By Luck or Design

June 12, 2015:

Whether by luck or design John's presence has kept Jesana from being recaptured twice now, and she decides to ask he and Kitty for help.



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Normally it would take a week or so before Jes returns to normal but since it was the drugs that induced her heat and then only a little, she'd never have been able to tell John to lock her up if that hadn't been the case, Jes wakes up with a clear head. Sometime during the night she had torn apart the borrowed little black dress and the shredded fabric is lying in front of the door. Jes is standing clad only in her pendulum necklace and staring at the dress with a hard expression.

Around the corner the door to House proper opens, and John walks into the security wing. "Wakey wakey, I made eggie in a basket," John says, moving to the window. He peers at Jesana, eyebrows going up. "Well then. Either you're feeling much better or much worse. Which is it?" he asks, pulling a little slot on the door open and sliding the plate where she can reach it.

"Stupid." Jes answers after a moment. "I feel stupid. And embarrassed." Her head tilts to one side and she eyes the food. She uses a lot of energy even when not doing much and really should eat but the worry roiling her guts isn't making that seem like a good idea. "It's gone away though. Honest." Jes finally looks up from the dress. She blinks a bit in confusion when her eyes meet John's. "I think I really screwed up. And I had a really weird dream."

John disappears for a moment. The door cranks and slips open and he peeks in, a bit cautiously. "Well, we've all done a thing or two in our time that's embarassing, luv. I still can't go to Amsterdam without thinking of milkmaids and mayonnaise," he says, a smile tugging at his lips. He brings the plate over and settles it near Jes, one hand in his pocket. "What was your dream?"

Jes waits a few moments so she doesn't look threatening and then hesitantly moves closer. Her eyes travel over him as if needing reassurance he's there in one piece. Despite whatever is upsetting her she smiles. "That sounds like a good story." Jes scratches her nose and sighs. "I dreamed you died. It's always me in those dreams. Only this time it wasn't. I.." Jes shudders and tries to shrug it off. "It was just a dream though." It had also left her thinking about a lot of things once she woke up. "I think the real problem is..or was her." She jerks her thumb at the shredded dress. "I hope I'm wrong."

John pats Jesana's leg. "It's okay, luv. I'm gonna fetch you some clothes. Maybe Kitty has some tights she can spare." He gets up with an 'oof' and walks out of the cell room door.

Down the metal hallway lined with invisible runes, John walks out through a door that Kitty would swear wasn't there yesterday and starts crossing the hallway towards his rooms. He whistles that little tune to summon the servant. "Fetch Kitty for me," he orders the spirit, sending it whipping away with a gesture. He dives into his closet and starts looking for a shirt she can wear. There's a lot of white dress shirts.

Jes blinks. Tights? She'd rather go naked. She nibbles at the breakfast he brought and paces around the small room while thinking. Finally Jes sighs and gives up trying to eat. Maybe later. But not too late. She has a feeling she's going to need her strength soon.

Kitty doesn't always stay at the House of Mystery, but she does have a room she's started to think of her own here and with school out, she's been spending more time here to help with her training. The servant doesn't have to go too far before it's whisking the mutant back toward Constantine and his own rooms. She glances curiously this way and that, swearing she'll never get used to the Hogwarts moving stairs quality this place has.

"Hey," she greets, head tilting as she watches him go through his closet. "What's up?"

"Oh, hey," John says, lifting a chin. He looks between two identical shirts, frowning, and tosses one back in the closet. "Jesana's in the cell block," he explains, not really explaining anything. "For reasons that don't bear going into at the mo', she's naked. Do you have a skirt or some pants that might fit her?" he inquires, stepping out of the room and making a path back towards the foyer.

Jes turns towards the sound of the voices and moves back to the door, kicking the remains of that damn dress out of her way. "How did I miss it?" She growls a little smacks the wall. When they get back to the room she's glaring at the floor with clenched fists.

Reasons that don't bear going into? Those are words that will certainly have Kitty exploring or trying to figure out what happened. "The cell block?" She had no idea there was such a thing as a cell block here. "Is she okay?" Concern laces her voice. She's only met the coyote woman twice, but she's liked her. "Other than the naked thing?" As for clothes that might fit her, she thinks. "Um, I don't have that much here, to be honest. But, I think I might have a skirt." She's still not exactly sure how the servant works, but she glances around and putting on her best commanding voice, "Hey, go grab the black jersey skirt that's on the chair by the desk and bring it back here." She looks over to Constantine with a raised, questioning eyebrow.

John nods approval at Kitty. "C'mon. I thought I showed it to you." He walks her to the cell block. "This is my containment areas. Warded and shielded. I don't even know what some of these wards do," he admits, "so don't go messing with them. I'll set it up later so you can get in, but- you can't get out. Even the servant can't," he warns her. "So if the worst of the worst happens, hide in here. Hopefully either I'm not dead or Zatanna has a brainwave and can break into House to rescue you."

He leads Kitty to the open cell door and pauses, tossing Jesana the shirt which should reach past her thighs. "Jesana, Kit's here," he tells the woman. "You remember- my apprentice?"
Jes looks up and nods. "Yeah." The anger on her face fades and she manages a smile. "Hi." She doesn't seem to be bothered by her state of undress. "What do you mean if you're dead?" Jes's eyes narrow and she focuses on John before slipping into the shirt. "Thank you." Her frown returns. "Did something else happen last night? If it did it might be my fault. I need to go check something." And then maybe she needs to run, but Jes isn't ready to think about that yet so she shoves it aside.

"Comforting," Kitty tells Constantine wryly, though there's a bit of a smirk there. "I'll keep that in mind, though getting trapped in your jail with whatever else you might have in here would be just as terrifying, I think." Moving forward, she gives Jesana a reassuring smile. "Hi!" she replies a bit too cheerily for the occasion. She's unsure of how to react right now. The servant comes whisking back in with the asked for skirt and Kitty plucks it. "Thanks," she says softly before holding it out to the coyote woman through the open door. Her eyes are studiously cast down on the ground so as to give the woman some privacy and so she doesn't have to see her naked.

"Contingencies. I'd rather me be dead and House be lost to the aether than risk it falling into the wrong hands. It's bad enough /I/ have it," John shrugs. "But it's too much fun to go and bugger around with causality when I'm bored."

He leans against the door. "Nothing else happened, though, Jes," he assures her. "You slept like a lamb," he says, lying smoothly about his trip to the bar.

Jes takes the skirt from Kitty with a soft sigh and "Thank you." She doesn't know Kitty well enough yet to be comfortable wearing something that scents of her but her options are limited right now and she does appreicate it. Jes slips it on and then pokes John in the shoulder. "If you don't want to tell me something then say that. I can tell when someone lies." Maybe whatever did happen has nothing to do with her. She's not going to pry into his personal affairs when he hasn't hers. Jes steps forward and kisses his cheek. "I wouldn't be very happy if that dream came true." She steps outside the door. "And thank you" She gestures vaguely at the room.

"Sure, I can understand that, but I'd prefer to not be lost to the aether." Kitty smirks at Constantine and shrugs her shoulders in a gesture very similar to his. "So, we'll just hope I never have to use this place to hide in."

Once Jes has the skirt from her, she steps back. Her eyes rest more easily on the coyote woman once she's dressed. The mutant glances between John and Jes at their exchange. "So, you're okay?" she asks Jes. "I mean, I'm assuming this isn't a werecoyote thing. It's not even a full moon." Though do full moons count for coyotes or just wolves? She's not sure.

"You're just being paranoid, luv," John chuckles, kissing Jes' cheek in response. "All's well." He squeezes her arm and starts walking the women out of the detention area. He looks at Kitty and shrugs, closing the door behind them and making the entire wing vanish with a gesture. "Well, it's too late to back out, /apprentice/," he says pointedly. "Chalk it up to risk management, if it makes you feel better. Take a risk on me being alive and coming to rescue your skinny arse, or go toe to toe with whatever's bypassed all of House's defenses /and/ neutralized me. How's that candle coming?" he asks, playful sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Jes eyes him. She is being paranoid but she's pretty sure she's also being right. At least about the need for paranoia. "Maybe..still. Be more careful for awhile." She looks at Kitty and smiles. "I'm okay. I'm not a were, so I can shift whenever I want. Last night I was just sick and very out of it." She can lie just as smoothly. It sounds so much better than what actually happened. "Um..did you tell Zee I was here? I need to go somewhere. I don't want her to know, yet. It's probably nothing." Partly the truth but not entirely.

Not knowing what happened last night nor suspecting Constantine of lying, Kitty thinks nothing of his reassurances to Jes. Instead, she'll roll her eyes. "Now you're starting to talk like a seawitch," she snickers. "I'm not a mermaid, I'm just saying what I'd prefer. I'm pretty sure you'd prefer to not let the house disappear into the aether, too." As for the candle, she frowns. "Well, I lit some papers on my desk on fire." Not the candle, but it's at least the progress from mind numbing headaches of concentrating on a small object for too long without anything actually happening.

"Must've been pretty sick," Kitty says, 'to necessitate being put in here' is the rest of that sentence she doesn't add, eyes glancing around the cell. "Glad you're better now. I just found out you were here, so I didn't tell Zee anything." She looks over to John. If anyone told Zee, it's him.

John shakes his head at Jesana. "No. To be frank, I found out years ago that the less information one volunteers to that gel, the better. Zee can sit and worry for a night. It won't kill her." He chuckles at that idea.

"Remind me to pick up a fire extinguisher for you," John tells Kitty in his 'seriously remind me' tone of voice. He brings the girls to the parlor and flops into his favorite worn leather chair, putting his feet up on the coffee table. "House is mostly fireproof, though. At least, I don't /think/ you could burn it down, unless you were… I don't know. Don't get into my books," he says, waving the idea off. "At least not without me there. Did you finish your homework yet?" he asks Kitty.

Jes listens with a distracted expression. Her eyes move back towards the cell rooms, or at least where the cell rooms were a few times. It might be clear that she's considering just how strong and protected this place is, but she shakes her head and then sits down at John's feet. She's not going to interupt and hasn't quite decided what to do yet anyway.

Not knowing much but the surface relationships between John, Zee and Jesana, Kitty merely listens to all this and files the information away for later. "Well, this one was in my room at Xavier's. I'll stop practicing there and keep doing it here. Don't want to burn down a boarding school." Especially as she's learning all this to help protect it. Another roll of her eyes and she waves a hand, "I'm not going to set your books on fire. I mean, not unless I can do that from my room." It's a thought. The rules of magic are still a bit hazy for her.

"Homework? Other than the candle, you mean? What other homework?" Her eyes look over to Jes as they talk, feeling bad about excluding her. But, the cursory glimpse seems to be that she's engrossed in her own thoughts. Dropping onto one of the comfy chairs, she pulls her legs up underneath her.

John leans forward and runs his fingers through Jes' hair, absently scratching her in a fashion he knows she enjoys. "I asked you to read up on the Glissando Fae," he reminds Kitty. "Remember? We were talking about the Fae clans, and you asked which of them had the best reputation…?" he says, trailing off. "Bugger, though- come to think of it, this would be easier if I didn't have to pull a book down for you. We /really/ should do something about the bookworms," he frowns.

Jes relaxes and rests her chin on John's knee. She's more than a little conflicted and frightened right now even if all she's showing is disctration and a hint of worry. Hes doesn't trust people usually. She trusts her bonded because she doesn't have a choice. She does trust John though, but because she chooses to do so and that is what finally makes up her mind. "I said I'd help you with those." Jes murmurs. "I think I need help with something myself though. Maybe a lot more dangerous than book worms."

"Huh, nope, I don't remember that. But, between candles and everything else, I must have forgotten. I mean, I could help at least," Kitty adds about the bookworms. "I mean, they're bookworms. I know you say they're dangerous, but, what is it that they swarm or something?" She's imagining small little worms - like a usual worm might be, but magic.

There's a bit of a head tilt as she watches Jes curl up by John's feet and he scratches her head. It's a little strange to see a grown man scratch a grown woman's head like it's not big deal. But, she doesn't bring it up - she's getting used to things she definitely wasn't used to before. "I'm sure between the three of us, we can figure out a way to get rid of them."

"They're six feet long and they weigh more than I do," John says, drily. "And they can bite through brick. I think we should tackle Jesana's problem," he says, smiling fondly at the shapeshifter. "That might be a bit more manageable. What are you thinking, lass?" he asks Jes.

Jes would be really interested in those worms if she weren't so worried. "Coach, the gym owner. I talked to him and he told me how you handled the werewolf." She closes her eyes and resists the urge to climb up in his lap. She had caught Kitty's glance. "I know my stepdad sent him. It means he isn't hiding as deeply as I'd hoped. It was a test. I'm not sure what I would have done if you weren't there." Jes admits. Been in a lot more trouble she's sure though. "I cant scent as well like this, and she had on make up and perfume and this gods awful shampoo.." She's referring to her friend from last night. "Anya I mean." Jes says to Kitty. "She was someone I went out with last night. Anyway I don't think you were supposed to be there. I think she really did have something in mind after slipping me those pills. Only she saw you and that wasn't part of the plan so she split. I'm sure of it. Because this morning when I woke up I was coyote and I could scent my stepfather on that dress."

"It's that kind of thinking that's going to keep you out of the library for the next twenty years," Kitty tells John with a grin. Though, of course, she's definitely willing to help the coyote with whatever she needs help with. She listens to Jes' story and frowns. "Wait, the person you were out with last night roofied you? Because your stepfather sent her?" She's definitely coming into this halfway through and it's clear she has no idea what is going on.
John arrests the conversation with a gesture. "Jesana's got a rocky relationship with her stepfather. He's trying to kill or kidnap her," he tells Kitty. TL;DR- bad stuff afoot. "The other day, he sent a professional to try and snatch her at her gym. Last eve, he paid one of her acquaintances to roofy her. Blind luck she bumped into me; I locked her up for the night for her own safety. But this is turning into a bloody mess, so… what's your plan, luv?" he asks Jesana.

"Right now, I want to go by her place. As soon as possible. After that, I don't know. He's not going to stop until he has me. I'm not going to stop until I've killed him. I don't want anyone else getting caught in the cross fire. I can't let that happen." Jes hasn't opened her eyes and she shivers and loops her arm behind John's leg. "I was thinking about running. Only I can't be sure he wouldn't just go after someone else anyway."

Kitty looks between Jes and John, frowning the entire time. The rundown of what's going on upsets her for Jes' sake. "Well, if you need to find a way to deal with him, you should bring help. From what you've said he's willing to get other people to get at you; even if it's just hiring them. I'm sure that with John and Zee you could find a way to stop him. I'd be glad to help if you'd want it." This certainly seems like a more personal matter, though, and she doesn't want to assume she'll be a part of the solution.

John smiles approval at Kitty. She's still really her own person, despite his badgering- and his approval for her initiative is written on his face. "Count me in, too," he assures Jesana. "No point in trying to take this on by yourself. This is what friends are for. That and drunk texting," he concedes thoughtfully.

Jes smiles and then laughs. "I'll remember that." She finally turns and opens her eyes to look at Kitty. "You need to know before you offer to help. I wouldn't be asking if I thought I could split and he'd chase me and forget everyone here. Even if that would work.." Jes sighs. She can't run for long. Eventually she'll go nuts and be drawn back to her bonded which would defeat the purpose. "He's an assassin and a psychopath and doesn't feel anything towards anyone but himself. A few months ago he killed my family because he couldn't get to me and he wanted to use their souls to keep himself alive. He slaughtered them all in the middle of the night in their beds, even the children." She doesn't mention that two of them had been hers. She rarely goes into detail about her family. "That's what I'm fighting. I know a lot of people thing I'm a monster. Maybe I am." Jes shrugs a little. "I'm nothing compared to him though."

Kitty gives John a smile. She's a stubborn young mutant, after all, it would be disappointing to her if she suddenly just started aping someone else. The warning is given with a nod of her head. "I've dealt with my fair share of assassins and psychopaths, believe me," she tells the coyote soberly. "And you're definitely not a monster." Then, in a softer voice, she adds, "I'm sorry about your family." She knows a thing or two about losing someone close to her due to killers and manipulators.

"I can find him," John says, confidently. "It might not be fast, but if you've got something with his scent- and your girlfriend sounds like a good hit- then I think I can work a tracking ritual. It'll run him to ground almost anywhere. Once we know where he's holed up, an ambush should be fairly simple," he shrugs. "From there… well, separate along the perforations."

"I doubt he'll make it that easy. If that wolf was telling the truth..he's got the whole pack under his control somehow, and whatever HYDRA gives him. Mercanaries at the least. Cops too. Two of them took me from the street in broad day light not that long ago. Kept me locked in a dark room without food and water for two days and then gave me to some HYDRA agents. They weren't expecting Jericho to land on the roof of their van." Jes grins. "Or me to get loose when he did."

"HYDRA," Kitty repeats, lips pursing. "Then we should definitely get Jericho involved. He knows about them. I've run into their work over the past month or so while trying to help stop all that influx of Smooth." She starts to think things through. Well, if we want it so we just get him out of the middle of a bunch of people, nothing like a phaser. Drop me in, I grab him, I phase the two of us out. Then we can put him where ever we want him and take it from there."

"He'll probably object to that, Kit," John says, wryly. "But we'll put that down as a contingency plan. "But we'll be sure not to get the bobbies or other authorities involved. So… let's talk tactics," John proposes, as the three of them put their heads together to work up a plan to take the fight to Jes' stepdad…

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