Mythological Gotham

May 27, 2015:

The Fox needs to question some Oni, in a marketplace in Gotham… and takes May with him



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Kane, or rather, The Fox, is walking a beat. Okay, he's going to check in on one of the Weirder places in Gotham because someone's causing trouble in the supernatural scene and this place is often a good one to pick up info. It just happens to be within spitting distance of Arkham Asylum. Which may or may not be coincidence. He's never figured that one out. "So I don't know how many normals have ever seen this before…" He glances up, eyeing a doorway a few blocks ahead. "I don't mind saying I wouldn't mind some physical backup but I'll take digital backup too. At least you may find the show interesting."

From the Clocktower, Oracle watches The Fox's progress as she listens. "Normals, huh?" The redhead is amused by the term. "I'm riding along, as I usually do. Let me see if I can find you some other backup though." On another channel, Oracle replies "Well, I hope Joshua and Lynwen are settling in, May. And I hope that your privacy isn't too affected." She's not sure how she would go if her solitude was disrupted like that. "The Fox is requesting physical backup. He's checking out some arcane type disturbance, would you be able to respond? Coordinates being sent to your communicator."

It takes May a few moments to respond, which typically means she's in SHIELD territory. When she does, though, it's by text. 'Will take a few minutes, but I can respond.' Then she's quickly checking her personal arsenal and hurrying out to catch the nearest ley line. That's the only way she can get there even remotely quickly. About Joshua and Lynwen, they're not invading her privacy at all, because she's staying in her assigned quarters in the Triskelion. It's not like she's never done that before.

Probably about five to ten minutes after Kane requested backup, May is approaching his location from the nearest ley line junction a few blocks away. "Give me a sitrep, Oracle."

"Not so much a disturbance, Oracle, as a place that's kind of always disturbed. Allegedly it's neutral ground but in practice that only means everyone gets beaten up equally. I've had enough Minotaur beatings this year, thanks." The hooded, masked vigilante is approaching what appears to be a wrought iron gate that goes into an alley between buildings. He pauses and looks around. Ah. May. Interesting. "Hello there. Ready for some weird?"

"Equal opportunity beatings, sounds more my style, Fox." Oracle conferences the comms and watches as May joins him. "So just a routine inspection, Fox? Or have you heard or detected something that has you concerned?" From her vantage in the Clocktower she can watch normal crime, the arcane stuff… she's still working on that.

Melinda May simply nods to the fox-masked man, then answers his likely rhetorical question. "No." She then waits for an explanation for why she's here.

"Going to beat a bush." The Fox explains as best he can without actually showing her. "Remember the attack on the DA a few weeks back? That originated from somewhere within the magical underworld. You don't get firepower like that without knowing the right names to name. This place is the best place to find out. Careful, though, bush may beat back."

Looking down at his comm the Fox things. "Oracle… what do you have on those mafioso types that were at the haunted factory?"

"Tracy Spittone was the daughter of a local crime boss here." Oracle summarises for May "About 2 years ago, she changed her name, disappeared for bit and then took a job as an EA to a CEO here. She went missing and the business shut down… when she was found, it wasn't nice." The Fox can fill in the rest for May.

The research the redhead has been doing is extensive but not everything is making sense just yet. "The ones that we disturbed, when you put Tracy to rest, were Italian mob with connections to Greece. The company that Tracy went to work for, had some pretty big dealings with a couple of businesses based out of Athens." Oracle reviews the data in front of her "I haven't connected those businesses to anything for the mob here, but I don't believe in coincidence.

"I've had some recent dealings in Greece as well. There's a definite pattern forming." May then nods to the Fox. She's ready for whatever they're about to do.

Kane opens the gate… and steps down the stairs. Where there should be a narrow alley the place opens up into an enclosed, distinctly 'back street' kind of market. Stalls and tables are setup and everwhere people are arguing loudly. Or talking loudly. Same thing? The thing is… few of them are people. There's a few lamia over there… and a couple of coatls flying overheard. A fury is in the corner drinking something… rather red. The Fox masked man glances around, looking for someone in particular. "This way." He says, moving off through the crowd.

"It can't be a coincidence Oracle. See if any of them have holdings in Crete. That'd be a giveaway there." As they move a large cyclops bumps May.

May is known for being stoic. But this place. Sheesh. It's actually an effort to not look around and gape at anything or anyone. And when the Cyclops bumps into her, she very pointedly does not meet the taller being's eyes, though she makes a quick mental check to see if it tried to pickpocket her.

"I've been looking, believe me. That was the first thing I looked for." Yet still, Oracles searches continue. "Dealings in Greece, May?" The pattern is definitely concerning. "Let me try something else… " Reconfiguring one of her searches, the woman in the Clocktower tries a different approach and immediately gets a result. "One of the thugs we upset the other night, Fox, has distant family in Crete. I hadn't got to checking that yet."

The Fox moves forward through the crowd. He's getting some looks. May is too and they're very wary looks. Over near one side she might see a few… well they look like women, but they have very vulpine features. Fox demons. They're talking in hushed mandarin about something. A bit further up there's a Naga arguing with a harpy. It's kind of like someone stepped into wonderland.

The one the fox masked man seems to be making for - as a coatl buzzes him and May - is a rather fierce looking set of men and women who might be M-Town residents if all of their features weren't fangs and horns and red or purple skin. "Oni." He whispers aside. "Yakuza Oni, even better. This is gonna get interesting. They're not real happy with me after I helped some monkes clear them out of the temple district."

Melinda May glances at Kane sidelong. "So I'm your bodyguard here. Good to know." She knows the name Yakuza, at least, and it does NOT have good connotations in her mind. She hasn't reached for any of her concealed weapons yet, but that doesn't mean she can't get to them instantly if needed.

"He probably wants them to know the types of resources we can bring to bear, too" Oracle watches as May and Fox approach the group. "Digging deeper on that family connection in Crete. It's a sizeable business, nothing too flashy, but enough turnover to make it a good front." The term Yakuza has her shuddering "Any connection to the trouble I've had here, Fox?"

"Well less bodyguard and more backup. They might be related to that but I'm more concerned that they've been recently approached by ''someone''. I want to know who it is." Because the Fox masked man is expecting there to be a fight. Seems he's not the only one. As he approaches people move out of the way and a clear space forms in this strange 'market'. Monsters of all kinds are watching from Minotaur to half Jotun. "Aren't you glad you came?" He murmurs.

"Kirin." He nods to the leader who, appropriately, has a single horn protruding from his forehead and is otherwise a mass of muscle about seven and a half feet tall. "We need to talk."

Oracle, from her feeds, can see that not only is the space cleared along the ground. The various places where the monsters capable of flight have perched are clear as well. Which is… interesting. And perhaps odd. It means someone expects trouble from the sky.

Kirin spits and his little group tenses. "Yeah, I thought you might feel that way…" The druid sighs.

And then everyone goes for their weapons>

Melinda May simply nods to Kane at his explanation, such as it is, then stops and stands about a step back fromt he fox-masked man as he speaks to the one called 'Kirin'. And she goes for weapons as well when everyone else does, pulling two small metal rods from her sleeves, and with a flip of each wrist the metal rods in her hands become foot-long batons with blue arcs of energy sparking briefly at their ends. Bring it, you wannabe Yakuza losers. But, that's something May would NEVER say aloud.

"Heads up" Oracle gives the warning "Expect something to come from the…. there it is …. coming in from the North." Her security feeds aren't giving enough definition yet "It looks big."

Oracle's not wrong. The moment everyone goes for their weapons there's a roar and a thudding of the ground as an honest to god Orgre leaps at them. Clearly, from his look, it's a safe guess that he's on the Oni's side. Not that the Oni are letting up. Kirin goes right for May along with a small female thinking May might be an easy target. He's got a club, she's got a daisho. Kane's up against a smaller trio, putting up an admirable defense against flail, blade and club armed thugs. He really is, as May has seen, quite good.

What may be of interest to Oracle is the fact that as the combatants swirl, she can see markings on each that seem to be… barcodes?

Sometimes, the best way to beat a foe is to make them think they have the upper hand. So, when Kirin and a female come toward her, May adopts a defensive pose and takes a step or two back. But that only lasts for as long as it takes for Kirin to miscalculate. Then she's pressing her attack, using one of her batons to fend off the female's daisho (and likely ruining the edge on those blades by smacking them against titanium) and the other is aimed to give Kirin a hefty shock.

Zooming the security camera's in as far as she can, Oracle takes a screen shot of the bar codes and then runs them through her computer system… Maybe they will reveal something. "There are, what appear to be, barcodes on your opponents. I'm running them through the system now, but maybe you should target them…"

May's opponents clearly weren't expecting anyone trained, much less willing, to fight back. In most Supernatural creatures' estimation The Fox is an anomaly and one who gets away with it because he has magic. The big Oni staggers back rubbing at his horn and scowling. "Wielding the lighting are you. Well how good are you going to be when -hurk!" The Fox catches the guy across the back, making him stagger again, and turn, presenting his back to May.

Which she may want to do something about. That Ogre's almost on top of her.

The barcodes don't seem to match anything… well one almost matches the Walmart scann for ketchup but that's about it. Her own algorythms suggest another alternative. This isn't really that dissimilar from markes used by some far flung criminal enterprises to distinguish their members. The Yakuza don't do it but… someone else might.

Melinda May never turns up an opportunity to fell a bigger foe in one hit. The moment Kirin's back is to her, she stabs him with the baton and its taser-tip set to full blast. The daisho wielder gets a particularly decisive kick for her trouble, and regardless of whether Kirin goes down or not, she scrambles clear of the Ogre's approach. The batons are put away just as quickly, and out come the butterfly swords. They want shit to get real, she can do real.

No the barcodes and Oracles systems churn through the data quickly… and reveal nothing yet. Moving from reading the barcodes to trying to match them to known marks, a range of possibilities are displayed. Nothing concrete.She'll keep searching.

The Fox sweeps the legs out from one of his opponents as Kirin is electrocuted and then shoved forward. Another one suffers a deep cut to the shoulder and gets kicked away.

The woman lunges at May again as the Ogre comes in from the other side and swings his club in a downward motion, almost as if trying to play golf… with May as the ball.

The tactics from Oracle's birds eye view are remarkably primitive. They're fighters, but not warriors or soldiers. It's a pretty simple pair and overwhelm strategy. Oracle can probably read the patterns in it with her systems if she takes a moment… and find an opening.

Melinda May locks the woman's daisho with her butterflyswords and pivots them both so they've swapped positions — making the woman now the ogre's golfball instead of May herself — and then she shoves clear of the woman AND the ogre and moves to put her back to Kane's. "Troll's gonna be a problem. I could use a lift."

Oracles working the fight as her systems crunch through the data. "They've paired up and they're trying to overwhelm you. I think I've found a way you can break. On my mark, they'll be separated." Watching carefully, the redhead waits… "Now…"

The troll apparently won't be as much of a problem. It looks rather taken aback when it hits its own partner and on Oracle's signal Kane turns to break out of the two trying to hem him in and slice it good across the knees. Which sends it onto its face. The Yakuza monsters pull up short now that the odds are even. None of them are dead. They'd like to keep it that way. "Alright… now… as I was saying. We need to talk…"

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