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May 20, 2015:

Gwen, GoGo and Honey all get together.



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Fade In…

In the bowels of THINK, right next to the garage, there's a lab. In it, Honey Lemon and GoGo make amazing things. Today, as music plays via hidden speakers, GoGo's busy turning a bolt on her new rig. And today, there's a visitor! Gwen's come down to the lab to visit, chat, share science. In fact, Gwen's near GoGo when the racer/scientist throws a metal sphere to the blonde. "Catch." She says.

As soon as Gwen catches it, GoGo will hit the button that increases the electromagnetic attraction between the ball and the floor… effectively making it heavier. A good test to see if someone has super strength.

June heads out to FRP Ready Room.

For her own part, Honey Lemon has been babbling away at Gwen about this and that related to the checmical processes she has been working on, working to create a better, lighter, more flexible, more breathable, but safer material for racer body gear. And watching the readings on her tablet as the sphere powers up. "So, I was thinking the first batch should be purple. But GoGo has been arguing for gold. What do you think, Gwen?" Whatever it takes to help distract their friend as best she could to promote the experiment.

"I adore purple, no offense GoGo." Gwen replies as she studies some of the lab gear, trying to get a better sense of what her two friends might be working on. When she's asked to catch, she exclaims, "I'm terrible at sports."

It's too late though. GoGo has already thrown the sphere at her.

Not suspecting any foul play and not wanting the object to be damaged she reached out and caught the ball which was apparently far heavier than it appeared.

"Told you." GoGo says to Honey Lemon. Of course GoGo had run voice analysis, using her suit's onboard recorder to compare Spider-Woman and Gwen Stacy's voices. Now, though, there's proof. "Nice to know when the bad guys attack there's someone else with powers in the building." GoGo turns off the sphere and it will, suddenly, be much lighter.

"I did not say that I disagreed with the possibility, GoGo. Only that we owed it to her to test your theory, while also being safe about it, on the chance that you were mistaken." Honey Lemon offers, smiling. "I apologize for helping, Gwen, but GoGo has been very insistent about this theory of hers."

Gwen looked between Honey and GoGo and sighed a little bit, she couldn't help but feel like the pair had purposely tricked her. She took her secret identity rather seriously, especially since she didn't consider herself a 'hero' like others.

The normally rather cheerful girl shook her head sadly, "Theory? I'm a person, not an experiment. I should be able to have my own secrets and share them when I choose to."

"Eh." GoGo says, waving off the protest. "Better we know. Easier to help each other out. With science. With superheroing. Whatever." GoGo turns back to the suspension system she's working on. Not electromagnetic but it uses sound waves to absorb and cushion impacts. Cheaper than an electromagnetic system… potentially.

Gwen, we're scientists." Honey offers, along with a hug that may or may not be accepted. "We approach the world with science. We believed that you might, potentially, be also Spider-Woman. We analyzed all available information to see what fit the pattern and if anything contraindicated. What we found supported it, rather than countering the theory. So, we devised a means to ascertain truth, without putting either your health, your safety, or your secrecy at stake." They /are/ in a private lab, after all, and only these two women know what has been found. And they'll not be sharing that. "And GoGo does have a point: we can help, now, including helping you to better keep your secret. If you'll let us." They're not so great with the secret identity thing for themselves, but that doesn't mean they don't understand why it can be important.

Gwen reluctantly returns the hug, it's obvious the young woman is not at all happy about the situation, "Whatever. It doesn't matter, because as soon as I've come up with a cure I'll be right back to normal and then people won't need to come up with experiments to prove I'm some kind of freak."

GoGo glances up, watching Honey Lemon hug the Gwen. "Sure." She says. "Except you won't. Same reason we don't give up our suits. People need you. You can't sit by and let people die when you can do something about it.' She pauses. "Too cute to be a freak anyway."

"Gwendolyn Maxinie Stacey. You are NOT a freak." Honey Lemon opines quite fiercely. "We did not do this to hurt you, but because we are intelligent and intellectually curious people. And you should be smart and capable enough to realize that you are not a freak." And that there's no way Honey Lemon is going to accept hearing a friend call herself something like that. She won't tell Gwen not to look for a cure. That's Gwen's choice, even if Honey doesn't agree and wouldn't want one. But calling herself a freak is unacceptable.

"You're wrong though, I'm not like the two of you or Spider-Man or anyone else. I only put on that costume for fun at first and all it does is interfere with having a normal life. You'll notice, it's been weeks since anyone saw Spider-Woman and if I have my way I won't put the costume on again." Gwen smiles, "I don't even carry it with me anymore." She gestures to her much smaller than usual purse, "Go ahead, look and no I didn't develop some kind of special miniaturization technology I'm not Doctor Pym."

"If you say so." GoGo says. "Too bad, though." She goes back to working. She drops down onto her back and then slides under the rig. There's some laser precision tuning that must be done. Her voice echoes slightly when she talks again. "Honey Lemon and I were thinking of asking you to go with us on our next big adventure."

Honey Lemon frowns, looking genuinely sad at Gwen's reaction. "You are not a freak." she insists. She's going to get downright pouty if she can't convince Gwen of this. "What you do or don't do with your abilities is your business, Gwen. I don't pretend I agree; obviously I feel that anyone with the talent and the will should do all they can to help others. But you have to do what you think is right for you." And live with the consequences. "We'd have been happy to hero with you."

Gwen sits down on a near-by chair near the lab equipment arms crossed over her chest and one leg crossed over the other as she stares at the pair of women looking at Honey perhaps a little sadder than GoGo, "If you need help with anything, I'll be glad to help you. Whatever, the adventure might be but I'm not really looking to go around randomly changing into costume when I'm at school and work like Spider-Man does." Oops, maybe she knew who Spider-Man was to, "So what do the pair of you want to know? Better to get your questions out of the way now.."

"Know what we want to know." GoGo notes. "You're you. You have powers. Makes you able to hang out with us all over, not just in one place." She taps the laser adjustor to the tune of "Still Alive" from the first Portal game. Just because she's tough doesn't mean she's not musical!

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