Mountain Assault

June 17, 2015:

An army of weird humanoids attacks Skaar mountain hideout

North of New York


NPCs: The Leader and his Humanoids



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Fade In…

Summer is clearly coming to the mountains northwest of New York. It took a couple weeks more than the lower lands near the coast, but the forest exploded in green and the fauna multiplied like crazy. Skaar, used to the far harsher and drier Sakaar finds this blooming of life pretty interesting.
There is also plenty of game. He has done little hunting in the past months, once he came into the conclusion it was no challenge and his friends prefer just buying the food, anyway. Today, however, it looks like he is hunting. Surprisingly quiet for his size, and trying to stay out of sight.

Starfire loves games, one of which she was going to play with Skaar. It's called. Scare the hell out of your teammate. But, when she found him and saw what he was doing, the game changed and she lowered slowly from her hover out of sight and downwind of him and forest life.
Tamaran's forests were akin to those of the South American jungles here, just different flora and fauna, and when she was young she would go into the depths and relax, bask… Hunt. The movements Skaar conveyed changed it up for her, making her come to the ground from her distant hover and watch, to that of a crouch within thickening foliage, emerald gaze peering through the darker green almost aglow amongst the brush and within the shadows.

Skaar misses Starfire at first. For about ten seconds, so intent is he at examining the ground and looking for tracks. Then he turns and spots the flying woman, frowning deeply. “Koriand’r… any other day would have been better.” He gestures her to come closer. “There is something strange in the land, listen.” To nothing but the wind. “The mountain has gone quiet, all the animals are scared. There are intruders here.”

His words carry to her in the brush where she had hidden and the game is over. Sighing Kori rises and pushes through the brush, her hands separating the branches when she passes through to express her exasperatedness at Skaar and his lack of enjoying a 'game'. "I have not found a good day for you in a while." There is always something, and this time the something has her eyes narrowing on what he gestures to and closing the distance between them with a bit more of an attunement to their surroundings. Not just the vicinity but the whole of it. "I'd b scared if a large green man and orange woman came here to hunt as well." A small tic of one corner of purple stained lips, but that was as far as the smile lasted. Stoicism replaces with a slow candid nod.

"Not like now," grumbles Skaar. "You just arrived, it has been… like this most of the morning." The quietness. "And see… the hunters revealed enough to the animals, but not to me. I am the hunted this time." He offers a lopsided grin to the woman.
"And I was laying in ambush, until you came. Now my position is obvious and we will be found soon." He draws his sword and listens. Nothing, just the normal sounds of the wind and maybe a creek in the distance. No birds chirping, insects buzzing or of course vehicles anywhere close.
Then there is a subtle shifting of dirt and leaves, and from the left a mound of mud seems to arise from the ground. But it is not mud, it is like a horde of tiny, ant-sized things that come together and begin take shape, color changing as they do.

Slowly a red brow is ascending the more Skaar talks about the reverse hunt she had spotted, blnking slowly. "So you come to handle it yourself?? When you are a member of a team? You're kidding, right?" Starfires look goes from incredulous to cross and she is rising to toes as she gets closer to Skaar with index finger pointed and prodding that digit into his chest.
"You and Lunair, I swear. You bith need to understand you have friends, and we got your back, it might be hard to grasp. But. Deal. With. It." Every syllable she is poking his broad chest and that light perse glow is forming at the tip, outlining it. For a moment it seems she is not paying any attention to the anthill becoming a mountain while she scolds the Sakaaran….
Other hand outstretched towards the mound and Kori's fingers recoil back inward to a fist, that glow pulsing down in radiance after the blast she sent to the base as a warning to the forming apparition.
Silence, though the look she is giving Skaar still has not swayed and her jaw is set firm.

“I have lived here for months,” grumbles Skaar. “I don’t call for aid without a good reason,” besides, getting hunted by something he can’t easily see is fun. Not that he admits it. But it got his blood pumping.
He was staring intently at the growing pile of… things, and grunts when Starfire blows it up. Bits of pink goo strike the nearby trees and slide down. Slide down quickly. And when they hit the ground they all head back to the central point.
And meanwhile another dozen of mounds of mud-things are forming at different points within the sight of the alien duo. “What are those things?” Mutters Skaar, looking puzzled.

His hunting never ceases to impress Lunair. So green. So tall. So good at sneaky. But he has a lot of talents that impress her, like instant english. Lunair has also been dealing with more HYDRA stuff, and some other things. She is doing her best to reach out more, but there's still a habit of quietly dealing with things alone. Today, though, she's going to visit the two on the green. She will appear near the two and wave. "…" pink stuff? Mud-things? Confusion ensues.
"HI! Also."

Starfire started relatively unarmored save for the straps of purple that fit and conform comfortably, but once she shot that forst bolt of compiled radiated energy it seems her attire reacts accordingly, rippling out in growth to covet and cover from upwards off bare feet to upper thighs, gauntleted fingertips to that of her forearm, and from the criss cross at shoulderblades soulders become coated in that digitalized ripple that solidifies into purple reinforcement.
"Yeah. Something tells me cat and mouse is not your game big guy." Starfire says with a pat to his chest just before she begins to get taller, and not by means of standing on her toes to prod him in the chest lik she was, but the ends of that red hair cast a flame huen glow now, the heat eminating and multiplying in degrees rapidly. "Don't know what they are, but they're pretty when they explode."
In saying as much while gaining a better vantage from above she is loosing another starbolt on one that surfaces before it gets beyond knee height while her other is making the blobs more 'raindrop' sized with another burst of fire.
Lunair's appearance has Starfire grinning, all the while eyes are narrowed in the precision of opening fire. "Apparently Skaar thinks being hunted is fun, and doesn't need our help with pink slime." Although admittedly, it does not look threatening.

Another pile of mud explodes into pink slime, but the smile keeps moving, against sliding over the ground to reform at the very point the starbolt hit it. Other mounds have coalesced into humanoid figures, and they keep growing until they are almost 7 feet tall and powerfully built. Red armor forms over the paler pink bodies, square heads forming on the broad shoulders.
“Luna, what are you doing here?” Skaar seems more alarmed than amused when he sees the young woman.
Then the weird humanoid come charging, pretty much ignoring Lunair and Starfire and converging on Skaar. Six of them with two more trying to rebuild after Starfire’s blasts. But more are coming from all directions. A veritable horde of faceless armored humanoids.
The first pair get within Skaar’s reach, and he strikes with his stone sword, crushing the armor and slicing the first one in two. The second one gets cut halfway, and stumbles.
But the cut one is still moving, and strings of pink good jump between the sliced parts, trying to pull the creature together. The other one, with a huge sword on its chest, grabs the blade with both hands and his body seems to shift like putty, clinging to the sword.

From above STarfire is counting, a quick snap of her eyes to gather up the tally and then sweep downward, one of the Pink Flubbers is picked up and launched upward and outward, in the direction of even more denser forest, landing one other is grabbed, her fist driven into it in such a force that hopefully it may indent to its insides. Either way she is holding it nice and tight to her while that glow starts low and starts to rise in heat an intensity, attempting to boil him from the inside out then since blasting them is failing.
Spinning with the humanoid Flubber as if in a waltz her other hand extends, aiming to take one out that is upon Skaar.
"What did you do to The Nutty Professor?" Yes, she's seen it. Thanks Lian!

Skaar tears off the head of the critter grabbing his sword. But it does nothing to deter the weird monster and he is forced to drop it because three more are trying to grab him. He punches and kicks, and they bend and twist like rubber, stunned only a few seconds before they come against him again.
“Who is the Nutty Professor?” Skaar should maybe spend more time with Lian… nah. Earth culture is going to take a while. He will goggle later! Once he is not neck deep in weird putty monsters.
Then there is the zap of Lunair’s Dubstep Gun and the humanoids are forced to release them, initiating a rather spastic dance of… flubber. “Whoever he is, I don’t think I like him,” grumbles the green giant, jumping a hundred yards away.
The creature that Starfire grabbed tries to envelope her into its rubbery embrace. It doesn’t look like a friendly hug. But when the woman turns on the heat up, it slows down. She needs to reach some rather extreme temperature before the monster relents. Well over iron melting point when it finally gives up, falling to the ground half-melted. It hits the ground hard, and remains still.

"I'll make you watch it…Ew…" Starfire says as the flubbery Humanoid tries to embrace her. No means no! The heat is definitely cranked at that uncomfortable proximity that seeks to smother her. Starfire is all for cuddles, but not without permission! And standards, she has standards.
Once it hits the ground Starfire rockets upward to look down from the sky upon the dancing giants and the green not-so-jolly one yards away, that comet's trail following behind her like a train of flame, the heat she had built up to omit not yet dissipated.
For good measure Starfire makes little dancing ones, both hands clapping in front of her and resting against her cheek in a look of lash batting endearment. "So cute!" Though she would much rather evaporate them.
"This is not good. Looks like your home space is officially retconned."

Skaar jump wins him just fifteen seconds. The humanoids are homing on him for some reason. Even Lunair gets only a token attention, despite she managed to put to dance a hundred of the critters. “Who are you?! What do you want?!” He yells.
No answer, just a silent, charging horde of big rubbermen.

The sun is touching down upon Starfire in her hover, the heat of it basking her skin in an even more luminescent golden glow, one that she holds dear as she narrows her eyes and stares down at the persistence of the Flubbers gone riot.
"K'ttn! We need a ride!" But just before she says it that glow builds from her hands, a small pulsing light that is being focused and charged just before hands direct towards the charging mass, sweeping outward to burn across the front lines of them before they reach Skaar, also scorching and goring a crater into the earth, kicking up debris of dirt, mud and foliage.

Skaar roars in rage. He was starting to really like his mountain hideout. The army of rubber thugs just ruined it for him. As Starfire cuts loose with a heat blasts that sets several monsters on fire, the earth cracks and shatters, rock raising and shattering, crushing the flexible creatures into pink goo. Hundreds of tons of soil and rock shift and move as Skaar brings down much of the mountain slope against the silent critters.
The flash of teleporting energy whisks away the three Outsiders, but the landslide continues for another minute. Most of the attacking critters are shattered, but most of them slowly reform and resurface during the next hour. They walk away a few miles and then a portal of light swallows them.
Several thousand miles away a green-skinned man finally relaxes. Even for his formidable brain controlling so many of his humanoids from this distance is somewhat tiring. But he is not resting yet, he has readings to study, computer reports that flash over his computer screen at dazzling speed. They are devoured and understood in minutes.
"How… interesting," speaks the man once called Samuel Sterns. "The techtonics were not causes by gamma radiation, but a form of cosmic energy manipulation. The teleportation is just standard galactic technology." He stands, tall and thin, his head massively oversized. "Both irrelevant and easy compensated for, of course. Not a problem for your Leader!" Some maniac laugh follows, but the only beings in the room are the now listless humanoid army, no longer animated now the Leader mental energies are not flowing through their bodies.

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