Icecream On The Beach

June 12, 2015:

Ulani goes exploring… and meets more interesting Surfacers

New York Harbour


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Ulani's been tasked with finding out more about The Surface and Surfacers in general and the only way she knows to do this is to explore.

After her last experience with dock workers though, she's avoided the docks and comes out of the sea and straight up the beach and towards the city. Dressed in traditional Blue clothing (really, it's a bikini … maybe a rather small one at that too), the Blue Envoy draws the attention of those enjoying the sand and sun…

Stopping for a moment, the Blue Female gets her bearings… and looks towards New York proper.

Thor is flying over the city, troubled by the actions of the imposter sullying his good name. Some point up and smile in wonder, while others throw food at him. Of course, this particular individual doesn't realize that Thor is thousands of feet in the air, so the ice cream lands back on their face with an audible SPLAT, much to the laughter of everyone in the crowd….but Thor is still…troubled, and considering his options. He notices the blue person on the beach below.

Other people get to have costumes that vanish and reappear and cover them strategically from nothing, and yet somehow carry all their Stuff around. That would be OTHER people. Simon Williams, sometimes called Wonder Man, having spent three weeks visiting a Blue Enclave somewhere near the Sea of Cortez, has been returned through one of those odd undersea Ways to just south of New York. So when he comes out of the water on the beach, he realizes… he's a bit underdressed for New York. Not obscene. Just. He does have a single piece of coral armor given him by the Blue Ambassador, though. It fits on his upper right arm and carries his phone, the one that has been 'adjusted' by the Atlanteans to withstand pressure changes and work underwater.

He spends a moment standing in the surf, forcing the water out of his lungs so he can talk like a surfacer again. One of the crowd sees him and says, "You're that guy."

Naturally his reply, "What guy?" comes out with a bit of extra water. Ugh. So annoying.

The beach has a great draw to a great deal of people- it's summer, it's warm, the water is lovely and so is the view. People stretched under the sun and slowly baking, trying to relax and forget the busy week. They make great targets for the crafty thief who knows when to snatch a purse or a duffel bag from someone who has achieved Sunvana and entered the trance of the sunbather.

It's why Vorpal is at the beach today. Sure, spending time by the surf is nice on the weekend, that's just an added perk.

The purple cat is very visible, sitting on top of the lifeguard station- not on the chair, but cross-legged on top of the little roof that shields the lifeguard from the harmful rays of the sun. He doesn't need to worry about those, he's a cat. He's practically solar-powered.

The emergence of Ulani, like a Venus from the foam, does call his attention because he recognizes the woman. And, of course, then Simon decides to emerge as well wearing… well. Wearing…

"Funny, he doesn't look Druish…" Why, yes, he and Gar had a Mel Brooks marathon the other night at the Titans Castle. But yes, now Vorpal has ammunition- he is certain he can use the Wonder Thong as blackmail for something at some point. He doesn't notice the flying Asgardian, though. He's too busy trying not to give himself away by laughing and falling off the lifeguard station. He's not succeeding very well.

Yet another pair of individuals walk up onto the beach from the waves just a moment or two after Ulani, though unlike the Blue Envoy or the similarly dressed Simon, Arthur and Mera of Atlantis' attire is far closer to Standard New York Acceptable.

Both Atlanteans' clothing (armor? there's scales) mostly cover them from necks to feet, though Mera's shoulders and upper arms are left bare and both of them are completely lacking any foot coverings. She looks around at all of the beach-goers, and the lifeguard, and the purple cat… and she looks away and rather abruptly locks down her mind. It is likely abrupt and harsh enough for those she telepathically communicates with regularly to actually detect.

Simons arrival on the beach has Ulani turning and looking in his direction. Canting her head she walks towards the man "Hello again, SimonWilliams, wasn't it?" That's how Rowan had introduced him. "I see the armband is of Blue manufacture." beat "Ahhh, there is their Majesties." The Blue Envoy inclines her head to the Atlantean monarchs before blinking at the telepathic blast… "Your Majesty, is something wrong."

That's when the ice cream cone drops on the person beside her, Ulani looks and then looks to Simon "Is this usual for Surfacers?"

Sorry, Thor, she doesn't know to look up yet!

Thor is at this point curious as to the number of people involves and decides to be social, or at least curious. He slowly descends, not really saying much, hair and cape flowing in the wind. He will hail any who wave at him and get close enough to be able to hear things without really adding directly to the conversation yet, just so he can get the context at all. He arrives just in time to hear, "Is this usual for Surfacers?" which does not at all sound like, "I seem to be having this terrible problem with my lifestyle."

"It was a gift from Ambassador Ka…" Simon starts to say to Ulani, when the Atlantean Royalty shows up, much more formally attired. Ah, well, the Atlantic is, after all, about fifteen degrees warmer than the Pacific so … wait. That doesn't work. Must just be the incredible laid-back thing that happens on that side of the world.

"Not usual," Simon answers the Blue woman, "but not all that rare, either. I think someone tried to throw ice cream."

He doesn't explain why someone would try to throw ice cream. But then Thor is dropping from the sky, somehow making gravity do it in slow motion.

And, ice cream thrown again by someone else; this one hits him. He tastes looks down at the chocolate dripping off his chest, and tastes it with one finger.

"Soft serve. That's cruel on top of disrespectful."

Throwing ice cream is not cool, it's just simply wasteful. Reality kind of twists a little as a Rabbit Hole opens, depositing Vorpal a few feet away from the creamed Simon and his entourage (because he's the movie star, of course). "I guess your last movie wasn't that well received- but you should be thankful. You should see the stuff people throw at Adam Sandler."

The cheshire lands in a crouch, and then stands, looking over his shoulder at the crowd of people. Yes. He sees you, ice-cream thrower, Ceiling Cat sees you.

And he grins. "We're not going to do that again, are we? Because that could count as assault. And that'd just be a shame."

He turns again to look at the Atlanteans- there's the redhead woman who stared at him before, but this time she's not doing much staring, which is nice. And then there's… well, Thor. Vorpal's never actually met Thor in the flesh. A full foot taller than the Cheshire, Vorpal has to look up at him. He grins, "… funny, I thought you'd be taller."

Mera reacts to the first ice cream hitting someone by immediately looking up as she lives in a place where threats can approach from any direction, but when neither Ulani, Simon, nor Arthur seem perturbed, not even by the Surfacer approaching from above, she relaxes again. She continues very pointedly NOT looking at Vorpal, though when Simon is accosted with some odd brownish concoction, a water tentacle approaches him as if offering to 'assist' with the ice cream.

Aquaman just raises a single brow at all of this as it's a bit… ludicrous. There are things he should be taking care of back in Atlantis, the orders he left behind are certainly being followed, but it's not exactly the sort of thing he likes to leave in the hands of his generals alone… especially not after recent 'events'. A quick scan of his mind at least allows him the peace of mind that Ulani and Mera and yes, even his, escorts are close at hand, just beneath the surface of the water within easy reach. He offers a small distracted smile to those nearby as his mind wanders.

Turning as the Cheshire arrives, Ulani looks up at the blonde man then to the Cheshire and then to Simon and the dripping mess. "Not usual, but not so unusual. No wonder my people find The Surface confusing." Vorpal gets a grin from the woman "Hello KeithVorpal" at least she didn't call him Cheeseburger this time.

Glancing at Arthur, the Blue Envoy sighs a little "They're in the water, Your Majesty." She means the trident of personal guards he assigned to her.

The newcomer to the group gets her attention again "Greetings, I am Ulani of the Blue." Glancing to the Royal Couple - do they know him?

Thor can see this is some kind of a …meeting? He's not immediately sure what the protocol is here, but he definitely recognizes the trappings of royalty, and there is something…familiar about them even if he is not immeditely recognizing them, though he is sure he should. "I am Thor of Asgard. Hail and Well Met." He hovers just a few inches above the ocean, unsure if being on land or sea might make a difference.

"Thank you, Mera," Simon says as a piece of the ocean helps him clear away the chocolate mess. "It's all fine until someone flings pistachio, and then things just get ugly."

No, he's not going to explain that. He's used to Mera peering at his surface thoughts to catch what his weird surfacer idioms are saying.

He looks at the group forming up and at the crowd - it's a sunny day in what people like to call "early Summer" even though that season doesn't really happen for another ten or so days, but people are very strange. Some of them are angry at metahumans, others are fanboys. There's probably phone cameras uploading to YouToobs and Herowatch and Villainwatch as well.

Simon nods to Thor. He's definitely feeling underdressed now.

The cheshire looks at Aquaman and Mera for a few seconds, and takes their aloofness for the standard detachment that was bred into royalty. Well, it was either that or the absence of a chin and a propensity to drool… in Aquaman and Mera's case, fortunately, it seems that those royal traits are more confined to some of the surface-dwelling royal families. Or maybe the other kind doesn't survive long in Atlantis… the Cheshire doesn't know a thing about that except for what the papers said during the hullaballoo- nor has he bothered to ask. Under the sea all the fish may be happy as off through the waves they roll, but it doesn't matter to a cat one way or another because it's a place where he's never going to be, take it from me*. He doesn't mind looking at Aquaman or Mera because, after all, a cat may look at a King.

"It's good to see you again, lady blue," Vorpal says to Ulani with a grin, "Though I seem to be a fish out of water among this rather hoity-toity crew…" Pause. "Except for Simon in the mankini." He gives Wonder Man a look that basically begs for indulgence. It's been a tough couple of days, "That's my kind of beachwear. Though, where are my manners?" he says, looking at the Asgardian.

"Vorpal of… I dunno, choose a place, they're all good ones, I guess?" he grins, "I'm a friend of Fenris." He's curious to see what effect that has on the thunderer. He's not kept up on the Asgardian drama because a man can only have so many hours in the day.

*(Unless, of course, something goes wrong and he ends up stuck down there for one reason or another. As these things tend to happen.)

Oh, good. Someone she CAN look at without getting into a snarl-fest. Mera turns to look at Thor as well, though her mind is still very much closed telepathically, and she offers him a nod hello. "Thor of Asgard. Well met. I am Mera, and this is Arthur of Atlantis." She doesn't know where this Asgard place is, but she can at least return a polite greeting. Oh, and any more ice cream gets flung their way, it'll get caught by a water tentacle and flung back from whence it came. Maybe a little more forcefully? Possibly? You can bet on it.

Aquaman's attention returns, sorta, to the group and he offers a solemn nod, "Hello." he offers as a greeting before staring back out at sea. A slight elbow from his wife causes him to start and look back to the people a bit sheepishly, "A pleasure." he adds, nodding to everyone. Thor, unremarkably, gets most of his attention. Despite Arthur's long standing career as a hero on the surface, ranging back far enough to make him one of the first of the modern age, he's never actually met the thunder god before.

"Thor of Asgard, are you one of this worlds Champions?" Ulani cants her head as the man hovers over the water "SimonWilliams, should we be concerned by the crowd that is forming" Given what the Blue is wearing, she doesn't feel underdressed… this is quite normal for her.

"Ulani, KeithVorpal… " Much of what Vorpal has said is misconstrued "There are no fish out of the water….." Shaking her head "What brings you here today? I had thought to explore a little, get a better feel for the Surface… "

As she speaking, another icecream cone arcs in her direction

Thor nods to Arthur and Mera first, since they are royalty. "I have heard of you King of Atlantis. Hail and well met indeed. Someday I should visit your kingdom if welcome and you are invited to Asgard if either of you so wish. Your work is known to me, and I find it well."

He looks to Ulani next and says, "I am a champion of Asgard who has some ties to Earth. It is one of the nine realms and thus protected by Asgard. Pleased to meet you Ulani."

He looks at the thrower of Ice Cream and is about to use a lightning bolt but decides its a bad idea. Instead, he lets others do it. Confident it will not reach its target.

To Vorpal he squints a moment, not at shock of his appearance but at mention of Fenris. "There are two sides to every story. Hopefully Fenris has changed his. It is hard for his family to do so but if he has your friendship Titan then perhaps he is not entirely… he was.

He waves at Simon and smiles.

"They're not quite a mob, but some of them are rude," Simon answers Ulani, "so you might want to be ready to play with water."

The coral-armor band on Simon's right arm makes a very excited noise as it's suddenly possible for the phone inside to connect to a cell tower, and thence to SHIELD… and a very specific ring tone sounds.

"Oh. Please forgive me, but that's my family emergency notification."

He touches the coral band and the phone slides out; a quick glance shows him what he needs to know.

"Apparently my brother has done something unfortunate. I'll return as soon as I can."

The nearly naked human male is replaced within a heartbeat by a purple-red crackling energy shape that disappears towards the horizon in a red streak of light.

"Aw, poot," Vorpal says as Simon turns into a streak of energy and streaks away. "Oh well… there's no need to play with water. Leave everything up to the cheshire cat."

It's a simple illusion, really. To those gathered at the beach, it would seem as if Thor flies off into the blue sky, while Ulani and the Aqua-Royals retreat into the ocean. The cheshire cat, of course, disappears.

Of course, they're all still where they were before, and they can see each other as long as they remain within the bubble of Vorpal's illusion magic.

"But just in case any curious people want to poke…"

And the music begins. Clearly there's a loudspeaker somewhere that is amplifying the music- which sounds like the bastard child of a beach boy's song and a 1980s new wave track. A young blonde woman with wavy hair and a cohort of fellow bronzed blondes jumps into formation in the middle of the beach and starts singing to rather catchy music and coreograpy:

~Because I'm a blonde, I don't have to think,
I talk like a baby and I never pay for drinks….~


And it's definitely an attention getter, the attention of the crowd being drawn by the gaudy spectacle once it perceives the heroes as gone.

"As I was saying…" Vorpal says, grinning, "… Fenris is alright. His father's a dick, though."

Yes, that one thrown ice cream is caught by a water tentacle and tossed back at its previous owner. And then the group of them are camoflauged by Vorpal, though all Mera can tell is that the humans are starting to lose interest. Finally. She turns her apparent attention back to Arthur after exchanging greetings with Thor before asking the Asgardian, "Is Asgard far from this New York place? I've not heard of it before." It's entirely possible that she's flatly ignoring Vorpal, even if his illusion is helping give them all a little peace.

Aquaman nods at Thor, "Perhaps it is time for our Kingdoms to once again open a dialogue. Odin and Atlan were not… cordial. Perhaps he will find me more ameneable." he offers a sincere smile to Thor and seems actually a little excited at the thought. Atlantis needs all the allies it can get right now, after the Invasion things have been tense. Simon's sudden disappearance causes Arthur to follow the glowing streak as it vanishes with his eyes, his lips turning down in a frown. He knows of Simon's brother, and the man is dangerous, very in fact. Still, is Simon thought he'd need help surely he would have asked. Arthur then places a hand on Mera's arm, his attention drawn back to her, "Asgard is another realm, not unlike Xebel, that houses a race of beings once worshiped by the Nordic cultures a thousand years ago here on the surface. It is not a place one can get to by swimming, one must use magic." Again, not unlike Xebel. It's the closest parralell he can think of.

Simons departure has the Blue Envoy frowning "This is the second time he's had to leave because of his brother." As no-one seems to be concerned by that, Ulani nods to Mera as the water tentacle saves her from the icecream. She's no idea that Vorpal has cast the illusion, all she knows is that the crowd isn't focussed on them. She does give the Cheshire a speculative look "Did you do that?"

Listening carefully to Arthurs explanation about Asgard, the Blue female nods slowly before turning her attention back to the Thunder God "What are the nine realms? The Blue are not familiar with much of the Surface, I've been sent to learn what I can."

Thor nods, "Odin is not quite the same man he was, but he changes little. Maybe if I entreat him he will change his mind. When you are ready, speak of Bifrost and I will be alerted to your desire to visit by Heimdall. I can see no harm in talking."

He nods to Vorpal and then tilts his head a moment, "His father. I wonder…." He rubs his chin in thought for a moment. "The Nine Realms are nine dimensions, worlds on other planes of existance from Asgard that one can visit by Magic or other means. I would potentially show you another at some point but would know thee more first. Still your company is well met.

"I am sure I don't know what you mean." the cheshire cat says when Ulani gives him a glance, his expression having moved to the stock feline that reveals little of what he's thinking.

This close to the ocean, his thoughts tend to wander, especially in the direction of fish- he can't help it. He says very little, in fact, as the royal couple speaks to Odin's heir, remaining remarkably still for his usual self.

And then when a particularly strong breeze blows, the cheshire cat is quickly disintegrated in a cascade of purple sand that disperses to the four winds, leaving nothing behind.

About half a mile down the boardwalk, a red-headed young man is waking along, speaking into his cell phone, leaving a voice mail. "Heeeey, how'd you feel like Sushi for lunch? My treat. If you pick this up in the next twenty minutes, I'll be at the Empress. If later than that… well, I'll leave you a roll. No promises, though."

He ends the call and walks away, his stomach protesting the fact that he's not at the Empress right now.

Mera looks at Aquaman as he explains about Asgard, nodding her understanding as she understands. Vorpal disintegrates nearby and she focuses on that for a moment with her eyebrows drawn together in confusion. She dismisses it after a moment, and almost visibly relaxes now that the purple cat is gone, her telepathy no longer closed off.

Aquaman chuckles and shakes his head at all of this, "I may take you up on that offer, hopefully my visit will go better then my great great etc grandfather's did." well here's hoping anyway. He glances once more after Simon's disappearing form, a thoughtful expression on his face.

The Cheshire cat disappearing has Ulani frowing more "Do you suppose that is normal for Surfacers too?" As Vorpal leaves, the illusion disperses but the crowd has lost interest in the group.

"I see, thank you for explaining that Thor of Asgard. I am familiar with different planes of existence." considering Thor words further "Potentially, I may like to visit. I understand your need for caution and should wish to converse more, I would welcome the opportunity to do so." She's not permitted to extend an invitation to the Blue cities, but that's something she'll raise with her superiors.

That Arthur is familiar with the Asgardians is noted for later. Maybe she'll question the monarch a little more. Glancing at Mera, the Blue Envoy murmurs "Is all well, Your Majesty?"

Thor nods, "Please do. One never knows what might work out. Leaving randomly is…not normal for surface dwellers Ulani but it can be for heroes. I do not wish to be rude, but I do have a need to be elsewhere as well. If we meet again we can discuss visiting another of the nine realms, perhaps Aelhaim to expand your understanding of the cosmos….your hignesses…" he nods politely, close to leaving.

Mera returns Thor's nod politely, finally skimming the Aesir prince's mind with the lightest of telepathic brushes. "Fare well/" Only the very sensitive might pick up on it. ~ I am fine, Ulani. The cat was … angry last time we met because I found his mind to be extremely unusual. ~

Aquaman's lip quirks slightly, "Majesties." he corrects Thor with a little smirk. He makes it a joke, but it's also a point. Thor is a prince, Arthur is a King, it may seem like a small difference but if he's to negotiate with Odin at a later date, he'll need to do so with certain things not taken for granted. He never used to care about this sort of thing, he was very light handed with all of it. Hell, he never bothered wearing the crown. Then Orm happened and… well. He wears it now. People need to remember and he needs to let fewer things sail by uncommented upon. Of course, he doesn't have to be a dick about it either. "I mean, as long as we're throwing around titles, though truth be told I think perhaps names would be best suited between us. Playing at Court was never my strength."

As Thor seems to be leaving, Ulani inclines her head once and looks to Mera. She remembers the Cheshire getting angry… "Your Majesties, Thor of Asgard, it has been an enlightening visit. Perhaps one day I'll make it past this beach again and see more of the Surfacer city." Ulani turns back towards the sea, where the guards Arthur assigned are waiting "I fear though, that now, it grows late and I must return to my city."

Mera watches Thor take his leave, then looks to Ulani and nods to her as she turns to depart as well. "Arthur, would it be possible to stay just a little while longer? I would like to try a Surfacer item SimonWililams once mentioned. He called it 'waffles'."

Aquaman lets out a slow breath, "Simon." he says, pauses, then adds, "Williams. Just like I am Arthur Curry." he eyes her, "You've been hanging out with the Blue to much, you're forgetting what you've already been taught." it's not like surnames are uncommon in Atlantis, though they're more to do with geographical locatiosn and city-states then families persay. He then glances back at the sea, his brow knitting, "…I would prefer not." he says simply, "We are under attack and now seems like an inopportune moment to be taking breaks to the surface for take out food." he pauses, then brightens suddenly, "However if you and Ulani would like to then by all means." This seems like the perfect way to keep his wife out of danger from Elder Monsters, better even then The Tide. "I'd stick close to the shore though, otherwise you'll have an escort." and the surface world prolly wouldn't take kindly to a Tide 'Invasion'.

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