Hooray for Violence!

June 17, 2015:

Purifiers unleash their hatred on Mutant Town, unfortunately for them Iceman, Ravager, Scarlet Spider and X-Man are there to stop them.

M-Town, NYC

Mutant Town, District X


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All units in the vicinity of District X, we have a 10-70 in progress. Nearby units are all 10-48, Level One as of now, Respond Code Three, repeat, Respond Code Three.

District X is the heart of the mutant subculture in New York and the most visible target for those who hate and fear the mutant, alien, meta-human or otherwise abnormal population. And there's been a lot of that going around. Today its particularly bad. A demonstration for mutant/meta rights over the latest SRD incident to result in a mutant arrest was fairly tense to begin with. It turned violent when a number of 'bystanders' were revealed to be members of a fanatical militia calling itself the 'Purifiers'. One minute, a bunch of people are watching a bunch of mutants in an open park while Police watch both. The next, thirty or so people in that crowd - the human one - had donned skull like masks/helmets and produced weapons. To the police's credit, the officers called for backup. Unfortunately its all gathering outside M-Town. Staging. Police aren't well regarded in the District and even if they do mean to do their jobs and break it up… they're not going in there except in force. Which means in the meantime a rather one sided melee has developed. There simply aren't enough mutants of any consequence around. People with weapons trump the powers of a good 95% of the X-Gene types out there.

And then Bobby showed up. "This is Iceman." A voice goes out over the radios. "Responding to the riot. Getting bad out here, gonna try and break it up, if anyone's listening." That goes out over the X-Channels, if any of his fiends are nearby. Right away ice walls start to appear, separating the Purifiers from their would be victims. Already there's a number of people on the ground. Dead, hurt, can't say for now.

This of course, upsets the purifiers. And very shortly, Iceman is taking cover. "Okay…" He mutters to himself. "Well, this is going well."

From Metropolis to New York City and back again, the Scarlet Spider really cannot make up his mind. He just loves the Big Apple too much. He made a promise to himself to stay out of Petey's backyard but if temptation and desire isn't always there.



Brachiating through the Concrete Jungle isn't the ape thing to do it is the spider thing to do and the Scarlet Spider does it with a certain flair and natural ease that sometimes he even has to stop in and appreciate. It is during this self-marveling that his Spidey Sense goes off and the high mobility web slinging comes to an abrupt halt far above street level as the would-be hero in question slaps against a Cloverleaf Industries skyscraper that just happens to overlook District X.
"Mutant Town… never a dull moment."

Nate lives in New York and tries to keep up with the comings and goings of Mutant Town. So he knows about the Purifiers terrorists and their recent attacks. Which is why he keeps the x-coms open while in the city.

Bobby's request finds him in Greenwich Village, where he dragged Rose to an art gallery. The plan was going to watch a movie a little later. Plan just got cancelled, and both young heroes are flying at high speed towards Mutant Town, arriving there just a few seconds after the call got sent. « Iceman…» he projects telepathically. « Nate here. I got Rose with me » sort of, he lets the white-haired woman go as soon as he gets to the area, behind the Purifiers, as he flies over them and blasts with his telekinesis.

The call over the X channel and Nate filling her in. Thank god, some art is fun, but with an avid and rabid imagination, the shit gets pretty ugly or she needs an adrenaline injection to stay remotely awake. He knows she will meet him and when he takes off above, she does below.

The Tomahawk is fired up and one leg swings over the body to seat herself on the large titanium beast, the mask perched-atop her head pulled down from its nest in platinum hair to cover half her face and that milk white ocular.

Ripping through the back roads does not take her long to arrive in Mutant Town, behind the riot the low thrum of a slowed machine purrs out while she alerts those listening. "Coming in from their south, going to drop cover and take them out at the knees."

I'm on the wrong side of Heaven…

Strapped to her back those twin swords are drawn, feet braced upon the ground, but they remain in their hilts, dropped to the foot rests she locks them in place and a wide bar is formed, right at the level…

From tac belt, Ravager withdraws tear gas, a canister for each hand, her thumbs holding the pins as she revs the engine now and thrusts forward towards the fray, gaining speed instead of laying off of it.

From behind the mass gathering, she speeds into the bodies, no swerving, instead the propped swords bearing their hilts still at knee level sweep feet out from under those who do not move while she rights in the midst of the gathering, hands leaving the handlebars while she tears through them, thumbs pulling pins and tear gas tossed outward to blow out and upward.

And the righteous side of hell.

Bobby is behind a car at the moment as bullets and laser blasts slap into it. Funny. Before he joined the X-Men this wasn't remotely part of his life… and… well it's still not on any kind of regular basis. But he's been in fights often enough recently that he's not terrified out of his mind.

Now he's only very rationally and logically terrified.

Still, he doesn't let it paralyze him and the ice nerd has a few tricks when it comes to creating cover. So a mobile wall accompanies him for a few paces while he makes for another position. If the Purifiers are going to focus on him (and they are at the moment) then he'll move them away from the fleeing crowd.

A particularly troublesome cluster of five find their weapons fouling as they ice over and the actions and trigger mechanisms freeze and jam. That gives Bobby a bit of space to unleash some crowd control. "Don't make me go all Frozen on you." He taunts the fanatics as he takes to the skies on an ice ramp.

"Nate, Rose, good to hear from you. Got Purifiers on the ground. Cops are responding but… very slowly. Need a hand to keep them busy while the erstwhile protesters get clear." He'd be talking to Ben too but… Bobby's not aware he's there.

Crowd control and safety before punching badguys. That is in the first couple pages of the superhero guidebook. Impact webbing launches out at those Purifiers nearest the civilians, the goopy-bombs explode on contact in to cocoons around those they hit and affords time for the Scarlet Spider to bring himself in to direct attention - Oh look it me, bright red and blue colors! They practically scream shoot me I'm a freak.
"Sorry to party crash but… ah whatever, you're bad guys. You should be used to this sort of thing." The Spider lands in a crouch and sweeps one leg out to catch an unarmored goon's feet from underneath him. Hard landing, his tailbone is probably going to be severely bruised.
Spotting the more armored up criminals Scarlet just cannot help himself, "Grim Reaper, Crossbones, Taskmaster, Red Skull and now they have their own fangirls!? I am seriously on the wrong side of this costumed gig."
Nate blasts take down several Purifiers, bones got broken, so they are probably out of the fight. "Got them unaware, they seem just idiots with guns." Then he spots the armored, laser-armed group. "Or… maybe they were the cannon fodder. Lets see what the skull-boys can do." He concentrates for a second, and a pickup truck floats up, and then gets thrown to the Purifier group at high speed."

A single sweep through the mass and Rose has several on their asses that did not tuck and roll out of the way, the tear gas omission rising into a cloud. The bike arks into a wide circle to face her back into the fray.

"Lay me a path of ice, in the middle of them heading east to west?" Rose requests as she keeps her north/south directive, the swords she had mounted at the foot pedals to make trip-bars now reached down to and unsheathed, flipped in her grip to line along the outside of her arms, honed edge outward.

The armored ones are not her major targets yet, not until she brings every one of the unarmored to their rightful places. Their knees and knocked down a peg. The roar of engines life comes back as she heads right back into the group, gunning for the central point and looking for her runway of shiny ice!

The Skull boys open up. Its disciplined, aimed fire. Classic US Army infantry technique, if anyone recognizes them. Just where the Purifiers learned them is an excellent question. Bobby finds one of his barriers melted through in a moment before they switch to focus on the flashier Scarlet Spider and Rose. There are still a few unarmored ones up. These find melee weapons, machete mostly, and close with Nate. They may have more guts than sense, really.

"Kill the freaks!" Someone shouts rather superfluously. Well, he might as well get it out. Moments later Bobby lands a soccer ball sized hailstone on his head.

As requested, Rose ice appears. Just follow the yellow brick road, Or, you know, let it go. Whichever.

"Hooray for violence!" Scarlet Spider quips while back-flipping out of a concentrated string of fire from the armored up men only to see that truck incoming towards them that Nate hurled . "Whoah!? We trying to kill people here?" Maybe it won't kill them? What does he know. Well, physics is always a factor; truck weighing X amount hurled at high speeds towards people weighing such and such even with body armor on… yeah, damn Wednesdays and putting on his good guy pants, heck with that math. Hopefully these super aggressive xenophobes survive. "Heads up." He shouts at them before springing through the air to land beside two of the 'lesser' Skull-boys that are not so geared. A hand chop and a backhand topples both giving him just time enough to admire Ravager's bike, "Nice bike?! I think thats a bike. I want one!"
Oh. Right. Excessive force is frowned upon even against rabid murderers. Nate bad. "Well… they were trying to melt my friend," that is his excuse. "Also… knives, they must have a death wish." He hovers a few yards over the street, outside the range of the Purifiers with the melee weapons. "Idiots…" He strikes them with a telepathic blast. Mild, so they are knocked out, not mind-fried.

Rose sees the glistening path Iceman has lain out for her ahead and smiles, her heel lifts and kicks back to trigger a mechanism she installed to prevent scrapes on the nice chromed body of the beastly bike. It was her baby. Small rubber baby buggy bumpers pop outward at designated weight points for when the bike is about to fall, a flick of her heel kicking the wheel guard to its side, revealed a very beveled edge that comes to a point and curves with the metal edge, like a Tomahawk's axe edge.

Riding just on one side Ravager hears Scarlet Spider, now looking up to notice the web slinger with a crease in brow. "It's not a bike, it's a Tomahawk!" She corrects as she kicks up and off it the second she hits the ice patch, redirecting the throttle for the bike to slide on bumper side, the blades edge forward as it now slides/skids through these purifiers, her body kicked off and flung along the opposing path to slide towards the armored ones, skidding just beneath the bounce of the truck Nate threw, that rolls and slams up against a curb.

"Maybe I'll trade you for your hoodie?" Rose states as her slide along the ice ends her in a dead stop upon heels in the middle of the armed Purifiers, lain upon her back and smiling up at them.

"HI!" But when arms rise to wave at them the swords she had rested along the length of her arms snap out in a pinwheeled flurry.

All of the Purifiers around Nate drop leaving just him and the webslinger. Bobby walls off a couple more in an ice… dome. They look like they've just been given their own private snowglobe with air holes. The Scarlet Spider KO's a couple more and they drop in heaps.

Ravager kind of steals the show. That slip and slide ends right in the middle of the armored knot of laser rifle wielders… and then there's swords. They're good. Trained. But not good enough to deal with a bladed point blank attack so expertly executed. Also the ceramic hard armor has weak points. And you can stil lbe bashed really hard inside it.

It kind of sounds like a drum line. But when its done, there's four metahumans, a bunch of unconscious Purifiers, a lot of innocent victims… oh and sirens. Lots of sirens.

"You got yourself a deal!" Scarlet Spider informs Rose. "Seriously, here, take it." The hoodie is coming off to reveal just the red Spider-Man looking outfit underneath. The hoodie is extended but not enough so she can grab it. His free hand is already shooting out jets of web to spray gunmen and skullies to the ground.
"So like, I honestly hope you guys didn't kill anyone here because I'd be hard pressed to say good job! Come again! We'll probably have to tango." The web busy hand stops to point at his mask, "You cannot see the sad face but its there. Just imagine it." Back to webbing while he waits for them to give him a response. The sirens are ignored for now. This is New York! Sirens are more common than bird song.

"I hope they are more ambulances than police cars," comments Nate angrily, landing close to Bobby. Because the police is /too/ late. As usual in Mutant Town. "Iceman, are you staying to talk with the SRD? I would be I think it goes against the rules of the Blue Team."

Standing amongst the fallen bodies Rose rises one arm to push the white hair from her face, a single blue eye resting on Scarlet Spider with a snap up-down and then settling upon him with a questioning dart to Bobby and Nate. Both swords are brought up and rolled back to slide into their hilts at her back, pausing as the hoodie is held before her.

Rapid blink.

"Would it deter you to know it was bought with blood money?" His hoodie is gathered in one hand but not taken from him, instead a swift jerk and then wrap and she is putting it back on him haphazardly, ending with a flick of the hood with fingertips. "I'll give you a ride. You'll need your hood, those tights don't look insulated." Another up-down and a slow smirk as she walks beside Scarlet to face Iceman and Scion.

"I'm not staying. I wanted to buy art piece number 77. It matches the drapes. No time for sex lights, as I don't want to be the one getting fucked." Ravager and the cops tend not to get along most times and it's part and parcel now. No name and face to trace back…

Picking up her bike she flips the wheel cover back and mounts it, starting the engine back up with a flash of the milky white eye. Yes, she integrated her bike to her bionic bit. No eye, no engine unless she overrides. "What's your name tights?" She inquires of Scarlet Spider while slowly 'walking' the bike back towards the group.

Bobby'd like to know what the newcomer's name is too but it sounds like the cops are closing in. "I'll stick around and deal with the cops. Maybe you guys should head over to DCI. Relax." Not get interrogated. "I'll catch up with you soon. They usually just want a statement. Go on now. Before they get here."

"Blood money, huh… " Tossing a thumb towards Rose and questioning Nate and Bobby, Scarlet has to ask, "This chick for real?" No answer required. Deal with the police and well, memory check, stare, stare, think, stare, fail, wait… ding, Robert Drake, Peter's memory bank at work there. A hiccup in what he is about to say and he closes his mouth. "Spider-Ma… er Scarlet Spider. The Amazing Scarlet Spider. Nice to meet you and hold up, let me guess your names, from the powers alone… you're Lady Devil Pirate, Mental Lad and Snowcone?" The hoodie is pulled back on and he admires his handy work in webbing up all the bad guys.
"Solid work team." His tones bounce, its hard to tell if he is being sarcastic or sincere with each string that comes out of his mouth.

"You sound too much like Spider-Man," points out Nate. It is not a good thing! "But nice to metcha, I guess. DCI is the X-Men Red headquarters, Iceman just invited you to visit. If you want to come, we have to report this thing, or something." Or not, he glances at Ravager. If they hurry up they might still be in time for the movie. It is the one with the dinosaurs, y'know?

Ravager looks from Scarlet Spider to Nate and the Iceman, the brow over one frigid eye perked. "I am for real. I don't have time for mincing glitter over reality. Sorry." Coughing though her hand cranks the throttle and roars the bikes lulling growl higher.

"Ravager." Intoned to Ben to let him know she has a much simpler name. "Never met Spider Man, but I'd say he is on the touch of needing less cocaine." A hand rises and she makes a pinching motion. Backing up now she redirects her bike towards an alley.

"I am out, let me know where we need to regroup. I have a painting called Gremlins meet Tribbles to pick up." Her tone… Serious, dry, bitter, bitchy. Her look, deadpan. Sarcastic or no?

"When you want a ride, find me." A moment to wait if Nate joins her or goes his own way before she departs down the alley and takes the non-DPS'd way out to avoid the cops.

Bobby chuckles. No, Nate and Rose don't have to go file reports. He'll do that, for the Red internal tracking. Nor do they have to deal with the cops. He does. Though. "Nice to meet you Scarlet Spider. And thanks for the help. She's real, yes. And I'm Iceman…" Though he probably knew that. Bobby does have advertising after all. It's not his choice, but he has it.

"If you guys end up back at X-Red help yourself to the kitchen and drinks. I'll be along shortly." And with that the ice nerd turns to go wait for the soon-to-be-arriving Police.

"Ravager. Got it. Swimsuit pics on Google? We'll find out." And she is off! A glance towards Nate and Bobby has him pulling up his sleeve to look at a bare wrist, "Eh, sorry Mental Lad I would but I got a thing to be at. Maybe we'll all meet up again sometime." A wave and the Scarlet Spider is off running. Sounds too much like Spider-Man? Can't be helped. The run becomes a swing through the air as a webbing launches him like a slingshot skyward. The spider-clone is gone.

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