Who Really Has The Upper Hand?

June 16, 2015:

Ozymandias entices Loki to a meeting to discuss rare and ancient magics. Sort of. It could also just be a game of who can out-secret whom.

NY Harbor, NYC

An abandoned warehouse near the New York harbor.


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In his secret identity, Morien Washington is known to be a collector of rare ancient artifacts, especially those dealing with continent of Africa. A strange thing has occurred in the last few weeks, he has been secretly using a variety of different proxies to increased the amount he has spending at auctions ,and for some reason he has also decided to buy very rare artifacts of Norse origin. After each auction, he has his each one of his proxy hand the auctioneer a card to where and when to find the collector.

All of these artifacts have one thing in common: they either bear the likeness of Loki or have his name written on it. So in front of an abandon warehouse, Ozymandias has the artifacts laid on a table in a mock banquet. It is not completely just for show. There are goblets and tankards of wine and mead.

There was another unknown figure at that auction - one who hadn't been seen in the auction circles before. He didn't bid on anything despite the fact that he looked wealthy enough to have purchased more than a few of the artifacts. Instead, he watched, noting the bids and who won them.

Maybe he followed the artifacts or actually followed the person - it might be hard to say. But from the shadows, a figure steps forward, staff in hand and wearing his Asgardian regalia. "I'm amused by this setup, but I'm not a fan of the atmosphere. Are you worried that something could happen?" Loki moves closer to examine the table before reaching for a goblet of mead.

"No, I always like doing business with the view of the water. It reminds me of my youth. Ozymandias clasps his hands together, "Is the mead good. I made it myself. It is an old recipe. It takes awhile to find the right ingredients to give it that original flavor."

Ozymandias looks up at the sky, then back at Loki. "I consider this a friendly meeting. I am hoping you will consider it the same. I am seeking information on some Egyptian mystical rites. Those sort of things rarely make their ways to legal or illegal auction houses, and I was wondering in your lengthy travels have you come across any rites.

"I'm always friendly unless I'm opposed," Loki grins a charming grin as he lifts that goblet to his lips. There's a moment as he considers the taste and seems to find it decent enough. He slowly paces the area, looking at the artifacts gathered on the table as he listens. "Egypt…Egypt…" a finger taps against the globe of the goblet. "That would be over two thousand years ago, yes? Although I suppose it depends on which dynasty…" he then looks back to the other, "Who -are- you and why should I discuss Egyptian rites with you?"

"I actually looking for something that is between the 18th dynasty and 1st dynasty of Egypt. I am deducing that it more likely to be found closer to the 18th dynasty which is around 3,500 years ago. I am Ozymandias, and I was hoping that something that I could offer you in exchange for helping me locate the rite." Ozymandias looks down at a plate that has norse writing on the edge of it. "This is one of my favorites. I heard it was found in a village that dedicated to your worship. I found that fascinating."

"Like the poem…" Loki may not be reading Midgardian languages but he's familiar with the Shelley poem. "Quite the name. Rather long, don't you think?" But then again, Asgardian names tend to be much simpler. Much more to the point. "Rather trips on the tongue though. Ozymandias…" he repeats it before looking at the plate. "What would prevent me from just taking this and leaving? What sort of ritual is the one you seek?"

"The poem is like me. Never get drunk in a pub and tell your story to a beautiful woman. It has complications" Ozymandias raises his arms in a shrug and speaks in ancient Norse, "It is a transliteration of Kushite language that no one speaks anymore, and names like Verdandi are hardly simple. You could just disappear. I intended to give you back these items just for coming to this meeting. I think you are the only one living that can really stake a claim of ownership.

Ozymandias furrows his brow behind his mask, "I am looking for rites dealing with rare mystical beings of ancient Egypt, not beings like Seth, Ma'at, or Osiris

"Then what do you mean?" Loki takes another sip of the mead before he sets the goblet back on the table and runs his fingers over the plate. He certainly seems to be speaking Ancient Norse in reply, "Do you mean the cats?" It's kind of meant in jest, but kind of not. "What do you plan on doing with these rites? You see, I'm not fond of people using magic to harm Midgard…I have plans for this realm."

"I have no intention of harming Midgard with this rite." Ozymandias rolls his eyes a bit behind his mask, "If you have any information on cat beings I would appreciate. Whatever spells or rites during this time would greatly benefit me. I do expect you to cast it, but you are a highly trained sorcerer. I thinking that you have gathered knowledge from other places too. I just want any rites that you might know…

Ozymandias wicked smirk comes across his face. "There is a collection of papyrus that was copied several times. One of the copies made their way to Germany. The book is called, Wishes of the First Holy Roman Emperor." People think it is about German; in fact, the book has been translated very badly over the centuries. The book should be called, "The Dreams of the First Pharoah. The rites are in that book, but the book has been lost. I heard a rumor it was last in the possession of a cult during the Holy Roman Empire that still worshipped the God of Mischief.

"Mercury…really." Loki turns to look at the other and leans slightly against the table, "You still haven't answered my question. I appreciate your fervor, but I'd like to know what you are planning with these rites?" After all, he doesn't want to end up a victim of some of this potential Midgardian magic.

"Does it matter. It is for a personal matter, and the only one single person will be effected by it. I mean you really do not expect me to reveal my entire hand to a person that is known as the god of lies. At least, let me think that I have the upper hand in this deal." Ozymandias smirks behind his mask. "I am not even be practicing the magic, another person will be. I just want to know if you know of that tome. The tome may no longer exists.

"Of course it matters," but Loki leaves it at that. He glances at the other items, "It's an impressive collection," is offered regarding the artifacts. He doesn't confirm or deny that the other may or may not have an upper hand, however. He does lift an eyebrow even as he looks back at the other, "Well, if I am the god of lies, would you believe any answer I gave?"

"If you deliver the tome, there are ways I can verify its contents, and I will owe you a favor." Ozymandias says, "And I from a time when that means something. In any case, I return the items to the table to you. Thank you for meeting with me. If you wish to find me again, I am sure you have ways to do that.

Loki is quiet for a moment before he gives a chuckle, "If anything, you've piqued my interest." Either about the man himself or the tome…or both. "Thank you for the gifts." The items will disappear at the wave of his hand, no doubt going somewhere of his choosing. "I certainly hope that the next time we meet, it won't be in this dank warehouse. You seem like you have better taste than that."

And with that and a flash of blueish light, Loki is gone.

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