Taking Time Out

June 13, 2015:

Babs and Misfit catchup one morning

Clocktower - Gotham


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Fade In…

Life is often interesting for Gothams Information Goddess, with the Bat Family, JL:A and now the Birds of Prey, there is rarely a time when there isn't something going on. But still, the wheelchair bound redhead is learning to 'take time out' and this morning finds her in her loungeroom, relaxing somewhat. OK, maybe not totally relaxing, she's watching the feeds from the OracleNet but she's not in the monitoring room… which is something right?

It certainly is an improvement. Misfit meanwhile comes in looking bedraggled with a bounce >pinkurple> though at least her costume is totally intact and all so no blood on it to show any sort of injury. She looks around blinking then peels her goggles off.

Looking up as the air is disturbed, Babs certainly doesn't detect the magic, the redhead looks to the chaos muppet and gives her a thorough going over. "Everything alright?" Putting the tablet on her lap, Babs gives Misfit her full attention "Been awhile since we've been able to chat… do you have time or are you busy?"

Misfit looks around again then nods "Man I hope so … I am beat…" she yawns a little vutely then nods "Let me strip down out of my gear and I'll come join you okay?" she offers a tired smile then heads to her room.

Babs will make tea for herself while she's waiting and get a soda from the fridge for Misfit. If the young woman is hungry, there's some food there for her too. "Why are you so beat?" raising her voice so she can be heard.

Misfit laughs as she changes "Because I am bouncing all over earth and back.. I mean Titans.. Gotham… MagicCops… Birds… it .. wow… so busy Babs…" she comes back out in red angry bird fuzzy sweatpants and a black tanktop. "oo soda"

"There's some food as well, in the Fridge." Babs takes the tea to the table and looks Misfit over "I know it's busy, but I'm concerned it might be too much." Afterall the young woman is still young, she should be having some fun. That might be a little like the pot calling the kettle black though. "So… what's been happening? I mean I see where you're bouncing, mostly, but it doesn't mean I spy on you." She's more interested in hearing it in Misfits words… just because she might see what's happening, doesn't mean she understands it.

Charlie considers and then heads over to the fridge to crouch down and start rooting through it seeing what the stock is. "Depends. I mean the Titans is … well it is almost like the anime those odd producers in Japan were making… the villains we run into are almost cartoony in their oddity… I think it is Vorpals fault his chaos attracts odd villains…." she pulls out some lasanga and heads to the Island to eat it cold evidently. "Magiccops.. well this guy stole my boyfriends divinity and is having his minions take out gods and magical creatures to harvest their power to probably end the world and we have to stop him until a new sorcerer supreme for the world can step up…." she forks the food "and gotham is relaxing…. gang members."

Babs listens as Misfit shares, a small smile creeping across her face "Well, that's a possibility, I suppose… that Vorpals chaos creates… chaos" Fixing Charlie with a slightly arch look "Fenris' divinity… " The redhead still… isn't sure…. how she feels about that.

"Gotham is Gotham. Fox and I are working on some arcane stuff here. It has ties back the mob and Greece… " she's got information to share there too but something Misfit says has her interest "Sorcerer Supreme? What is that and why does it affect your … Magiccops?"

Charlie starts to devour the leftovers, or rather packaged and delivered for reheating meal. She looks up at the question though and mmms "I'm not entirely sure to be honest… I guess he is like the magical guardian for the world and he keeps all magic in balance.. and he is missing or dead so everything is messed up you know." she seems very happy about Fenris, but yeah easily a topic to be unsure about.

"Well…. " Babs smiles and watches Misfit eat "No, I don't know… how everything is messed up. Maybe I'll ask The Fox, though. Balance seems to be important, though." Regarding the chaos muppet a little more, Gothams Information Goddess sighs "Please make sure you're taking time for yourself, Charlie… " she smiles ruefully "You don't want to end up like me… and I don't mean the chair, either."

Charlie takes another bite of her food and then nods "I know… and I know." she smiles to you though a little lopsided. "I have been trying though… I mean before everything went to hell I went on a vacation trip to Ireland and the UK and this awesome castle in Europe with Fenris. He has promised to take me off grid to some more sites and just.. be away bit."

Babs remembers that and she remembers the subsequent conversation with Fenris. Not… that she's going to share that with Charlie.

"Mmm, well, time out is good." Non committal about who the young woman shares it with. "So, what else should I know about that you've not told me?"

Well for once she isn't keeping anything from Babs on purpose. "Lets see… Fenris rescue.. trip to faerie… the Darque guy killing mystic critters… oooh Vorpal and Changeling are engaged official like?"

Babs hadn't thought Charlie was trying to keep something from her… she was simply interested "No… are they? I suppose I should send them an engagement gift." a small smile "I suppose it's about time they made it official."

"So, the Birds. How do you feel about them? I know you haven't worked many cases… but still, I'd like your input."

Misfit hops down and polices her fork right into the dishwasher and the togo container into the trash. "I love the idea B… I mean … girl power.. fighting crime… I like the ones I have met… it just seems like an awesome deal. I wish I had worked more so far but plenty of time right?"

"Well… girl power and … boy power… May and I have recruited some men as well." Babs grins a little "I've roped The Fox in to help… I like his counsel and he treats me… like an equal" He doesn't lecture her like some others do. "We've also a man, named The Question who is working with us. I find it refreshing to have such a reach." a smile "and to help others who are trying to help as well."

Watching Charlie clean up after herself, Babs smiles fondly "Have you heard about the mutant metascanners?"

Charlie notes as she heads to epeer into the fridge again "That is because Nightwing and Batman are the lords of the lecture…" she isn't unobservant despite her chaosmuppetyness. "The Question.. that is a odd name…. and yeah anyone who is genuine about helping." she looks over "metascanners?"

"Sort of… Batman is Batman" Babs will always to be grateful to the man for giving her a new start. Nightwing… is just complicated. "And everyone's motivation to help, differs. My job is to match motivations and skillsets to the right task…" Not an easy thing to do, not when you need to take personalities into consideration as well.

"You hadn't heard about the meta-scanners? They're new detection tech that's been provided in some numbers to the Metro SRD under the guise of a new Joint Task Force called the K-Squad. They're being set up to be able to police metahuman threats and apparently this means being able to point a scanner at one and tell what he or she is." The redhead shakes her head "It's not sitting well with many … for obvious reasons" Charlie can question that if she wants "I'm helping someone find as much information on them as I can."

Misfit nods "That makes sense.. I mean it could be used to hunt everyone down and force register.. or in the wrong hands just hunt.." she thinks "I think I heard something about it on the news but Ive just been so busy.. let me know if I can help

"That's the concern…" Babs confirms as her tablet chimes rather insistently. Taking it from her lap, she checks the alerts coming in "I'll let you know if there's something you can help with." Leaving her tea on the table, she gives Charlie a lopsided smile "In the meantime… I've got something I need to deal with…."

Charlie pulls out some more food, girl may be exhausted but she hasn't eaten in many many hours. "Okay let me know if you need me to bounce B.." a bright smile.

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