The Worlds Fare 1939

June 12, 2015:

A walk through Flushing Meadows results in The Worlds Fare 1939 showing up….

Flushing Meadows - New York


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Zee's needed time to think. She's not seen Jes in a few days, nor has she heard from her…. Zee does know that Jes is spending time with John Constantine, so she hopes the Coyote is ok. Which leaves Zee pondering the issues in Limbo, Darkchilde-Zee, Darques plans. Her thoughts at the moment rest on the woman that attacked Nyx and Wanda the other day. Who was she…. Zee's somewhat sure what she wanted but knowing your enemy goes a long way to working out how to defeat them…

The Mistress of Magic is currently walking through the park in Flushing Meadows, dressed as she usually is. People mill around, enjoying the sunlight and every so often so one approaches Zee … either asking for an autograph or to take a photo with her.

Smiling at each one, Zee does just that as she continues to wander.

Wanda is a natural born wanderer and today her feet have brought her to the park. Hopefully it is just her feet rather than her unerring ability to find trouble. She is dressed in a short black dress, tights, boots and scarlet jacket - so her homeless style except that this clothing is clean and new. She is currently entranced by a flower. So much so that she is on her hands and knees on the grass and has her face right up in the tiny petals. "You will be alright" she assures it in a whisper before glancing up to see Zatanna approaching with her fan club. "Hello, Zatanna!" she waves, relaxing back onto her knees only. "There are flowers!" she adds before using the 'Keep off the grass' sign to push herself up to her feet.

Joshua is sitting on one of the benches beside the park's walking path, wearing his usual ensemble for summer days when he is not working - jeans, a tee-shirt that hangs loosely over his lean torso, and battered tennis shoes. He is holding an ice cream cone, and a young blonde is sitting beside him. When he hears sounds of some minor disturbance, he looks around the area. When he spots Zee and her fans, he smiles. When the groupies begin to disburse, he looks to the blond and explains, "It's Zee. The poor girl can't go anywhere without people mobbing her."

Sitting on the bench next to Joshua is a woman. Her golden blonde hair has been braided and bound up with heavy gold clasps. She is dressed in khaki capris and short sleeve peasant blouse. Around her neck is a gold torque and gracing her biceps are gold arm bands. The wind seems to curl around her and the trees branches sway towards the woman. She leans against the man. "Sharing yes?" Her accent is thick and her moss green eyes are bright as they speak. "Aww," She turns her head in the direction of the Zee then then her eyes got to the other woman who is talking to Zee. She raises her hand and calls out in English. "Good Day, Hope you are well, who is your friend?" Her words are carefully chosen and slow. Her accent is thick.

It's only a couple of people, and Zee's quite used to it. She's genuinely happy to see her fans, if distracted. Wanda's words draw her attention and the teen mage laughs a little… "So I see, Wanda. They are quite pretty." Offering her hand to help the other woman stand, if she needs it.

"Come, meet some of my friends, Wanda." Zee walks toward the bench "Hi Lywen and Joshua, this is my friend Wanda. " Glancing to Wanda "This is Lynwen and Joshua." Wanda may sense Lynwens power … or she might not … Zee's got used to both womens' energy. "What brings you all here, today?"

Wanda is happy to take the offered hand. "I keep forgetting you are famous" she smiles to Zatanna before nodding to the prospect of meeting some people. The grass stains on her knees and elbows are left as they are. "Hello" she smiles as she is introduced…Lynwen getting a longer look. Wanda definitely senses her power…and then she gives Joshua a curious look as to why he doesn't have any. Everyone Zatanna knows seems to otherwise.

"It's daytime" Wanda replies to Zatanna. Her pause suggests she thinks that is enough reason for why she is in the park alone but then she decides to explain further. "Angel is asleep" she adds, "She can't come out in the day and you cannot wake her up so I decided to go for a walk and see the flowers." A deep breath of the summer air. "This is like Transia…" She waves a hand of disdain at the skyscrapers. "That is not."

"Have some," Joshua encourages, offering the cone to Lynwen. "I'm I'm eager to see what you think about it," he adds in his distinct, English accent. "If you like it, we'll certainly buy more." When Zee approaches and calls to them, he turns to her and nods. Then his eyes shift to study Wanda. He inclines his head to her and greets, "Welcome. if you'll pardon my overhearing, miss, I must agree. The park is a lovely place to be on a fine sunny day like today." Then he glances to Lynwen before ehe answers Zee, "We came for some shopping and to run a few errands. Lynwen was curious about ice cream, and … well, you can see the rest." He grins. "And how've you been? We haven't seen you in a while."

The blonde takes the cone from Joshua. "Thank you." She sniffs it before she takes a small taste of the ice-cream, her face is thoughtful , "Sunstone, it is not bad, cold is nice, taste like strawberry and cream, too sweet, it is that white stuff and not honey, it is not bad." She says to him as she passes the cone back. She then looks up at Zee and her friend when they reach the bench.

"Shop ping, I am getting a dress. I am also pract ice ing my English. How are you doing today Zee?" Lynwen says in response to Zee even though Joshua has responded, it is good practice for her.

Her moss green eyes goes to Wanda. "I not," She pauses and frowns a little. "I am not fond of the city. That is why we are in the park," She pauses for a moment, "to rest and to try ice cream as Joshua said. It is a pleasure to meet you," another pause as she mulls over the woman's name, "Wanda." Her accent is strange yet familiar, sometimes it sounds almost Welsh, or Nordic and other times Cornish. Her smile is as bright as the sun and her tone warm.

Zee doesn't remember she's famous either. Since coming to the Tri Cities, her focus has changed… and it's easy to forget that she's also a performer.

"Angel?" Zee questions Wanda, she's not sure she's heard that name. She might have but there's been a lot going on. "So I can see, Joshua. Ice cream is good, Lynwen. A nice treat."

Squatting down, Zee settles back on her heels. "It has been a while, I'm sorry." With a small smile, she looks between the three "I'm helping Jericho with a project and Master Darques' been keeping us busy. Fenris too, really. He took me hunting the other night, to teach me how to focus… it provided some interesting insights."

"What have you all been up to?" Apart from seeing Wanda in Limbo and then out the other night, Zee's not sure what else the woman really has on.

"Angel is Nighteyes" Wanda explains, her own voice still has a heavy Eastern European accent. "But I did not think Nighteyes was a very nice name so I call her Angel. And she scooped me out of the river when I thought I was going to die…or I should have died." Apparently Zatanna has missed a lot. "I have not had ice cream in a long time" she frowns, mind wandering off for a moment before she's back with the others.

"I went hunting with Zatanna too…did not catch anything" Wanda frowns before trying to figure out what she has been doing lately. "I went mad" she shrugs to the magi. "A boy I liked didn't like me and I…" Her cheeks blush red, "…I did not take it well. I lost the world. I am not sure what I did but it was not good…you know about Nyx." She smiles apologetically to Joshua and Lynwen. "I am not safe to be around."

"Lynwen and I met a woman who needed someone to take care of her house and her pets because she is often absent," Joshua answers. "So, we moved to Staten Island at least for the summer." He accepts the cone from Lynwen and takes a bite softer the other side of the rounded scoop of strawberry ice cream. He nods to her. After swallowing the bite, he agrees, "It is good, although we might look into buying ingredients and making our own, if you would like to try that." Then he looks to Wanda and offers, "The cart is not far from here, miss, if you would like a cone. Tell me what flavor you would like. I'll be glad to go and fetch one for you. As for that part about not being safe, I have found that safety is often a relative concept." He waves to indicate the park around them. "This place, for example, is safe during the day. At night, it can be … less so."

Lynwen gaze goes to Zee and studies her; there is a sense that she peering almost into her soul. "You mentioned that name during;" she pauses she sighs a little bit, "the time darkness came from the ocean." She says to her. "Focus, is very important. Even with last breath you can weild with good focus."

That intense heavy gaze goes to Wanda as Lynwen listens carefully and pieces together what is being said. She snorts with laughter when she figures out some of what is being said. "Who is to say we are safe to be around?" She smiles warmly at her. "I am sorry I did not understand part of what you said."

She pats Joshua leg with and offers him a smile. "Thank you, Sunstone, we should try that. I think with honey and not white stuff. Can we make with other fruit?"

"You don't remember that I was there, Wanda? With Bobby?" Zee had tried to reason with whatever had been protecting Wanda that night. "That's when I sort of met Nighteyes…" Zee stands and gives Wanda a one armed hug. "Dangerous can be a state of mind too."

"Yes, I remember you telling me that May needed someone." Zee looks between Lynwen and Josh "Have you settled in there? I saw May the other day but really didn't get chance to speak to her about much." Not that May is really all that talkative.

Settling her blue gaze on Lynwen, the Mistress of Magic smiles faintly "Darque? A powerful necromancer who is stealing others power to feed the Darkforce." she shrugs slightly "I've had to learn new ways to use my power. Head on conflicts with his people … wasn't working too well. I'm learning to think about battle differently now, it's helping… " At least in the last couple of encounters, they haven't tried to kill her, they'd been too busy focussing on the results of Zee's spells.

"I used to live on the street but now I live in a nest" Wanda nods sagely to the pair on the bench before glancing in the expected direction of the ice cream cart. "No, thank you. That is kind to offer but I need to use my own money now." Wanda follows Joshua's hand waving. "There are parks worse than this one." She peers at Zatanna for a moment, searching her memories. "You were there when I was mad? You tried to save me?" Zatanna gets a tight hug whether she wants it or not.

"Is Darque the woman from the other night?" Wanda asks Zatanna before she explains that she is not. She nods along with the information before quirking a brow at Lynwen's claim of not being safe. "If you are not safe then I would not be surprised because I always find trouble. So, it is because I am not safe that you are not safe." Makes perfect sense to her. "I will go get ice cream…we may have hungry visitors soon. And no one is allowed to kill you, Zatanna. I won't let them." And with that she heads for the cart.

Joshua smiles and nods to Zee. "We moved soon after she told us about her predicament, and we told her that we were interested in the island," he answers. "It is a fine house. Caring for fish is a new challenge, but we have room for a small garden, so, on balance, it seems agreeable." He glances to Lynwen before he continues. Again, he inclines his head to Wanda when the woman decides to visit the truck to get her own ice cream. After a moment of hesitation, he questions, "We still remember that … woman who surfaced when we last saw you on the beach. Was she … in league with this 'Master Darque'? She troubled both of us greatly. I should be quite happy if we never see her again, but I suspect that we shall not be so fortunate."

There is a frown from Lynwen when Zee talks and she looks to Joshua. "You mentioned the name many times Zee, been waiting for you to explain." She says slowly with a nod of her head. "You should be like water or the wind. Fire and earth is the best way." She leans a little against Joshua. Her brow is furrowed as they talk. "Home is nice, we have a fey garden."

"No, none are safe, there is always darkness." She tires to explain, when Wanda leaves to go to the cart, Lynwen's eyes follow her before they return to Joshua.

"Thoughts and did I understand all they were saying? Did I miss anything? Was it correct" She asks him with a worried expression.

Zee is hugged by Wanda "Of course I did, Wanda… I'm just sorry I couldn't find you more quickly." Watching as the woman goes in search of icecream, the raven tressed woman turns her attention to the couple on the bench. "I've seen that woman one other time… she's a demon and her energy feels… familiar but I can't put my finger on it." rolling her shoulders to relieve the tension that had crept in, Zee sighs "I don't know if she's connected to Darque, there's nothing on her in my library." Which is always a concern.

"We still know so little about Darque." Zee continues her explanation "We know he's a necromancer and that his minions have tattoos on their necks. They use a power called the Darkforce, which is stored in a dimension called the Darkzone… and that's about all… We don't know what they're stealing the power for and that's our biggest concern."

Joshua frowns at the further explanations. When Lynwen asks for his assistance in understanding the mystery, he murmurs to her in Welsh, «"I think that you should rest your mind for the moment, Bluebird. Now might be a good time to use the coin, so that you will understand better."» He adds a few more words in Welsh, to explain Zee's comments about Darque. Shifting back to English, he explains to Zee, "Lynwen has been most diligent about practicing her English, but I fear that this is beyond her. i suggested that she might avail herself of the gift that you gave to her recently." He offers to take the ice-cream cone from Lynwen. At the same time, he adds, "She also mis-spoke when she said that we have a fey garden. The garden is not fey, but a fey is helping us to tend it." He bites his bottom lip and then suggests, "That might be something that Lynwen should explain to you."

Wanda traipses back towards the others with a rapidly melting ice cream in her hand - caramel by the looks. She is doing her best to lick it down quickly but that only seems to be making a mess of her chin as well as her hands. "I can hear a fair. Can anyone else hear it?" she asks, peering around at the park where there is very much /no/ fair happening. "Did I interrupt anything?"

Joshua is given a nod of her head. Beneath a clasp woven into her hair and hidden is the trinket Joshua speaks of. She finds it in her hair and touches it. A spell is carefully murmured and then when she peaks her accent is gone. "Thank you my dear Joshua." She says gently to him.

"Astral?" Lynwen asks with a frown. "There are other nodes or leylines that can be tapped into but what I know is not what is here now. I only know of what was and it may have changed. He could be going into other realms that are unseen." She nods her head. "A seelie saw the mark upon my shoulder and thought they would pull a prank on a human, they were young and did not realize what I was. They are mow tending the garden for month." She says this with almost feral smile.

She looks back to Wanda. "I do not think so, I do not think you did."

Zee looks carefully at Wanda and shakes her head "I don't hear anything" but that doesn't mean that Wanda didn't… Zee knows this about her. "What did you hear, Wanda?"

"I can see Lynwens been practicing her English, she's coming along wonderfully and I'm glad that my gift is helpful." Zee's quite proud of her efforts. "A fae gardener? That sounds interesting…."

Joshua shakes his head. "I'm sorry, miss. I didn't hear anything like a fair," he answers. "But then, I wasn't fetching ice cream as you were. That could explain what you heard." He looks to to Lynwen, and finally to Zee before he adds, "He is … paying a debt. He must work for a month in our garden, using ordinary tools and means of labor. He seems reasonable enough, although he did suffer a humiliating defeat in a battle with the watering hose." His eyes return to Wanda, and he questions, "If you are hearing things, miss, perhaps you should sit down and rest. It could be overexertion."

Wanda ignores the insult from Joshua to instead answer Zatanna. "Laughing. Music." She tilts her head to one side as she stares out over the park. "Children. Machines. Screaming." She drops the ice cream to the ground as her sticky fingers start to draw sigils in the air. "They're coming" she whispers to the trio.

There is a flash like lightning that shrouds the whole park in white. Then another. And another. No thunder accompanies the light but rather it is like the 'phztt' of an old light globe going out. Then there is a ghostly image overlaid the park. An image of old buildings trying to look futuristic. Of signs announcing the exciting visions of what tomorrow will bring. There are people there. Families mostly and they are all running from…something. A gtoup of school children run straight through Wanda and the bench behind her. Another flash of light.

Overhead there is now something growing solid. A ghost shape at first but then it becomes form. A giant zeppelin looms overhead, the low thrum of its engines filling the air. It has a number of strange looking antennae or aerials on the armoured surface and it buzzes with electicity…and the air smells of neon. People start to drop from the cupola. Soldiers…with jet packs. They swoop downwards to make a perimeter under the airship, pushing parkgoers out of the way or threatening them with weapons. To no one's surprise, pandemonium has broken out.

"I really appreciate he gift, I will give it back to you soon I hope, I truly appreciate." Lynwen says to Zee and by her tone she really is thankful. "There are still rules or laws even the seelie must follow; they were surprised to see me as much as I was surprised to see them. Once the debt is paid he will be freed." She says with a nod if her head. Her gaze goes to Wanda. "I did not hear anything are you okay? Or are you hearing the unseen?" The woman did notice the magic that was or is around Wanda. She looks back to Joshua, there is concern in her eyes for Wanda, but she speaks of the fey. "Aww yes him vs. the hose. He showed up at three in the morning, he now knows to show up after dawn has raised her head."

When Wanda continues to speak she frowns and listens. "You are a seer." Her frown has deepens. "Sunstone?" her hands are twitching and she rises from the bench she sitting on. Her jaw drops at the sight of the Zeppelin. "Future, a rift again?" The question is for all three. The wind around her them begins to pick up as the balance is disturbed. The wind howls. She starts to chant. Her chant is low and soft.

Zee's been around Wanda enough to know that 'Things Happen' (TM), and the teen mage is already alert. Eyes widening at the scene unfolding, a light starts flickering deep in her eyes building to a slow glow. "Wanda?" looking towards Lynwen and Joshua as the wind starts howling, "We should probably get people safe first…."

Joshua frowns when Wanda describes what she heard. When the stranger drops her ice cream, he stands. "Who is —?" he starts to ask, but the flashes and images of chaos forestall his question. When the looming shadow of the Zeppelin, clearly armed and dangerous, coalesces into all-too-solid reality, he leaps to his feet. When Zee urges for protecting the civilians first, he nods. Cupping his hands around his mouth, he orders, "Clear the park! Everyone clear the park!" Then he positions himself between Lynwen and the soldiers. A blue-white aura slowly begins to form around him. Again, he glances to Wanda. "You senseed this. Do you know what is happening, and why?" he questions.

"Do not be afraid!" says a German accented voice over loudspeakers attached to the underside of the airship. "We shall not hurt you. We are here as guests of your country." The zeppelin engines power down to leave it hovering over the park, its long shadow blocking out the warmth of the sun. Beneath it there is a circle of apprehensive soldiers in black uniforms and face masks - not the friendliest looking people.

A banner flutters from a trailing line beneath the zeppelin; it reads 'World's Fair 1939'. A door opens up in the underside of the airship and a small helicopter descends towards the center of the ring of soldiers.

Parkgoers have made sure they've given the new arrival some room but they're also New Yorkers and so have now stopped to ogle the sight…regardless of what some stuck-up Brit is yelling at them. "Just keep your shirt on, Prince Charming" mocks one New Yorker - himself resplendent in wife-beater tank top and jeans three sizes too small.

Wanda shakes her head to Joshua's question. "The voices told me" she whispers…because that explains everything really. "I don't think we should believe them" she offers but then she comes from a country where despotic dictators are an everyday occurence - maybe they're nicer in the United States. She frowns up at the giant swastika emblazoned on the airship rudder…or maybe not.

Lynwen's soft chanting hangs in the air. She pauses long enough to speak. "You are the hunter and the Soldiers they are the prey. They see the people and innocence as prey. To protect you sometimes need to think like that. The wind is just jealous. The earth is what I am speaking to, it is what I calling and awakening." The woman from the 400s explains. "The Hunter needs to distract the prey to catch it; traps are used for prey that is too large to kill with a spear." She begins chanting again. Nature magic and specifically earth magic wells up from the ground and it begins pool around the soldier's legs. The ground turns to quick sand and pulls them, the ground around them remains solid.

"Why are they staying? Are they all lackwits? Am I missing something? Should I have the earth let them free?" She mutters before she starts to chant again.

Her gaze moves to Zee and then to the Seer and then to Joshua.

"Because they're idiots" Zee mutters as the people don't move. Moving to stand beside Wanda and face the soldiers. "Wanda, I think they've travelled through time, can you help me get them back?" Zee casts a sidelong look "I want you to just think about sending them back, you don't have to do anything else…."

Zee's seen how Wandas' magic tends to work… instinctively, probably buried deep… and Wanda's lent Zee her power as well. Focussing on the Zeppellin, Zee's eyes glow brightly

~~ dneS ehT nilleppeZ ssorcA emiT kcaB oT erehW tI semoC ~~

The soldiers are being dealt with by Lynwens magic…. the helicopter… well, that will have to wait.

Joshua overhears Zee's guess about the Zeppelin at the same moment when he spots the banner and then the swastika. He glances to Lynwen first, and advises in Welsh, «"Free them, Bluebird! Our friends will try to send them where they belong."» Then he scans the line of soldiers, looking for those with insignia that designate them as officers. He calls to them in German, «"Return to your ship! Hurry!"» Then he looks to Zee, hoping that the mage can guess his intention.

"Gott in Himmel!!" is the surprised cry from the soldiers as they start to sink into the Earth. "Wir werden angegriffen!" screams out another in panic. And then some start to shoot. The firing of people who are not adjusting to a change very well - not very Master Race. Unfortunately that means that some innocent gawpers are now hitting the deck or falling to it as bullets slam into their bodies. Some of the soldiers activate their jet packs, attempting to pull away from the sucking earth. The flames roaring from the engines as they fight the magical drag.

Wanda was staring up at the zeppelin when Zatanna lightly reminded her that she was needed. "Hmm? Okay…they are in the wrong time…" Does this happen often in America? Her fingers twitch and spasm as chaos magic builds around her and starts to link with Zatanna's magic. Not Zatanna herself…it is too dangerous for anyone to be exposed to it directly…but it certainly boasts her power. The zeppelin begins to shimmer. As if being watched through a heat haze. Sirens start up on the airship. The helicopter stopping its descent and quickly rising again.

There dos not seem to be any officers on the ground, the highest ranking being a sergeant who is trying to get his men to stop firing but finds himself sinking deeper into the ground. He jams the ignition switch of his jet pack and it roars against the ground. The metal groaning with the strain.

A nod of Lynwen's head is offers to Joshua as earth becomes solid beneath the soldiers feet and the puddles of quicksand disappear. The soldiers find themselves standing on solid ground; they are not trapped by anything. Her chanting changes now.

Zee maintains her focus on the spell, watching the ship start to shimmer …. she senses Wanda's magic joining with hers and she murmurs "Just keep thinking like that, Wanda." It's up to Joshua and Lynwen to sort out the Soldiers… she'll hold for as long as she can before adding a push to the spell and sending the Zepellin back.

Once Lynwen begins to free the soldiers, Joshua nods to her and then repeats to the soldiers in German, «"Return to your ship! Hurry!"» Then he adds, «"We will not harm you, but you must return to your ship! It will leave soon!"»

With the sudden cessation of mud there are suddenly a dozen soldiers shooting up into the sky and struggling to get their flight back under control. Most do but one of the panickers, still firing his machine gun as he erupts into the sky, spirals off to the side and slams into the hull of the airship. The jet pack explodes and the man disintegrates in flames.

Wanda's eyes are all scarlet now as the power pours from her to assist Zatanna. She would never have been able to do this herself, she doesn't have that much conscious control yet, but Zatanna is doing all the hard work. The other soldiers quickly fly up into the cupola and slip onboard. The helicopter disappears back into the bay. Large cannons start to turn towards the crowds below…especially the four near a bench.

Time and space warp around the huge dirigible. It flickers in and out of existence. The ghosts of the 1939 Worlds Fair reappear. The buildings and pavilions all around the park. And then they are all gone - ghosts, buildings, airship.

With the soldiers gone and the airship gone Lynwen goes to help and use magic to heal those that are injured. She is shaking her head and chanting softly as she moves through the crowds the costs of the fair are ignored at the moment and she focuses on what is solid. She casts a look at the other two weilding the chaos magic, her eyes then go to Joshua to ensure he is doing okay.

When the earth finally release the men, and they ascend into the Zeppelin, Joshua blows a sigh of relief until that one jetpack-wearing soldier slams into the gondola and flames of his own making consume him. Joshua winces and grimaces. Then the whole threatening monstrosity winks out of existence. He shakes his head to clear it, and then glances around himself. Like Lynwen, he heads for the innocents near the scene to help them, even though he must resort to mundane methods like first aid rather than magic to calm and heal.

Zee doesn't wield chaos magic, Wanda's just worked out how to meld their magics so they work.

As the Zeppelin disappears, Zee lets her spell drop and turns to face the Scarlet Witch "How are you feeling, Wanda?"

Lynwen and Joshua are able to look after the public for a moment, Zee is going to make sure Wanda is alright.

"Tired" Wanda mumbles as her eyes slowly return to blue. She tilts her head to one side as if trying to remember whether something was there in the sky a second ago. "Must be the summer heat" she shrugs before noticing the disarray around them. When did that happen? "Do you want an ice cream, Zatanna? I was thinking of getting one. Are these people okay?"

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