Avenue C Clinic Sponorship

June 15, 2015:

A visit to Avenue C clinic to discuss sponshorship

Avenue C Clinic


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Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is very hard for the up-and-coming young medical professional. It's even harder when the clientele can't often pay for their care, either because they're impoverished (thanks to being mutants) or beyond the normal ability to treat (again thanks to being mutants.) It's evening, but the Avenue C Clinic has just closed the doors to patients.

The Avenue C Clinic has slowly earned a rep for being the place to go if you're an unusual type and you need help with a medical problem. In fact, a certain Drugs and Crime Lord tried to push in, because of that, back before he was taken in by Daredevil; the ones who followed, failed even more so.

And, today, for a change, Dr. Angelo diLucci is not treating patients — he's already dealt with his caseload — and instead, he has made time for a meeting.

Some months back, Pepper Potts offered sponsorship to the clinic, and was accepted; now it's time for him to show what that's done. And, since Roberto DaCosta also sponsored, he's invited a DCI representative to see the results.

He's waiting in his office, not in scrubs for a change but actually in casual khakis and a henley shirt with an over-top shirt to reduce the impression he normally gives of being a short brick wall.

With Berto's continued absence from DCI, Brinley's been asked to attend the meeting. Wearing a nicely tailored skirt suit, with low heels, the brunette metahuman is directed to Angelo's office on her arrival and politely knocks on his door and waits to be invited in.

Pepper Potts arrives very promptly on time and enters the Ave C clinic to speak with Dr. diLucci. She hesitates, wondering if there's a receptionist, or if she should be ringing a bell or something to announce his presence. 'Um… hello?"

The remaining late-hours receptionist does indeed escort the two inside to the offices, and activates the door locks against further walk-ins once they're here, and returns to his desk. (It may or may not be one of the many Jamie Madrox dupes; it's hard to tell because one of the other receptionists is a 'doppelganger' shifter, and likes to look like Jamie.)

Ange opens the door and invites the visitors in, with warm handshakes (tingly?!) and a nearly-too-handsome smile. Yeah, he makes Doctor McDreamy look a bit plain, but it's not his fault, it came with the Italian background and the excessively healthy aura. Also, he lifts.

"Ms. Potts, Ms. Myers? It's good to meet you both. I apologise for Doctors Andrew Patil and Rania Xomeridies. As our primary researchers in the clinic, they get stuck with the travel and the publishing and the horrors of fame and renown. This week, they're in Stockholm, at the Xanatos conference on genetic forms of metahumanism."

Angelo says that without stopping to breathe, and he doesn't gasp at the end, though he does inhale.

"So, the quick tour — this is my shared office pod, our lab off to the left. The treatment rooms and exam rooms are to the right, we have six of them, configurable for special cases. Our second office set is back in what used to be the garage, since we hired enough people that we needed a place for them to do their work and paperwork and put in an actual changing room and showers."

He pauses again to breathe, and takes a careful look at both visitors. For a moment it's almost as if his eyes were glowing. For a moment.

"Mr Di'Angelo? Brinley Meyers." Brin shakes the hand that is offered. "'Berto sends his apologies he can't be here in person." Turning a warm smile to Pepper "Hello, Miss Potts, nice to see you again."

Listening with interest as Ange gives the tour, Brinley nods along and remains silent in general. Every so often her mind reaches out, sensing the emotions of her two companions… she really doesn't think about it. "Sounds like a thriving practice."

Pepper Potts follows the tour attentively enough, even if she's very faintly distracted by the ache in her shoulder and the awkwardness of carrying her bag on her unaccustomed side. "You do seem to have done very well here. I would say I'm impressed, but really, I knew you'd be able make this place something the surrounding community sorely needs."

"It's diLucci. Angelo is my first name. Sorry about the confusing naming. My father's sense of humor, calling me Angelo," the doctor says, with a bit of amusement (and exasperation aimed at someone not-present.)

"Miss Potts, what did you do to your shoulder?"

He's concerned enough to actually look for a moment, and the eyes lighting up is visible, along with the light filling his otherwise white hair and the wings made out of ancient writing made from the same light appearing for a moment. Apparently, he's decided not to worry about Brinley Myers being bothered by his being unusual. After all, she has her own "glow" about her.

"Would you like me to do something about that?" Have to ask. Sometimes people get upset if you take away their injuries. Seriously.

Brinley colours, badly, that's not the type of mistake she normally makes and she's not bothered by Ange's differences, her mind reaches out because it's instinct to do so. She does after all work with the X-Men. "Angelo, then and my apologies." she smiles.

Seeing Peppers discomfit, Brin frowns a little "Maybe, I could take your bag for the duration of the tour, Miss Potts?"

Damn. Busted. Instead of protesting, though, Pepper seems to have learned that resistance is futile. "Thank you both." She rather gingerly hands her bag over to Brinley as she explains to Angelo a bit vaguely. "I was visiting a friend in Gotham, and… well, we got mugged." She shrugs just her uninjured shoulder faintly.

"Gotham. I hate that place," Angelo says, putting his hands on either side of the injured shoulder, and there's a moment of brightness like a flash camera going off but it doesn't leave the eyes seeing spots at all. It does, however, leave Pepper without the injury - in fact, better than before. It also cures the sore lower back, the tense neck, the incipient ulcer, and the sore feet, and makes the trace hints of a headache vanish as if she'd had a full night's sleep in a hyperoxygen chamber.

"There. That was turning into a longer term injury," he notes.

A smile to Brinley. Something a bit unusual, though — as she touches Angelo's mind and he opens his conduit for healing it's like touching a live wire, but not painful, well, not for people who aren't upset by having positive energy push itself into them.

Taking Peppers bag, Brinley frowns again "And how is your friend doing?" Watching as Angelo places his hands "I haven't spent much time in Gotham, but just about everyone I know thinks it's dreadful."

As the healing energy flows, Brin shudders slightly and then lets out a soft sigh of contentment. "That's one helluva of skill, Mr Di…. ahhh Angelo." She feels like she's floating on air.

Pepper Potts doesn't know what she was expecting from Angelo's offer. But a sudden and complete absence of pain is… disconcerting. "Oh, um, she's still pretty shaken up about it, but she wasn't hurt physically." She looks at Angelo again and smiles. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Ange says to Pepper. And smiles at Brin again. "It's actually magic. The spells were written onto me, I've begun to understand them, but they're way too complex for me to craft them myself. It's why I became a doctor, though — so I could understand and use it better. I may get to where I know why it does what it's doing."

He doesn't explain the Living Light conduit because that gets into 'where does it come from.'

"How's Mr. Stark doing, by the way?" Speaking of situations where magic would be of no use whatsoever.

"Written on to you…" NOW Brin tries not to peer to closely. She's interested "So you access them because they are part of you?" Not so different to her, or any other metahuman, ability really. "I don't even begin to understand how my powers work, they …. just … do."

"Mixed blessings then, Miss Potts. That your friend wasn't harmed is a good thing, but that you were, is not." Brinley smiles faintly at the mention of Tony Stark and falls silent to listen to the answer.

Pepper Potts says, "Busy as always, you know how he can be. I asked him to accompany me today, but…" Pepper shrugs much more normally now. Tony's in the middle of another one of his inventing jags, and she's pretty sure it'll be at least two more days before he truly surfaces again. "I'll tell him you said hello, though, yes?""

Angelo pushes up a sleeve, showing the ankh marking on the inside of his wrist, written in metallic gold that has essentially become part of his skin. It's made up of tiny letters in an alien script, run together in a cursive format, but the letters aren't familiar — not Arabic writing, nor the alphabets that were derived from Hebrew or Sanskrit.

"There's a long, improbable story that goes with my getting these," Angelo says, "but it comes down to 'always watch your drink in a club' and 'drunken tattoos are a bad idea.'"

Probably something Mr. Stark would agree with, come to think of it. Unless he thought the tattoos would work for circuitry.

"Please do. Should I be looking forward to what he comes up with at the end of this?"

Brinley grins at Ange's explanation "A number of my friends tell me the same story… " she examines the marking without touching it. Most people don't like sharing their stories of their power, and she smiles in understanding as they talk.

"It seems, Angelo, you've achieved wonders with the clinic. I'm sure 'Berto and Bobby will be pleased." Brin has questions of her own "Is there anything else you need here? I'm about to do an EMT certification, I thought maybe to donate some time to Clinics like this, if people will take it." It's the least she can do.

Looking to Pepper, Brin considers slightly "Miss Potts, have the boys ever invited you to tour D.C.I?" Brins aware that metahumans need to raise the publics awareness and she'll recruit what ever help she can to do that.

Pepper Potts glances at Angelo's tattoo, then does a double-take, looking at the tiny script more closely. She even starts to reach a hand toward the ankh symbol but stops herself from actually touching the doctor's skin. "Is that … Enochian?" Oh, hello Nerdy-Pepper. She then blinks and steps back, recovering her composure. "Sorry. Um, yes, Ms. Myers, they have. I got to see some of the facility with Mr. Drake. I would always enjoy visiting again, though."

She pauses for a moment. "Oh, that reminds me. Dr. diLucci, have you been working with the group known as Rescue Inc? Mr. Gleason and his company? If not, I think you would really benefit from an introducation."

"Primary Enochian, yeah," Angelo says. Then they start speaking his language.

"I spent three years as an E.M.T. paramedic. I'm supervising three of the trainees working here, so I can't do oversight work for anyone else but I can recommend you if you need to find a sponsor. And yeah, I do work with Rescue Inc, sometimes, on-call, but I don't have a lot of free time lately. Someone, or several someones, have been using Mutant Town as their personal testing ground for new street drugs, so I had to bump up my hours. I can't even get to the gym any more. It's been months."

That seems unlikely, unless his magic is keeping him from losing strength and size. Which it probably is.

"I know Gleason. He's got an interesting mutation. I've offered to help him with it but he's accepted it as it is currently. If it tries to get worse, we'll deal with it."

"I know Nick, rather well." Brin smiles a little "I'll be doing my certification with him. He's offered Rescues services to X-Red and I'm trying to get the paper work through. But on top of that, he's offered us training." It's a good opportunity for Brinley to branch out a little.

"I'd be pleased to host another visit, Miss Potts" She'll set that up son "and please, call me Brinley."

Ange's observation on Nicks mutation receive a small frown. It's likely that people don't realise that Brin and Nick used to work together as Paragons.

Pepper Potts ahhs and nods. "Well, I'm actually kind of glad that I'm a bit of a third wheel here." Though mention of Nick's mutation possibly being unstable is concerning. "Is he at risk of his mutation … changing?"

Ah. That frown. Angelo says, quietly, "I've said too much. However, he's stable, at the moment." He lowers the sleeve. "I don't 'cure' mutation, Ms Myers. I cure illnesses. If a mutation is killing someone, and they accept my treatment, sometimes, their mutation goes away. Sometimes it comes back differently. But not all mutations are beneficial, as you know. But it takes a lot of energy and time to alter something that fundamental. It's usually easier to simply make it not-harmful physically."

"Nicks just fine, Miss Potts" Brinley's well aware of what Ange is getting at. "I know, Angelo and I do understand. Just, I've known Nick from our time at the academy. We basically grew up together, then they put us in a team and we lived and worked literally side by side for years." She sighs and smiles at Pepper "Nicks good people, one of the best."

Pepper Potts smiles back to Brinley. "From the handful of times I've worked with him — or he's helped me out of a sticky situation — I have to agree. He's one of the best." She then accepts her bag back from Brin as she's no longer suffering any reason to not carry it. "Should we go talk detailed numbers, then?"

"That sounds good to me," Angelo says, with a bit of relief. He picks up the phone. "Hey, Jamie-or-whoever, is the budget back from the accountant yet?"

The guy on the phone (audible from the other room) says, "Summary is in your email, Doc."

"OK, please make some hot water, we're going to want tea."

Angelo grins, and turns on his laptop. It's got a large screen! Luxury! (OK, not really, but they're clearly not using their funds frivolously.)

He brings up the spreadsheets, and begins going over the (digested) costs and expenditures.

It'll be … not TOO long … at least the tea is good.

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