Where's Venom

June 16, 2015:

New recruits to WAND and Venom is missing

The Triskelian


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SHIELD Agent Melinda May is not in the habit of calling formal meetings to get a group of agents (and assets) briefed on a mission. But as at least two of them are completely new to the recently created WAND division, she wanted to do this officially. Thus, in a small conference room on the ground floor of the Triskelion, a rather unlikely group of individuals gather.

For her own part, May is already in the conference room waiting for the others to arrive, the briefing information queued up and waiting on the room's computer system.

In addition to being a clearly qualified and entirely normal SHIELD agent, Agent Branch makes an excellent doorstop. His relaxed approach from the hallway is done in a manner as if he'd done this over and over — and not, say, nearly no times— to reach the room a little bit early, and show his quality function of door-stoppage to hold it open for others as they arrive as well.

Captain would normally come as a proxy, but Rain would have to make sure cats are okay in the building. If yes, she has a Captain. If not, she will come alone. The place kind of makes her feel like she should go hide sometimes. Consider it a leftover from being homeless for a couple of years. Plus, WAND. Nevertheless, the witch peeks in and quietly turns up. For someone as tall as she is, she's awfully stealthy. "Thanks," She murmurs as Branch catches/stops the door.

Simmons is not part of WAND but she's been invited along, maybe so she can pass information back to Fitz. Walking briskly into the room, Simmons smiles at the young man holding it open "Thank you" before looking to Rain. She doesn't recall meeting the young woman, but sometimes things can get a bit hectic and maybe they've met in passing.

Nodding to Agent May, Simmons takes up a place at the table and places her datapad on the table in front of her.

There was a special proviso on Rain's clearance document listing 'feline companion' as permissible in the Triskelion — May got around this by filing Captain's paperwork as 'ADA-compliance assistance animal'. Just don't tell the trenchcoated feline that. Amusingly enough, Captain is put through the same clearance requirements and non-disclosure agreements as Rain herself. Thus they each have their own badge, and one chair was set at the conference table with a cushion on a shallow box in the seat to create a booster. Everyone else who is alreadly officially part of SHIELD got the usual sort of summons, via interoffice email or similar.

After waiting for the various individuals to settle in their seats, the conference room display lights up with an image of Agent Eugene Thompson. "Agent Thompson, field code name 'Venom'. He was sent on a covert mission, and has missed the last several scheduled check-ins. I have the coordinates of his last safehouse, but that trail is likely already cold. It's our job to find him and bring him back." She pauses, to let the gathered agents ask their first round of questions.

Derek Branch seated quickly once it appeared the others were inside, taking a chair that doesn't have anyone else on either side of it. He is still entirely quiet, inspecting the visual display of the agent in question, moving his arms to rest elbows on the table, and carefully cup his jaw against intwined fingers, full attention apparently on May and her presentation. If he has questions, he's holding them until more is said.

Captain will sign with his signature with an ink dapped paw. He manages not to talk to anyone until they enter the room. He even has a badge on his coat now, too. "I'm the laaaaaaaw." He is a bit of a smart alec. Cats. She smiles politely at Simmons. Rain is tall, and shy looking. The only thing that seems to stand out is that she has dark purple eyes. "I see," Rain is great at finding things. Literally! She smiles politely, and takes a seat to listen. She is definitely an active listener, as is Captain.

The cat sitting at the table, gets a bemused look from the brunette biochemist who soon turns her attention to Mays presentation, hands clasped in front of her on the tablet.

As Venoms image is displayed, Simmons frowns and opens her mouth to ask something and then snaps it shut. May has a way of running her briefings. Lifting the datapad, Simmons turns her attention to it, swiping her hand across the screen and tapping a few times before looking back up to May's presentation.

Melinda May looks from one person to the next, and after giving them each a few seconds to ask anything they can think of — and Simmons had BETTER speak up next time — she changes the display to an aerial map of a portion of New York. "Agent Thompson had been tasked with infiltrating a recently started cell of Purifiers — the anti-mutant group that's been creating problems in M-Town. Officially, this is outside of SHIELD jurisdiction, but as there's been evidence of Purifiers using magical techniques or artifacts, it's fallen to WAND."

She nods to Rain, then. "Ms. Moontree. I've asked for your presence for multiple reasons. If there /is/ magic being used, you might be our best chance of identifying it and stopping it."

She then nods to Derek. "Agent Branch. This is your first mission with WAND and unless you request a transfer back to SHIELD proper, an introduction to what's going to make the new aspects of your job here unique. I'm hoping we won't have to use your wetwork skills this time around."

Lastly, she looks to Jemma. "Agent Simmons, you're likely the most familiar with Thompson of all of us. We have a good listing of Thompson's movements and whereabouts up until he stopped checking in. I want you to go through that and see if anything seems out of place." Again, she

Again, she pauses to give the four here (if you count Captain) a chance to speak up and ask questions.

Derek Branch had spent some time looking at the cat, as if trying to decide something. Whatever it was, he decided it, and angles his head forward a little bit when he's directly spoken to, to reply, "I hope that as well, Agent May." His voice has an intensity that starts to filter into his features a little bit, as if something about a missing agent was making him deadly serious. "The sooner we move, better chances are to recover any trail, yes? Do we deploy right away?" he asks. He lacks an accent, but seems to partially drop certain words.

Raiin is quiet, listening before the presentation starts. She looks a little uncertain as May says she's their best chance if magic is involved. Her face says 'oh dear'. The witch seems uncertain, but she nods. The cat looks to the others a moment, tail flicking slowly. Captain looks at Derek. Rain nods. "Do we have anything Agent Thompson owned? That would make it easier to find him." She looks thoughtful a moment. "I can do my best to look around with magical senses, or loan someone my magic GPS." Pause. "I can explain that if you like."

Contrary to popular belief, not all SHIELD Agents know each other and when May addresses Derek, Simmons eyes flick to him and then back to May. Strangely, the mention of magic doesn't bother the young woman and she listens as Rain discusses what she can do. "Of course, Agent May" Simmons is a little concerned about Venom being targetted for the Symbiote.

The door opens and a tall, square jawed agent with a rather distinct looking moustache comes in, dressed in the standard issue suit and tie. "Agent May." He says, nodding to WAND's senior agent. "Here you go. The tracking reports you asked for." This is Agent Tom 'Selleck' Gorman, and he's been running May's requests for regular SHIELD resources in the wake of Agent Venom's disappearance.

"Afternoon Agents…" He assumes they're all agents anyway.

Melinda May accepts the files from Agent Gorman and promptly hands them across to Simmons. "Thank you, Gorman. Also, if you could, please bring me something of Agent Thompson's personal effects." She looks back to Derek then. "Not immediately, Branch. We can't openly assault a Pacifier outpost as much as I'd love to. We need to get as precise location as we can then make a surgical strike to get Thompson back. If the local news media gets wind of this, it could get really ugly for SHIELD in general."

"Ms. Moontree, any resources you or Captain would be willing to offer would be greatly appreciated." Especially if the young witch has actually managed to make a GPS-like system that is not limited by a link to satellites. And, she's apparently addressing the cat as well and calling him 'Captain'.

Derek Branch chews on being told that he evidently is going to get to sit and wait for a while, but doesn't complain, just looks like he was told to have a time out. "As you say." He curtly nods once, accepting her statement without issue. "I'd like learning how the GPS works, if you don't mind," Derek adds, since Rain offered to explain, briefly glancing about, as if concerned he's wasting time by asking something obvious. "And… may I ask your specialties, Agents? I'm unfamiliar, and it could assist…?" That is at Simmons. And Captain. Agent Captain. Derek is taking his cue fully on how May is speaking to Captain.

Rain fishes around in her pockets. She pulls a small GPS from her pocket. "I modified a GPS I use on my magic broom - don't laugh, please - since a map is horrifically impractical," She explains. Rain looks to the agents. "It tells me if there's magic energy and what kind. Generally. I'm the only one working on it, so I'd be sure to use it with a grain of salt," She explains. "I can lend it to you, if you like." She doesn't seem fussed. "Captain is-" "Yes, yes, I'm a cat. I can look out after things and vanquish evil spirits." She pauses at Derek's question. "Simply put, it's a simpler sense magic spell tied into a GPS. No, I don't use satellites. I'm a witch," She explains.

"And good afternoon," She offers politely to Gorman. "I also go by Rain if that helps." Being called Moontree feels odd sometimes. She's not terribly proud of her name.

Taking the files from May, Simmons looks to the new agent who appears, she must be spending far too long in the lab, so many new faces. Flicking through them quickly, she nods slowly "I can review these, Agent May." What she might find, who knows.

Glancing up as Derek asks the questions, she smiles faintly "Dr Jemma Simmons, SHIELD R&D, biochemist. My lab partner, Dr Leo Fitz, is part of WAND, but we tag team." Hopefully that will help Derek place who she is. "A pleasure to meet you, Ms Moontree and… Captain."

Gorman nods to Rain. "Nice to meet you Miss Rain." The request for Eugene's personal effects appears to have been somewhat anticipated. He pulls a sealed, double bagged ziploc baggie out of his suit pocket and holds it, rather gingerly, out to May. Inside appears to be…

Well, there's no way around it. A slightly crumpled pair of briefs. "He appears to to have not quite gotten to laundry when he disappeared."

Melinda May gives Agent Gorman an almost trademarked flat stare. Anything else could have worked as well if not better. Like his backpack. But, no. The man brings Thompson's SKIVVIES. Really. She mentally resolves to talk to Gorman later, and turns her attention back to the others. "If we can find a correlation between Thompson's movements and any magic traces in the area, maybe that will help us narrow the field some. Branch is right, the clock is already ticking." With a touch to the conference room's controls, the display winks out. Meeting over? Well the official part, anyway. She's content to stay here and help the newly formed 'Team: Venom's Gone Walkabout' sort out what intel they have and all that fun stuff.

Derek Branch listens raptly to Rain's description that he'd requested, clearly was not just asking to be polite. He'd probably do well on the Rain pop-quiz later. "Maybe a time when it isn't needed for mission," Derek declines her lending, though seems quite interested. Or maybe that's just his default, since it only gets more apparent when Jemma answers about what she does. Derek gets a look on his face when Jemma clarifies, as if she just stated that she creates Raptors in her lab, and he always wanted a trained Raptor. But he makes a different connection, since Jemma knows Venom : "Is Agent Thompson — Venom also a biochemist?" Derek asks, as if that would be particularly great. He must have a high view of chemists. He looks at the baggied 'gift' offered to May by Gorman, but doesn't bat even part of an eyelash. Just clothing in a bag. He starts to act like he's going to say something about it, but decides to just wait and see what they decide to do with the briefs.

Rain stares in abject horror. NAKED MAN UNDERPANTS. Squeak. "… that is pretty personal," She manages after a long moment staring in disbelief, as if the underwear might transmute by the power of her stare. Her mouth opens. Her mouth closes. Then, she offers to Simmons, "The pleasure's all ours." Captain nods, "Nice to meet you." He has a rich, baritone voice. And he speaks English well. "T-thanks for the um, item." Either way, she takes a deep breath (not near the underpants) and settles quiet.

"I can - start casting - when you like. We can look at the GPS, too…"

Simmons eyes the ziplock bag and sighs as she then eyes Agent Gorman. Poor Rain. "Was Agent Thompsons computer or phone there, by chance?" The biochemist doubts it, but it's worth asking. "If so, I would like it. Fitz can check over it and maybe find some digital clues." another faint smile as she realises that Derek is watching her with a strange look "No, " Simmons clarifies "Agent Thompson is a field agent. I met him when he joined SHIELD and occasionally we work together in the field."

"His secure laptop yes, but not his phone. Presumably he had that on him." That can be retrieved. Agent Gorman seems oblivious to Rain's horror. Or he's just really good at hiding that fact. Agent Branch gets a curious look. Socialization skills not quite there or… something else? The square jawed man looks back at May as she stares at him. "Anything else Agent May?"

Melinda May shakes her head no to Gorman. "Thank you. That's all for now." If Rain starts melting down due to the presence of skivvies, she'll go get Thompson's backpack or something instead. Because. Seriously. "Rain, what would you need to start working on that spell?" She is still just a Muggle after all, even if she does work alongside spellcasters and mutants of just about every variety at some point or other.

Derek Branch returns Gorman's look with a surprised one, reading Gorman's curiosity, and a very small smile surfaces. No blush, though. He responds by adjusting his hands back into his lap and very clearly adjusting his behavior. Which could bring up more questions than anything, about if he had been deliberately acting that way and is now stopping, or is /now/ controlling himself. "Of course; I thought it /…interesting/ that a biochemist would be undercover researching these Pacifiers, but strange things do sometimes happen," Derek comments. He nods immediately to May's dismissal. "If I can help with research I am willing," to the table, then, "…otherwise, I will see to gear check and preparation, ma'am?" he directs to May.

Rain is quiet for a moment. "I should fetch my relics. They're guns. I stored them nearby in a rented locker. I - didn't feel it polite. And it was more dignified than a wand," She admits quietly. Rain will just - look to the skivvies. Steady on. Deep breath. "I - can just - keep these if it's faster." She doesn't get eeked out to the point of being unable to work. A guy needs saving, and she will just have to deal with it. She furrows her eyebrows a bit.

Captain is quiet. tail flicking a little. He watches, more than speaks. "I will start when you like," Rain offers. "Once I have my things."

"And I can - explain the GPS for those interested. It might be better with someone without magic."

Simmons looks up and smiles at Captain and then Rain "I would like to know more, Captain." Simmons doesn't seem worried about a talking cat "If May permits it, maybe you and Rain could visit the lab and explain more about the GPS"

Dereks' change in behaviour has the biochem studying him carefully before looking back to Agent May "I could do with some assistance in analysing these" tapping the files in front of her "Fitz is on assignment and I don't know when he'll return." Looking to Gorman, Simmons blows out a breath "May I have the laptop please, Agent Gorman?"

Gorman nods and makes his way out. Mission accomplished. Goods delivered. SHIELD Agents left to wrangle. He'll be standing by if May needs him again.

Though… he might be in a little trouble later. "I'll get it sent back to you right away Simmons." And then he's gone.

Melinda May nods to Gorman when Simmons requests the laptop and watches him depart, then looks to Branch and Rain. "I'd prefer if you worked on locating Thompson on premises, Rain. For your safety." She's seen nefarious sorts take exception before, and she's not going to put the witch in danger if she can avoid it. "Branch, go with her to collect her relics. I'll make sure that Security knows you have clearance to carry them. We'll meet back at Simmons' lab." And they can relocate again from there if the high-tech environment proves detrimental to Rain's spellcasting. She knows some mage sorts aren't fond of technology.

"Agent Gorman," Branch says simply by way of farewell as the other man exists. Derek seems to have reined in whatever issue he'd had. "Of course," Derek nods once to May's order, appreciating the clear direction. "I'll escort you, or fetch your objects if you prefer to remain here to begin," Derek offers, crisply. The line about meeting in Simmon's lab drew a darted look at May, and he doesn't control his interest in time. After that pause, he forces his attention to Rain, ready to be her personal Agent bodyguard for the time being.

"Alright," Rain nods. "Sympathetic magic is a two way street," She offers. "I'm an engineer. I make my own tech sometimes," She admits shyly. "I can't hold down a normal job due to the whole magic thing," She admits. "But I appreciate it." She looks quietly to Branch. She'll go with that. Captain looks quietly amused. "Yeah, sure, we can use it in the lab. It's easier when we can show you with a demo in the lab." The cat falls quiet and hops onto Rain's shoulder for transport.

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