Power Supertastic

May 21, 2015:

Power Girl and Supergirl try to stop a monkey…

New york


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Fade In…

There! Over the horizon! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No!


Faster than a speeding Supergirl, more powerful than a rampaging Kara, Power Girl was busy flying high over New York, when… when…!!!

A cry rings out in the night. A cry for help. A cry of sorrow and fear.

A chimpanzee monkey was holding up a pedestrian, his monkey lip curled up into a snarl. Karen's eyes narrow. "…I finally found you, Jangles."

Needless to say, Karen's lab had produced results since we last checked in.

/Villanious/ results.

On the other side of the horizon! Another object rapidly approached in a blurring streak of red, blue and yellow!

It was definitely moving faster than the other large ponderously powerful object in the distance that she thought resembled some kind of monkey ogre clad in a white costume! Her favourite monkey ogre.

Of course, being more powerful than a rampaging Kara would get Power Girl in trouble if she had been following the news. The Justice League: Avengers had failed to kill the President of the United States and Kara had destroyed a Hydra carrier full of soldiers in the blink of an eye followed by a very public set of committee hearings.

Kara arrives on the scene, arms crossed one over the other as she looks between Power Girl and Jangles, "You have finally found him. A man who will love you for who you really are."

She smiles brightly, "Hey Power Girl!"

Ok so /maybe/ Kara was faster than Karen. And /maybe/ Karen's sleek physique meant that she was more powerful than the other.

Stranger things have happened.

POWER GIRL rolls her eyes a bit as… "Hey Shrimpy McCupcake," says Peej, bringing up a hand to ruffle Kara's hair in a 'loving' 'big sisterly' manner. Harumph.

"I think what you mean is that… well… Jangles is causing trouble, and we should stop him," a beat. "You know, I think it's your fault anyways. The chimps were well-behaved until your group burst into that lab."

"Right. So you want to jump on the join blame Kara bandwagon to?" Kara winked at Power Girl, "I Mean if anything, it's your fault for experimenting on lower life forms. These monkeys are like, almost the same as humans if only a few evolutionary steps removed." Kara shrugged before looking back at the monkey, "So what do we do with him?"

"Well, I think there are worse bandwagons to join," Karen snaps a bit.

But she pauses, kinda sighing. "Well. Ok. I know you probably had the best intentions at heart." A pause. "…maybe," she says, kinda bringing up a hand to scratch at the back of her neck. "Well… he looks like he's mugging that girl, but, well…" Karen pauses a moment more. "He kinda has teleportation powers now. So you have to really surprise him, or he'll just poof away."

Kara facepalms at that last bit, the monkey mugging forgotten about for the moment, "Wait! Seriously, what possessed you to give a monkey teleportation powers?" She sighs and facepalms again, "Also, if we had bananas, maybe we don't need to get the jump on him."

"It's not my fault!" says Peej, opening her arms and hands wide. "In fact…!" The argument by the two women causes Jangles to look up, monkey eyes widening. In a flash, he was gone. And Power Girl puts her face in her hands. "I think…" she grumbles. "Someone opening a dimensional rift in Starrware labs led to some of the monkies getting… strange things. Like teleportation. Anyways, not like you're anyone to talk right now!"

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