We all scream for ice cream!

June 17, 2015:

Gwen Stacy and Karolina Dean meet up over ice cream.

New York City

An ice cream parlour.


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It was a typical day in New York City. People were going to work, kids were out on summer break and the heat and smog were almost unbearable.

A traffic jam had flooded the streets making travel by car or bus nearly impossible at this hour and walking on foot was almost unbearable with the conditions outside.

Presently, Gwen was taking a break from her daily routine to grab some ice cream at a small ice cream parlour she spotted while walking down the street.

Karolina Dean was enjoying the wonderful New York City day. Tucking her hands into the pockets of her jean jacket, she steps down the sidewalk, her medic-alert bracelet catching the light of the day. Sneakers worn from a lot of travelling, Karolina was one of the few that seemed… pretty okay with the heat wave.

Which might have been weird, dunno.

She hadn't noticed anything yet. But what draws her attention on the passing ice cream cafe?

Vegan ice cream, made with coconut milk. Karolina pauses, glancing past that sign into the shop proper. Pushing open the door with a hand, she enters, her eyes flickering to the menu. She pauses, glancing towards Gwen. "…so… what flavour are you having?" she asks the stranger with a smile.

Gwen's eyebrows raised a little as the stranger greeted her, smiling politely anyways, "Um, I'm not sure yet. I've never even heard of half of these flavors. Have any suggestions?" She continued to look over the other girl, wondering why she looked so familiar.

Why did 'lina look familiar? It was hard to say. Just like it was hard for her to choose an ice cream flavour. Karolina's eyes flicker over the menu, a little smile playing on her lips. "I'm not sure - I know what /sounds/ good - like… that cherry bonanza with pineapple in it. And it's vegan too!" she says.

A pause then. "I don't have ice cream very much, but this looks great," she says.

"I'm Karolina - Karolina Dean, by the way," she says, giving the other young woman a wink.

"That does look good." Gwen eyed the afformentioned flavour, she did love cherries which was a definite bonus.

"I'm Gwen Stacy, nice to meet you." She smiles a little more at the wink before asking teasingly, "Any relation to James Dean?"

"Maybe!" says Karolina, a brilliant smile touching her lips. "My parents were Hollywood actors, so…"

There was actually zero chance. Her parents were space aliens, and so was she, technically. Even if they all looked human enough to get by. That realization causes Karolina's smile to fade a little bit, her hand lifting up to kinda brush her hair back behind an ear.

"So… um… you're pretty cute, Gwen. What do you do? Are you a student or…?" she asks, tilting her head a bit to the side with a return of that smile.

"Uh, thanks." Gwen didn't seem sure how to react with the other girl flirting with her, pausing for a moment, "I'm a student, just finishing my Masters in biochemistry actually. How about you?" Well, at least by not calling her cute or pretty back she wasn't encouraging her!

Looking at the clerk, she says, "We'll have two cherry bonanzas with pineapple." She hands a credit card over towards the young man working behind the stand. Hopefully the kid wasn't ogling the pair too much so he could serve ice cream.

"Oh! Make mine with coconut milk, please!" says Karolina, holding up a fingertip and waggling it to and fro. A beat, and she notices that Gwen passes over the credit card, biting her lower lip. She wasn't going… to argue someone buying something for her. Being homeless kinda sucked in terms of income sometimes.


With her heart torn in two (not really) by the return of the flirt, she kinda tones down her smile a little bit. "Biochemistry! Oh, so you must be super-smart," she says. As for her? "I didn't really get a chance to finish high school - I might go back and get a GED or something one of these days," she says. Another moment.

"Are you from here, Gwen?"

"I manage." It was a lie of course, Gwen was truly super smart, which was better than being power smart, "You should really try and get your high school diploma at least, I do tutoring if you need, free of course." Maybe Gwen had noticed that Karolina was a bit 'funky' or maybe it was just a friendly offer and she had NO IDEA she was homeless.

"I've lived here my whole life, how about you 'Lina? Can I call you Lina?"

If by better one means worse, then yes, supersmart is better.

"Well. I had kinda a thing happen in my life that interrupted all that stuff," says Karolina. "And with my friends and stuff, we've gotten by," she says, tossing her blonde braid over her shoulder, tied down as it was with a strap. A handful of moments. "Actually, pretty much everyone calls me 'lina, so of course you can. It's kinda natural, right?" she says, with a smile that crinkles her nose.

Karolina wasn't /that/ funky. She didn't really sweat, and… well, she got a shower at the shelter recently. "No, I actually grew up in California, if you can't tell by my accent," she says. A beat, and she smiles brighter. "But hey, thank you for the offer - if I decide to get a GED or something, I'll definitely give you a call."

She pauses. "Does that mean I can get your number?" she asks, the corner of her lip lifting in a grin.

"Lina it is then." Gwen listens to the story with an interested expression, having a hard time imagining such a hectic life but it seemed unique to say the least, "California is a long way from New York, why did you come here?" She starts to remove her phone from her purse, answering the question about the number but still wondering about this girl's intentions. She had dealt with guys like this before. Hopefully Karolina Dean wasn't a creep.

Well. Karolina was only mildly creepy. Mostly she was just awkward lesbian.

Giving Gwen a brilliant smile, the smile kinda falters a bit at the question to her history. "Well," she says, kinda glancing towards the counter as the two ice cream sundaes appear, given by the smiling waitress.

"Well, my friends and I - we were trying to get away from our parents," she says. "We…" A pause. "…kinda found out they were supervillains, you know?" she says, her brows knitting together as she shrugs one shoulder. "Hey look - our ice cream is done. Did you get yours with coconut milk too, or regular milk?"

Gwen gives out her number to the other girl, waiting for Karolina's number to enter into her own phone before staring at her a little open mouthed for a moment, "Supervillains?" She really wasn't sure if she should even believe her.

Sure, there were many superhumans out there, some heroes and some villains but the odds of constantly meeting them? It seemed slim.

"That's pretty far out. You should totally tell me about it sometime!" Hopefully not in an awkward situation. Gwen was pretty sure Lina was just a crazy awkward homeless gal.

Snagging her ice cream, Gwen smiles a little, trying to break the tension, "I think just normal."

Of course Karolina gives her own number out.

"Yeah, supervillains - I guess I know how that sounds - a little crazy, right?" she says with a bit of a laugh. "But we got split up, but we're going to meet here in New York. Someday. I hope," she says, likewise picking up her ice cream. "And yeah, I can," she says, smiling.

"And you can tell me about all that exciting /science/ you are doing. Like are you making clones and everything in school yet?" she says, responding to Gwen's smile with one of her own.

Clones? That was a sore topic for Gwen. She had been discussing the potential of running into a clone with her esteemed boss Doctor Harrison Wells not too long ago. It gave her the chills.

Despite the heat, Gwen was suddenly very cold.

"Um, clones. Nope! Nothing like that and I really didn't realize the time, so I should be going. I'll get in touch with you soon if you don't! They do GED tests at the university, we'll get you one arranged and who knows! Maybe you can go to college and become a lab tech to learn all about science to!"

"That sounds good, uh… thank you, Gwen," says Karolina, noticing the sudden shift in the mood of the thing. A handful of moments, and she dips her little plastic spoon into the ice cream, taking just a little tiny bite, a gentle sigh passing her lips.

A handful of moments more, and she rolls her neck with a bit of a sigh.

"I'll see you later, gimme a call if you wanna grab something again - or…" A beat. "Just… good luck with whatever you are doing!" she calls.

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