Sins of the Future #02: Deception

February 26, 2015:

Alex Summers heads to the outskirts of Gotham City after he receives a text from a stranger claiming to have information about his long lost brother; Scott. Spearhead and Falcon happen to be in the area on their own business and get drawn into a mysterious encounter, with Alex being the target. (Emits by Rachel)

//Outskirts of Gotham City//

A forested area outside of Gotham City.


NPCs: Dark Sisterhood, Rebecca, Owl, Chipmunk



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Fade In…

Gotham City Outskirts

Alexander Summers was driving through the countryside of Gotham on a motorcycle on the way to meet someone who had texted him: 'Hey. Heard you're looking for your brother. Meet me at the intersection of 24 Sideroad and Gotham County Line 7. I can help you.'. It was a lead, more than Alex had heard his entire life. Sure it was suspicious, so if he was smart he was probably going to come armed.

Detective Mikial Dimitri (Spearhead) as currently heading back to Gotham in a cruiser from dropping off a run-away Foster kid from a house out in the country. On his way back to Gotham, he had passed a place that had given him the creeps, it was a large gated mansion that his fellow officers had heard belonged to some crazy cult/religious group that called themselves The Sisterhood.

Falcon had recently been sent to investigate what were believed to be reports of HYDRA soldiers setting up shop in the forests of Gotham, something the JL:A could deal with quickly; but it just turned out to be a bunch of kids cosplaying.

Sam isn't too stressed about the wasted trip out to Gotham: he's been needing more hours in the JL:A's Javelins, anyway. He's quickly gained skill with the craft, thanks to a bit of experience piloting experimental machinery, and is now at a level he would consider competent — meaning he can fly without the cloak on and not die of embarrassment. He waves the cosplayers off with a patient warning to carry some sort of clear markings that will distinguish them from actual supervillains the next time they go out in public.

He adjusts his goggles and glances down at his silver-gray uniform, again wishing that he had something a little flashier and more friendly-looking for situations like this. Meeting the public as a superhero is great, but he'd rather not look quite so militaristic when he did it.

"Falcon to Watchtower," he says into his headpiece, thumbing a comm switch on his gauntlet. "Just a false alarm." With a quick burst of thrust from the Exo-8, he's in the air for the short hop back to the Javelin.

Along the way, he instinctively birdwatches, looking for patterns in their movement and behavior. In essence, he's enlisting them as scouts to give himself a hint of disturbances he can't see yet. It's a technique he has to use frequently, lest he lose the knack for it.

It was a tad chilly for a leisure ride amongst Gotham's frozen countryside. Unfortunately for Alex, this was no leisure trip. Rumors of his brothers whereabouts had led him this far at least.. but eight years over seas conditioned him to prepare for more than a little good news. Tucked into the belt on his right side is an all chrome Colt 1911, while an infantry-issued Ka-Bar rests snug in it's sheath beside it, it's wooden handle worn from years of use.

As he rolls to the corner of I-24 and County Line 7, Alex slows down, but does not stop. He's clearly checking out the scenery, his piercing green gaze flickering about from space to space. The Art of Reconnaissance had been drilled into the man's psyche. Seeing as he had only been discharged for a few months prior to now, it was unlikely he'd be reverting to civvie mode anytime soon.

Alex continues on passed his designated mark, only to turn around twenty meters up the road after internally analyzing the intel he gathered.

Mikial eyes the Mansion, he can only guess what all might have happened in a place like that, probably alot of torture and death, for sure. Somehow, his mind shifts, and he starts thinking about the day he came home from overseas, to find his family murdered. It's one thing to be in a warzone, and have your buddies drop dead around you, you're at least /somewhat/ prepared to have that happen, it was a war zone. But to have it happen, in your home, where you think they would be the safest, and come home to find that they've been brutally, savagely murdered………. Mikial opens his eyes, he hadn't realized he had closed them, or that he had pulled over, for that matter. He collects himself

The sun was presently setting in the evening sky, casting a reddish tint over the snow and causing the trees in the forest to begin casting long wicked shadows; their bare branches taking on all sorts of macabre shapes and forms in the dwindling light.

As Alex passes the Crossroads of 24 & 7 he can see a pair of women standing on the side of the road in their early 20s, both of them quite attractive. One of them waves to him immediately, calling out, "Hey hotshot, over here!" She holds up a phone in the hand she's waving; perhaps hinting she had texted him; but he keeps driving by. Maybe he would want to go back and talk to the two hotties?

"This is Dispatch to Detective Mikial, just lettin' you know, the latest batch of Fritters just got done at Dunkin' Donuts. You want us to pick you up the usual dozen or an extra?" Whether Mikial had seriously asked dispatch to give him an All-Points Bulletin on Dunkin' Donuts or they were messing with him is anyone's guess. At present, he was just heading up 24 Sideroad, an intersection away from the crossroads Alex was at seeing his motorcycle in the distance.

"Watchtower copies Falcon. You're clear for return when ready, over." A curt operator or computer replies to Falcon, whoever or whatever it was.

As he's flying, Falcon passes over the large white mansion and for a moment his electrical instruments begin to go haywire. Some real Bermuda Triangle type crap.

"Oh, hey, awesome, I'm crashing," Falcon says dryly as his thrusters suddenly cut out. Fortunately, with wings, this isn't the end of the world: the suit is designed specifically to be capable of gliding and unpowered maneuvering. It just takes a little more arm strength than normal flight. "Watchtower, if you can hear me, which you probably can't, I'm ditching due to suit failure. Some kind of electrical interference. Send comfortable hiking boots, because it's going to be quite a walk back to the ship…"

He starts to circle, shedding altitude in a controlled manner. He's aiming for one of the roadways at the edges of the property he's flying over — it seems, from the birds' flight patterns, that there may be a bit of traffic here or there. Maybe he can hitchhike back to the Javelin. Ah, the glamorous life of an Avenger.

Two hotties? Of course he was turning around! Alex was expecting this lead to be filled with fail, but somehow.. somewhere.. the universe was looking out for him! Smiling at the idea of the two chicks fanning him with palm tree branches on a beach somewhere in Hawaii, Alex almost feels the warmth from the sun as he comes to a stop! His dreams are quickly dashed when the biting cold sinks into is face after removing the sleek black helmet.

Alex offers a charming smile to the two ladies, offering a playful wink, "Well hello ladies.. didn't quite see y'all there.." There is a slight country accent. Perhaps Texan? Whatever it is, it's been muddled by years in the service. Instinctively, Alex glances down at their hips and boots. Some might think he's checking them out, and he is! However he's mostly looking for any hidden weapons.

Mikial picks up the radio, "I said /sushi/ rolls, not jelly rolls. seriously, can you go any more wrong?" He says into it, then tosses it back.

Mikial looks at the bike up ahead, and the two females who may be selling something besides grilscout cookies, "Hmmm, what do we have here…." he shuts off the engine and rabs the backpack with the bunch of gear in it, includeing his marksman rifle he managed to keep on the down low. luckily, he was in civilian clothes, and the cruiser wasn't marked /too/ well, he meanders in the dark towards the group, seeing if he can't get what he needs to make an arrest.

One of the girls is texting on her phone, looking up to flash a playful smile at Alex. The girl who had waved replies, "Well Mister Alexander Summers, you are way hotter than your brother, that's for sure. " Alex finds that they are armed and dangerous, armed with their feminine wiles and assets; no weapons to be found, not that any could be hidden in the skin-tight clothing.

Alexander could feel a strange sensation like a buzzing in his head, it felt invasive and uncomfortable and he realized that both of these girls pupil's had turned black. It almost felt like someone was digging through his brain at random, without care.

What a co-incidence, Falcon notices everything Mikial does from the air; which might look as suspicious as anything else. In fact, from this perspective, Mikial probably almost looks like some kind of Hit-Man who is now walking off into the bush to kill the people down the road or something like that.

Not like Falcon knew he was GCPD!

Mikial is able to watch the group from a distance, but he doesn't know Falcon has eyes on him.

"*" Static is the only reply Falcon's radio gives him right now.

Falcon is about to call out as he coasts in for a landing — whether you're a cosplayer or an actual superhero, it's good to announce your friendly intentions before just falling out of the sky at people. But something about the scene below quickly strikes him as wrong. The plainclothes man stalking toward the others, unaware of his approach; the two alluring women just hanging out in the middle of the woods. He quickly switches tacks from friendly landing party to stealth reconnaissance, angling for a sturdy-looking but high tree branch and silently braking with his wings.

Yes, the bird man is going to perch in a tree. Let the jokes commence. In the meantime, he'll be arranging sightlines on Mikial and the pair of girls, ready to leap into action with his gauntlet-mounted 'talon' rescue snares.

At being compared to his brother, Alex's mood is instantly killed and he frowns. "That's nice.. what kind of info do you have?" Why weren't they wearing warmer clothing? Things didn't add up to Alex. When he looks up from their waists to see black pupils, his head starts swarming. His eyes narrow and he instantly begins to fall back.

Of course it was too good to be true, "What.. what the hell are you?"

The blonde-haired man grabs at his hair, wincing from the uncomfortable browsing of his thoughts. "Ge-… get out of my head!" The pistol is drawn from his hip, while his spare hand goes to rub at his temples. He doesn't point the gun at the women just yet, but he does have it out in a threatening manner, "I will shoot! Get out of my head!" This time he shouts it loud enough for anyone around to here.

Mikial sees that this has gone wierd/wrong, fast, he draws his pistol on the guy who seems, from this distance, to be haveing a mental attack, though, at the words he hears comeing from the man, and the way things have been going around here lately, he isn't sure weather he's blameing a psychotic episode on the women, or if something otherworldly is going on… He sticks with keeping the gun on the man, but if he sees anything strange go on with the women, he keeps himself poised to snap the barrel to any one of them, except, of course, the one person here he has no clue about, the only person who is watching him. Mikial moves forward quietly as he can, training kicking in to what he may remember as hostage situations over-seas…

The girls look confused when Alex pulls a gun, "We're mutants, like you. Chill out. Listen, we can help you find your brother, but we /need/ your help." The one girl points back down the road, "We're running away from some really really bad people and if you can help us, we'll take you to your brother. OK?" They seemed scared.

One girl puts a hand up to her face and then looks at her reflection in her smartphone screen and realizes why Alex is freaking out, she says fearfully, "Oh god, they're coming."

Falcon and Mikial both had their respective vantage points still with the parties they were observing, being unaware of their presence.

An owl hoots in the forest somewhere.

A chipmunk perches on the tree branch near Falcon, looking up at him with friendly beady black eyes.

Sorry, chipmunk. No time to play Rescue Rangers.

With the girls talking and not making aggressive moves, the list of Sam's perceived threats has shortened to two: the exact number of arms he has. With a pair of pops, both wrist-mounted talons launch simultaneously, X-shaped cable snares aimed for the weapons carried by Alex and Mikial. They're set to boomerang, meaning they'll wrap and magnetically clamp on whatever they hit and yank it back toward Falcon — up to and exceeding the full weight of a person.

"Sure would be a shame to ruin this nice day in the woods by shooting people," he says, his tone conversational but his voice loud enough to carry.

If it hadn't been for their location, and the creepy eyes.. and the invasive feeling in his head, Alex may not have over-reacted; but he had seen way too many horror movies that started like this. He'd also seen a bunch of other films like this too, but it definitely was not going THAT way. As soon as the evasive feeling retreats, the gun is lowered.. then placed back in it's spot. "Sorry.. I watched The Shining last night before bed.."

Taking a deep breath Alex exhales, "Who are these people? Where are they coming from.. why are they after you?" His gaze quickly scans the area, plotting out the location of anyone who might be entering the battlefield.

The moment the sound of an object flying at him can be made out, Alex instinctively reacts by leaping out of the way in a roll, his gun pushed down in his holster as he pulls himself out of a snowy ditch, "I agree. You try that stunt again, and the odds of someone being shot will drastically increase. WHAT the HELL is going on here??"

Mikial pivots to see where the offending….was that a freaking claw?!? Came from. unfortunatly for whoever it was who took his /current/ gun away, didn't know him… Mikial pulls out his personal sidearm, a concealed Deasert Eagle, takeing it off safety and chambering a round in the same motion as aiming it, and a moment later, switches on the small lazer sight on it, gripping the weapon tightly, he may just go with the gun this time if that's tried again, "GCPD, Who are you?!?" He demands out of habbit.

The chipmunk was up on the tree with Falcon because it was scared. The reason it was scared would become clear in the next few moments. The little critter scurries further up the tree so it can hide far from sight.

Falcon saw them, a small pack of four wolves rushing towards Mikial from behind the man, having appeared suddenly from the underbrush. The sounds of snarling and teeth snapping could be hear at Mikial's back just as he loses his gun. The wolves looked hungry, based on their foaming jaws; they were also rabid. The wolves rush towards Mikial, he was in trouble.

One of the girls near Alex falls to her knee, clutching her head as she begins to bleed from her nose, eyes and mouth as the pressure in her head builds, "Oh god, please help."

The other girl leans down and screams, "Suzy!!!!!" She reaches a hand up to her nose, wiping away blood before she looks up at Alex, a terrified look in her eyes as she tells him, "Run, now!"

The snare aimed at Alex bounces off the snowy ground and returns empty in a half-heartbeat. Mikial's rifle is caught in Falcon's other hand and held by the forestock, aimed harmlessly at the sky. "Jesus, Blondie. Is threatening to shoot people just how you say hi where you come from?" the black man asks, his metal wings spreading behind him, ready for action. Given Alex's slight Texas drawl, the question might not entirely be a joke.

He glances over at Mikial when he hears the man shout and identify himself as a cop, just in time to spy the wolves preparing to attack him. "Behind you!" he yells. No time to worry about Alex shooting him: he kicks off from the branch, gliding downward fast, and kicks out at the last second to send one of the wolves on a little airborne trip of its own. Once they're not being attacked, he'll have time to worry about Suzy's medical problems.

Things were officially weird enough to Alex for him to draw his pistol again. The oddity of it all is accented by the rhetorical question of wether or not threats of shooting someone were customary greetings. ".. Actually. It kind of is.." He shrugs in partial agreement, but the girls near Alex were in distress and Falcon is instantly ignored, "What is happening? Is she ok?" He looks down at Suzy, then to the other girl, "Why do I need to run?? Please, give me some answers!" Alex was most definitely NOT running away.

His eyes snap towards the shoutings of a cop, who he had not identified prior to now. Unable to make out a clear shot on the wolves, and half-freaked out by the bleeding women, Alex moves to close the gap between him and the Gotham Police Officer.

Mikial takes in all the sound at once, the manic sound of the group he /was/ watching, the somewhat levelheaded…. whatever was in the tree…. and the sound of snarling from behind him. Prioritizing what he hears, Mikial doesn't really need to be told twice to point the gun about-face and ready a possible immideate shot. Yup… SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT! his mind screams at him, and he wasts no time in filling each one of them from the closest to furthest with a few shots from the large caliber handgun, the flash from it lighting up the dusk.

The rapid wolf goes flying backwards into a tree, the sickly but vicious animal not getting back up. Another one of the wolves leaps towards Falcon, jaws snapping against his armor, but unable to penetrate lucky for the winged hero.

The muzzle flash of the hand gun lights up the area around Mikial and one of the wolves snaps backwards as a shot impacts with it; animal cruelty was not the case here, these creatures were a menace to anyone they encountered.

The remaining wolf bites at Mikial's leg, potentially tearing into his boots.

Alex finds a hand clutching his leg as he prepares to walk away, it was the second girl. Her grip fades almost immediately as the life ebbs away from her. If Alex bothers to check, neither girl is breathing any longer.

The hoot of that owl could be heard closer.

Alex's motorcycle started up by itself, the engine revving and the headlights turning on high beams. The backtire spinning in a burnout as it prepared to drive into him.

The sound of nearby gunshots sets Sam's teeth on edge. Too many bad memories wrapped up in that sound. He backs away from the wolf, arm held up to ward it off, its fangs scratching against his tough gauntlet. With a slight shift of angle — there! He fires the talon again, this time set to snare: a net trap to send the wolf flying and restrain it down where it lands.

Mikial is armed, seems to know what he's doing, and only has one wolf to face, which means it's time for Falcon to go where he's most needed. He whirls, wings folding into their housing behind him, and sprints over toward Alex and the girls. He crouches and skids to a stop next to Suzy, boots spraying snow. "Medic," he identifies himself, holding one hand up at Alex and trusting that he's correct in recognizing the blond's moves as military. His other hand dives into the pockets of his flight harness and returns with a few wrapped syringes. Coagulants, for the bleeding. Adrenaline, to get them back on their feet. "Come on, come on…"

The hand grabbing at Alex's ankle brings back a horrible image of a camouflaged soldier soaked in blood on the desert floor, gripping at Alex's boot as Alex engaged in a four direction fire-fight with unseen enemies! It's an unsettling turn of events for Alex, who snaps back to reality when the brights of his motorcycle turn on. Nodding to the medic as he approaches, Alex raises his 1911, "You might want to cover your ears.." Jumping in between the motorcycle and the others, Alex lets off four well placed shots to his own bike. First shot to the lamp, the other three shots into the wheels and engine! He was not about to be ran over by his own damn vehicle! "Be ready to get out of the way if needed Medic.."

Bit. Mikial is bit by this rabid wolf. Mikial is enraged by this and pulls a military knife from it's sheath and buries it into the wolfs neck, twisting then jerking it up the rest of the creatures neck, most likely makeing a /HUGE/ freaking hole in its neck, all the while through gritted teeth, growling, "I bite back you sonofabitch!"

If the wolf lets it's grip go, he then pulls himself up, and starts moveing with his heavily bit leg, it was a chew toy there for a moment, afterall. Then, the Bike starts acting up, Mikial fires the last 4 shots into it, droping the mag and reloading it with a fresh clip, fireing 2 more into it, and a warry glance at his cruiser, noteing the best places to shoot in case it starts acting up, too.

Sam was a damn good medic; Suzy was beyond his saving though, the life having long left her body. The other girl, Rebecca was however not dead and with Sam's care and attention, he would be able to save her; it would take time though and that would leave Alex and Mikial on their own.

The motorcycle lies on the road useless after being shot up by both men, gas dripping from the gas tank and spilling out into the road. That was a good hazard to keep note of.

Alex hears a voice whisper just behind him, "It's time to go Mister Summers."

Out of nowhere, a small spark ignites against the pool of gas; leading towards the motorcycle.

"Yeah. Wings, remember?" Sam reminds Alex. He's always ready to move. These girls, on the other hand… He touches Suzy's forehead for a second, then grits his teeth and turns his attention to Rebecca, stabilizing her with a few more injections.

"We need to get her to the Javelin," he says, more to himself than the others. It's not like anyone else here knows what a Javelin is. "I'm not bringing it here, though. Interference, my ass." He glances over at the wreck of the motorbike, intending a significant glance but instead gaping as he spots the spreading fire. He slides his arms underneath the unconscious girl, lifting her as he gets to his feet. "Move!" He starts running toward his ship, suddenly grateful to the drill sergeants who forced him to run with bricks in his backpacks so many years ago.

Narrowed eyes focus on the spark as it ignites a line of fuel. Alex was far too close to get out of the blast-radius. His eyes widen as the bike ignites in a fiery blast. As Alex had only just began to move out of the way, he's caught in the most intense zone. It sends him flying into the snow, his clothes completely charred up. Despite the blood and physical damage that he had endured, there were absolutely no burn marks on him. As if the heat didn't even register on his skin. Alex lies there motionless, groaning to himself in pain.

Mikial sees the flame, "Shit." And starts moveing as fast as he can, ignoreing the pain in his leg for the moment, if he doesn't move, it's likely he'll hurt alot more than he is now, or what he will be hurting like when the pain from moveing catches up to him. He goes to his cruiser, takeing out everything of his that need not be found when the department comes to recover it, or what he wants to keep in case the vehicle decides to run away or some shit, among all this, a large bag he slings over his shoulder, and a heavy Machine gun, how he managed to get this past may be a mystery all it's own, and will probably stay that way. and he mves with the group as fast as he can.

The explosion is large enough since the motorcycle had a big gas tank but it's not an exaggerated Hollywood style explosion; it's just a bike and likely out here in the middle of nowhere it wasn't likely to be noticed by anyone except the group of you.

Sam is able to get to safety with ease, Rebecca's eyes fluttering open for a moment, the words "Thank you." Passing from her lips before she slips back into unconsciousness.

The police cruiser is emptied of its contents rather heroically by Mikial, but contrary to his paranoia; the car does not come to life in a parody of a Disney movie and try to kill him. Then again, why were there no people in CARS and why did they have mouths?

Alex doesn't have time to recover as a group of dark robed women bend over him and teleport away with the young man; leaving no trace of his presence behind.

The blue, aerodynamic form of the Javelin is a welcome sight, the ramp lowering to allow him entry even more so. Sam jogs inside, getting Rebecca into the craft's onboard medical station, where its systems pick up where he left off. Only then does he check that the others followed.

"Wait… where's Blondie?" he asks Mikial, activating his now-functioning goggles and scanning the woods for any sign of the mutant, to no avail. "Maybe he got out on his own…?" Looking unconvinced, he returns to the cockpit to prep for flight.

Mikial moves with the guy who seems to know where he's going, then, 'Where's Blondie?' "Huh?" Mikial looks back, "Oh….Shit…." Mikial tosses his cache on the ground, moveing back to where he last saw the guy, on his way asking the guy with the girl, "You got that, Right? I know some people that may be able to help….." … Then, 'hey I must have dropped this, though I don't remember haveing a gun like that. Oh well, Might as well clean the scene. Pocket. Move away from spot where the last guy dissappeared from. Mikial stashes the gun into his bag, and trudges off, still warry of the cruiser, adn walks to where he knows he can get some help himself, Rabies isn't fun, if he remembers right.

A dark room

Alex Summers awakens to find himself chained against a metal floor, the sound of machinery humming in the distance.

Electrical wires and battery cables are clamped all over Alex, feeding him a constant stream of energy that his body will absorb. Normally, he could discharge his energy; even free himself from a situation like this despite his limited powers.

If he tried, he found that his powers were being blocked by something; likely members of The Sisterhood in the room with him; using their psychic powers to help contain Alex mentally.

A woman with a positively haggard looking face approaches Alex, her age making her look practically skeletal from what he sees. She reaches over to touch his cheek, "You're probably wondering why this is happening to you. It's because you're special."

She inhales a little and Alex feels some energy being discharged from his body, draining out from his cheek into the woman. Her age begins to reverse and over the course of a minute, she has transformed into a beautiful woman with pale skin, dark hair and predatory eyes, "In the future, you lose control and you kill many of your friends. It's tragic, we're going to save you from that. You, will be the first step in our creation of a new world."

The woman turns to leave, "It's a pity you won't be around to see it."

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