Not Another Summers-Grey

June 15, 2015:

Another alternate reality refugee shows up and, for a change, he's not a product of the Summers/Grey breeding program.

Xavier's Institute


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It has been a trying few days for young Billy Kaplan who has not been born yet in this world. The young mutant arrived in an explosion of light and energy somewhere over the Atlantic a few days ago. He was picked up by a fishing boat where he has been recovering. The young hero is standing on the bow of the ship currently where he has been meditating for an hour listening to the sounds of the ocean.

As he takes a deep breath, he opens his eyes and places his hands into a pray position and begins to chant softly, "Take me to Xavier's School." He repeats this over and over as the air around him begins to shimmer and glitter. One of the sailors walk out onto the bow just in time to see Billy disappear in a flash of light!

The air just outside the main door of the mansion begins to shimmer and glitter as Billy seems to unfold from thin air and falls to the ground in a thud. He begins to swear softly as he gets to his feet.

The security at Xavier's is pretty damn good. Better than most government installations in fact, with ways of detecting intruders not available to most of them. But in this case, it's just a simple old camera that picks up Wiccan's appearance out of thin air. That's enough to engage a computer subroutine that tries to identify who it is and when that comes up negative, a real person is notified. That all takes less than three seconds. Flesh and blood aren't as efficient as computers so it takes longer for the person to pass on the information that there's a stranger who just teleported in at the front door so all in all, it's about twenty seconds till Mimic *BLINK*s in, in a flash of pinkish energy. "Let me guess. You're not the Avon lady here to sell cosmetics?" he asks, smiling from about ten feet away. He looks relaxed but there's a reason he's ten feet away. "Help you with something?"

As he takes a step back, Billy cocks his head to the side. "So…" He smirks softly running a hand through his hair, "It's been awhile Calvin, yet where I come from you are the head of the Brotherhood." He looks the man up and down, "And you were younger. Yet I have to say…you have filled out in all the right places in your old age…well older age." He chuckles softly as he takes a deep breath.

"My name is William Kaplan. I go by the codename, Wiccan. I am a mutant and well oddly enough. You may be the only person to believe me because I have been placed here by accident. My mother has destroyed my dimension and in one last attempt to protect myself and brother. I have ended up here." He cocks his head looking around, "Can I assume this is still the X-men?"

Cal reaches up to run a hand through his hair. "Well, that's a switch. Usually I'm the one who knows about the other person while they're confused about how." Not that he has any doubt about the how. "So you're a refugee from another reality?" At the question, he glances at the mansion and nods. "This reality's version of it, yes. There's going to be difference I'm sure. Starting with, I'm not with the Brotherhood. But since we seem to have been on a first name basis, should I assume you were?"

As he grins softly, "No. You dated my boyfr…" Wiccan pauses and sighs looking down at the ground, "My realities version of my boyfriend. When he found out you were with the Brotherhood. It broke his heart and he came running to me." He looks up looking at Calvin and shrugs, "You and Bobby were not a good mix. Kind of like oil and vinger." He looks at the mansion and asks, "Does this Professor take students?" He turns his pale blue eyes on Calvin, "I was a senior in his school and a junior member of his X-men."

"Bobby?" Cal asks, brow quirking. "As in Drake?" Then he shakes his head. "Later, not important now. Who was your mother? My condolences, by the way. I know how traumatic losing your entire reality can be." He considers the young man a moment then nods. "We do. From elementary school ages up to associate degree. I have to ask though, did Magneto exist in your reality? And if so, what does/did he do?"

The young man takes a moment to consider if he should reveal who his lineage is to this version of Calvin. He takes his hand and rubs the back of his next, "Ummm that's complicated…especially if my family is in this reality." Wiccan looks back at Calvin, "Yes Magneto did exist and he was a hero. It was my…my mother who was the villian. She went insane and with her mutant powers fought to remove the existance of mutants. With the X-men, I did what could to battle her. My powers are an almost near replica of hers. However, I was able to protect the X-men from her spell. However, in doing so I was unable to protect the rest of the mutants and when they were going to detain her she unleashed a final spell to will the universe out of existance. All I could do was think of me and my brother. I used my spell to try and stop her and all I remember was ending up on a boat in the middle of the ocean."

Cal nods at the information about Magneto and listens to the rest with interest. He obviously has some idea about who Mommie Dearest might be since he's not trying to keep his expression neutral. Female, mutant, spell. Villain and insane. Really, that pretty much narrows it down to one. "I'm going to ask you don't talk about your mother except to the Professor and senior X-Men. Cross reality correspondances can be difficult to understand and knowing about her there might affect how people here think of her. Or even worse, how she thinks of herself. And what of your brother?"

Wiccan nods slowly, "Are you a Senior X-men?" However, when he mentions his brother the tears begin to well up in Wiccan's eyes. "I don't know. Just as her spell took affect it expanded out in a wave. I was a head of my brother and he was behind me. I don't know if my spell took affect before the wave of energy engulfed me." He looks down as a few tears begin to fall, "And I can't sense him on the planet. I don't know if I saved him or not."

"I am." Cal answers. "And I'm also not from this reality. So I'm more familiar with your mother and what she's capable of than most of the X-Men are. As for your brother, we can try to locate him. Before anything else though, I'd like your permission to scan you telepathically and verify what you've told me."

As he begins to wipe his tears, Wiccan cocks his head to the side, "So you are a Mimic here as well then?" He hmmms. As he nods slowly Wiccan runs a hand through his hair and relaxes his mind. The surface thoughts are of the huge battle with Wanda, and Quicksilver. The X-men, Magneto and a few of the Brotherhood. The images are the last few moments of the battle with Magneto dealing with Quicksilver.

"Hold still my son. I do not want to harm you." Magneto states as the X-men charge Wanda.

Wiccan is at the front of the line, "Mom…please do not make me hurt you. Please come back to me." Scarlet Witch just response with evil cackling as a wave of red energy pulses from her. Wiccan slamming his hands together chanting softly, "Protect the X-men." over and over as blue energy pulses from him. The scene is quite impressive like two cosmic rocks skipping off the dark vast space of the universe.

The final moments as Wiccan trying to counter his mother's final spell and protect his twin brother. Then it all goes black.

In the here and now, Wiccan is clearly upset as another tear falls down his face.

"Interestingly, I've never met someone in another reality that had a different power. They might not have any power, someone else entirely might have that particular power instead, but they're not going to have a different one." At least not in any of the realities Cal's visited. Once he had permission, he reaches out to lightly probe Wiccan's thoughts. As promised, he restricts himself to verifying what he was told and anything immediately related that might pose a danger to the school. After a moment, Cal nods. "Yes, that's who I thought she was. The Professor will likely want to make sure himself but he's away at the moment as is Jean." He steps forward to clasp Wiccan's shoulder and gently steer him towards the door. "We'll do what we can to find him." he repeats. As for the rest of the boy's reality, that's pretty much a done deal.

"I don't have anywhere to go here. My first instict is to find my mother but…she might not even have been born yet. So I thought it might be best to come here." Wiccan sighs softly as he wipes the tears from his eyes. "It just felt like the right thing to do."

"It /was/ the right thing to do." Cal states firmly. "You have a place here till you get your bearings and maybe after as well. That's up to you and the Professor. As for Wanda and Pietro, they're not much older than you are. And Pietro is staying here at the school as well."

Wiccan blinks at that bit of information. He looks around quickly, "I don't think he should know I am his nephew…maybe I should keep it to myself I am from another dimension until I see the Professor?" The idea of his Uncle clearly makes him nervous.

"Keeping quiet about the relationship is not a bad idea. Being from another reality isn't going to shock most people any more." Cal states as they head into the mansion. "If anything, they'll be more surprised you aren't a Summers or a Grey."

Wiccan chuckles, "We had a Nate and a Hope in my reality as well. Hope was not…a very good person. She was a part of the Brotherhood who gave our Jean a headache more so then others. Hope once got the attention of the Phoenix and it was a fight of a lifetime to seperate them." Wiccan follows Calvin as he folds his hands behind his back.

"We've had a few others on top of them." Cal tells William. "Anyway, I'll let some people know you're here and why and arrange a room for you till the Professor returns. Why don't you get some rest or hit the kitchena nd grab some food."

Wiccan nods slowly, "I know where everything is." He smiles, "I am starving. I have been on a boat eating fish and chips for the last 2 days." He wrinkles his nose, "I could use some of that really good ice cream that Professor keeps hidden in the freezer on the top shelve."

Betsy steps out of the living room with her tablet tucked under her arm, wearing purple and pink the color of orchids and lilacs in a striking ensemble. She fires off a text from her ever-present phone and, peering curiously at Calvin and his 'guest', starts wandering towards the foyer, moving with a leggy if indirect stride.

"No, you only think you know where everything is. Trust me when I say that it's the small differences that will throw you more than the large ones." Cal and William have just come in from outside and the door shuts telekinetically behind them. "Ah, good timing. Betsy, this is William. He's another reality refugee but surprise, not a product of Scott or Jean's loins. William, you might be familiar with Psylocke in your reality before she had a little… accident. Anyway, I need to go let security know we have a visitor and talk to Scott. Contact me at need." And that being said, he *BLINK*s out.

Blink comes walking down a hallway toward the living room, plucking at her hair that's somehow still curly from all of Betsy's fussing with it. She's muttering herself and comes into view of the foyer just in time to see an alarmingly familiar fuzzle of pink energy and that very personal, signature sound as a person she doesn't know disappears. She stops in her tracks, frozen, eyes wide, and wondering if maybe she just imagined all of that. I mean, she had to. Yeah?

While it seems that more and more people are coming into the Institute, it's a little rare for them to come this time of the year, especially with the end of school looming. Seeing the new person on his security screen, he decided to make his way up…especially seeing that Betsy has approached the foyer. That could be dangerous. Or amusing. Either way, he decided to peek in and potentially be the spoilsport again.

It seems to be his new role at the school. He might be taking that title from Scott.

He's wearing his 'casual' clothes, consisting of a pair of slacks and a button-down, but he's also still blue and furry.

Kurt Wagner makes his way downstairs, a pair of earbuds in his pointy ears, his iPod set to playing some Amy Winehouse. He's clad in a pair of checkered pajama pants and a smoking jacket, a pair of glasses perched on his nose and a book under his arm. He reaches the bottom of the stairs and glances up as he sees Calvin suddenly disappear, leaving a strange young man behind, glad at least that Betsy is around as well. He reaches up and tugs his buds from his ears, "Pardon me, mein herr, I did not hear Calvin's introduction, btu I take it you are new here, ja?" he says, glancing over at Beast, "Ah, Henry, thank Heaven. You are a more welcoming wagon than I," he smiles.

As Betsy comes into view, William's eyes go wide and he takes a step back from the woman. "She is an…" Yet Calvin is gone in a poof and he frowns looking back at Betsy. He gives her a wave and tucks some hair behind his ear, "I know you a bit differently from where I come from. Sorry if I seem a bit shocked to see you here."

As the X-men seem to come out of the wood work suddenly, the young man takes a second step back standing near one of the outlets. The heighten emotional state of the young man causes the outlet to spark back and shoot a bolt of electricity at him. He winces in pain as it travels up his back and splits down his arms and disappears into the air leaving a faint smell of static.

"I am not sure which of you are Senior X-men so I am not sure who I am allowed to tell. But I can tell you my name William Kaplan. I go by the codename, Wiccan. I come from alternate reality that…" He clearly chokes at the mention of it again, "Is gone."

Elizabeth Braddock was a curvy British girl of about 5'6", but 'Betsy' is toweing Asian an inch shy of six feet, barefoot, and wearing 3" heels to boot. She raises an eyebrow at Calvin's introduction, and turns haughtily inscrutable features to Wiccan.

"Well, thank God you're not another one of those Summers brats," she says with a sharp exhalation. "Elizabeth Braddock," she says, not offering a hand to Wiccan. "But do call me Betsy- I don't stand much on formality. Hank McCoy-" she nods at Beast- "Kurt Wagner-" she pronounces his name properly, gesturing- "are both veteran members of our core group. The adorable pink one is my friend Clarice," Betsy says, turning amethyst eyes towards Blink.

"Welcome … back, to the Institute," she tells Wiccan, eyes narrowing at something, thoughtfully. "You've had a rough journey. Are you hungry? Thirsty?"

Beast glances at Kurt and gives a wry sort of smile, "I am? That's quite the statement to make, but thank you. I think." A sigh and a frown is given to Betsy, "I see we're going to need to have another discussion about confiddentiality and secrecy, Betsy." He then raises a hand as he steps forward, "I'm one of those 'Senior X-Men', I suppose…and it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kaplan. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get -here- if you're from another dimension." He then glances at the Pink woman, "You're new here too, yes?"

Betsy's deliberate use of her full name snaps Blink out of whatever stupor she momentarily finds herself in, rolling her eyes at the tall Asian woman when she knows she's looking. Her careful steps resume and she debates on whether she should dive into the living room and hide out for the rest of the day, or maybe be polite and take interest in the people she hasn't met before. Beast takes the decision out of her hands, however, and for fear of getting scolded by Betsy's ever sharpening tongue later, she clears her throat and folds her hands before her, bowing her head, her height making her look at that more younger than she is.

"Yes sir, I am," she replies to Beast. "I've been here a while, though, please, attend to Wiccan." She shoots Betsy a Look. "And it's Claire."

Kurt Wagner tsks and shakes his head, "Another alternate reality? God, it seems, may not play dice, but he certainly likes a full deck of cards. And many of them are wild," he says. "Still, regardless of origin, we are happy to welcome, especially if you have Calvin's blessing upon you, young man," he says.

To Beast, he chuckles, "Ah, mein freund, while I do my very best, I do not have your gift with words. I am a good listener, but a poor speaker," he says. He nods to Claire as well, having been there at the girl's arrival at the mansion. "It seems we are definitely having an influx of new blood around the place."

As his eyes fall on Claire, "Cal said I am not to discuss my arrival with any until I see the Professor. I guess I can tell you some of it." His mind goes to the Battle against Wanda, Quicksliver and some of the Brotherhood against Magneto, Charles, and the X-men. "I was in a battle. A battle against someone who was going to remove mutants from existance. You see I was a student of the Professor's in my reality. I was also a junior X-men. I was asked to come to the battle because…" His mind goes to his mother, an older and eviler version of Wanda…"my mutant abilities were the only one who could counter the attacker. However…" He takes a deep breath and looks down at the ground his eyes tearing up again. "I failed and she destroyed the universe. I am not as strong as her and made one last attempt to protect myself and my brother." His mind flashes to his twin brother and then it goes black to the fishing boat he woke up on.

"I woke up on a fishing boat here. I needed a few days to recover because of creating a spell like that nearly killed me. I figured it was best to find familair ground and pray there were X-men here. I knew of the mansion and where it was in my world. I took a chance and found it was here. That is when Calvin found me." He is telling the truth but clearly leaving out details. "And yes…I could use something to drink."

"Calvin vouched for him, Hank," Betsy points out coolly at the reprimand, unruffled. "And of the two of us, I rather suspect I'm slightly more well-equipped to ferret out an attempt at duplicity. Clarice, come down here and make friends," she scolds the small, curvy teleporter, her tone oddly maternal. It's like she didn't even hear Blink's protest.

With a laserlike focus, she stares at Wiccan, psychically evaluating him while he relays his story, checking for the inconsistencies that even a master liar would have a hard time disguising. "Come along, then," she tells the young mutant, and with a flick of her head turns and starts walking towards the kitchen. From her regal posture and prempetory manner, it's clear she expects Wiccan- possibly the world, too- to follow her lead.

If nothing else, Betsy Braddock's forceful personality is a consistent force from one universe to the next…

"Yes, I wish we were told of this influx," Hank offers to Kurt before he nods to…Claire. "A pleasure to meet you, Claire, I am, as Betsy so blithely offered, Hank McCoy, one of the teachers here as well as one of the X-Men." So much for secrets right now. He's going to have to talk to Betsy about that…after all, there -are- rules. "Welcome and feel free to ask any questions you may have," and he looks to Wiccan as well, including him, "That goes for you as well."

He then listens to the story, "I'm so sorry for your world…I hope you can find a home in this one. Know that we'll help you the best that we can."

He then turns to Betsy, "Great, Cal vouched for him. Did it ever occur to you that not everyone wants the world to know who they are? That some of us are trying to keep dual identities intact and not let the entire world know that we're mutants…which could, in turn, endanger the entire school and the students here that we're trying to help?" As she leaves, he just shakes his head. "I think I'm going to have to move."

"Thank you, Mr. McCoy, it's … interesting here," she offers shyly. Still, she feels rude and Blink has the grace to blush, pink cheeks growing a little red, as she listens to Wiccan and his awful story. Her brow furrows as she remembers losing her own world, though not nearly as literal but still personally devastating. At Betsy's chastising tone, Claire huffs but doesn't resist, coming further in to the room to follow Betsy. "I am also sorry," she murmurs to Wiccan. "Do you know what happened to your brother?" she asks, her fingers lacing together in front of her as she walks.

Kurt Wagner smiles to Beast and shrugs, "Life does not always RSVP, Henry. We X-men shold know that better than most," he says. He leaves the arguing about identities to others - he long ago gave up any pretense of having any life other than his own - he wore his disguise in public, yes, but only to make things easier in travel or performing simple tasks. He never truly pretended to be anyone other than who he is. On the contrary, in Mutant Town, he usually went unholographed, putting himself on display as a marker of pride and inspiration to his fellow mutants.

"I can attend to refreshments, if everyone would like to gather in the library or den for greater comfort? The kitchen will get a bit crowded otherwise."

And Kurt could be al ittle territorial about the kitchen, on occasion, especially when he was baking brownies. He always had brownies coming up missing.

As he takes a step to follow towards Betsy, he stops when Kurt chimes in and seems to be unsure of if he should follow or not. He looks around at the group and slowly follows Betsy as he looks over at Blink. His mind going to his counter spell against his mother. Her pulse of red energy extending out from her like a rock hitting the pond, his blue pulse slamming against her energy getting washed aside as the pulse hits Wiccan and his brother in an explosion of purple light. He says softly, "No. I tryed to sense him on the planet and I could not. Cal said that after he speaks to Jean and the Professor we might try and locate him."

"An excellent suggestion, Kurt, thank you." Betsy detours into the library and stands by the door, closing it behind everyone once they're inside. She exhales at Hank testily but lets the issue drop- it's one of those arguments that just sometimes goes around and around, very rarely with any kind of cohesive agreement.

"Do please, sit," she invites Wiccan, gesturing at a chair. She moves to a high-backed seat and drops into it with languid ease, crossing her legs at the knee with one foot bobbing absently in the air. She sits like royalty, her posture impeccable. "We don't want you to feel as if you need to live in the past," she assures the man. "Or that living here is contingent upon your choices. You're a mutant- you're family," she assures him. "We've all made mistakes at one point or another. And made choices that had painful consequences for right or wrong. But if anyone can help you find your brother, it's certainly the Professor and Jean," she assures Wiccan.

"Dr…McCoy," Hank corrects with a smile but it quickly fades and he gives a sigh. "It seems Betsy has things well in hand." He looks then to Wiccan, "If your brother is a mutant and he's around, the Professor and Ms. Grey should be able to find him. It might take time, but we'll look. We may even have other contacts to see if he somehow went…elsewhere." But the others have moved on and he ends up talking to an empty foyer, he'll just sort of slink back towards his office.

Blink, in comparison to Betsy, finds a nice sturdy, small side-table between chairs, pulls the stack of books off it and carefully replaces them on the floor. Her motions are subconscious, thinking of only sitting someplace a little more elevated that isn't all squishy-surfaced; a habit, maybe, from her forest dwelling years.

Hard, elevated spot required, she sits on table and pulls her legs up to sit Indian-style, compact and comfortable, listening and flushing apologetically at DR. McCoy when he so kindly corrects her. She pulls on one of her pointed ears, a little nervous but very interested in this new person, having only just gotten here herself; she can't help it.

Kurt BAMFs around for a little bit. He gets together some refreshments, arriving in advance of Betsy and the crew to leave several glasses and a pitcher of iced tea. He returns to the foyer briefly, clapping Beast on the shoulder quickly, "Do not take it personally, mein freund, Betsy is a headstrong woman, perhaps even more so now that she is transformed. I am not sure the Professor herself could convince her of anything of which she does not want to be convinced. Here, have a brownie," he says, leaving a treat on the Beast's shoulder.

He then BAMFs back to the kitchen, getting a full, proper plate of the brownies, stopping off at his room to drop off his book (he's never going to get that thing red), and then rejoining the rest as they settle into the library.

Wiccan moves to sit down as he crosses his legs, "I am grateful for the kindness. There are alot of differences for me but some are similair." As Hank prepares to leave, "Hank…I mean Dr. McCoy runs the C.I.M in my reality. It was the Central Intelligence of Mutants. He worked hand in hand with the Professor and Magneto against the Brotherhood." He doesn't mention his mother or uncle. He sits back and enjoys the softness of the cushions. "I have not been born yet and not sure if I will be in this reality. But I hope my spell was able to protect my brother enough to at least get him here or to a different world where he might be safe." He sighs softly.

Betsy's eyes flare a bit at the sight of brownies. Betsy is perpetually on a low-carb diet; Kurt could probably start up a secondary career as a chef. It's a battle of wills, one which she loses with more frequency than she'd care to admit.

With visible restraint, she folds her fingers in her lap, nose flaring at the scent of the delicious baked goods. "We do have a number of refugees from other times and space," Betsy informs Wiccan. Not that she understands /how/, but she knows they're out there. "Many of them number among our ranks- the Institute seems to frequently be a bastion of stability and order, a haven, in many universes. Some of them can help you adapt to life here, in ways small and grand."

Blink spots the brownies and is a little torn, as she loves chocolate but it's also been giving her funny dreams lately. What decides her is Betsy's reaction, and with her eyes never leaving her mentor's, she slowly reaches over, grabs the biggest brownie there is, and takes a bite right in front of Betsy. A slow, sensuous bite, and she rolls her eyes up in her head and goes, "MMMMM. SO GOOD." And continues to eat it at that pace, right next Betsy. Even leaning a bit to give her a better angle as Blink taunts her favorite person. "These are so great, Kurt," she murmurs, and -reaches for another one.- And takes a bite.

Kurt Wagner can't help but blush a little bit under his blue fur, "Thank you, Claire, I can only take so much credit. The recipe belongs to a monk I met in Zurich, a lovely old Benedictine. Very fat," he chuckles. He sits, his legs crossed and three fingered hands settled across his lap as he considers, "Whatever the circumstances, it sounds likey ou have been through much turmoil, young man. Hopefully, we can provide you with a degree of shelter from the storm, as we have young Claire here." he says.

As he chuckles softly, "Brown and Ice Tea. Brown and Ice Tea." In a quick flash of blue from the table to his hand, a brown and a glass of ice are in each of Wiccan's hand. He takes a bite of the brown and closes his eyes. The first real food he has eaten in days. He opens his eyes and takes a sip of the ice tea and says with a smile, "Thank you Kurt. These are wonderful."

Betsy's eyes narrow harshly at Blink, but she doesn't make any remark or gesture at the incredibly obnoxious way Blink gluts herself on the brownies, right in front of her. Apparently, she's not big on being passive aggressive.

"Dinner is usually served in about an hour," she tells Wiccan. "We gather as a group as often as possible. But the kitchen is available at all hours for people who are hungry in the middle of the night. If you want to cook, you can use house ingredients, or you can bring your own and label them."

Wiccan nods slowly, "Would it be ok if I could lay down some. I am still not feeling that great. I teleported from the ship to the mansion but it took alot out of me because I did it so soon. A few days of rest and I should be right as rain." He smiles as he finishes his brownie and stands up in one fluid motion. "Maybe Claire can show me to a room I can sleep in until everything is ironed out?" The young man looks sad but exhausted at the same time.

Blink giggles softly, something she's doing more often the more she's here, safe and with wiser company. "You'll like it here, Wiccan," Claire murmurs, smiling at the newcomer. "It's safe, and it seems people here know what they're doing." Her tone is teasing but sincere. She perks at the idea of showing him a room. "I can… do that?" she says, looking at Psylocke. "Yeah?"

Kurt Wagner laughs softly, "Betsy, have you been convincing our new fraulein that she needs to ask your permission for everything? he says, teasing in his own right. "Yes, absolutely, get some rest, young man. The mansion is always open and there's almost always someone awake. I, for one, am often keeping with the strange hours. There is a reason they call me Nightcrawler, ja?" he says good naturedly.

He looks back over at Betsy, "Are you sure you won't sample one, Betsy? I added a hint of salted caramel to the fudge, it makes for a richer experience," he ays.

Betsy turns those flat, irritated eyes onto Kurt, reaching for the plate of brownies and breaking one deliberately into quarters. "A /taste/," she says, attempting to reprimand him on multiple levels.

And then she takes a bite, eyes fluttering, and chews very, very slowly, forcing herself to take deep, steadying breaths. "It's quite all right, Clarice," she tells Blink, swallowing the small bite. "He'll be in the boy's wing for now. Please make sure to announce yourself before going in there, though. Thank you."

Wiccan smiles softly as he moves to stand near Clarie and says, "Do that vodoo do that you do…so well." He gives everyone a wave goodbye as he waits for Clarie to blink him there.

Blink goes frozen, staring at Wiccan with wide eyes. "I uh… um." She winces. "Let's walk, instead?" she offers, her joy fading quickly as she stands, jittery, and trots off to lead the way.

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