Sneaking Is Of Much Value

June 11, 2015:

Stalking through the streets …. is a Fenris

New York


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Fade In…

It's late now. Quite late and the shadows have grown quite long in New York. Fenris is stalking through the streets as a wolf, sticking to the shadows and observing. One does not keep safe a hunting ground the size of the Tri-City area, much less a world of magic, save by careful observation and, when necessary, looking in on things and people. The Old Wolf may be missing most of his power, but these are still his grounds. And he will make sure that no one is doing anything untoward with them.

New York is getting to be more like Transia everyday; vampires, werewolves, mad scientists, huge wolves prowling the streets… Wanda blinks and stares at the huge creature even though he is keeping to the shadows. Yep…that's a giant wolf. The witch sighs and takes out a little box from her jacket pocket. She is sitting on a bench and doesn't seem too inclined to run screaming from the giant animal. "We have one left" she informs herself, "We gave one to Pietro…" Just wait until Wanda finds out he then gave it to Kitty. "We gave one to Brinley and one to Nighteyes. So…Bobby or Zatanna?" A pause. "I coudl get some more I suppose."

Zee stalks not far behind the Old Wolf, well cloaked in the shadows. He's been teaching her to hunt, an abject lesson in focus… and instead of the corset and leather trousers, Zee's wearing cargo pants, singlet and a jacket - all designed to blend in with the shadows.

Seeing Wanda sitting on the bench, Zee hisses softly at Fenris and stops in the gap between shadow and light and watches the Scarlet Witch speak to …. herself.

Fenris settles down on his haunches to watch. Power swirls around Wanda. Arcane, tainted power. It's kind of hard to miss. "Mmmm. That one's trouble." The God-Wolf murmurs to Zee. "Or could be." He cants his head slightly, still debating whether to approach. He'd rather not have a fight right now if he doesn't have to. "It's not often that someone spots me that quickly." He says more loudly.

"Well who are you more dangerous too?" Wanda asks the nothingness as she weighs up the parcel in her hand. "Bobby" she nods solemnly. "I should protect Bobby first and then help Zatanna." She slips the present back in her jacket pocket before looking up at the night sky. "You have a big dog" she calls out casually to the pair in the darkness.

"She's actually quite wonderful, Fenris." Zee murmurs "has no idea she can do magic. Somethings protecting her, I'm sure." She's thinking back to that night on the roof, when something had taken over Wanda.

"A Wolf, Wanda, not a dog" Zee steps into the light.

"Protecting? Or influencing." Fenris can't quite tell. And of course he is the dog. Interesting. The great wolf - all six hundred pounds of him, which is still smaller than he used to be - rises and stalks over toward Wanda all coal red eyes and midnight black fur. "Well look at you… I'd no idea anything so potent was in my hunting grounds. A friend of yours you say, Zee?"

"Potent?" Wanda asks the stalking wolf before lifting her arm up and sniffing. A concerned expression forms. "Sorry. I forget to wash sometimes…because sometimes I do not have a place to stay." She blushes at being caught out by the talking wolf but thankfully a friend is there too. "Zatanna!" She would get up and hug the magi but she remembers she is 'potent' and decides to spare her friend's clothes. "You're dressed differently. Do you know your wolf can talk? They do not talk in Transia." Her blue eyes study the giant 'animal' - she can feel his power right to her bones. "Can I pet him?"

"Protecting, I'm fairly sure." Zee murmurs to the Wolf and goes to hug Wanda … regardless of how the other woman thinks she smells. "I am dressed differently, Wanda" Zee smiles widely "My Wolf, oh this is Fenris… , has taken me hunting with him. Gotta dress the part, you know?" Glancing at Fenris with a wry smile, Zee nods to Wanda "You need to ask him if you can pet him. Fenris, this is Wanda."

It's not an uncommon sentiment though folks are usually a bit more afraid. Though Fenris is rather missing his otherworldly predatory aura. He sighs good naturedly and nods. "Go ahead." Childlike really. "Pleaased to meet you Wanda."

Wanda oofs at the hug from Zatanna. "I'm potent" she warns her friend in a whisper…though she does hug back anyway. "Hunting?" She looks over the clothes that Zatanna wears. "I would not wear that when hunting. You need to hide more." She's a gypsy, her father probably poached everything under the sun. Thankfully the wolf answers her question before she has to ask it of him. With a childlike smile on her face she reaches out to pet the talking wolf. "Pleased to meet you, Fenris. Do you know Zatanna well?" Then a curious look between the two. "What are you hunting?"

"Stag." Fenris explains. "Well we were. Now we're just stalking which is a bit different. Being able to sneak is often of value." She's not potent in that particular manner so he's not going to mind too much.

"Stag in the Neverwhere, Wanda" Zee's quite open with this friend. "It's been…. " Zee looks to the Wolf who is starting to prowl off again "an interesting few weeks. Fenris thought that I could do with a lessen." She gestures for Wanda to follow her and she slips back into the shadows trying to blend as Fenris wants her too.

Wanda has nothing better to do so why not hunt Neverwhere stags? "Where do you meet all these people?" she asks Zatanna. "Is Fenris a people?" Sure he's a wolf at the moment but he could be…couldn't he? Zatanna…who was that person we saw before. The ghost."

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