Prelude to La Fin

June 16, 2015:

Captain America and Spider-Woman track down some information that could be pertinent to avenging the President and bringing HYDRA to justice

Marseille, France

It's a city in France.


NPCs: Jean Galembert, Agent of HYDRA



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Marseille, France

As the noir SUV plummets down the thin side streets, Captain America's eyes go wide as the driver to his left nearly hits a passerby. The sun slinks down in between the shadows of the tall, Mediterranean-slash-European buildings, and the roads are so, so narrow. One elderly man even has to suck in his stomach to avoid being hit.

"I think he went to the right," says satellite technician, obviously too young and inexperienced to be sitting at his Virginian desk, sweating profusely at the importance of this mission.

"Well that's helpful," Cap says as he looks to Jessica. "Care out on the main drag."

Captain America. Backseat Driver. Who knew?

Zoom. Zoom. An SUV is really not the ideal vehicle for a car chase, particularly not outside of the States where roads almost always seem to be designed for smaller cars. As the vehicle roars down the street, Jessica Drew swears under her breath and then nearly shouts at the speaker, "You THINK he went right?"

Not slowing down very much, the dark-haired woman whips the wheel to the right, the bulky vehicle fish-tailing rather noticeably and the back end scraping against a light pole as she makes the turn and chuckles at Captain America while peering ahead, "I think dying in a car wreck would be a pretty anticlimactic end to both of our stories, Cap. Don't worry." After that, she snaps at the speaker, and the tech on the other end, "Do you have his location?"

"You know, I was kind of thinking the same thing." Steve has his right hand gripped around the little handle at the edge of the canopy ceiling and his left hand digging holes into the middle console.

The Black SUV heads over a dip, catching air for just a moment before crashing downward, and sparking against a fire hydrant. Steve is trying to remain calm, but does spy his shield in the back seat. You know. Just in case.

"I got him. Straight ahead. This spills out onto the Canibere."

Steve looks back over towards her, "Alright, we're getting close to about that time," Steve says, getting more comfortable now that they're about to have some much needed space. "You wanna keep the wheel or take to the skies?" he asks, his eyes darting out over the street in front of them, all the while formulating a plan.

WHOOMPH goes the SUV as it crashes back down, jarring the vehicle's occupants. Meanwhile, Jess is laughing like this is the most fun she's had all month. "Straight ahead?" The heroine and SHIELD agent repeats before pressing her foot firmly down on the gas pedal. A wooden fruit cart just barely sticking out into the edge of the road gets clipped and produces a sharp cracking of wood, the momentum enough to flip the thing and scatter its contents across the street.

At Steve's question, Jessica glances aside to him, green irises visible behind the yellow lenses of her glasses while they barrel down the road, "I'll keep the wheel for now. Doubt I'd be able to keep up by gliding unless I climbed a building first. And a tall one, at that." Eyes back on the road, she wonders, "Do we need this guy alive, or just dealt with?"

"Alive," both Steve Rogers and Morgan Warrantz respond in unison despite one being in France and the other being just outside of Washington D.C.

Steve nods to Jess and reaches back to grab his large shield. He has to shimmy it just a little bit to get it through and now rolls down his window. "Steady as she goes, Drew."

Steve's head ducks out first before he drags the rest of his body out the window. Three seconds later his hand grabs and yanks out his shield.

Steve can't hear for anything up here as the wind whistles through his helmet, creating a cacaphony of blaring sound into his ears. He takes a low position and prays Jess doesn't jerk the wheel too hard.

"Alive. Of course," Jessica remarks in a dry tone before glancing aside as Steve starts moving, "I'll keep it steady. I think they'd send me back to the UK if I got Captain America killed." The dark-haired woman flashes a quick grin before focusing her full attention on the road again, which the SUV is eating up at an impressive pace, hopefully gaining on their target.

Only adjusting the wheel when needed, like to avoid killing somebody, hitting something significant, or smacking Steve into something, Jess asks the speaker, "How close are we now?"

"See that red sedan up there? The Benz?" says Warrantz, now visibly perspiring through his shirt in the dark control room in America. "That's him. There's another guy in there with him. Armed and Dangerous."

Cap kneels low upon the roof and readies his shield. He can't say that he knows Drew all that well, but he trusts her. And with everything going on lately, that has to mean something, right?

"Armed and dangerous, like he has a gun, or more armed and dangerous than that?" Jess asks in her faint, vaguely European-y/British-y mingled accent. She carefully shifts the car a bit to the left, trying to avoid any jerky motions as an obstruction appears to the right. And then the sedan is in sight, "Yeah, see it."

With Steve kneeling on the roof of the SUV, Jess does her best to continue closing the distance between the two vehicles. It's probably quite the sight, streaking down the streets of Marseille.

Indeed, as the SHIELD agents careen down the boulevard, gawkers are out in full force, and can pretty much pick up on what's going on. One man who watches the two vehicles pass by at high speeds from an outdoor cafe shakes his head, "Je deteste les Americains."

La Canebier is one of Marseille's main drags, and as Drew pulls closer, Steve decides he needs to act as soon as he can. The red sedan is cruising far too quickly to make a turn onto the Rue de la Republique, the final road before the harbor.

Steve coils his powerful legs and leaps in an impossibly long broad jump, clearing the space between the two vehicles! Wasting nary a second he scurries to the front, releases his shield from the moorings upon his back, and drives it deeply into the windshield, shattering it!


Gunshots ring out, one grazing Steve across the shoulder. Cap reaches in to pull the wheel hard, turning the car over as it flies past the rue. The vehicle, as well as Captain America catch air, all flying out towards the ocean amid a large and a far smaller splash!

Getting the SUV as close as she can in the time alotted, before they reach the end of the road, Jess waits until she sees Steve land atop the sedan and then swerves away slightly. Slamming on the brakes, the SUV comes to a screeching, rubber smoking halt a handful of yards from winding up in the river itself.

Swinging her door open and running to the edge of the water, the red-and-black clad heroine peers down at the water for a moment. She heard gunshots right before she stopped, no telling if any of them managed a serious hit on Steve or not. But…they need the guys anyways, and no telling if they're even conscious. So, leaping from the boardwalk, Jessica dives into the water near the sinking car.

Steve emerges from the water with a deep intake of air. He's about to go in again, when he sees Spider-Woman splash into the water, diving after the man in question. To be honest, he's not even sure which one they're supposed to get. Now that his communicator is fried from the water, he figures they might as well take both. So, he too, dives under, eager to grab the other one.

Going straight for the sinking car, Jess gives a thumbs-up to Cap before quickly swimming towards the vehicle's driver door. Which is hard to open underwater. But, Cap smashed the windshield. So pulling herself around, she reaches in, carelessly yanking the seatbeat harness from its mount before dragging the driver out, none-too-gently. A swift swim back up, and the dark-haired woman gasps for air as she breaks the surface. The driver starts sputtering and coughing, and the female SHIELD agent opts to hit him in the side of the head once he's over that, knocking him out. Dragging the deadweight back towards the boardwalk, she glances over her shoulder for Steve when he surfaces, "Well, that's one way to end a car chase."

Steve pulls the other guy up through the water, spitting out some of the saltiness as he does so. "You can say that again."


"You think he's awake?" Steve says, leaning down by the man and looking into his eyes. He turns and shrugs to Jess, not sure. Within an hour, the French government has allowed the two SHIELD agents use of a watery warehouse, complete with a steel drain in the middle of the room, as well as one of those lamps that hang from above.

The guy in question, Jean Galembert, sits fastened securely to the metal seat.

How all three of them had gotten here is a long story. The President was killed in Orleans, France, weeks ago. That night the killer was found. Amid the political furor, the funeral, the mourning, and the terror, the assassin had been taken off shore.

And tortured.

He didn't know much, but what he did know had sent a section of SHIELD on a ladder climb. A ladder climb that has taken them to Galembert. Steve would never be okay with torture. That's why Fury conveniently forgot to tell him that is what President Upton has ordered.

"One way to find out if he's awake or not," Jess remarks dryly and with a brief grin while moving closer to the secured man. Lifting one arm, a crackling sound becomes audible a heartbeat before green arcs of electricity begin to run up and down her hand and forearm. She looks from their prisoner, to Captain America, one dark brow arching in query. "Mister Galembert, are you awake," the heroine inquires in her accented voice, green eyes peering down at him, her glasses pushed up to rest amidst her hair.

Galembert's eys open up in shock, "Don't do it!" Steve steps back and opens his mouth the protest, but before he can, the little bitch cracks like an egg. HYDRA isn't made like it used to be, apprently.

"NO! Don't hurt me! I know what you guys did…I know what happens to us…Don't hurt me. I'll tell you. I'll tell you what you want to know."

Steve's eyebrows come together in confusion, he looks to Jess curiously as he tries to piece together how this has happened so easily. "What exactly do we want to know?" Steve asks.

Well. That was easy. The neon green arcs along Jess' arm dissipate, and she shoots a look at Steve, eyebrows raised before she rolls one shoulder in a discreet shrug. Stepping to Jean, the female agent claps a hand down on his shoulder, "Oh, we won't hurt you, Mister Galembert. Well, not as long as you tell us what we need to know." At Cap's question, she looks to him briefly, then back down at he prisoner, "What was your involvement in the assassination plot, and what do you know about it?" A pause, and she adds in a lower voice, "Don't lie or leave things out. I don't think either of us want to get to the point where we have to start making sure you are being truthful."

"I….I wasn't involved in that at all. I was in Paris when they were in Orleans," Galembert says nervously.

"Then what in the hell can you tell us that we need to know?" Steve says. Language and all that.

Galembert begins to cry. Big, fat, soppy French tears. "They'll kill me. They'll kill me if I tell you."

"Well, if you don't tell us, you're probably going to go into some secret SHIELD prison, and essentially disappear off the face of the Earth," Jess remarks idly, patting the sobbing Frenchman on his shoulder. "Do you really think the great Captain America will let anybody kill you if you tell him what we need to know?" She gestures with her free hand, waving at Steve, "Look at him. He's a pillar of virtue and everything honorable."

"They'll kill me if I tell you," Galembert sobs as he repeats himself.

"If you tell us what?" yells Captain America, getting in the Frenchman's face now.

"I know where Red Skull is….and I know where he's going."

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