a short distance away to find another perch. Shot coming from another direction should help with the confusion below. "Just a suggestion," she says across the comm, "But if we take out the people or their ability to get off this island, then the bomb's going to take care of the rest of it."

Her next targets are the men who've netted Lunair, trying to get the other mutant free.

Rachel isn't the only one who can survive an island coming down under explosive fury. Soon as the satellite is trashed, Shift turns his grenade launchers upon the line of vehicles and soldiers that seek to evacuate the materials and research. One by one, from alternating arms, the grenades go popping and flying, torching through vehicle, crate, computer and soldier alike. With Nate on the other end, it's a two pronged approach that ought to obliterate Project Centurion from history.

It's a shame he's not given more time with Lunair's signature heavy weaponry, for those anti-mutant commandos bear arms that could actually do something very ugly to him. "Fuck."

Shift crouches down and pushes off with his feet, immediately transforming into a cloud of black smoke that goes streaking skyward. Lunair's grenade launchers fall to the sand, useless.

A few moments later, Shift reforms out of the darkness upon the roof of an airplane. "Good call," he answers Audrey over the comm. With a grunt, he pushes ultra-hardened fists through the top of the airplane, rending a gash in the fuselage and forcing his way in.

From inside the aircraft, there comes a lot of gunfire.

Approximately one minute later, the aircraft's engines whine to life, cycling higher and higher. It starts to move a bit, but then it just goes up in a ball of scorching flame. A blinding streak of bright white energy goes zooming out from the explosion and begins ripping through the other aircraft and escape vehicles, tearing them to pieces one after the other. Looks like Shift took Audrey's suggestion to heart. Save for the X-Men's helicopter, nobody is getting off this island alive.

If Shift needs more, Lunair would probably drop some by him. After all, she's not limited to conjuring them in her hands. Which makes the ole grenades in the pants trick both horrifying and hilarious. In Lunair's defense, a lot in life looks like target rich environments when you can make C4 ponies. Really. But she's - having a shockingly bad time as she's netted. Almost dodged it. "Your MOM'S a tar— wait, that makes no sense. Nevermind. Shut up!" She can at least pull a light saber, cut herself free and try to keep her armor up and weathering the storm of lead, terrible combat dialogue and also stuff.

If any of the combatants pinning her down are left standing, it's time to say hello to her little friend. The Railgun.

The satellite dish is smashed beyond recognition between the explosions and the armored car fully destroying the building below it; there was no way anyone was getting a signal out. The soldiers attacking Nate seem to be non-existent at this point, they were all down.

Audrey manages to finish off another group of the anti-mutant commandos who had taken down Lunair; finding no more shots coming her way either. Although she did see a handful of men fleeing towards a building wearing orange mechanics uniforms.

The last of the base's transportation is destroyed by Shift who insures it won't be going anywhere and he also finds there are no more enemies to be found in his vicinity.

Lunair similarly finds herself free of enemies to fight save a group of support workers in overalls fleeing into the cover of a near-by building.

Red alarm lights begin to flash and sirens begin to wail around the base as two massive doors in the ground of the central are of the base open up.

"All personnel, proceed to shelters. Engaging Centurion Protocol." The mechanical voice boomed over loudspeakers that had survived throughout the base.

From those two open doors, a pair of large robots that some of you knew as 'CENTURIONS' are raised upwards. They were easily several stories tall.

The eye units of both Centurions began to glow read simultaneously and they announced in unison, "Centurion Program activated. Acquiring Targets."

Chest cavities in the units opened to reveal missiles, arm mounted gatling guns popped out and a variety of other weapons became visible.

In a word, these things were terrifying and their guns were pointed at all of you.

They began to walk off of the platforms they had been deployed from.

There was 10 minutes left until the explosives detonated.

Nate is not going out of the way to kill people, but he is not pulling punches either. Weapon mounts are ripped off towers and walls and tossed to the ocean, often miles away. Armed vehicles crushed until the ammo explodes, clusters of fighting troops are hit by forceblasts and even when not hit directly, the shrapnel of shattered concrete and metal leaves many dead and injured.

It is good to be able to cut loose like this, but do these men deserve so much hell? Then the loudspeaker announcement hints maybe they do. He takes the air again, watching for a few seconds how the huge robots are deployed. Not exactly Sentinels, but… oh, ballistic weapons. That is easier for him to handle than plasma or lasers. Now, lets see how tough they are. He concentrates for a second, and a huge telekinetic blasts fires off his left eye, aiming to hit the first of the machines from above.

"That's what I'm talking about," Audrey smiles grimly as Shift takes out the transportation, getting up and starting back toward the helicopter. "We're burning time, people, let's start to regroup-" But then there are giant killer robots. That's…Shit. She pauses, rapidly going through possibilities.

"Going for sensors," she says, and with a gesture, there's a corona of blindingly bright light around the head of the each of the robots. Hopefully, that's where the sensors are located. Otherwise, this could get awkward.

The burning ball of plasma goes suddenly veering off toward the ocean, where it burns through the water in a long arc before charging up across the beachhead. It may seem odd to the others, but Shift actually devours that which he burns through in plasma phase. Too much of one thing had he might end up very sick. Saltwater and sand are a bit of an improvement over metal alloys and gasoline, after all. It's called refueling, people! The ball of plasma skids to a halt, adopting a man-shape, just in time to hear the alarm and turn it's fiery white head toward the rising Centurions.

"Oh, this is fucking beautiful!"

His voice sounds strangely as if it were made of pure energy, and oddly, it's lost the accent. Don't ask. It's a science thing.

Shift takes a step backward, blazing feet burning a hole in the ground. When he leaps, he sends an explosion of dirt, asphalt, and cement behind him, all of it molten to slag in the wake of his ferocious vault across the ground toward the second Centurion's legs. Let's see if the metal alloy is enough to withstand upwards of 25,000 degrees Celsius.

That is SO BAD. … but not entirely unsurprising. It's just startling how far along they came. That is so bad. She suspects they're protected from EMP weapons (of course they freaking are?). Lunair is impressed by all of the destruction going on, but she has her own issues to tend to. She isn't straight up murdering the support. That would be pretty lousy and so little gain.

Nevertheless, most giant robots do totally have a weakness to RAILGUN. At least, she's hoping so as she goes to find cover. "Really? Didn't giant robots end terribly LAST TIME someone deployed them?" Did they become sentient? Patrol Detroit? She forgets.

The Centurions are nightmare incarnate.

The telekinetic blast seems to have no visible effect as the unit stands unharmed even as the blinding light of Audrey flashes the Sensors.

Then they are covered in scathing heats of up to 25,000 degrees Celsius and yet they remain standing there unscathed.

As the Centurion units move forward they are pepped by railgun fire and they begin to open fire in return now, you can see there is a problem immediately.

The joints of the robots begin to explode violently and the weapons systems begin to backfire, ammunition exploding within its storage bays without anything to stop it.

The once terrifying Centurion units began to fall to the ground, explosions continuing to rip them to shreds; pieces of shrapnel and debris flying all over the place.

If you had read the information gathered from the facility, you would know that those were the two supposed 'completed' prototypes.

It was possible they had been sabotaged or perhaps it was your attacks that had caused this or maybe they were even just duds; it could have been a combination of all three things.

Alarms continue to flash throughout the base and the sirens are wailing in your ears but there was no more combat. Calm had settled over the battlefield. No doubt, the remaining survivors of the base had evacuated to their shelter hoping to survive the attack.

They had not expected their prized weapons to fail.

Alone in the shelter as his comrades banged on the door, Dr. H looked around at his stacks of money. If he had not been so greedy, maybe he would have had a chance to survive this day. Instead, his machines had failed him.

There was no doubt, whoever was funding him would give up on this project or similar like it in the future. There were far more lucrative endeavours to be invested in.

Rachel emerged from the entrance into the manufacturing plant and called out over her headset, "Get to the chopper!" The young woman was already scrambling towards it at top speed, using her telekinesis to begin the startup sequences.

There was 2 minutes left until the explosives detonated.

Nate growls when the robot manages to remain standing after his blast, and prepares to charge when… it explodes? Someone hit the self-destruct red button? « Ray, was that yours? » He is curious. Then to all the team. « To the chopper! I'll shield you if anyone is still firing » Hopefully most of the surviving soldiers went to the shelters, but if anyone is around, he shifts to defensive and creates a large TK-barrier around the team.

"Half-way there already," Audrey says over the comm, closing the distance to the chopper in another thirty seconds and scrambling on board. "Lux in position, also covering," she says once she's on board, taking up a position by the door where she can fire at anyone who might still be trying to shoot.

Shift rails against the Centurion's legs but they do not yield. He finally backs off, his plasma phase burning out before it can cause him more permanent harm. There stands the mutant in his normal size and form, steam rising from all over his uniform, and he looks up with panting breaths at the machine that refused to yield. "Impossahble." He takes a couple of steps back, ready for the worst, when the machines start to explode on their own.

This time, the Ghanaian is grateful for Nate's telepathic warning. Turning, he beats feet toward the chopper, willing his lower half to adopt a more dense form, which increases his speed a bit and has the effect of leaving dents in the ground with every footfall.

Holy crap. Those are some serious robots. There are also probably easier ways - well, no time to think about it. Lunair is more baffled than anything, even her railgun didn't seem to … Nevermind. She is going to GTFO. At least her rocket boots are still working, half bounding, half rocket boosting back to the chopper. She's gotta get to the chopper if she wants to live. And she does. She really really does. There's a pause. Well, she can give Shift rocket boots because she does care about her Ghanaian friend.

… but she is just going to scoot after that.

As everyone gets on-board the military gunship it lifts off immediately, telekinetic energy helping to get it moving quickly.

In the distance the explosions that had begun inside of the manufacturing facility were destabilizing the entire complex, causing support beams to crack and fall.

The island which was an artificial structure built on top of an oceanic volcano began to collapse inside of itself, the foundations sinking into the ocean; to be claimed once more by the Earth.

As the nuclear power source within the center of the facility explodes, you feel a shockwave strike the chopper but it's not strong enough to knock it off course or fry the electronics; you were safely speeding away from the blast radius.

In the distance you could see a volcanic eruption as the dormant volcano beneath the base became active once more from the explosive activity.

Lava spewed into the air in massive plumes along with the steam of the vaporized water from the ocean. Within a matter of days the entire area would be solidified into a volcanic island; all traces of what had occurred here eliminated.

Rachel continued to guide the chopper back to a rendezvous point smiling, "I'm glad we all made it." The scary thing is, she had her doubts about it.

She then informs the others as they near an island, "I've arranged transportation for us all, separately to return. It will avoid any suspicion until I can inform my father that I did this without any permission." To Shift she smiles, "Thank you. Your payment will be waiting as promised, don't be alarmed if it didn't come from me."

She lets out a sigh of relief, "You all have no idea how much this changes things. Now there can be a future. It's over."

«One day, when I'm ready. I'll tell you the whole story Nate. For now, let's just rest.» It was the best Rachel could offer her brother in response to his inquiry. He could sense she felt exhausted. Whatever she had faced inside had not been easy for her. That was her burden to bear.

Rachel Summers wanted to put all of this behind her and stop living in a future that no longer existed, so she could begin enjoying the present.

Nate opens his mouth to protest, but he can feel Rachel's emotions, so he changes his mind. "Alright… we are doing this your way," he can feel people still dying on the island. Maybe there is not going to be survivors. Who were they anyway?

He sighs, and leans against the inner wall of the chopper. Like usual after extensive use of his powers, there is a headache coming, and he takes a painkiller preventively. "If you are too tired, land us anywhere and we can wait a few hours."

Once the helicopter is in the air, Audrey winks into visibility again, leaning back against the side of the craft. "Well. That's done, then," she murmurs, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly.

The rocket boots form around him, suddenly vaulting Shift into a pursuit course with that helicopter. He grits his teeth and searches with his hands until he finds a way to disable him, which of course sends him right through the door and colliding with the opposing fuselage. To prevent damaging the vehicle, he transforms briefly into smoke, the rocket boots clattering off the wall and skidding to the ground. When he reforms, there's a stern frown upon his face and he turns to look through the window as the island sinks and becomes magma.

There are a lot of words that don't make sense to him. Rachel talking about her father, the future, fate kind of shit. A look flashes from the redhead to the others, though it finally lands on Lunair.

"Rocket boots." He shakes his head. "Don't do dat one again." Hey, he's grateful. This is just his weird way of showing it. As for all of the death and destruction? Well. That's… sort of why he drinks.

A flask is retrieved from a nearby compartment, opened, and promptly slugged from. Then, he passes it to Lunair.

Poor Rachel and Nate. Lunair looks sympathetic. She leans against a side and peers out. There's a soft sigh. Phew. Her armor stays on, although she's not using rocket boots inside. That would be just terrible. "Yeah, no one's hurt?" She asks. She has to quietly wonder what's going to happen from here. And then suddenly, SHIFT! She pauses, dismissing the boots and they disappear. "Oops. Sorry." Well, she probably could've warned him. Maybe. "Glad you're okay," She beams at Shift. He has a hard head, right?

But she's not so socially impaired that she doesn't pick up that he's glad. In his own, shiftylicious way. Nevertheless, she pauses. She's being offered a drink!

"Thanks." She'll try it. Oh boy. She looks between them, eyes a little wide. Iiiiiiiiiinteresting.

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